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  1. "Damien... Sweetie, time to get up. Its your first day of school." His mother said shaking him a little. Damien let out a sleepy groan and put the covers over his head, "Five more minutes..." he mumbled.
    His mother rolled her eyes, "No, wake up now. You said 5 minutes 10 minutes ago."
    He you didn't respond so she knew he was already asleep once again. She off the covers and move the curtains causing the sunlight to shine in Damien's eyes.
    "Ah!" He said covering his eyes as he sat up, "Ok! I'm up! I'm up!" In girl terms his voice was just naturally low and boyish, but it wasn't scary deep either.
    She chuckles and rolled her eyes, "I warned ya! Now come on, get dressed!" She said then she walked out of the room. He grown and dragged himself outta bed and dragged himself over to his closet, quickly grabbing his binder, blue jeans that were a little baggy and his favorite skull t-shirt. It has already been a week since he moved hear from Nebraska... Already things are looking up for him, however his heart still ached due to the betrayal from his friends... his hometown... her. He shook the thought out of his head as he slipped on the binder which instantly flatten his chest shortly after slipping on the rest of his clothes and his black shoes. He had to move on... this who is the perfect opportunity to start over. He quickly grabbed his backpack and ran down the stairs and out the door, "Bye mom!" He said running to the bus stop. Luckily as soon as he got to the bus stop the bus pulled up. He took a deep breath and thought, 'Time to start over...' and walked in. His bright blue eyes looking at all the other students on the bus.
  2. Nautica stood in front of the mirror with her lifted, showing the black and blue bruise across her right ribecage. She sighed and slowly put her shirt down then grabbed her light blue over the shoulder bag and made her way to the busstop.

    Walking slowly to the busstop, she was nearly rammed into by a boy running pass. She jumped back; a pain striking her in the side. She bit her lip hard and made it to the busstop in time. She stepped onto the bus after the boy did and slowly made her way to the back, taking an empty seat. She sighed and ran her fingers through her pastel pink hair, straightening her bangs.
  3. Damien looked at the girl he accidentally bumped into and frowned, looking at her with his bright blue eyes. I should go apologize. He thinks going to the back with her. He smiled gently at her, "Hey, I am sorry for bumping into you. Honestly didn't mean to do that. Can I sit next to ya?"
  4. Nautica looked up to the voice that had spoke to her, looking at him with her big pale green eyes.

    "Hey, I'm sorry I bumped into you. Honestly didn't mean to do that. Can I sit with you?" The boy asked.

    Nautica blinked then nodded and slowly scooting over to avoid hurting the ribs. "It's fine. No big deal." She gave a half-hearted smile. After a few minutes, the bus stopped at the last pick up. Three girls walked onto the bus. Two brunette's and one with bright purple hair. Veronique, the purple haired one grinned at Nautica and said loudly,

    "Hey pepto!" She laughed and sat down. Nautica quickly looked out the window, ignoring the girl.
  5. Damien sat next to her then frowned at the snobby girls. Are they serious?... He looked at the girl he was sitting next to. She is just gonna take it!?!
    He scowled at the three girls, "Wow, you bitches have got your heads so far up your ass you can chew your food again on the way down," he seen them shoot him a glare and laughed, "Why don't you guys find yourselves a fucking hobby."
  6. Nautica's big eyes got bigger as they widened. Her cheeks reddened as he spoke then she began smiling with her hand over her mouth. "Thank you.." She looked at him and smiled. "What's your name? I'm... Nautica.." She bit her lip and ran her fingers through her hair.

    The bus finally stopped at the highschool and everyone got up. She sat and waited til almost everyone was off then slowly began standing. She grit her teeth and wrapped her arm around her abdomen and walked down the aisle.
  7. He smiled, "Don't mention it! I am Damien. You have a pretty name," he stood up to walk out with her then noticed she seemed to be in pain and looked at her concerned, "Hey are you ok?" He asked while helping her get off the bus.
  8. Nautica flinched from his touched and nodded, her eyes flickering to Veronique and back to Damien. "I'm okay. I fell yesterday." She smiled reassuringly. Veronique and her puppies pushed between Damien and Nautica, walking ahead.

    Nautica sighed and tightened her grip on her shoulder strap and made her way to her locker.
  9. Damien glared at Veronique and yelled, "Stupid bitch!" He then looked at Nautica, "Hey do they do this all the time to you? Why do you put up with it?" He asked curiously.
  10. Nautica opened her locker and grabbed a few notebooks and some pens and shoved them into her bag. "Yes, but it's fine. I couldn't do something if I wanted to.." She fingered some hair behind her right ear and began walking. "I have to goto class though.." She smiled. "It was nice to meet you." She began walking away as she looked down at the ground. She entered geometry class and sat in the back, grabbing a green notebook and opening it.
  11. Damien let out a sigh as he looked at his schedule looking for his English class he was suppose to go into... 221... Where the hell is it?... just then he found it and smiled. There! He entered the room and noticed one of the snobby girls from earlier had the same class. Oh... fan-fucking-tastic....
  12. Annalee turned just as Damien entered the class room and smiled. She gave a wave of her fingers and a grin then a wink. She tapped the girl in front of her and leaned in, whispering, "Hottie just walked in. Hello!" She giggled.

    2 ×( (pi)r2 ) + 2(pi)rh

    Nautica tapped the eraser of her pencil on her desk and bit her lip. It's not that the problem was hard, she just couldn't concentrate.

    = 2( (pi) (42) ) + 2(pi) (4)(30)
    = 2( (pi) × 16 ) + 240(pi)
    = 32(pi) + 240(pi)

    = 272(pi)

    Sighing, she circled the final answered and closed her notebook. Her hands trembled slightly and she ran her fingers through her hair. "I hate school..." She whispered to herself.
  13. Damien raised an eyebrow as he noticed her being all flirty...The hell?... After he introduced himself to the class he had to take a seat next to her. Wait a minute... He suddenly had an idea and gave her a smile, "Hi there!" He said.
    By the time class was over he and Annalee he pretty much befriended her then saw Nautica and smiled, "Remember what we talked about alright? See you later!" He said then walked over to Nautica and smiled, "Hi there stranger!"
  14. Nautica waited til everyone left class then left as well. Walking absent mindedly, she heard a voice which made her jump and look up.

    "Hi there, stranger." Damien walked up to her with a smile. She blinked multiple times before realizing she hadn't said anything.

    "O-oh.. Hi." She gave a soft laugh at her airheadedness. "Sorry. Are you.. New? I don't think I've seen you before in this school." She walked to her locker and switched notebooks. Art class was next. "Well.. See you later." She waved and walked to class.

    Halfway down the hall, Annalee stopped her. "Hi there, naughty-cat." Nautica quickly looked away and took a few steps back, finger hair behind her right ear.

    "H-hi.." She mumbled nervously.

    Annalee laughed then said, "Oh my goodness. You fake slut." She pressed her hand against Nautica's shoulder and pushed back hard enough to make her gasp in pain from her bruise. "See you in gym, loser."

    Nautica breathed heavily and grabbed at her side before walking quickly to art class and picking the farthest seat.
  15. Ironically Damien had the same art class as her, which he obviously didn't realize until he got into the class room. He looked at her surprised. "Take a seat by Nautica." The teacher said.
    Damien nodded and took a seat by her and looked at her. He could tell something was wrong. He frowned, "Did one of them hurt you again?" He asked, looking at her with his crystal blue eyes, "You can't keep letting them do this to you you know? I maybe new but I have seen enough..." he sighed, "You know you are way prettier than those fakes anyways. That and you seem alot nicer which is another plus. So you are a way better woman then they will ever be."
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  16. Nautica looked up in suprise by Damien's appearance in the classroom. She shifted uncomfortably in hef seat and when he asked that question, her chest tightened. "No, she just made me move in a way that made my side hurt.."

    "You can't keep letting them do this, you know? I may be new but I've seen enough." He looked at her, his blue eyes like crystal.

    Nautica gulped then said softly. " I told you... I can't." She turned away, opening her sketch book and began sketch. Her hand trembled visibly, she squeezed her eyes shut then opened them. Her anxiety was acting up.
  17. He sees her shaking and his frown deepens. He gently took her hand into his, "Yes you can. Anyone can stand up for themselves," he normally wouldn't do this after just meeting someone... bit he wanted her to relax, "Besides you are way prettier than those fakes anyways. That and you seem alot nicer which is another plus. So you are a way better woman then they will ever be." He gave her a gentle smile.
  18. Nautica jerks her head up when he grabs her hand. She slowly pulls her hand away and looks back down at her paper. "Thank you.. Heh.." A smiled curves her lips and she began drawing again. "But, really.. I can't. Not with my anxiety. Getting anxious is.. Bad for me.." She finishes shading in the last piece of her artwork. A steampunk tea cup, made of gears and steaming oil.
  19. He sighed and he started drawing a hawk he said, "Well if you want you I can always tell them off for ya. I don't hit girls but I will tell them off," he said as he shaded some parts of it in, "They seemed to shut up when I told them off and it shouldn't be hard considering we both have the same bus stop, the ride home shouldn't be a problem!"
  20. "I don't.. Want your help. I'm fine.." She bit her lip and began scribbling hard against her drawing until the pencil snapped. She sighed and got up. "May I use the bathroom?" When the teacher gave her permission, she left.

    Walking down the hallway, she stopped dead in her tracks when a voice called her name. She slowly turned around to see Veronique in her face. "You." She poked her with her painted fingernail then brushed it down to her shirt hem then pulled it up, showing the black and blue bruise that covered her ribcage. She sucked in air between her teeth then said, "Looks nice. Going for a new trend?" She sneered then smacked it.

    "Ah!" Nautica shouted then huched over in tears. Within seconds Veronique was gone.
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