My mind blowing hello

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  1. Hey, I just joined today. I plan to make lots of friends and have lots of fun (Mind blown yet?) Anyways filled out my resume, and i'm ready to be kidnapped~
    [​IMG] You know what? I don't think this is what is ment by kidnapping?
  2. I don't know if that is funny or disturbing? Since I am a guy who finds humor in everything, I will go with funny! Hahahah good joke!

    Welcome to Iwaku, Winter...Gypsy or Winter? I'll call you Winter for now. I'm October, known until the end of the month as Octomus Prime. We are having a 'Sci-fi festival' here at Iwaku, so a lot of users have changed their names until the end of the month. You might get a little confused, but not for long.

    Let us know if you have any questions!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku :D
    That's an intense pictures -nods- and I hope that's not what you mean >.>
  4. Welcome to Iwaku Miss Gypsy! It is a pleasure to meet more new people! If you need anything just ask! Oh, by the way, I am Rina :3
  5. Yes, it's... just like that... LOL. Someone will be along to kidnap you then, GypsyWinter. *tips her hat* Welcome!
  6. .....

    That picture made me laugh in a bad and terrible way. XD

    Welcome to the community! >:3
  7. Thank you all for welcoming me >_< I think i'm cating on pretty quickly. And i'm so glad you all liked the picture ;3 The sifi festival seems a little confusing but I kinda understand. @-@ thanks again for all the lovely hellos~