My new D&D character...


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His name is Bore.
He is a 14 year old "dragon born".

However, I decided to make him different from all of my other characters. He isn't a barbarian or ranger like Kriv Sora or Corbin Durazo. Bore is a guardian fighter.

Template wise, he is a dragonborn. However, purely for cosmetics and backstory, he is a dragonspawn. He has a long tail and, despite his strength, is not a beefcake. He stands in roughly 7'6 height and weighs in around 220 pounds. He is extremely lean with decent muscular bulk (think of an expert crossfit person or a martial artist).

He has an extreme superiority complex and whenever an ally makes a skill check, he makes the same skill check and refuses to give his allies "help" on their skill checks. More on his character, he actually killed his parents who were dragons and rejected the idea of killing all mortals in his path- but also rejects the dragonborn philosophy of clans. Despite being 14, his dragonslayer blood has significantly bumped his power. He can overpower enemies that are much more experienced or older then him thanks to his heritage and can also emit an oral lightning breath attack.

His major flaws severely dampen his usefullness. If an enemy insults him or his group, he will always break cover and instantly start an assault. If another character laughs, he insults them. If an NPC even slightly insults him, he engages combat. No matter the circumstances.

I know it's hard to judge, but do you all think I'm role playing him correctly?

If you need info on a dragonspawn for reference, he is from a dragonspawn Godslayer lineage if that helps put things into perspective.