My Little Pony: The Elements of Virtue

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  1. It was a bright and colourful day in Appolusa. Birds chirped and ponies in town were made busy by some obligation they had in their lives. Many ponies were smiling but every once and a while you would run into a pony that had a scowl on their face or some other emotion. One pony really stood out; her pink and very light blue short mane flew up as the breeze blew through it. Her brown dog was tethered to a harness of some sort; the vest that held a rather large bar was red and read, "Seeing eye dog, don't touch!". The pony held the bar in her mouth, allowing the dog to guide her along. Her name was Jet Spell; a purple and blue zebra originally from Ponyville that had lost her eyesight as a filly. She was down in Appolusa for business for the queen, and seemed to have lost herself. Most ponies almost refused to talk to her, perhaps they were too scared to. Either way it didn't help poor Jet Spell find the Pear Orchard this Legion fellow worked at. In fact it didn't help her find any of the ponies that she was sent to look for. She took out the paper the names were listed on and rubbed them across her muzzle, tiny bumps told her who was who.

    "Slate Oath, Corrinne Skylar, Insaneoats, Aliena, Legion. You know what would have been helpful Gem? If Celestia had told me what these ponies did for a living. I could have started there! 'Go find them, you'll know who they are just by how you feel'...could she have been any less unhelpful?" she groused under her breath to Gem. Gem just let out a gruff snort and continued on after Jet Spell grasped the bar again. How did Celestia even know all the ponies she was searching for were in Appolusa? And what then, tell them that her highness wants to see them? They would want to know why, but not even she was sure. All she knew that was her queen had wanted audience with all these ponies (herself included for some reason) and had said nothing around the reasons of why. The mare wasn't fully concentrating and tripped, falling flat onto the ground. Gem cried out briefly and tugged on the fallen mare, who quite obviously was embarrassed.

    She heard hooves approaching, and before long a strong body was pressed against her side, aiding her up. "Thank you," she squeaked, sure that her face was flushed red. "Oh no worries, I slip all the time. But you aren't from around here are you?" his accent was rather unique; it didn't sound like it was from this area of Equestria. "No, I'm here on a business trip. I work for the queen, been sent on this mission to find a bunch of ponies I have never met in my life. You wouldn't know how to find the Pear Orchard would ya?" she asked sheepishly, kind of scared that this pony wouldn't answer. Instead she was both relieved and a bit confused as the stallion chuckled. "I have a part time job there when my gigs run low, I can take you to it easily enough," he told her as Gem took his position in front of Jet Spell. Jet Spell could hardly believe her luck; her clumsiness actually managed to help her.

    "If ya wouldn't mind I'd really appreciate it," she answered, taking the bar. The stallion tapped her shoulder and led the way, happily thinking about how beautiful of a day it was. "So you said that you were looking for some ponies? I may know them if you tell me their names," he spoke up. She stopped and pulled out the note, reading off the list. "Did you say Legion? I think you are the luckiest darn pony that may have stumbled across my path. I am Legion," he said cheerfully, making her head jerk up. Why didn't he just introduce himself in the first place? Sighing she put on a happy face. "Well, you are being summoned by the queen herself. Please don't ask me why, I don't know. But if you'd be so kind as to helping me locate the other ponies on this list, I would really really thank ya for it."

    Legion, a well known stallion across Equestria for his singing talents, was also known for trying his best to help other ponies. He was in town to fetch some supplies for the orchard but figured that since Golden Pear hadn't really said a direct time for him to be back, which normally he did, Legion figured that he'd be safe to come back a little late. Though he would have to tell Goldie that he'd be leaving Appoliusa on a request for Celestia. Would he believe him? That was telling. "Course I'll help you. I know Corrine, I can find her easy. The others I have no idea who they are but we'll find em if they are here in Appolusa."
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  2. Slate Oath smiled as she looked out at Appolousa. She had moved there a while ago, setting up shop with her little forge. So far the most ponies asked her for were fixing metal pails and similar objects, but Slate didn't mind much. Swords and shields spoke of war and trouble anyway. It was better for there not to be a need for weapons than a demand for more. Slipping on an apron, the Pegasus started to get to work, moving across her forge quickly picking up the necessary tools and materials. The fire ate hungrily as Slate Oath heated the metals she worked so delicately with, forming them to her desire. Sweat beaded as heat radiated throughout the forge. After forming the needed shape, Slate carried the metal toward a large container of water, quickly submerging the metal. Steam and water vapor rose quickly, blasting Slate as she pulled the metal back out from the water, examining the new shape of the metal she had chosen to use. Nodding in satisfaction, Slate set the piece aside and wiped her forehead. Soot and coal had stained her hoofs and face as she worked closely with the metals. Putting up her apron, the Pegasus got out her saddlebags. She needed to get some groceries. Blowing her mane out of her face, she set out toward the local marketplace.
  3. "What an absolutely brilliant day!" Aliena whinnied cheerfully as she opened the window to her little flower shop. The birds were singing such a lovely tune this morning and the sun shone as brightly as ALiena felt. Her orange mane flowing softly with a breeze that flowed into the room. Aliena was setting up some new arrangements on a table just as the first customer walked in. "Hello! Welcome to Pretty Petals. Looking for anything special?" She asked as she happily led the pony to the right section. How lucky this town hadn't had a florist yet when she landed here. The space was absolutely perfect and the town surrounding her was just ever so charming. Yes, Aliena felt like the happiest of all ponies as she hummed along with the birds as she watered flowered in the back.
  4. Several sounds could be heard by the mares and colts who passed by Dr.Insaneoats workshop. The grinding of gears, of the banging of hammers, the sparking sound of an arc welder, and several more could be heard from outside. On the inside, the doctor was working on part of a bigger machine that would help Appaloosa by drilling for water underneath the earth, however the doc was having an issue with his design, mainly its drill bit. The doctor wanted his well driller to finish its work in a matter of minutes rather than several hours, but the tests so far have proven too stressful for regular drill bits and hammers made from local metals. This left Insaneoats in awkward position. "Grrr....stupid flimsy junk metal. Looks like I'll have to dial back the drill speed to finish its work in 2 hours rather than 30 minutes." Frustrated, the Doctor opened the door the drilling rig's engine, but soon a thick black smoke flooded out and filled the workshop. Insaneoats held his breath and stumbled a bit, but eventually he would find his way to his front door and let the door swing open, letting the smoke escape to the outside. He coughed and wheezed, but was otherwise fine...although he could hear some of the near by ponies laughing and snickering. Looking over at his workshop window, it looked like the engine's smoke had covered Insaneoats face with a thick layer of soot. He grumbled under his breath, deciding that a walk would be best for him and his ash covered face right now or at least until the engine had finished bellowing out smoke.
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  5. Looking around nervously, Corrine was doing her once a month shopping where she left her vet clinic for the day to go and shop for all the things that she needed for day to day well being. Making her way into the town, she picked up several of her groceries that were needed. Several ponies made their way over to her thanking her for her help with their pets. A shy smile on her face, Corrine shook her pastel pink and lavender mane looking at them all with her large kind eyes.
    "I was glad to help..."
    Making her way around she had been looking at something for a little too long and didn't notice that she was about to crash into another pony. Unfortunately she didn't look and crashed straight into the other pony, falling backwards from the shock of the fall Corrine gasped and looked up at the female.

    (The following events occur depending on whether the pony fell or not) Blushing and her horn hurting just a little, Corrine quickly got up and rushed to the ponies sighed quickly helping her up with the simple beckoning of her horn and looked over the pony in panic.
    "Oh goodness... I am so sorry... Goodness... I should have been looking... I am so dearly sorry...."
    Looking up at the pony, Corrine looked at her worriedly with her large Aqua eyes.

    (If she was standing up) Rubbing her horn lightly Corrine looked up at the pony who stood in front of her and blushing, Corrine quickly got up and looked at the female.
    "Oh goodness... I am so sorry... Goodness... I should have been looking... I am so dearly sorry...."
    Looking up at the pony, Corrine looked at her worriedly with her large Aqua eyes.

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  6. Slate had been cheerfully trotting along when a mare bumped into her. She fell back on her rump, shock quickly muddling and disorienting her. She was lifted up by the pony she bumped into, the poor thing running about her like she was going to strike her for a mere accident. "It's fine, really." Slate reassured the young mare, giving a smile. "No need to apologize. I should've been looking where I was going." In truth Slate had been lost in the clouds, her thoughts wandering through the different projects she needed to do before the young mare had accidently crashed into her. "I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Slate Oath, local blacksmith. Who are you?" Slate needed more pony friends anyway. As her parents had often berated in their letters, 'you need more friends than just those smithing tools you love so much!" They'd then proceed to tell her to stop acting like such a stallion, but she digressed. The pony smith smiled at her possible new friend.
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