My message for the Holidays and New Year...

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  1. Humanity like a moth to a kindling flame, are drawn to the light of progress. Seldom do we question the impacts change can bring, for not all change is in our interest. And some more insidious advancements may seek to guise their revolting nature by dawning a mask. When do we separate what is ethically right from what is necessary? When does the value of our world and our fellow man out weight the cost of luxury?

    As a people we have traded our finest virtues in exchange for the comfort wrought by advancement. More than computers; we need heart. More than the internet we need communication. More than our T.V’s, cars, planes, and toys we need understanding and compassion. For without these things the world will become bleak, and man’s soul will hit a new low. By choice we seek to live in a bubble, isolating ourselves from the harsh reality of our world. We’d much rather tune into the next episode, then become in sync with the worries and dangers of our society.

    All that mankind truly should strive after is both a peace of mind, and a warm heart. For by these two things alone can the shackles of greed be dissolved, the weight of bigotry removed. Seek not logic, but compassion. Thirst not for knowledge, but understanding. Dig not for the past or treasures, but for a future.

    The moment we forget what humanity is truly about, “The pursuit of happiness and good will to all men.” Is the very instance in which we become extinct. For though our bodies may live on, and our genetic material be passed. What truly defines us and separates us from all else will become lost. Buried under warped logic, knowledge and worst of all greed.

    Have a happy holidays, treat your fellow man as equal. Find warmth in your hearts but do not let it die after the 25th of December; rather allow it to live on and engulf each and every day. Embrace your neighbor regardless if he be religious, atheist, white, black, rich, poor, republican or democratic. Focus not on what separates us rather on what threads we have in common. Do this and fellowship; only then will we truly have a blessed new year. And create but a ripple of positive change…
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