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    It's been over a hundred years since Twilight Sparkle and her friends became the Elements of Harmony. After they had died the elements couldn't find their new hosts, and thus the chaos and destruction was managed my Celestia and her sister Luna, until eventually they too succumbed to old age after thousands of years. Now, something is coming to Ponyville, and even worse, it's targeting all of equistria. How will these new elements defend against it while also dealing with the hardships of friendship and loss. It's the Summer Sun Solstice and you all have gathered once more to pay respects to Celestia and Luna while congratulating the new Sun Princess and Moon Princess.
    |Character Sheets|
    Appearance: (traditional pony style)
    Cutie Mark:
    Special Talent:
    Type of Pony: (Pegasus, Earth Pony, or Unicorn)
    Age: (12+, those with an Element of Harmony must be 18+)
    Job: (Only for those that are 18+)
    Current Home: (you all live in Ponyville, but what type of home do you live in? Farm, House, Shop/house combination? )
    Element of Harmony: (this is Optional. You can create a pony that doesn't gain an Element of Harmony but will help the Elements/and or be friends with them.)
    Likes: (List as many as you want)
    Dislikes: (list as many as you want)
    Past: (Doesn't have to be a lot)

    |Princess/Prince Character Sheet|
    Appearance: (Traditional pony style)
    Cutie Mark:
    Special Talent:
    Type of Pony: Alicorn
    Age: (30-70 years old)
    Ruler of:
    Likes: (List as many as you want)
    Dislikes: (List as many as you want)
    Past: (doesn't have to be a lot)

    1. Standard Iwaku rules apply.
    2. Couples can be formed/created but anything 18+ goes to libertine forums or PM.
    3. Characters can't die but can get sick/injured/poisoned/ect.
    4. This is based in Ponyville.
    5. The princesses live in the Castle.
    6. A Pegasus character can choose to live in Cloudsdale above Ponyville.
    7. If you do not post for a week and 2 days your character is subject to me/one of your friends to controlling them until you do.

    (Rules subject to change)

    |Current Characters|

    Elements of Harmony 6/6

    Element of Magic: Two Buck
    Element of Laughter: Sweet Beats
    Element of Loyalty: Annabet 'Anna'
    Element of Kindness: 8-Bit
    Element of Honesty: Ink Plot
    Element of Generosity: Vincent Gainbits

    Princesses/Princes 2/4

    Sun Princess: Dawn
    Moon Princess: Dusk Cresentia

    Other Ponies 2/2
    Vincent Gainbits(Possible Candidate for Generosity)

    (For characters that aren't Elements or Princesses but still want to join this RP)

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  2. Appearance:
    Cutie Mark: A knife and blood splatter
    Special Talent: Can name any knife just by looking at it and can tell when it was made
    Type of Pony:
    Age: 15
    Job: N/A
    Current Home: Cabin
    Element of Harmony: N/A
    Likes: Goofing around, 'hunting' being with his brother
    Dislikes: Being Bored, smell of cleaning supplies, being called Joker
    Dream/Aspiration: Being the most feared Pony
    Personality: Sly, cunning, gets bored easily, impatient
    Past: Fist moving to Ponyville with his family he and his brother met the neighbors and was invited to a party. The next day they encountered bullies a fight broke out which ended with the bullies hurt, the police questions Jeff but his brother takes the blame. Jeff and his parents attend the party that Saturday and the bullies attack Jeff again. This time Jeff snaps, as he fights bleach, and alcohol falls on him. He is set on fire and his mane is scorched black and his pelt is bleached white, he wakes up in the hospital and sees what he looks like, and he enjoys it. That night he cuts a smile into his mouth and burns his eye lids of, scaring his mother who checked on him, she flees and he chases her into the bed room, and as they say the rest is history...

    What type of pony would he count as?
  3. That would be an earth pony. They don't have horns or wings but are more physically fit than the other types.

    Also, accepted ^^
  4. So I'm assuming that based on the characters in this rp this isn't going to stick to the usual happy theme of MLP?
  5. It is, just a little darker though. In The rules it says that characters can't be killed but can be injured/poisoned/ect
  6. Vincent Gainbits​
    Cutie Mark: A Rainbow Crashing into a Pot of Bits.
    Special Talent: Being really lucky. However his talent mostly lay in actually living with it.
    Type of Pony: Pegasus
    Age: 19
    Job: Unemployed.
    Current Home: A House near Ponyville.
    Element of Harmony: Generosity.
    Likes: Kindness, Respect, And Being cool.
    Dislikes: Boring things, disease, and disrespectful ponies.
    Dream/Aspiration: Finding the special pony of his life.
    Vincent is a very cool stallion if he can say it himself, he's naturally lucky at everything he wants to do but because of it is very careful about what he wishes for. He's very generous in many ways due to not wanting to keep his luck to himself, however he doesn't want to benefit anypony for too long either and usually his life is about keeping balance of his actions. And in many ways he's careful, Cool acting and rather collected.


    Vincent lived in cloudsdale for most parts of his life, however while he didn't know what his talent was and didn't have his cutie-mark he was one of those trying just about everything. Eventually he just stopped, not realizing his potential he just flew out to tour the land and see things. Following the rainbow to see where it would lead him he eventually got so tired that he crashed... but once he did he landed in a pot full of bits at the end of it. Not knowing who it actually belonged too, Vincent decided to move into ponyville to search for clues about who it could belong too... but soon enough he decided to stay as he liked it there, and nowdays he mostly take jobs where he can find them, not in perticullary intereseted in earning more than his living for a day.

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  7. Accepted ^^
  8. Thank you ^^
  9. No problem^^
  10. Ah okay, my bad, I was just so excited for a potential mlp rp, I didn't read the rules much. XD Anyways good luck on your rp!
  11. Lol that's understandable, and thanks ^°
  12. || Is there a chance that I could reserve the role of the Moon Princess? I'm currently on my phone and its hard to type on it! >~<

    || Also I'm really happy to see a MLP role play!
  13. Of course, i'll edit main post once i get home :3
  14. I was happy to see one too as the other was full xD... I'm quite surprised that I couldn't find a Group for it xD
  15. I searched the site and saw they were lacking so i though, 'hey, why not? I like the show and i'm sure others do too.'
  16. Aye Indeed ^^
  17. [​IMG]

    Name: Dawn

    Gender: Mare

    Appearance: Dawn has a beautiful white coat that shimmers like snow when the sunlight hits it. Her eyes are a stunning crimson, matching that of the hues one would see at sunrise or set. Her mane is long and multi hued with shades of fiery red, orange and yellow

    Cutie Mark: A Rising/Setting Sun

    Special Talent: One of the Matriarchs of Equestria, responsible for raising and setting the Sun

    Type of Pony: Alicorn

    Age: 45 yrs

    Ruler of: Sun

    Likes: Her older sister figure and co-ruler, Dusk, the morning tunes of the larks in her window, the color of the leaves when the sun shines just right through them, Candles of many scents, Reading fiction or otherwise on many various subjects, flying to the beach, and cake of any kind.

    Dislikes: Anypony attempting to kiss up to her because of her status, dishonesty, dancing much, the grand galloping gala, swimming, too much glitter, and peanut butter (though she would never admit it to Dusk, she is afraid of pitch black darkness)

    Personality: Dawn is a peaceful pony that usually strikes others as regal at first glance. She knows how to smile and wave as a princess should, but for the most part, she's kind of a bookworm. She enjoys solitude just as much as she enjoys spending quality time with her friends. She's usually optimistic and will never lie to those she loves. True to her heart and gracious as can be, Dawn shares the kingdom with a smile quite effectively

    Past: Dawn was born on the summer solstice, already with her cutie mark, wings and a horn.
    Her mother, Elanor had been an ordinary earth pony who loved a winged stallion named Aro very much. When they learned that Eleanor was pregnant, the simple couple was so happy, but they had no idea that they had created the destined heir to the throne of Equestria until Princess Celestia herself had visited their home on the outskirts of Ponyville. She was drawn there ten years after her sister, having received a fateful dream that her reign was coming to an end and her heir was chosen. Her name was to be Dawn and she would be one of the greatest rulers of the Sun that ever lived. After explaining all to Elanor and Aro, she placed her horn upon Elanor's ivory coat, right outside her womb and cast a spell that would grant little Dawn all the powers of the Solar Princess when she turned 16 years old. Until then, Dawn was Celestia's student, learning of her destiny and everything she would have to be in Celestia's wake. Only four years after coming into her powers of raising and setting the Sun alongside the new moon princess, Dusk, The great Sisters that ruled Equestria disappeared into the very essence of the Sun and Moon, leaving a chaotic, mourning kingdom to the young heirs.
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  18. Accepted, and nice Character as well ^^
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  19. Name: Annabet, often called Anna.
    Gender: Female
    Cutie Mark: A Shield
    Special Talent: Defending herself.
    Type of Pony: Pegasus
    Age: 19
    Job: Teaches a self-defense class.
    Current Home: Modest loft above her self-defense gym.
    Element of Harmony: Loyalty
    Likes: Warm summer nights, gentle ocean breezes, sleeping under the stars.
    Dislikes: Rain, sleet, snow, thunder, winter in general, unorganized chaos.
    Dream/Aspiration: To own her own patch of land away from everything and settle down for once.
    Personality: Anna is a homebody. She likes warmth and security, as well as stability and functionality. Meaning, she wants to feel like home is something that will never change, and she'll always be able to happily live inside of it. She is an organized mess- one of those ponies who has to spread things out and stack them and then restack them in order to be satisfied with herself. She will always stick with her friends, no matter what the circumstance may be. She will trust her friends with her life.
    Once upon a time, Anna grew up on the streets of Manehattan, scrounging for her next meal and down on her luck. One day a couple of guys started messing with her, and she got pretty roughed up. The next day, the guys came back and started roughing her up again, but she finally had enough and hit them back, and it turns out that defending herself earned her a cutie mark. A couple years later she got a job helping at a self-defense class at a gym out in Ponyville, and a couple years after that the gym owner retired and left her in charge. Annabet's Self-Defense Gym was born.
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  20. Accepted ^^
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