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    - - - - - Summary - - - - -

    Equestria has reached a time of peace. All has been silent since Princess Twlight Sparkle retrieved her crown after it was stolen by Sunset Shimmer. During this time, every pony was ignorant of the growing evil that was growing within Equestria, particularity this one. Every pony thought they knew the reason of Nightmare Moon's birth; believed Nightmare Moon, no longer was, their Princess Luna was back, they believed it a story long gone. However, this ignorance would cost the good ponies of Equestria.

    Before her transformation into Nightmare Moon and banishment to the moon, Princess Luna was no more than a troubled pony. Princess Luna was concerned of the fate of their land of Equestria. Equestria was still in a poor state after the downfall of it's captor, Discord. Princess Luna was worried for the future of the ponies and was distressed to the thought of another evil like Discord threatening the well being of their home.

    With this in mind Princess Luna proposed to start again with a new colony where ponies could grow strong and happy and away from the threat of the evil that haunts them. However, Princess Celestia rejected her proposition, for she believe it would shatter and divide the weakened kingdom. Though, Despite her elder sister's opposition, Princess Luna believed this to be their only chance at safeguarding the future of the ponies of Equestria, and carried out her plan in secret.

    Every night, Princess Luna would leave the palace as her elder sister slept, and call upon ponies around the kingdom and gathered in preparation for the day they would leave behind the evil that haunted them, the ruins of the kingdom they called home, and start again in new and greener pastures. However time wore on, Princess Luna and her ponies grew uneasy, as the others refused to abandon the forsaken land of Equestria. They believed that there kingdom could be restored to it's former glory. However, Princess Luna and her ponies believed that their was a land out there that was meant for them, free of evil and the suffering that occurred in Equestria, a land where only happiness would reign over, a promised land. Every other pony did not believe them and continued to restore the broken land.

    Finally, in a resolve to force the ponies of Equestria to leave, as she believed was best, Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon and doused the land in darkness, in attempt to drive out every pony, but they still did not leave. Rather, instead the ponies of Equestria fought back and soon Nightmare moon and her ponies were driven into a corner. Condemning her younger sister of treason against the kingdom, Princess Celestia banished her younger sister to the moon and drove her ponies out from the land. Princess Luna vowed to return and continue her mission, again dousing the land in eternal darkness until the ponies saw reason.

    Now, many moons later, Princess Luna returned as promised but failed in her mission and in turn, returned to her elder sister and ponies of Equestria, thus all believing the case had come to a close. This was not the end however. Princess Luna's "Children of the Night" as they now called themselves had continued to wait and plan in secret, growing stronger and more powerful under the influence of secret new leader, waiting for the time of their return in which they will retrieve their "Mother", Princess Luna, and gain control of Equestria this time in order to lead the kingdom to a new future in which they believe to be their destiny.


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    .....................................................-{ Roleplay Rules }-............................................................

    1. The content for this roleplay is to remain 13+.

    2. This is a relaxed roleplay and may contain posts below a single paragraph.

    3. Quotations [""] are required for speech.

    4. Asterisks [**], parenthesis [()], and any other marks are not to be used to border character actions.

    5. Out of character text is to be posted in the OCC and not the IC.

    6. Be respectful and polite to the other roleplayers.

    7. No god-modding and speaking for other character's with out the other person's consent.

    8. You must post at-least 5x a week, if you are unable to get on for any reason, please send me a heads-up.

    9. Each roleplayer may have a may have a minimum of 2 characters.

    10. Character can be an OC (Own Character) or a Cannon from the show. (Actual Character)

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    ----------------------------------- CHARACTER PROFILES ---------------------------------------

    Message me your profiles.

    You can use Zoid's Pony generator to make your own pony.
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    Children Of Equestria

    Children of The Night
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  5. Oh okay, I understand where your getting with this,

    Are you expecting more people to play this? Or would we start rping as soon as I make a character
  6. Well, I'm not gonna wait too long before starting.
    Seeing as my friend and I have set it up so everyone has two characters
    it shouldn't take long. i have also yet to post my character profiles. At tops
    I think i might give this RP a couple more days, Friday at the latest and then start and
    if people still don't join after we start I'll just make up profiles to fill in the roles and anyone could
    play as them. :3
  7. Okay. I'll make characters later. Fan ponies amirite?
  8. Either, actually. ^^ You can either make your own or use a character from the show.
  9. Meh well looks like the RP really is gonna have a long wait before starting at this rate. :duck:
  10. Hey, [MENTION=5363]Schizophrenic[/MENTION]...

    Mazeltov! :D
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  11. Hey there! Just to let you know, we don't allow purely OOC posts in the IC sections of the forum. Your OOC and IC threads have been merged and the double post deleted. Please start a new IC thread and keep it IC only when you're ready to play! (Links or a blurb at the top of your first post are fine!)
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