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about me

hello! i'm a returning player on this website and i used to roleplay so much with a bunch of people.
i'm online most of the time, usually around evenings of UTC. my muse has risen from the grave
and i want to start roleplaying again and making stories, it has been a while so please be patient
with me as i'm a bit rusty. i mostly write around 300 words and more, but over all i try to mirror
my partner's post. i am comfortable with any gender or relationships, we do not discriminate in this house.
depending on the plot or progression of the story, i can play multiple characters at once. i am
always open for ideas and i try to be as flexible and contribute too. i don't have any boundaries or
to what i can write, but if you are uncomfortable with anything, please do not hesitate to
inform me.

about you

i don't have any requirements for my partners, but all i ask is for you to speak up if ever you
are uncomfortable where the story is going. don't hesitate to offer any ideas, i don't bite. hard.
as for grammar and spelling, i don't mind as long as i am able to understand what you're trying to
portray, say, or describe.

current interests

gods/goddesses · werewolves · fantasy · marvel · ironstrange · humanoids · apocalypse
spideypool · biblical au · supernatural · dc · sabrina · harry potter · original plots · au
arthurian · httyd · adventure​
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