My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard.

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  1. Hello there, and thank you for looking at my thread.
    (Please ignore the title.)

    I've had far too many people quit on me lately, so I'm in search of new partners.
    I have a few requirements, but hopefully, they won't be too hard to follow.

    1- If you're the type of person to ignore PMs, or generally drop the role play without letting your partner know,
    don't apply to be my partner.

    2- If you're going to get bored, or decide 'yo, i don't wanna do this anymore, teehee' when we're planning,
    or after one reply,

    don't apply to be my partner.

    3- Please be up to my level of writing. I consider myself advanced, which means I can write up to 5+ paragraphs
    (but I can also write down to like, two) and I know how to use punctuation correctly, I have (usually) correct grammar, and I have spell check, if nothing else.

    Also, I would prefer a partner who is at least eighteen years old.
    (Not due to anything sexual, because I don't do those types of role plays, thus General, rather than Libertine, but because I'm 21.)

    So, now that those are out of the way...
    If you've read all of them, please comment telling me your favorite musician or band.

    I'm very open to both fandoms and original ideas, and I love plotting things out with my partners.
    I like to play oc's and females, but am always more than open to doubling as a canon and/or male for my partner, as long as they do the same for me.

    When it comes to fandoms, I only do Canon/Oc.
    As for pairing genders, I generally go for male/female. Sometimes, I will be willing to do female/female, but rarely.


    Harry Potter
    Fruits Basket
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Lord of the Rings
    The Hobbit
    Dragon Age
    Legend of Zelda
    Persona ( 3 & 4)
    Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    Attack on Titan
    Adventure Time
    Sailor Moon

    As for original ideas, I'm pretty much open to anything we can come up with, as long as it's human, or humanoid.

    Things I won't do
    Things I won't do (open)

    Human/Animal/Mythical beast

    Things that are okay (open)

    Generally, I don't mind most things, as long as they aren't on my "won't do" list.
    My one major kink I can think of is incest, which would always be brother/sister.
    (And strictly romance/fluff, no sex!)

    Thank you for reading. Please PM me or comment here if you're interested.

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  2. I would love to do a NANA or Marvel or Supernatural XD
  3. I'm really in the mood for NANA, so if you can play Nobu for me, I can play someone for you!
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  4. Sure I'll play him for you ^^ if you will play Ren for me.
  5. Sure! Can you PM me please? :3c
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