My Little Undead: Friendship is Necromancy Sign Up and OOC

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  1. *You wake up in your refuge camp outside ponyvile, and find a poster hanging from a wall of the government officials building, you trot closer to read it*
    Alas poor ponies of Ponyville! It seems that under the cover of night, and a illusion spell of sorts, a rather large coven of Necromancers have managed to invade Ponyville, and kidnap the elements of harmony! And they have chosen their striking time well, as Equestrian forces are far to wide spread fighting off rogue dragons and invading Changeling nations to put up anything more then a token force to take back the city and guard the refuge camp. Celstia and Luna have taken drastic actions, and formed a Militia force! All one needs to do is sign up, and they'll be able to take their homes back from the dreaded necromancers! It'll be up too you, citizen, to make sure your home is yours once again!
    *a pile of sign up sheets are on the table in-front of this poster*

    (Das Rules
    1. I have the final say in anything, deal with it....
    2. If someone is gone, try to wait for them to reply.
    3. There will be blood-shed and death, if you are against such things in your RP, this is not the RP for you.


    Race (unicorn, earth, pegasus, zebra, etc):
    Appearance (please spoiler images):
    Notable powers:
    Origin (Pegasopolis, Canterlot, Ponyville, etc):
    Do you agree to the rules?:

    (Signed up ponies)
    * Travis Zenryo

    *you are given small breifing by one Guard*
    In this battle, you will fight through the town, defeating necromancer, the undead, and death knights to save the Elements of Harmony from captivity and stop whatever Shallow Grave and his captains is planning for Equestria....

    I will make and start the RP when I feel we have enough players, or if no one signs up for a certain amount of time and I'll create a link from here to there and there to here once I do.

    (The following is just fluff/lore information to flesh out the characters and such, you don't have to read it to RP, it just offers character depth to the important necromancers/death knights, and it is VERY long)

    *After you are briefed, you are approached by one of the other guards stationed at the camp, who had noticed you had signed up, without a word he hoofs you some information about the necromancers invading town*
    Leader: Shallow Grave/Blazing Blade
    Race: Unicorn
    Bio: A ancient pony, several hundred years old actually, who once worked for Celestia herself in the Royal Guard. A foal to a military general and a infantry pony, his life was mostly in the military, spending most of his early childhood in military camps, and his teens in younger corps, joining the actual Royal Guard the first chance he could. He had become one of the highest ranking members of the guard before his treachery. Upon capture of a powerful Lich within the un-colonized portion of Equestira, Blazing Blade and a convoy of other powerful unicorns were sent to bring back the captured Lich to Equestria. A ambush of hundreds of bandits had caught the convoy of guard, having most of them killed in the ambush, except for Blazing Blade, though he was in a grievous state of life. The Lich bargained with him, offering un-life for his freedom, blazing Blade, not wanting to die, takes the deal, and has most of his wounds healed, except for a large portion of the emotional portion of his brain, the Lich knowingly keeping this part of the ponies brain dead as to keep him amoral enough to not return back to the guard. Blazing Blade renounces his old name, a symbol of his rebirth, and goes for something he finds more fitting, Shallow Grave, as he had technically been dead for a minute before the Lich had fully revived him. Within the first year of working under the lich, Shallow Grave had turned three other Ex-Equestrian heroes to his coven.
    Mystic Weapon: Infernal, a Kilij blade that a unicorn could channel their magic to to set the blade burning with energy, drastically increasing the blades cutting prowess.
    Notable Feats: Hunting down a traitor Royal Guard through the frozen wastelands surrounding what was and would become again the Crystal Empire for several weeks without rest.
    Leading a force of a hundred Royal Guard against a Changeling hoard of dozens of times more numerous numbers to defeat with only a handful of casualties through surprise attacks on the hoard, and careful placement of troops so only a few would be of danger of death at any single moment.
    Facing off a small family of Ursa Minors who had rampaged when they're mother had died.

    Captain: Stone Wall
    Race: Earth Pony
    Bio: An Equestrian Hero of the same Era as Blazing Blade, known for his massive size and bulk, he is said to be as tall as Celstia herself, while being bulkier then a Minotaur. Raised on the streets, he was mistakenly arrested for assault, when in reality, he was subduing a small group of bandits each double his age, yet only slightly larger in height. After issues where cleared up, the Royal Guard who had arrested him had offered him a job within the RG, seeing the power he had possessed when taking down those bandits. While by no means a cunning general or even a stunning fighter, his huge physique carried him through any brawl or battle his unit had got itself into. Despite being perhaps the most physical capable pony in Equestria, and within the Royal Guard, he had always wished for a life of peace, viewing the military as a way of using a short term of violence as a way to install long lasting peace. He had been swayed by his former friend and Captain Shallow Grave, who' had told him that if all life was undead, there would be no death, as it would be impossible to die if undead.
    Mystic Weapon: Meteor Storm, a sledge hammer that can explode at the will of the user, blasting away with enough force to level a large stone building at full power, or simply break through armor with a weaker blast if the user chooses so.
    Changeling Juggernaut armor, the chitin on a legendary Changeling beast that Stone Wall had slained and skinned and used it for armor, making him impervious to most attacks
    Notable Feats: Defeating the "Changeling Juggernaut" a large and imposing changeling that was breed by the hive to be the ultimate war machine, no blade or spear could penetrate it's hide, but Stone Walls hammer had managed to squash it's organs from the inside, defeating the beast where no blade could have.
    Using his hammer to carve through a mountain to retreat and surprise a group of feral dragons.

    Captain: Silent Storm
    Race: Pegasus
    Bio: Another Equestrian Hero of the same Era, born and raised in a family re-known for having the fastest race pegasus, Silent Storm had chosen different calling, the military, reknown for his reckless within the guard, he had managed to become legendary, if only for the sheer brutality of how he fought and how merciless he was, viewing any non Equestria-pony as a "wild beast needing to be put down", making it just as easy to justify his slaughters as easy as it was for his blades to slice through his enemies. Upon one invasion from a dragon nation, Silent Storms' family had been killed off to the last in a attack, furiously, Silent Storm had demanded to lead the counter-invasion personally to Celestia herself, but Celestia ha protested, claiming that she had managed to plan a coup within the dragons leadership. Silent Storm raged at Celestia, claiming that this was no reason not to invade, that they needed to slaughter the beasts regardless of how "nice" the leader seemed. Celestia, finally seeing that Silent Storms racism and brutality where not exaggerated as she had thought, dishonorably discharges Silent Storm for the royal Guard, but he does not go quietly, Silent Storm steals his equipment and rallies a small force of other guard, still believing that Silent Storm was their superior, to invade the Dragons. It was a slaughter, Silent Storms forces where heavily out numbered, and killed to the last, except for Silent Storm, who was saved and taken from the battle field by Shallow Grave, who had stalked Silent Storm during his invasion, seeing a potential ally his cause. He offers him revenge, the ability to take down Celestia for not offering any revenge upon the dragons for Silent Storm.
    Mystic Weaapons: Air breaker, a katana that can remove the air for meters infront of it, utterly tearing apart anything caught in the displaced air.
    Thunder & Lightning, two Sai daggers that can conducts electricity through its' blade to shock the target.
    Notable feats: The entire slaughter of several Changeling hives entirely by himself.
    Killing several dragons by his lonesome, before being overwhelmed by far superior numbers.

    (this is a long one)
    Captain: Arcano
    Race: Unicorn
    Bio: The Arch-mage during the Era of Blazing Blade. Born to royals, Arcano had always had loved magic as a foal, thinking it being his birth right as not only a unicorn, but a living being. Arcano was far more open minded, forming the magical library within Canterlot almost all by himself, being open to any kind of magic, be it dragon magic, pony magic, Zebra magic, anything, it was all magic, and that was all that Arcano carried about, and such a act made him the Arch-Mage of Equestria, even making Celestia consider him a possibility for the element of magic when she saw him cast so many high level spells from his library. Arcano had even served his country in more then just knowledge, defending Canterlot from a invasion once or twice. Upon researching his family due to seeing something odd about his ageing parnets, he found a terrible terrible secret. A special strain Dementia that was immune to magic ran with almost 100% certainty in his family on both sides, and the worst part of all, not only did it ruin ones mind, it also rotted magic. Such a revelation horrified Arcano to no end, and he rushed to Celestia almost immediately, begging to let him search through the banned section of magic for any possible cure. Celestia agreed, willing to bend the rules for Arcano, as he was such a close friend, though the spell he did find to stop such mental degeneration was far worse then she could allow her friend to cast. It would remove his soul from his body, leaving him unable to physically feel anything for the rest of eternity, she did not let him cast the spell on himself and his family, knowing it was worse then the disease itself. Aracano was horrified, his once best friend had betrayed him, he had cursed Celestia, and fled with the spell book to his family home to save his family, but he was to late, his family was far to gone to save, he casts one spell, that would drain their magic into him, it was one of the spells in the spell book he had took, to Arcano, it would allow them to live inside him, in some twisted way. Royal Guards came to his home, trying to stop Arcano from ruining his life. Arcano tried casting the spell, but he had not known the school of magic that the spell resigned in to properly cast it, as the guards surrounded him to subdue him, he teleported many miles away, into the Everfree, to flee, thinking he had no place in Celestias' court anymore. He was approached by Shallow Grave, and was nearly killed the necromancer, before Arcano had told him his story. Shallow Grave offered Arcano a deal, casting the spell for him, with his mastery of necromancy, in exchange for working under him, Arcano quickly agreed, thinking nothing was worse then the lose of his magic and mind.
    Mystic Weapon: Unicorns pride, a self made helmet and staff combo that magnify his magic greatly, the helmet covers the upper portion of his face, with three horns, symbolzing his three magics, his own, his mothers, and his dads, which cast into the staff, combining into a single, more powerful blast.
    Notable feats: Making most of the Canterlot royal library by his lone some.
    Forcing back a Ursa Major when it had nearly destroyed Canterlo on a rampage.

    *How they had gotten such in depth information, no pony will ever know....*
    (talk about going into to much detail for characters you plan to kill off in one RP huh?)
  2. Name:Travis Zenryo

    Race (unicorn, earth, pegasus, zebra, etc): Unicorn

    Appearance (please spoiler images):

    Notable powers: Is a master of any and all defensive spells including some healing spells , he is adept at healing spells , he is a near master at hoof to hoof combat especially concerning sword play , his ancient clans blood line

    Origin (Pegasopolis, Canterlot, Ponyville, etc): Canterlot , current has a home in ponyville

    Background/Biography: being born into a royal and noble family he was raised around upperclass ponies this however did not affect his views as he grew to treat everypony with respect and kindness , as he grew he began to admire princess celestia and the royal guard and vowed that one day he would join the ranks of the royal guard , as time went on he trained and worked toward his goal by helping those around him, on a family trip to visit the small town of ponyville, his family planned on staying in the town for a couple of days, during that time one night he decided to sneak off on his own to get in some training that he had missed out on,while training he spied a pack of rabid timber wolves on the edge of everfree forest , they slowly approached coming out of the forest toward the town as unusal as that was for them to leave the forest , seeing this he quickly took action and using his training in magic, defensive spells and physical training he quickly forced the pack back and to retreat back into the forest it was on that night he gained his cutie mark which was symbolic that he will protect his loved ones and any pony in need at any cost forever, later he went on to join the canterlot royal guard and he rose through the ranks till eventually it was decided by celestia herself that he would be appointed her personal guard , and furthermore he later went on to suggesting and forming the Elite Eqeustrian Guard also known as the E.E.G. and became the general of this small task force as it was, their job to travel across equestria and solve problem as they found them to ensure the relative peace for everypony, on his down time when he is off duty, while he does have a home in canterlot, he prefers to spend most of his freetime among the residences of ponyville where he has a small yet spacious two story home. later he met a new friend named sharp sight or specx who also becomes part of the elite equestrian guard being appointed the position of commander becoming his second in command , sharp sight and the princesses also informed him of his past to which he hadnt ever known about , his family kept their heritage a secret , his family are descendants of a rogue clan of unicorns who during the rule of discord were barbaric and talented in defensive spells and melee combat, the best of which was their clan leader , celestia one day sought out their help and they agreed, with their prowess with defensive spells, they protected many areas of equestria from discord which in turn helped to bring his fall , afterwords when celestia's rule began and peace followed throughout equestria the clan decided to leave their uncivilized ways and accepted the rule of celestia, and in result became more sophisticated, many becoming merchants and business ponies, he found out he is a direct descendant of the old clan leader and looks very much like him.

    Additional info: he has been all over equestria ,he has visited many places , witnessed many things, this has also lead to many hardships both physical and emotional, he has experienced much in his travels, leading him to be at times plagued by his own past, the friends and comrades he has lost, among other things. ability wise he is a master of defensive spells his shields being nearly if not stronger than any material found in equestria due to his extensive knowledge and training on the subject his defensive spells and shields use little to no mana, he is also very good with healing spells though they tend to drain his mana reserves quickly , while he is not as adept with offensive spells as defensive spells he has learned to make up for it by using his defensive shields as an offense as well to make up for the fact, however doing so can sometimes lead to draining his mana rather quickly. he will talk about past events if asked even if they are still hard to talk about though at times he will try to avoid it, his past hard ships are the reason he has focused on and mastered defensive spells, he is also a master of melee combat wheither it be hoof to hoof or with a sword , using a special defensive / healing spell he can mak his blows have enough force to break even armor and stone if not severly damage it .
    Equipment:special guard armor made from one of the most durable and hard alloys in equestria if not beyond, a legendary unbreakable katanna which was the spoils from a ruin he once had explored (( spoiler: it was the leaders of an ancient clans weapon the same clan that he shares blood to and is a direct descendant of the leader looking much like him)) , both his armor and sword are enchanted so that he and only himself can teleport the armor too when no matter how far away , the sword he can teleport or materialize at will and then dematerialize into himself when needed

    Do you agree to the rules?:yes i suppose
  3. Travis Zenryo Accepted!