My NAME is the Key!

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  1. You chat to each other here just like you would anywhere else except that you have to follow a few simple rules.

    1) You use the FIRST letter in your name when you post your sentence.

    2) It must end with the LAST letter of your name too.

    3) The sentence has to make sense.

    I'll start,

    Let's see if anyone will post here today.
  2. Crazy me is posting even though it's really hard to end a sentence with a "J."
  3. Tickled pink, says the woman
  4. Let's see...nononononoooooooooo lol You're suppose to begin the sentence with the first letter in your name and end the sentence with the last letter in your name, you're just being silly!
  5. Uhm...

    Those two are completely different things :P. So uhm... which one did you mean?
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  6. I can use Nen
  7. messed up lol fixed now! ty for the heads up!
  8. LogicfromLogic sprung from my mind discerning Spock's logic, with in every respect is pact full of illogic.
  9. Now is the time that we shall fight, now the day that we shall live or die.
  10. Live the life you were ment to every single day!
  11. Cautiously, I await the end of days. A sea of clouds swims above my head and all I can think about is, "How am I gonna finish this sentence with J?"
  12. lol nicely done, I got to admit, it aint easy!
  13. Look, I like the idea, but I'm a bit confused- do we use the first letter of our name or username?

    Since, if it's the other way around, this could be really easy for me.
  14. Lovely! you use your user name though :) you really did an excellent job of using both there though, I've got to say!
  15. "False face must hide what the false heart doth know" was said by Macbeth for anyone who was wondering.
  16. Say, I really want to know how to make sushi.
  17. My! This could be an interesting form of entertainment
  18. Now where have I seen a game like this before...?
  19. Man, after reading some other people's sentences, I feel rather...inadequate
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  20. Just relax and be yourself. It's no fun if you try to force it, man.
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