My little Succubus

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  1. My little Succubus
    [ScarletNova and kidcopious]​

    A succubus, they’re known for seducing men and taking their life force; but, what about a succubus who isn’t able to do that or more doesn’t want to do that. Zora was that kind of succubus. She didn’t like seducing men, and she wasn’t good at it either. Yet, she was still a succubus and she was told she had to. Today was the day of her first time. Being forced to wear something much more seductive than what she usually wears, she was pushed out of her home to go to a human’s house.

  2. Kenta was up late, again. He flipped through yet another page of forum posts, faked pictures and makeshift homemade summoning circles whizzing past his gaze in a blue streak. His eyes came to rest on an image. It looked like a scanned page from a spellbook, all yellow and old, with a beautiful illustration of a girl's body carefully drawn with ink and filled with white paint. The floor around the enchanting drawing was ringed with arcane symbols. He let his fingertips come to rest on the drawing, imaging in a sleepy haze that he was touching one for real this time. He knew the translations of the occult runes at the top of the page by heart; SUCCUBUS. He glanced down at the chalk lines and carefully marked runes on the floor around his simple bed. The red chalk stood out sharply against his white sheets. Sighing heavily, he closed his laptop, tossed it onto a pile of clothes, and leaned over to put the lid on his dragon-shaped incense burner. The last whisps of patchouli incense curled out of the dragon's nose, and by the time they snaked their way to the ceiling, the young man was fast asleep, one hand lost in the scatter of his longish hair over the pillow.
  3. 'You can do this, you can do this.' Zora continued to say in her head as she stepped onto the magic circle to be taken to the human world. It seemed she was going to go to a guys house that had actually threw down some runes himself, did that mean he wanted to meet a succubus or something; Zora could only just wonder. She could feel herself suddenly being transported. When she opened her eyes she was inside the human male's room, the guy peacefully sleeping away on his bed. Zora looked down at the floor, so he really did make the runes. She had to do her job. She made her way to the man, sleeping in his bed. She gulped as she stood there, watching him sleep. "Okay, I can do this." She whispered to herself and started to crawl onto the bed with him. She made her way onto of him, straddling him. She stared at his face, which probably wasn't the best thing for her to do in this situation. "Naa, I can't do it. He looks too nice, he doesn't deserve this." She abruptly shouted out to herself.
  4. Kenta opened one eye groggily, then jumped when he saw an unfamiliar face staring down at him

    "Augh! ..Wha-..Who are you??"

    His perplexed expression was only accentuated by the mane of wild bed-hair sticking up every which way. Slowly he scanned the young demoness' body, taking in the pale bare thighs below the hem of her revealing garment, and a shade of red crossed his face. He swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry.

    Unconsciously his hand drifted to her hip as he pushed himself halfway up, his fingertips lingering on her waist.

    "You're not.."
  5. Zora jumped when he suddenly awoke, staring up at her. A deep blush started to come over her face as she listened to his questions. "I...uh..." She flitched when she felt his fingers along her waist. She just wasn't used to any of this. "I'm a succubus." She admitted, though she knew that any good succubus would probably not tell their victim. She started to fiddle with her fingers as her tails swayed behind her.
  6. He pulled back reflexively, his mind racing. A succubus! In my room! Surely this is just some joke.. He caught sight of her forked tail, and his mouth dropped open. "Oh my god.. it worked!" His gaze dropped to her low-cut blouse and he bit his lip unconsciously. The realization of what was happening was turning gears in his mind, and he realized that the warm weight of her hips on top of him was causing a conspicuous stiffening below the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

    "Um.. does that mean you're here to--..?"
  7. Zora suddenly hide her face, still having a deep blush. "I..I'm suppose to..." She whispered to him, "B-but, I don't think I can." She felt so nervous, she could sense her tail moving slightly faster from the fear. She took a glance at him quickly, made a little scared squeak then turned her face away again from him. She continued to fidget some more, almost wanting to just fly up out of the room.
  8. Kenta had to take a moment to try and control himself as the demon girl's cute hips squirmed against his crotch.

    "gh.. H-Hey, it's ok. Is this your first time or something? Maybe we can take it slow. I can h--"

    He caught his breath as his swollen manhood was pinned between her thighs.

    "H-help you. But maybe you should lie next to me.. or it could be kind of quick"

    His expression went somewhat vacant with ecstasy as the girl's round black-skirted butt fidgeted against him.
  9. Zora took a peak at him as he spoke, but with him wanting to do it just made her feel even more embarrassed. She quickly moved her wings and pushed herself off of his body, flying up into the air. "N-no...I-I can't"! She let out, fidgeting still in the air. "I just can't!" Continuing to hide her face, "Their all going to be angry at me for all of this, but I just can't." She had realize she was getting a bit louder, so she covered her mouth to calm herself down.
  10. Kenta windmilled his arms awkwardly for a second, much more able to think straight now.

    "W-wait! It's ok, we can just talk."

    He ran a hand over his head and smoothed out some of his million flyaways.

    "Who's 'they', anyway?.. And what exactly are you supposed to do? Maybe there's a way we can cheat the system or something."

    He subconsciously hugged a stuffed octopus, his aroused interest in the charming girl tempered by a moment of fear.

    "And.. you're not gonna kill me, are you?"
  11. Zora was surprised by the sudden ask if she was going to kill him. "W-what? No, I would never kill you." She replied, she lowered her hand from her mouth and looked at him more. She slowly brought herself back down to the floor and stood there at the foot of his bed. She almost giggled from the sight of the octopus in his arms. "They...I meant everyone back home. The other succubus and incubus. They won't be happy that I failed. I...I'm suppose to take some of your life force but I might just be able to do it if...maybe just through a kiss right now."
  12. "I knew there was something like that.. Life force, that doesnt sound so bad. Everyone says trying to summon a succubus is dangerous.."

    He flushed and put down the toy, taking a step toward Zora on his knees. She was shorter than him, so when he stood on his knees their eye levels aligned. He stood gazing at her for a second, the expression in his brown eyes unplaceable.

    "..I would give some life force to kiss you.."

    Without giving her a chance to get away, he leaned in and kissed her, his lips brushing roughly against hers.
    He touched her jawline reverently, his fingers sliding up behind her ear into the hair on the back of her head, where they wrapped a few reddish tendrils and held her face tenderly near his until he was finished.
  13. Zora watched him move closer, listening to what he was saying. So, he did try to summon a succubus and that succubus he got was Zora. It was true that sometimes an encounter with her kind could end up dangerous but Zora herself would never do anything to hurt a human. She still blushed as he made his way closer to him. "Wha-" She was about o say when she heard what he said about kissing her, but his lips were already against hers. Surprised, her eyes widen and her body stiffened up but moments later as he deepened the kiss she started to relax with some of her instincts kicking in. Which, caused the kiss to be much more than it needed to be for a first kiss. When his was finished and he pulled away, she just stared at him and blinked. "I..."
  14. Intoxicated with the taste of her mouth, he takes a second to get back in sync with reality, blinking slowly once or twice.

    "Ah..Ahem. Did it work? I dont feel any different."

    He lifts his white t-shirt briefly to check for any gaping holes in his chest or what sort of thing.
  15. "I think." Zora replied to his question, she did feel a bit stronger now. That probably meant that it did work somewhat. She watched as he looked on his body, giggling a bit. "You're not going to have any marks. I promise." She told him, "Most of the time people can't tell they've done anything with a succubus...except well you know if they end up doing more than this. But, it doesn't leave anything bad."
  16. His eyes lingered on her shell-pink lips as he responded, "In that case.. maybe we should do it again."

    He couldnt stop himself from hungrily gazing at the rest of her body, taking note of the delicate dark wings on either side. He didnt know if it was some dark influence or just his own lack of willpower, but he couldn't stop himself from touching her. Unthinking, he ran his hand over the rise of her hip, feeling the fabric shift against her smooth skin.
  17. Zora jumped slightly when she felt his hand again along her body. "A-again?" She repeated as she watched him. Perhaps she wasn't such a bad succubus as she thought, considering he seemed to want more. "I...I don't know. If that's what you want, i-it really only helps me." She said back to him shyly. She began to fidget slightly again, feeling strange while his hand was on her waist.
  18. Kenta leaned forward and gingerly kissed Zora's neck, running his fingers through her hair on the other side. He kissed her earlobe, his arousal obvious by his slightly heavy breathing. Moving down to the nape of her neck, he traced the line of her collarbone with his mouth, breathing in her heavenly smell between kisses. His hand slipped around her waist, sliding beneath her top as he pressed his warm palm to her lower back, pressing her body against his.
  19. Zora's blush was coming back again as he continued. "Uh...wait..." She tried to say while she listened to his breathing. It was her fault, she was causing him to do this. She brought her arms up to him and pushed herself away from him. "N-no! I'm sorry, but it's my fault. This happens, it's just apart of a succubus." She began to blurt out, "You can't stop because of me. I...I'm sorry."
  20. He blinked once or twice, tugged out of his dreamlike state. He smirked, finding her consternation kind of cute. "Heh.. Yeah, that works pretty well." He ran his hand through his hair, grabbing a good handful while he mulled over his thoughts.

    "What did you mean before? About.. if we do 'more than this'?
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