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    So, I figured I should start doing 1-on-1s again, and hopefully it'll turn out better. I write at about an Intermediate level when I can think clearly, although I sometimes fall back to Elementary; occasionally I will resort to one-liners, however, this is rare, and I only do it when allowed. I usually write about 2-3 lines on a 1080px monitor, usually ~6+ lines on a text editor in print layout.

    Anyway, I don't do Libertine, Furry, Animal, Historical, Superhuman, or anything with hardcore/lovingly detailed gore/abuse/violence. I also can't play canon characters, and don't know many settings that well. I can play males, but do not expect much GAR/manliness.

    I don't mind romance, and can do FxM, FxF, and some MxM. If you would like an FxF or MxM RP, I probably won't make my character able to fit neatly into “Seme” or “Uke”, and I'm not really fond of the terms.

    If you're interested, post in this thread or shoot me a PM. The RP can be in either thread or PM.

    Settings/Fandoms I Know Pretty Well
    •Mahou Sensei Negima
    •Black Rock Shooter
    •Vocaloid/UTAU (“lol this doesn't have a setting/isn't even a series/there aren't even personalities” “That's the point”)

    Otherwise, I mostly do originals or things inspired by other things.


    1: Yandere Romance. That is all. Can be incorporated in other ideas, too.

    2: Fandom: Black Rock Shooter; Setting: AU/Original Story Inspired by It; Genre: Slice-of-Life + Action
    Note: Would probably require playing multiple characters.
    Premise: To be thought of. (We can plot this together)

    3: Fandom: Inspired by Mahou Sensei Negima; Setting: AU, Fantasy or ModFan; Genre: Slice-of-Life (if ModFan), Adventure (if Fantasy), Romance (optional)
    Premise: Our characters are Magister/Magistra and Ministra/Minister, basically. (Char A) is the Magister, lacking a Ministra, but then they stumble upon (Char B), who could help them further their goal. (Can change this or plot further)

    4: Fandom: Vocaloid(?); Genre: Romance or Friendship
    Premise: (Char A) acquires a copy of Vocaloid (Char B) (It can also be something else, like an AI). However, after a storm, (Char B)'s software turns out to have a tiny glitch: (Char B) comes out of the computer and is functionally “alive”. (I'm thinking maybe it could be a bit like AI Love You, where Char B can like control technology and stuff or...)

    5: Fandom: Original; Genre: Horror-ish
    Plot: Our characters agree to a dare to stay one night in a supposedly haunted abandoned building (possibly a mansion?).

    (I have a character for this last plot)
    Character (open)

    Name: Miyuki Kurosawa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Here

    (Update: 1/20/2015)

    6: “Remember When” (MxF, FxF, MxM) (Romance)
    (Char A), after yet another bad break-up, laments their luck and tries remembering what exactly started the whole mess: (Char B), the only person that (A) broke up with instead of the other way around. As if by some stroke of irony, (B) calls, inviting (A) for a meeting. But rather than the attempt to get back together one might imagine, it turns out that (B) has a new lover, and is going to get engaged, and decided to call up their old flame to set straight anything that (A) might have been thinking about them. Heartbroken, (A) returns home and, exhausted, falls asleep. When they wake up, they find they've been sent back in time, back when (A) and (B) first got together. (Optional: an alternate time line version of B also gets sent back in time, except that this B has just been arrested for the murder of {A} and their lover)

    7: Red String (MxF, FxF, MxM) (Romance, Modern Fantasy/Paranormal)
    In this particular world, match-ups are made within the first few years of one's life and usually last through adulthood. However, finding your match is not easy, as the only way to tell is a red string only visible by those in the pairing. (A), however, has been having a happy life without finding their match, even getting a lover in a similar situation as them. This goes fine until one night on a drive, (A) and their partner get into an accident, and (A) dies. However, (A) stays in the world as a ghost, incapable of being seen by most, except by those with good senses, attachments to the dead, or, incidentally, the other half of their pairing.

    I'm also open to others' ideas, these are just the things I can think of.
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  2. I'd love to do a yandere romance with you. :3
  3. Re-opened this, everyone.
  4. Updated first post. Still Open.
  5. Mahou Sensei Negima! I love that manga! The anime sux! XD
  6. 5: Fandom: Original; Genre: Horror-ish
    Plot: Our characters agree to a dare to stay one night in a supposedly haunted abandoned mansion.

    I'd like to do a horror rp. I'll PM you.
    (I have a character for this plot)
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