My Little Pony: The Forgtten Isles

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  1. In the land of Equestria, there were of course the three main cities, the Crystal Empire, Canterlot, and Ponyville. However, in the olden days, there were a race of ponies with the wings of dragons though smaller to fit their size, they were different and though to bring harm to others. So they were sent to the Islands of Flame, where they could live peacefully without disturbing the other Equestrians. It was a lush and beautiful group of islands, but it was put to waste on a fateful day when a war erupted between them and the princesses of the Sun and Moon. It was a fierce battle, scorching the islands dry and leaving them bare and empty. Over time, sparse wooded areas arose and the dragon ponies repopulated, once again freely living in what they now called the Forgotten Isles, having been erased form history and taken form every map made form that day forth form the war. They had been removed from the land of Equestria, the Forgotten Isles sitting just off of the southern coast of Equestria. Who will venture out to rediscover the Forgotten Isles and bring peace between the dragon ponies and the Equestrians?
    All are accepted, but before you join this RP, i need to know some basic information.
    Relations(friends, family, colleagues, etc.):

    1. basic Iwaku rules apply.
    2. No god-modding.
    3. No character death.
    4. No arguing.
    5. No extreme gore content.
    6. No sexual content.
    7. Please no fighting.
    8. character Limit PER PERSON

    My CS:

    Name: Lunar Tide (on the left)
    Age: 16
    Species: Dragon-pony
    Gender: Female
    Home: The Forgotten Isles
    Relations: Her older brother, Solar Flames
    Image: ( as shown below)
    Solar Flames and Lunar Tides.png

    CS #2:
    Name: Solar Flames (on the right)
    Age: 18
    Species: Dragon-Pony
    Gender: Male
    Home: The Forgotten Isles
    Relations: His younger sister, Lunar Tide
    Image: ( as shown above)
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  2. Name: Inferno
    Age: 17 in human years.
    Species: Dragon Pony
    Gender: Male
    Home: Forgotten Isles
    Relations: He has a very rambunctious and energetic sister named Flame

    Name: Flame
    Age: 16 in human years
    Species: Dragon Pony
    Home: Forgotten Isles
    Gender: Female
    Relations: She has a very calm and protective brother named Inferno.
    Flame was up before her brother as usual. The energetic Dragon Pony galloped out of the home built in a tree that she and her brother Inferno shared. Once she was away from the house she stretched out her front and hind legs, looking up at the clouds. The night before, just like every night, Flame had arranged the clouds into an obstacle course, a new pattern every night. She grinned with determination as she lowered her body and snapped out her wings. "On the count of three, Flame. One... two... thr--"
    "I know your not thinking on taking off! We have to
    clean the house. Now, Flame." Flame flinched at her older brothers voice and let out a groan.

    Inferno walked out the house with a frown on his face. There was no way he was cleaning the house on his own again. Besides, most of the mess was Flames trying to figure out what her cutie mark would be. It was rare for a Dragon Pony to be as old as his sister and not yet find out what her cutie mark is. Inferno found out his at a young age, when he was fighting a wolf from the forest to protect his sister. From then on he joined the islands guards and took daily perimeter flies around the island. "Common Inferno. Just once? I promise to help you clean afterwards. Pleeeeeease?" His younger sister gave him the baby eyes, his weakness. Inferno sighed, knowing he was defeated. "Fine, you can go-" He hardly got the words out of his mouth when his sister took off and zipped through the sky.
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  3. Lunar had run off to find one of her closer friends on the Forgotten Isles, having become fond of her several years ago.
    She had to practically crawl out of the cavern in which she and Solar lived in in order to not wake up her brother.
    But once she had successfully escaped, she ran through the trees, enjoying the wind that blew across her face as she
    now glided over the grass. Coming upon the familiar structure within a tree that housed one of her acquaintances.
    Seeing that the younger one had already taken off this morning. She went on ahead and trotted over to the older one.

    " Hey! How's it going today? Anything exciting to talk about?"
  4. Inferno glanced from his sister in the air, who was zig zaggin through the clouds to his acquaintance. Inferno wasn't usually one to talk and make friends, but Lunar and her siblings were an accepting. His sister was the friendly one, not so much him. "Hello Lunar. Same as usual, not much. Flame made a mess again trying to find her cutie mark symbol." He said with a sigh. He wish he could help his sister find her cutie mark, but it was something she needed to discover on her own. He glanced up at his sister as she made her final round. "Looks like she's about done."

    Flame shot down to the ground, skidding to a halt as her hooves hit the ground. Breathing heavily she trotted over to Inferno and Lunar. "Hey! Whats up?" She said with a big, goofy smile on her face. She loved it when her friends popped by to visit. When she came to a stop in front of her friend and her sibling, she sat down to catch her breath. She looked up at the obstacle course out of clouds. It wasn't challenging enough for her, but at least now she knew what to change to challenge her flying skills.
  5. Lunar laughed, a snort escaping her when Flame landed before them so out of breath.

    "You could- be a yellow- tomato right now- Ahahah!!!"

    She was having a laughing fit. Something she couldn't stop.
    It was like an illness that made her go into a fit of laughter when something provoked her like that.
    She had a very difficult time stopping. But when she did she had ended up laying in the grass.

    " Oh, I'm- I'm sorry- it's just-your face- it was so, red!"
  6. kyuflake__the_winter_pegasus_by_kyuremgirl-d72xgzs.png ,
    Name: IceWing
    Age: 17 Human years
    Species: Pegasi
    Gender: Female
    Home: Moves from place to place but was born in a small cave near ponyville.
    Relations(friends, family, colleagues, etc.): No relations known
    Extra: She can use Ice magic for some reason and always keeps her scarf on.

    Today IceWing was out for a fly over the ocean as she loved the smell of the air that brings up the salty scent. In the distance she spots an island she hasn't seen before getting curious she begins to dash of to the mystery island. As she arrives there she lands softly making sure her surroundings are clear. "What is this?" She looks everywhere making sure she can move without being well killed. "It seems like a good place to stay for a bit since no one in canterlot will let me stay anymore." She sighs and begins walking around searching for anypony "Hello?!"

    She steps cautiously watching for any abnormalities near her. "God I wonder if it's an abandoned place..." Her wings are stretching to get all the kinks out. "I love flying but god it stiffens my wings sometimes.''
  7. Lunars laughing caused Flame to blush with embarrassment. She first looked angry at Lunar, but she couldn't keep a mad face. Lunars laughing could just get so contagious sometimes. Soon, Flame joined in the laugh as well and ever tried to hold her breath to make her face red again. "Hehe, okay, okay.." She said once she calmed down. "What should we do today?" She asked curiously.

    "Well, I dont know about you two, but if I dont get going now ill be late for my daily patrol around the island." Inferno said with a smile. Be patted his whoove on his sisters head, messing up her mane a little, which she quickly tried to fix when he finished. "Keep out of trouble, okay? And quit using the thorn bushes as obstacles, its always a pain to try and pull out of your hair. See you two later!" He said with a smile to Lunar and Flame before his large dragon like wings lifted him off into the air to do his daily perimeter check.
  8. IceWing hears the beating of wings in the distance and begins running through the forest to find coverage. "Dang I thought this island was abandoned great all I need is someone to find me!" She finally decides to just fly into a large tree and wait there hoping whatever was near her would pass above her. "My luck is terrible...." She sits in the tree relying on Her hope and smidge of luck she will not be found.
  9. Lunar too had stopped laughin eventually, her own face haing turned a pale red.
    Though she returned to ehr normal shade of cerulean blue, her wings folded to her sides.
    She smiled as she watched Inferno fly away, taking out somehting she and Flame used to
    often play with. It was a sky ball. A special enchanted ball that would float in the air,
    allowing them to play a game similar to soccer while flying.
    " So Flame. Up fora gmae or two? Or are you afraid you'r going to loose again?"
    She had not yet heard the rustle of a running pony, thinking that nopony would
    ever bother to look for hem, so why think that they would be there?
  10. After hearing nothing she sighs in relief and jumps down landing with a soft thud. "So this islands not abandoned I wonder why nopony discovered it?" She starts trotting towards a small pond she spotted while flying.
  11. As Inferno flew, she spotted something dart off into the trees. What was that? He didn't want to startle it so he himself dropped into a tree branch and stayed silent, watching and waiting to see if the creature would come out. And sure enough, it had. Inferno looked confused. It looked like a Dragon Pony but... different. It didn't have the rough, sharp features like us. It was more soft and round. That's when he remembered back in school, they talked about the great war against the main land ponys. What was a main land pony doing way out here? This island was suppose to be forgotten, duh. Its called The Forgotten Isles! Inferno jumped down, landing in front of the pony. "Whats a main land pony doing way out here?" He questioned, looking more curious than intimidating.

    "Pfft! You wish!! Loser has to lick toad!!" Flame said eagerly. She loved playing sky ball with Lunar. Grinning mischievously, she turned so her back faced Lunar and reared up, kicking the fly ball into the air with her back whooves before taking off into the sky after it. "Goal lines are the forest and the Pond!!"
  12. Believe it or not, the pond lay just in front of the cavern in which
    Lunar and her brother lived within. It had a small entrance, with a dim
    light leading inside like a little trail along the ceiling made of cold rock.
    It was mostly silent within, except for the occasional rusting and scraping
    of wood on stone. Someone was still in there and someone was moving around...
  13. "Holy mother of equestria! Uh hi uh woah." She looks at inferno in amazement looking at all his features. "Im... staying uh staying here for the time being...." she shakes her head trying to clear it. "AND WHYD YOU SNEAK UP ON ME!" She sighs and rufles her mane.
  14. "Hey you got head start!"
    Lunar darted into the skies after Flame, knocking the ball
    in the opposite direction of Flame. Laughing in a mocking
    tone, though it was playful all the same. She too enjoyed a good
    challenge, finding that Flame offered a very good one.