My Neighbors are F'ing Psycho!!!!!

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  1. I've known this for some time, but today it was proven to multiple others who do not live inside my neighborhood. I actually feel vindicated now, because I do not look like the asshole any longer.

    Let me start by ranting about the fact that she insinuated that my husband abuses me by telling the mediator that I'm terrified of him, and that our neighbors (The ones between our house and theirs) told them all the things that go on inside our house.

    I'm going to put this out here now. My husband has never laid a hand on me, and I am in no way, shape, or form terrified of him.

    Next, she got my daughter who she assaulted all upset by saying that she goes around cussing everyone out, then acts all dramatic and starts crying about it. For one, my daughter rarely leaves the house. For two, my daughter doesn't like talking to people, the last thing she would do is go around cussing anyone out.

    I walked out because the meeting was a joke, and simply put, the mediator pretty much told me to press charges against the psycho, and man, did she prove that she was a psycho tonight! The security guard was shaking his head as she rushed passed him, cussing and carrying on while telling me and my husband to stay where we were and calling me a whore. Apparently the woman isn't bright enough to understand that the moment we left the venue of the mediation, our peace order was back in place, and she violated it in a public place, in front of cameras, a worker of the state, and a security guard.

    Going to the State's Attorney now is going to be fun, and I can't wait to see the look on her face the minute she realizes that she violated her peace order the moment that she opened her mouth.

    God I hope she gets locked up this time around.
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  2. Oh man, I want to hear the saga of this some time.

    Good luck with your future lawsuit!
  3. She better get locked up. This is a tad bit ridiculous.

    PS: How is your ferret doing? :ferret:
  4. She's loving and hating the cold weather. She hates being cold, but she loves being able to run up everyone's pant legs. =/
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  5. Somebody needs to call the exorcist on that bitch!
  6. Exorcising the Ferret? ;A;


    In all seriousness though, glad to see that things with the neighbour are finally being resolved through one manner or another.
  7. So the State's Attorney doesn't want to go forward with the charges.


    And according to him, she'll only get probation for violating the peace order.

    Double fuck.

    I have three months to deal with this shit before I can move. I just hope in those three months I'm not driven to murder.
  9. ... What?

    Isn't the point of those rules kind of pointless if they won't bother charging when it's violated?
  10. Then give her probation!! Probation is at least enough of a legal threat that, in the event that she does happen to break a law, any law, that bitch goes to jail!

    DO IT.
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