My Little Pony: The Elements of Creativity

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  1. Life in Equestria was a beautiful thing. Ponies lived in peace as their princesses watched over them. The Elements of Harmony kept away all the threats that the princesses couldn't handle. Ponies everywhere were pleasantly pleased with how things were going. None of them knew that the balance of the world was thrown way out of balance, nor that new evils always lurked when old ones went away, but that was for a later time.

    In the small town of Mareston, it was a perfect day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and today was going to be a good day. "Miss Starry Inks?" One particular pony, a green mare named Starry Inks, was going to try and get her first job. "Mr. Bucks is ready to see you now." Starry jumped as she smiled, thanking the secretary as she pushed her glasses up her snout and trotted into the office for her interview. Soon enough she was going to be a working pony possibly for the latest newspaper.

    Yes, today was definitely a great day. Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen. However, soon enough six ponies would be pulled together, their destinies forever tied together by the Other Elements.

    Starry Inks felt extremely nervous as she walked into the office of Mr. Big Bucks, the editor in chief of the local newspaper, the Mareston Tribune. "Welcome, I'm Big Bucks, now you are?" The silver stallion asked, glancing up from his other pieces of work.

    "I'm Starry Inks, sir. I'm applying for your position of the advice article." The green mare smiled, though her blue eyes caught the resume sitting in front of Big Bucks. She felt nervous as he took it and looked it over, pointing to the chair in front of his desk. Starry took the hint and sat, glancing around. She just had to get through the interview, and today would be a great day.
  2. Lying way up in the clouds, singing a beautiful tone, was young mare, white with blue main and sparkling eyes, CeruleanSkies or just Sky to all her friends. Sighing deeply the young mare spread her wings and took of through the clouds, the misty white dusting her face as she broke through them.

    She landed in the cloudy steps of her house, her house was built above a misty waterfall, completely out of clouds.

    Sighing again she looked around the peaceful meadow that she called home "Nothing can be more relaxing" she said to herself. She went inside her house and grabbed her violin playing a beautiful tone.
  3. Thunder Spell flew through the clouds like a torpedo. He was going on his next move; the high dive. He was a stunt devil who craved glory more than anything else. Rising far, far above the clouds, he could see the earth below him as a blur, without thinking twice he dived. Wind caught his short mane and his tail fluttering as the pressure began to increase. "One, two...threee...!" Poof! Thunder Spell shot awake. He'd fallen asleep in the park and dreamt about the day he'd been stupid enough to try the high dive without a spotter. Looking back at his bandaged wings, he sighed. Getting to his feet, he headed off, looking a little defeated.

    Heading into town and to the nearest restaurant, a daisy sandwich sounded great just about now along with some apple juice. Opening the door, he took his seat and didn't touch the menu. He got this every time he came here. "Hello Thunder Spell, how're the wings?" the kind, friendly voice of the waitress asked. He took a wistful look back at his wings and smiled at her. "Oh just still...broken. But that's alright, another week or so, they should be better in no time!" he replied back cheerfully. The waitress gave him a nudge. "No more high dives without a partner. Anyways, same thing?" she asked. He nodded and watched her walk away.

    "Yep, no more high dives without a partner...but who'd I find to do it with me?"
  4. Living in the small town of Mareston had definitely been a completely different scene from her home back in Canterlot. The fashion was different, the people were different, the pace of life was different, but most of all the lighting was different.
    At night there often still was plenty of light in the city, which made stargazing a bit more of a challenge. Here in this little town once everyone went to their beds all the lights were off, and the stars twinkled so perfectly at night and had shown her so many more stars than she had ever seen before in her life.

    No, moving from Canterlot to Mareston was different, but definitely not a mistake. Definitely the best choice she had made in her life. The only problem was the sun. Out in the day there was no way she could see the beautiful stars and their mysteries. It bummed, though it wasn't all bad. This way she could do other puzzles. Like the puzzle page on the Mareston Tribune. Finished in record time again, a feat she was quite proud of.
    So to celebrate the mare went over to the local little restaurant to get a piece of cherry pie and apple cider to go with it. Any even slightly fashionable pony would definitely have to watch their weight, but a treat was allowed once in a while.

    With a content smile about her day's achievements Sapphire Aurora trotted into the place. Just in time to hear Thunder Spell say something about finding someone to do something with.
    "Do what with Thunder Spell?" The unicorn asked as she trotted to his table. "Mind if I sit down with you?"
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  5. Stunt master Thunder Spell clipped by risky dive! The title wasn't exactly a headliner, but it had made its way into the inner pages of the Mareston Tribune and caught the attention of Arrow Plotter, a young unicorn who now stared at the article with a look of disbelief. Didn't this Thunder guy know that it would be insanely dangerous to fly without anyone spotting him? Arrow couldn't claim to be an expert on flying -- he preferred the nice, safe ground -- but it seemed obvious that attempting a dive like that alone was just plain stupid. Maybe he was just an expert on flying, the same way Arrow himself was an expert on exploration? After all, Arrow had stopped taking anyone with him in his expeditions to the Everfree Forest a long time ago. He knew the place like the back of his hoof now, so it was hardly necessary. He wondered how much that applied to stunt flying.

    The low rumble of Arrow's stomach caught his attention. With a small chuckle he decided that the mystery would have to wait for another time. For now, it was time to get some breakfast. He grabbed a saddlebag filled with unfinished maps and the materials needed to work on them and trotted off, leaving his humble cottage on the edge of town and heading for his favorite restaurant. He could really go for some sweets that morning.
  6. A little ways away from the main road that ran through Mareston, sat a quaint little house. The wooden walls offered nothing particularly special, in fact on most any other day the small lodging would like no different from the others scattered about. But today was different because clouds of soot billowed from the windows that somepony had thrown wide. Gizmo Gears, a mare with a grease stained lavender coat stumbled out of the small home, flipping her tail in an attempt to clear the fog. "That's the last time I try to disassemble my fireplace. When's the last time somepony cleaned that thing?" She asked herself, dropping onto her haunches to admire the colossal mess she'd made.

    As she pondered the task ahead, her belly rumbled. She hadn't eaten yet this morning and oats and honey were sounding delicious right about now. She stood up and shook out her coat, sending soot flying as she did. "I'll clean this up after breakfast." She smiled and clopped down the lane, humming tunelessly. After a few minutes, she strolled into one of the more popular sweet shops in the town. Her mane was a mess and her coat was still stained with grease and soot, but she wasn't very self conscious about her appearance. She smiled at the waitress as she came to take her order, "An order of Oats and Honey to go please." The mare asked politely, taking her meal to go so that she could clean up her workshop before the soot settled into her gadgets. Gizmo sat next to the counter and gazed around at the other patrons as she waited on her food.
  7. As Arrow approached the sweet shop, already starting on his lengthy daily ritual of deciding just what exactly he wanted to get, he spotted a mare wearing a messy purple coat and smelling of smoke and grease. A cutie mark of gears was briefly visible on her flank as she sat down. Immediately, Arrow began to wonder what sort of pony she was. Fancy mechanizations weren't all that common in Equestria, so the need for ponies that worked with pistons and gears wasn't very high. Arrow wondered what her work was like and what sort of machines she worked with.

    She probably wouldn't be interested in a boring cartographer like him, though, so Arrow simply sat down and stared at the menu, occasionally sneaking glances over at the mysterious mare. When the waitress came by to take his order, he asked for a little more time and was answered with a patient smile and a nod.
  8. Soon the waitress returned with her meal and Gizmo paid for her order, leaving a nice tip as well. "Have a great day!" Gizmo chimed as she picked up the bag in her mouth. Gizmo started to head for the door, humming to herself. Already lost in her plans for the day, Gizmo wasn't watching where she was going. As she passed behind an orange stallion, her hooves got tangled in his tail and she tripped. She gasped as her bag flew out of her mouth but breathed a sigh of relief when it landed safely on the ground. "Oh bother..." Gizmo stood up and picked up her food before turning to the stallion she'd stepped on. Placing her food down on the table she began apologizing. "I'm so sorry, sir. Are you okay? I wasn't paying attention," She explained, dropping her ears in mild embarrassment.
  9. Gazing over at Aurora, he smiled and nodded. "Naw, I don't mind," he replied, taking another bite of his sandwich. He personally was on a no sugar diet; he had to stay in shape for the big race...that is when he eventually healed. He got jeered at for trying it, but he didn't have any other pegusi friends. Not ones that wanted to do what he does, that is. He was the only zebra pegasus around, it felt very lonely at times. He knew other ponies stared at him, but he refused to let that get to him. Instead, he let it roll off of his back. "So, what are you up to today?" he asked casually, smiling at her. Personally, he was planning on going to the library to catch up on his readings of Rainbow Dash, one of the Mane Six of the Magic of Friendship. He didn't care about that mushy stuff; no, he wanted to see some of her moves. The sonic rainboom was an accomplishment he desperately wanted to accomplish.
  10. Oh jeez, she was leaving already. She must've gotten her food to go. Now Arrow would never get the chance to ask her all those questions. And she was walking right past him, should he say something or grab her attention or--

    A jerk on his long white-streaked tail and suddenly the mare was plummeting toward the ground, her food flying through the air. Arrow stood in surprise, his horn glowing as he started to grab hold of the young mare's bag lunch, but it hit the ground safely anyway. Arrow cooled his magic and the next thing he knew he was staring right into the mare's eyes. "Oh, no, it's okay!" Arrow blurted out, tripping over his own words. "It's, uh, I mean, it's fine. I'm-- I'm Arrow Plotter." His name fell out of his mouth without his consent, and he blushed, hoping the mare wouldn't find it too forward.
  11. Gizmo laughed and ran a hoof through her messy mane, "Well I'm glad you're all right, Arrow. I really need to watch where I'm going more." The mare gingerly took a step back, noticing that she was nearly snout to snout with the stallion. "I want to make it up to you, for stepping on you, I mean. Hmm..." Gizmo paused for a moment and then gasped with an idea, "Oh, I know." She turned her head to dig something out of her bit pouch, she turned back with a card in her mouth, "I'm Gizmo Gears, repair tech extraordinaire. If you ever need something fixed come by the address on the back. Free of charge, of course!" The mare smiled warmly and picked up her bag once more, "Nice bumping into you, Arrow." She giggled lightly at her own joke, "Have a nice day." With that, Gizmo trotted out the door and back towards her home.
  12. Before actually replying, Aurora paused and watched how one of the ponies made a smack on the ground.
    "Oh my, I do hope she's alright." More referring to the disgruntled way that the mare looked than if she had really been hurt. How could anyone not have more consciousness about how they looked? Especially in a public place. Honestly puzzled by this she watched as the scene was done and over.
    Who was that actually? The flank seemed familiar, but she couldn't say that she ever spoke to that mare. Definitely something to delve into later. A new quest, a mystery to solve.

    "Right, I'm sorry, you asked me what I was up to, correct?" Without waiting for a confirmation Sapphire Aurora lightly lifted her shoulders and tilted her head a notch. "I had no real plans. Already finished the puzzle page of today, which is why I'm having this cherry pie, and it will still take a long while before the sun sets." That basically concluded all her plans to be honest. Man what a boring life she had now that she briefly thought about it.
    "So what are you planning for the rest of the day? Probably something exciting, is it not?" She giggled.
    Just like most others in the town she had been weary of the zebra Pegasus at first. Of course curiosity got the better of her as she just had to uncover the mysteries and truth behind this pony. And once she had gotten to know him a bit, her perception of him had changed.
    He was a nice stallion to talk to. Surprising to say the least, and brave. Definitely a pony that belonged on her friendly list.
  13. Arrow took the card from Gizmo's mouth with his magic, holding it in front of him and scanning it over while she spoke. Repair tech she fixed machines? That seemed so interesting. Arrow hadn't seen any fancy machines that might need fixing since the Flim Flam Brothers came through with that big apple cider contraption months ago. Arrow often preferred to work with pen and parchment, but maybe that was just because he didn't know of any devices that would help him, specifically? What if Gizmo knew about something that could prove useful? What if--

    Aaannnd she was leaving again. "Wh-- Wait!" Arrow shouted, nearly stumbling over his own tail as he stuffed the card in his saddlebag and raced after the mare, thoughts of food completely forgotten. "Hey, what kind of stuff do you work on?"
  14. Gizmo turned her head and smiled, "Hello again, Arrow." She paused for a moment and set her bag on her back before speaking, "I work on all kinds of things. Clocks, trinkets, machines, though those clients are few and far between. Occasionally I'll get stallions from the castle guard come looking for cheaper repair work on their armour. Did you know they have to pay for repairs themselves?" Gizmo inquired, having found it interesting her self. Gizmo cast a glance to the sun, it was still early but she really wanted to clean up her shop before any clients came by. "Walk with me. Arrow? I can answer your questions as we go, but I need to get back to my workshop to clean." She smiled invitingly at the stallion, thinking it was a fair compromise.
  15. Starry waited hesitantly as Big Bucks looked through her resume. "Alright Miss Inks... I looked through your sample of writing and I must say... it's interesting to say the least. Now, why did you want to take this job?" The stallion asked, glancing over the green mare with bored eyes. His glare alone was enough to make the green mare shift in her seat out of nervousness.

    "Well, I love writing, and I want to help others. I thought this would be a great first job to start my writing career." Starry smiled, pushing up her glasses that seemed to love sliding down her snout. "The experience would also be extremely useful if I want to look for other careers like this." At least she was honest. The mare started to imagine just what it would be like when she did become a famous author...

    ... "And here to talk about her latest book is Starry Inks! Let's give her a hoof everypony!" The crowd of the talk show stomped the ground, cheering for the green mare who walked down to the main area in a beautiful dress and full makeup. Her hair was curled and shone in the bright stage lights. She smiled brightly before sitting down across from the host, a beige mare with orange mane. "Now Starry, welcome! It's so great to have you here!"

    "It's great to be here, Bright Flash." The green mare smiled, completely comfortable with the whole situation as if she had done this multiple times.

    Flash shook her head. "Just Flash, dear. So, I heard that this is your tenth time hitting number one on the best seller list!" The crowd went wild, making the young mare blush in pride and sheepishness. "Tell me, how does it feel to be the most successful writer in all of Equestria?" Starry hesitated to answer, thinking it over. Just as she was about to answer, a deep voice interrupted her.

    "Miss Inks? Miss Inks, can you hear me?" Starry blinked, looking at the extremely angry face of Big Bucks. "Well, since it seems you can finally hear me, please leave the building. Your interview is over." The stallion shoved the green mare out of the office, slamming the door shut. Realization hit Starry like a train. She'd done it again. Another job interview down the drain. She sighed as she walked out of the grey building, unaware of the small piece of paper that had found its way into her saddlebag.

    Similar scraps of paper seemed to be finding their way all around Mareston. In a young Pegasus's violin, a scrap of paper fell out, telling a tale of some strange magic. However, many of the words were missing, blank though there seemed to be space for them.

    At the restaurant, as the two talked, a couple of pieces of paper fell from a passing pony's saddle bags. They were made of old parchment, similar to the other scraps found everywhere else.

    As Arrow and Gizmo were walking, a paper blew into Arrow's face, blocking his vision. Another scrap was tapped to Gizmo's house, waiting patiently for her to take it.

    The Elements of Creativity Scraps (open)
    Starry's scrap (open)
    Harmony's power had grown too strong, and the balance was not quite yet restored.

    Sky's scrap (open)
    The land was leaning toward chaos of a different kind if the balance was not restored.

    Thunder's scrap (open)
    So the Queen made the Elements of Creativity to balance the immense power of Harmony.

    Sapphire's scrap (open)
    When Harmony's bearers were found, Creativity's would follow shortly.

    Arrow's scrap (open)
    However, dark evil hid away the tales of Creativity, a thousand years erasing the legend.

    Gizmo's scrap (open)
    So to keep the balance in check, Harmony was laid to rest. Only when Harmony's six were united would Creativity roar its burning head. Find the six.
  16. Ohh, so she worked on clocks too. That seemed especially cool; as an earth pony it had to be hard for Gizmo to work with such small parts. Arrow always admired the working spirit of the non-unicorns. "No, I didn't know that," Arrow said, tilting his head to the side. "I always thought Princess Celestia had enough bits to pay for their armor. It's strange that it's left up to the guards." He returned the smile and agreed to follow her, happy that she was so accepting of his questions. "Where is your workshop, anyw--"

    Arrow was interrupted by a sheet of paper suddenly flying into his face and getting stuck on his snout. "Gah!" he shouted, rearing up on his hindquarters in surprise. He tore the paper away with his magic and shook his head, his mane blowing about. Staring at the thing like it was about to jump up and attack him, Arrow was a little embarrassed that he'd gotten so spooked by a simple sheet of paper. "Oh...haha. I wonder what this is?" Even if it was just litter, Arrow was interested on what was written on the parchment.

    However, dark evil hid away the tales of Creativity, a thousand years erasing the legend.

    It certainly didn't disappoint. "Hey, Gizmo...what do you think this is?" He held up the sheet for the mare to see.
  17. Gizmo giggled as the stallion beside her reared back in fright. She looked at the piece of parchment curiously, reading what was written there, "Well that's different. 'Tales of Creativity'? What are those?" Gizmo wondered aloud. They were just a few feet away from her workshop now and she looked back at Arrow, "As for where my workshop is, it's right here." She trotted towards the door, "You'll have to forgive the mess. I had a bit of a mishap with my fireplace this morning." She paused and tilted her head to the side, "What the?" She pulled a piece of parchment off of her wall, "That definitely wasn't here before." She said, dropping the parchment onto a barrel outside her workshop and reading it out loud, "'So to keep the balance in check, Harmony was laid to rest. Only when Harmony's six were united would Creativity roar its burning head. Find the six.'" Gizmo looked at Arrow, "What do you think this means, Arrow?"
  18. "Something from a book, maybe?" Arrow suggested. The two sheets seemed to come from the same source, so it was possible that some filly's book got torn up and the pages were scattered to the wind. But that didn't explain why one of them was attached to Gizmo's door, almost someone wanted her to find it.

    So that raised the question: was it predetermined for Arrow's page to fly into his snout? Were there any other pages? "Do you have any idea who wrote it? These two pages seem to be connected. Maybe there are more."
  19. Her beautiful voice humming along with what she played she flew all around the clouds. Finding a nice plays above all the other ponies, she played louder, a calm melody filling the air, until a small scrap of paper went fluttering down the cloud.
    "Huh" she said stopping the music and quickly swooping down to catch that small paper before hit fell on the ground "The land was leaning toward chaos of a different kind if the balance was not restored" she read softly to herself, she repeated it 1,2,3 times just to try and make sense of it. "Must be part of a book, wonder who could have lost a book paper piece" she mumbled while looking above her. There was no pony there so no one could have dropped it.

    "Mmmhhh I wonder, maybe I should go ask" she pondered, deciding that, that was the best idea she swooped down and flew over all the buildings trying to spot some pony she knew. Looking down she spotted Sapphire. Landing on the grounds she trotted over to her friend "Hey Sapphire" she greeted, her young excited voice filling the air with soft notes "Look at this, I was playing violin when it fluttered out of no where" she held the piece of paper for Sapphire to see.
  20. Looking at Aurora, he smiled a little. He had stopped himself from getting up to help the clumsy ponies; one would be surprised to hear that being a zebra brought on quite a bit of superstition. He hated it, in all honesty. Looking at her, he lost his appetite after the thought. "That sounds like a pretty productive day. Wish I had better plans; I was going to research the works of Rainbow Dash from the Elements of Harmony. But I don't feel up to it suddenly. I think that I'm going to take a run into the forest; you are more than welcome to join me if you want," he offered, hoping that she'd come. He didn't want to be alone today, it was starting out to be a great day.

    He liked aurora; she was kind to him and never seemed to judge him for being a zebra. There weren't any other zebras around, just him. He was originally from Manehatten, but he left after he finished school. He wanted more out of life; and out of that old city. Besides, life wasn't meant for you to stay in one place. All of his friends back there had been so...negative all the time. Always had a reason to complain. Truth be told, Rainbow Dash wasn't who Thunder Spell related to the most; if anything he knew he was more like Pinkie Pie. Happy go lucky and funny, while still holding to his strong values. He sighed and smiled, having cheered himself up again, he began to eat his sandwich again.