My Little Pony: The Untold Story

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  1. Twilight Sparkle: The element of Magic, leader of the Elements of Harmony
    Rainbow Dash: The element of Loyalty
    Fluttershy: The element of Kindness
    Apple Jack: The element of Honesty
    Pinkie Pie: The element of Laughter
    Rarity: The element of Generosity

    Those were only six of the elements of harmony. Nothing was told about the other six elements found in the Everfree Forest known as The Elements of Virtues. These elements weren't needed because the Six Elements of Harmony were all that Equestria needed to be protected from any danger; until now. Friendship alone cannot be depended on, when disaster strikes down the Six Elements, it is up to the Six Virtues to aide them. You see an army of dark creatures have invaded Equestria from a neighboring realm, and they are hell bent on taking over the world everypony knows. From orcs to goblins, changelings to ponies wielding evil magic, the virtues need to find a way to save their world. If they fail, not even Celestia could save her kingdom from the evil lurking.

    And to make things worse, a World War is forming between the races once more; the pegasi are against the unicorns, the Earth ponies are doing what they can to stay out of it. Of course, out six have banded together to stop such a fight that was caused by the changelings. (A changeling took the form of a unicorn and a pegasus and started a war when a foal from both sides was taken). Queen Celestia (this takes place years after the Mane Six discovered their castle, and Celestia became queen of the lands with an heir to the throne, an Earth pony).

    The Six Elements:

    Wisdom (The Bard)- Legion (@LogicfromLogic)
    Strength/Courage (The Paladin)- Slate Oath (@The Writing Owl)
    Honour and Charity (The Samurai)- Insaneoats (@PyroJack)
    Mercy and Compassion (The Mage)- Corrinne Skylar (@EternalMusic)
    Protection (The Assassin)- Jet Spell (@LogicfromLogic)-Can change if someone else wants this
    The Guardian (The Beast Master)- Aliena (@Adira)


    1) One character per person
    2) No alicorns
    3) Please try and balance out the races
    4) No overly powerful unicorns
    5) Wait for people to respond. This means do not leave someone in the dust, even if you do get carried away. There is a reason this is a group roleplay and not a one on one, if you are given a second warning about this you'll be lucky
    6) Keep OOC here and not in the IC thread
    7) Please only create original characters. No Mane Six look alikes or act alikes, I want to see your best thrown in here!
    8) Quality over quantity, please post at least a paragraph. Grammar mistakes happen, don't criticize someone for one misspelling or using the wrong word once, nobody is perfect.
    9) Aggressive roleplaying is forbidden here. If you have a problem with a roleplayer or me, message me and we'll sort it out.
    10) You aren't accepted until the GM says so, and please leave the 'this needs to be fixed' things to the GM

    Side note: No more Earth Ponies

    Setting: War Like
    Place this roleplay starts out: Applusa
    Place now: Appolusa
    Theme: Epic Quest
    Time: Years after the Mane six gained a castle

    Character Sheet

    Gender/Sex (cisgender, genderfluid, transgender, etc)
    Cutie Mark

    Outer Personality
    Inner Personality
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  2. If I could reserve the Protector until I make the character that would be awesome~
  3. awesome will try and get character up soon~
  4. Name


    Gender/Sex (cisgender, genderfluid, transgender, etc)
    Cisgender Stallion

    Earth Pony

    Cutie Mark
    Musical Note


    Outer Personality
    Legion appears to be a soft spoken yet bold young stallion with a strong head on his shoulders. He is very smart and always has had the best advice anypony ask for. He's always willing to lend a hoof, always cheerful and rather brave. He tells it how things are, and doesn't stop to ask whether or not he can say it; he does it.

    Inner Personality
    He's pretty open.



    He was born in Canterlot but when his fathers were at a social event, they tragically died in a fire. Legion was sent to live with his uncle Oatis (Oat-tis) in Applousa, living in an apartment above the saloon. He gained his cutie mark at a very young age (he had just entered preschool), which was singing. He was a wonderful singer and calmed all the other foals down when they cried. He graduated and moved to Canterlot, but he was hardly home. He was always at singing gigs, which made staying home and settling hard.​

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  5. I would like join the RP, but I would like to run a character concept by you first and see if you think that it might be too out there for the samurai character.
  6. Alright, watch out thou. It might not make sense at first

    Name: Insaneoats
    Age: Adult
    Gender:/Sex Male
    Race: Earth Pony
    Cutie Mark: Radioactive Symbol
    Element: Honor and Charity

    Outer Personality: The Doctor is a loud, prideful earth pony who is never one to lack energy when it comes to taking on a challenge. He seeks to show everypony just how great his technological prowess to anyone who would doubt that his inventions were better than pegasuses speed or the unicorns magic, however if anyone is in ever in need of his talents, he is more than happy to help anypony in need.
    Inner Personality: Dr Insaneoats is still prideful, but only cause he expects everypony, friend and foe alike to be at their best at all times and if they aren't he is willing to help them or wait till they are.
    Picture: See attachment.
    History: Dr.Insaneoats always had a bit of chip on shoulder ever since he left Canterlot to move to the more rural and quaint Applousa. The snobby blue bloods would either laugh or scoff at the idea that his machines could give Earth Ponies similar kinds of skills to and abilities that their magic could produce, but he knew that he was right. He knew that he could give his kind the same kind of power if he just put his brilliant mind to it. To help him complete this goal, the Doctor replaced his normal legs and hooves with robotic ones filled with several gadgets and tools to help him on his quest to make life better for everyone. He often locks himself in his workshop, planning and building all sorts of gadgets. From the insanely useful to the ludicrously strange, nothing is beyond the Doc's abilities.

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  7. Can they be other than Earth Ponies? Just wondering cause of the fact that you have put down species.....
  8. You can be:


    Just no alicorns! ^.^
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  9. Awesome~! *grins and makes her pony*
  10. Actually in fact:

    No more earth Ponies. We have two, I'd like there to be two of each!
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  11. Hey everyone! Join this RP!
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  12. Sorry changing my reservation to the mage~ Nearly have her done~
  13. Ohhh can I take the guardian? I'll have a CS up shortly!
  14. Sure can!
  15. Name: Aliena
    Age: Teenager
    Gender/Sex: Mare
    Race: Pegasus
    Cutie Mark: a blowing dandelion
    Element: The Guardian

    Outer Personality: Aliena is a very cheerful pony. With a love for adventure and a caring side for every pony and creature she meets. She tends not to look at the bad in a situation, but instead likes to look on the bright side. Some say her cheerfulness can et rather.. annoying at times though. And although she is a very happy go lucky pony she is extremely sensitive and emotional. She's a huge hopeless romantic and has a thing for setting ponies up. She loves her friends more than anything and would do anything to protect them.
    Inner Personality: Although Aliena is very happy she's also very very stubborn. She likes things done a certain way and believes she usually knows best. Just like any teenager.
    History: Aliena was born to two pegasus and as a filly she was rather silly and happy. Although it took her longer than most to learn how to fly, causing her to get picked on by the other pegasus . But all in good time she learned to fly like the best of them. She loves flying now and prefers it over walking. She learned her gift for making wicked wind storms when she was having a bit of a meltdown. Using her wings she can make little tornados, nothing big but it sure can calm a crowd down. After graduating from the pegasus school in the clouds she moved to Applusa to start a flower shop.​
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  16. :: Name ::
    Corrinne Skylar

    :: Age ::
    Teenager/Young Adult
    ((She is in the transition)

    :: Gender/Sex ::

    :: Race ::

    :: Cutie Mark ::
    Spoiler has all the information
    ((::WARNING:: Image is really big))
    Profile (open)

    :: Element ::
    Mercy and Compassion (The Mage)

    :: Outer Personality ::
    A shy pony, Corrinne doesn't find herself talking to other ponies that much but rather finds herself spending time by herself watching over those that are around her silently. Even if she doesn't know the pony she will be sure to help them out if they ever get in any trouble of some sort and finds herself offering them her help. Although most don't really sense her presence due to her shy behaviour, Corrinne does stand out with the way that she is very beautiful.

    :: Inner Personality ::
    A little bit more outspoken, Corrinne will be sure to try and show her friends and family the way that would best help them when they ask her for advice. of corse there are times where she will speak what she believes but that is only once she really gets to know someone.

    :: Picture ::
    Shown beside

    :: History ::
    Growing up in Applousa, Corrinne didn't really move around that much and did what every foal did. Went to school learnt what she needed and graduated. After graduating, Corrinne decided that she was going to start a vet clinic which she did and every pony that has a pet goes to her if they live in Applousa or anywhere nearby.

    ((Sorry this took so long I couldn't find a picture that I liked ^^;;))
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