My Little Pony: The New Elements.

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  1. It's just 2 days until the summer sun celebration, and over a hundred years since twilight sparkle and her friends became the elements of harmony, whom are now deceased, alongside Celestia and Luna in their death as well. 2 New princesses of the Sun and Moon have been found and crowned, and have ruled with a kind but powerful hand, thus resulting in their subjects liking them as much as they liked Luna and Celestia. Those in Ponyville are setting up for the summer sun celebration, in which the Sun princess Dawn and the Moon Princess Dusk work together to raise the sun and lower the moon for the first time of the year, and the princesses are already heading to Ponyville to surprise their subjects, they thought they had made accommodations for their stay, but would soon realize after arriving that they had not, and that travel between Ponyville and Canterlot had been closed for the day. Alongside this the citizens of Ponyville have realized that they are behind schedule and might not finish preparing before the celebration. And while all of this is happening, something evil lurks to strike on the very same day as the celebration...
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  2. Annabet flew over town hall, helping hang decorations and also checking out spots that would be the best for security to be during the celebration. "I hope that this all comes together in time... Otherwise this'll be just plain embarrassing." She mumbled to herself and continued working. The young pegasus worked quickly, making sure everything was secure before she moved onto her next task. She quickly flew up into the partially cloudy sky and began to clear them out.
  3. Vincent opened his eyes to glance at the clock near his bed, and then sighed from where he laid on his back as the time surely was fleeing from him and that it was nothing he could affect with luck. However he didn't really have anything specific to do, and snoozing was one of his favorite hobbies considering how it gave him freedom of mind. However he was not lazy, and as he guessed it was time to get up he simply slid out bed and walked downstairs to grab a peanut butter and clover sandwich for breakfast. Soon enough he stretched out and went outside to see a cloudy sky, however he was a bit surprised when the sunlight suddenly shone down where he stood almost marking him of everyone, before he realized that some Pegasi just had decided to conviniently remove the clouds directly above him first. It made Vincent shudder slightly and then chuckle as he figured it was just 'luck' at play again that whenver he felt that cloudy weather was inconvinient it would flow away. Yawning he would look around and then stretch his wings before slowly flying up to see how the weather ponies were doing. Seeing how he was not one of them, Vincent sometimes asked if he could help out while he had nothing better planned, and usually they didn't turn down a extra hoof with the hard work of keeping the sky clear.
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  4. Sweet Beats looked around her studio. It was a cluttered mess, and she still hadn't made the perfect song for the celebration! She dug at the ground with her hoof, gazing at the clutter with a sigh. So far her songs have been too fast, too slow, and just horrible. Usually she made amazing music for any occasion, but this wasn't just an ordinary occasion! This was the Summer Sun Celebration! With real life Princesses, nonetheless! The song needed to be perfect. ... But that was the problem. How could she create the perfect song when she had a horrible case of writer's block? Especially when that perfect song had to be done in two days. With writing the lyrics, composing the music, combining the various instruments used, recording all the instrument parts, and anything else to create the song, she would be getting right up to the wire. But that was the thrill of it! No pony would know what the song was, thus creating a bigger impact! If... Only Sweet Beats herself knew what the song was. She let out a frustrated groan and tried to clear the mess up, picking some failed ideas in the form of crumpled paper, using her horn which had a dark blue aura. Just then sunlight shone into her small cottage/studio and glinted off her apple red guitar, giving the young unicorn the most brilliant of ideas for the song. Her orange eyes lit up and she hastily gathering her supplies to write the idea down, dropping the crumpled paper in the process. The purple pony quickly headed outside, laying under her favorite tree, to write her song, or at least what it was about. She didn't want to leave anything out, and fresh air usually helped her focus. As she used her quill to jot things down within her notebook, she muttered to herself quietly, lost in thought. Suddenly she looked up to the hard working pegasi in the sky and shouted a thank you, for if they hadn't been clearing the sky, the sun would have never given her inspiration. Heading back to work, she blocked out the world around her.
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  5. Ink Plot had finally arrived in the ever-famous Ponyville! Or at least, it was famous to her. Seemingly so quiet and serene, yet full of crazy surprises. She was currently in the thick of the novel she was writing, and was stumped on what her main character should run into before the next major plot point. She hoped that Ponyville, and the Summer Sun Celebration, would help her get the inspiration she needed. She was hovering midair in the early morning sunlight. She was upside down actually, as she thought it helped her focus more. She had her gaze intently focused on a flower far below her, wishing it held all of the secrets. With a sigh, she finally turned herself around. "This is getting me nowhere." She grumbled to herself, then taking a look around. Well, while she was here, helping out these folks wouldn't be too hard of a chore.
    Looking around had her seeing the clouds left in the sky, and she decided to help them out with it. Honestly, it's a chore she's only done a couple of times, but she at least knew how to do it. And it was something that only Pegasi could do, so it meant that her help might be more appreciated. Although there were a few times some more rude ponies got angry at her for trying to help. So she decided to ask if they needed any help before she chipped in. Glancing around, she spotted one in the sky not too far off, colored completely green. And moving towards some others in the sky. She assumed that he was one of them, and quickly set off towards him. She quickly caught up towards him, "Hey there!" She said with a smile. "You one of the ponies working the clouds?"
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  6. Vincent kept clearing the sky with the weather crew when he heard something from the ground, it was a mare shouting her thanks to them making him smirk slightly and wink to her. " My pleasure, sweet Muzzle~ he responded and winked to her as he flew by. Soon another Mare flew up to him however making him smile and Wondered what she might want. Throwing his mane back he leaned back a bit in a cool air pose. "Yoo. Yeah, you betcha I am, not one of the originals thought. I'm more of a jump in, wild style stallion atcha service, able 24/7 for all kinds of jobs. What can I do for such a fine beauty? he said winking slightly.
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  7. The red mare had been working hard at ignoring the somewhat flirtatious little remarks that came from Vincent. He was helping clear the clouds, yes. But winking at every pony who happened to speak around him... Definitely not helping with her self-esteem. She just kept her mouth shut and continued to do her job. She had a responsibility after all, and she didn't take those things lightly.
  8. Vincent glanced behind him noticing a red Mare that he had missed, seeing her look bothered he flicked his ears slightly as he wondered how he had missed such a cutie. "Yo, don't cha think ive forgot the sweet angel who gave me sunlight this morning. Your sure as dazzling as the light that shines around you~" he called to her, recalling her from the morning.
  9. "Now now, I don't fall for sweet talkers and flirts like some of the other fillies around here. Five bits says you don't even know my name." Annabet replied with a small smile, her eyes narrowed slightly as she presented the stallion with her challenge. She continued to clear the clouds as she waited for his responce.
  10. Vincent chuckled slightly as he flew closer to the red pony. "Well, that saves me the worry of having to save you from crashing~ " he said and thought for a bit until he was rather certain of what he would respond. "Okay, five bits it is... A beautiful red angel must have an equally beautiful name. Thus My guess is Aurora, because before you came along were the most beautiful thing I knew Anna. But you certainly look more like an Aurora'n Angel~" He said and put five bits on a small cloud that he formed into a heart and blew to her with a wink. Then he just flicked his mane and flew off again, seeing as she could follow or not at her own accorf if she wished.
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  11. Sweet Beats wrote the lyrics of her fantastic song before putting her notebook and quill into her saddle bag, putting the sky blue bag on, and headed into town. She needed some supplies, and her father's shop was the perfect place to go. Just as she was getting up, she heard a Pegasus call down to her. He seemed a little flirtatious, and the young unicorn smirked. If she ever saw him again, she'll have tons of fun being ignorant to his flirting. She isn't one to give into the flirty ones. They always seem to wander off at some point. But that doesn't mean she can't edge them on occasionally. Trotting to Ponyville's square, she looked around at all the working ponies. The decorations were only partially up and she wondered if every pony would be ready in time. "I'd help out, but my hooves are tied with the entertainment portion," she whispered to herself, prancing over to her father's shop to pick up a few instruments.
  12. Two Buck, an extremely smart unicorn who always seemed too busy to fuss over anything else not related to science, was scuttling through the market. He was late on his papers but he was quite aware of the dinner plans he had for the night with his coworker Ms. Snude. She was a rather impatient mare and really quite unpleasant, but she was the key to his getting a promotion. Inside his satchel was celery, carrots and a couple of onions, which he was planning on making a stew with.

    His mane was array and he looked as if he hadn't slept in a couple days. In fact, he hadn't. He'd cooked up in his lab a cure for the dragon pox, or so he figured. Truth was, he didn't know. He knew for one thing it cured acne, so that was always a plus. He wasn't sure whether or not that it had bad affects to it yet. But still, he rushed home to cook for a very grumpy old mare that really had no social pony sense. He had no friends, and was often referred to as the nut in the woods.
  13. *posting because I don't want this to die. I don't usually post immediately after I had already.

    "Thunder Rhythm! I need to rent a few instruments for the song I'm writing!"Sweet Beats examined a harp as she waited for her father, who was most likely on his third break of the day, since it seemed around that time. Though his special talent was drumming, Sweet Beats swore that was a mistake sometimes. She believed his special talent should be eating, since he does so more times than not throughout the day. And sure enough, as the thought crossed her mind, there came Thunder Rhythm from the back, an oat bar in his mouth. The young mare laughed and went over to hug the stallion, glad he was not only her father, but her best friend.

    "Whaddya need? Quite the important song yer makin' and I know you'll pick out just the right instruments fer it!" His accent was think, almost a little country, almost. Sweet Beats always wondered who he was related to, because rumor has it that the famed AppleJack had an accent similar. Shrugging the thought away, she released her father from her huggy clutches. "I was really interested in that harp. Maybe a piano, too..? A flute would be nice too.... Hm.... A xylophone...? Maybe a-"

    "Woah! Hold on there little filly! Let's start of with main instruments fer now. All of them others will just be too much to carry fer ya in one trip, see? " The midnight blue stallion chuckled before ruffling Sweet Beats perfect Mohawk. "Ya said a harp and a piano? Those are quite important bases, and a piano is hard to carry out anyways. Harps are too. Tell ya what, I'll have those two deliver and ya can trot on out with anything light, big er small! That a way ya get ta start yer composin' and be prepared for those two there arrivals. It will also save ya time because yer ain't pushing no Baby Grande Piano all the way to ya cottage. That'd take up several hours, and now add a harp! Let my deliverers do it. They'd be faster." Sweet Beats nodded and after a few moments deciding, she picked out a flute, a tambourine, and a violin to take home with her while the delivery pony loaded the piano and harp into a trailer.heading back to her cottage, she was already running beats through her head that will match the chorus she has written down.
  14. Once the sky was clear of clouds Vincent really had a need to ponder about what to do next. Noticing that a pony he recalled from the morning cattying around instruments he surely wondered what was going on. However he could see that she bobbd her head to tunes probably playing in her head and wondered if anything would snap her out of those thoughts. He flew closer having nothing better to do anyway and being a jump in he ight as well see if there was something he could do to help. "Yoo!, Need a hoof with them instruments miss?" he asked as he landed on the ground near her with a nice swoop as to not scare her.
  15. Sweet Beats jumped slightly, very nearly dropping her instruments. Luckily she didn't drop any. "Oh hi dude! Help..? Hm... Well I got everything here. My dad made me take the lightest possible. Um... Oh I know! I need my larger instruments Pronto and I bet the delivery ponies could use a helping hoof. The name's Sweet Beats. Or you might know me as DJ UN33K. If you're still looking for work later, stop by my cottage. I'll pay you then. I really need to get this song done for the celebration but there's so much to do!"
  16. Vincent nodded as he listened to what she had to say and smiled slightly "Oh, Sorry bout startling'ye." he said and sighed in relief that it was lucky that she didn't drop anything, being lucky certainly helped a lot. "Oh, yeah, Sounds like ye got a nice father. My name's Vincent Gainbits, Most call me Vince. So yer name's Sweet beats?, fitting name. " he said and chuckled lightly as he nodded and stretched slightly "But fo'sure I help ye out. I can prolly be'dere an back in a yiffy. Ye can count on me Sweetie, I git it done as I understand ye hurry." he said as he stretched his wings and leaped into the air again. he would then flew over to where he spotted the delivery ponies transporting a Grand Piano "woah, She were not kiddin when she said ya could need a hoof or two for help... I'm Vince, Just tell me what needs to be transported and I will fly over with what I can carry" he said said to them.
  17. "Oh hello there! I'm Feather Dash and that's Sky Cloud. A helping hoof would be nice. All you really need to do is help us load up and help keep everything in the trailer. It would speed up the process because we need two to pull the trailer, which means going slow to avoid dropping everything. With someone making sure nothing falls out, we can go quite fast."
  18. Vincent nodded slightly to their proposal and smiled "Okay, sure. I git right on it" he said and headed inside to carry out whatever he could lift to the trailer which was quite s lot considering that he got a lot of workout. He was a pony who liked working after all, even if he didn't stay in most places for too long he had done may jobs that required some strength. Yet even if he were unable to lift a piano he could still help carry rather heavy stuff to the trailer and hlp them keep the stuff balanced so that nothing would fall off on his watch.
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  19. Nightshade flew above the towering trees of the Everfree Forest. Every now and then, she would dive through an opening in the forest canopy and swerve nimbly around tree trunks and branches before launching back out into the sunlight above. Daytime took some getting used to, especially the Sun's bright light, but gradually it began to...dawn on her...that the Day had its own sort of beauty. Bright colors, singing birds, a bright blue starless sky decorated with pure white spiraled clouds.

    Eventually, she became so lost in the joy of flight that she was caught by surprise when the trees suddenly stopped. She backpedaled in the air, slowing to hover in place. Before her were two settlements: one, an empyrean cloud city of the Pegasi; the other, a colorful little town on the ground. Both resembled descriptions she'd been given before leaving Evernight, so she was fairly sure she knew where she was.

    For a moment, she considered going straight at the tougher challenge, but thought better of it. Perhaps I should wait, until I know Pegasi will not give me my own skull to carve?

    She flapped her wings a couple times to regain forward motion, then glided softly to a landing on the outskirts of the town. Curiously, the Day Ponies were every bit as bright and colorful as their dwellings. It was almost an assault on her sensitive eyes, but only almost. The buildings were all artfully crafted in a wide range of styles; the Day Ponies themselves exhibited a similar diversity, of colors, mane and tail styles, even shapes. That was the strangest part: seeing ponies without wings, some with spiral horns pointing out from their foreheads. And those that did have wings, had wings with feathers.

    The town was a flurry of activity, everypony working feverishly to prepare for...the Festival of the Sun? That's what the banner said, at any rate. Perhaps I have chosen inauspicious time to come? Nightshade thought. No. We have had peace with Day Ponies since the Return of Luna. This will be chance to see them at their happiest. With that, Nightshade redoubled her determination, and started to walk, slowly, cautiously, and, she hoped, non-threateningly, into the town.
  20. "What do you mean it's late! you know the Princess dislikes-"

    The door opened as the tall opal Alicorn worked through followed by a few ponies who appeared to be rushing about around her, seeming fussed with getting check lists finished and ensuring her things were packed and ready for her journey, even though she explained many times that she only needed to pack lightly. "Please, settle down Leaf Green it's quite alright. We're not expected for another few hours yet so there's really no rush" she said, her tone soft and smooth to the ears of those listening. Leaf Green bowed his head and nodded, "Forgive me your majesty, I just thought... well, I didn't want to hold up your journey that's all" he responded with a resigned expression. Clarity smiled warmly, "Leaf Green" she said with a tone expressing that she found the behavior endearing, "You need not worry yourself, but I would like to leave now if possible" she said as she began taking steps forward again. The stallion nodded in reply before he began to delegate jobs to the others who began to get the chariot ready to move.

    Soon enough her journey was well underway and she would soon be arriving close to Canterlot. It'd been a ling time since she'd seen the Princesses of the sun and moon and she was rather looking forward to catching up with them again. However she wanted to stop off in Ponyvile first as she'd heard allot of the town which brought the world Twilight Sparkle and wanted to visit the town for herself. "Thunderlane, how goes our time?" she asked to the lead Pegasus that flew her chariot, one of her guard captains from the Crystal Empire. "It goes well your majesty. We'll be touching down soon" he called back, allowing Clarity to relax in her seat. She exhaled a long breath before considering the first order of buisness. After all it was the coronation of the sun princess, essentially and it was a very big deal. The gift she'd brought resided in one of the bags she took with her and she could only hope it was enough.

    When the chariot landed in ponyvile Clarity stepped off and looked around before turning to Thunderland, "Proceed into Canterlot, I'll fly there myself when the time comes. Please send word of my location so there's no confusion" she said softly. Thunderlane didn't look entirely pleased as the stallion preferred to be close in case Clarity needed his help, however he gave a nod and after a brisk command to the others the chariot was underway once more towards Canterlot. "Ahh" she said to herself as she enjoyed the peace away from her duties for a moment, "Now to do a little exploring" she said to no one in particular as she began a slow trot down the main street of Ponyvile town center.
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