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  1. Hey yall I'm an aspiring singer-songwriter!! I'd like to share some of my stuff in hopes of 1. making your day a bit brighter 2. hoping you like it all 3. gaining more followers and people to share :)

    I a 3ft. tall and use a wheelchair but ever since I was 5, I've rocked the stage!! :) I can't tell you hooow many people continue to say I can't do it....I want to inspire those who are different in any way to chase their dreams no matter what obstacles stand in their way. No matter how many people tell you stand tall...and say yes.

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  2. Lately I've been finding myself thoroughly impressed by the musicians I've been finding on message boards.

    You are no exception. You have a beautiful voice, and perform with heart and, as best as my non-singer ear can discern, a good sound, and your style is a good breath.

    Keep at it.
  3. awww thank you so much!!!! :) That's so kind of you to say and means a lot!! Please share and spread the word?? :)
  4. I really like your attitude! I am glad that you have found something you can be passionate about. I also really like your influences. Peggy Lee was a phenomenal jazz singer. I can just imagine you in a smoky parlor singing about your men and your fine extravagances. Good luck. Keep trying to develop your voice. You are off to a good start!

    Also, to avoid any confusion, you should state that these are covers and not original songs. When you say you're an aspiring singer-songwriter, and then say 'my stuff' people are going to think you wrote it. I was a little bit confused at first because I knew I recognized the song.
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  5. Well, you got another youtube subscriber. You've got a smooth voice, works very well for that old time kind of blues.
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  6. It's amazing how people like you are tougher and more ambitious than others. Just hold on to that and you'll achieve about anything.
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  7. I love your vision of the smokey parlor!!! That's the exact vision I want listeners to have and the style I'm goin for with my album I'm putting together of covers called "Unleash the Diva." I used to have a VERY strong powerful voice , I was trained in opera and performed for years but sadly, I lost the ability to really belt and perform after I suffered lung back into it because its my dream and it really means a lot to hear that people still like it, even though my style and voice has changed. I do write songs though :) I have a few of them posted on my youtube channel and the Bouquet song I posted on here original too! My boyfriend wrote the sassy lyrics based on my stories of the jerks from my past lol!

    Definitely stay tuned!! <3 thank you so much for you kind words!! <3 it means a lot!!!
  8. I seriously want to give you a hug!!! thank you so so much!!!! thats so extremely kind and caring of you to say and I can't tell you how much I needed to hear it!!! thank you!
  9. thank you so
    so much!!!!! I'm thrilled to hear I have another subscriber!!! Definitely spread the word and share :) I have been working in my recording studio and editing so hopefully, I'll get to posting more!
  10. O.O O.O You were born in the wrong era. You're amazing, but your sultry tones can't be appreciated properly in this time! Your voice is absolutely amazing, I can hardly believe it. I'll definitely be subscribing and showing people I know.
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