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  1. Idea based on the elements from this comic.

    Everypony knows of the elements of harmony. They keep the world in balance and use their powerful magic to thwart evil. However, when the elements were created, their power was greater than their creator anticipated. So, to bring the world back into balance, the creator made another set of elements, the Elements of Creativity. They helped keep the world of Equestria peaceful and in balance.

    Many years passed, and the Elements of Creativity were lost. Records of the other set were strewn, fractured as ponies started to forget. Though they were missing, Peace still ensued. Life went on, and everything seemed to return to a time of normalcy. At least, until the Elements of Harmony found new users. With new ponies wielding their cousins, the Elements of Creativity now sought their own users. One day, six ponies found a scrap of the legend of these elements. This intrigued them as they sought out the other pieces to this new puzzle. Once together, they decided to find these elements mentioned in the legend. They didn't realize just what troubles would stand in their way...


    The Elements of Creativity


    This element brings light to mystery and uncertainty. It will only choose a pony of an inquisitive mind.


    This element will lead the way through darkness no matter what the obstacle. It will only choose a pony willing to do anything for the sake of their dreams.


    This element allows any pony to brave through the scariest of situations. It will only choose a pony who is stout of heart and strong willed.


    This element brings life to the bleak and empty. It will only choose a pony who lives for the art of creation, and not the financial gain of it.


    This element makes sense of the most puzzling riddles and complex situations. It will only choose a pony who is analytic and mindful of life.


    The element that fuels all others, Imagination is the basis for all creation, whether it be magic, science, or art. It will only choose a pony who believes in the impossible, and who never lets their dreams go to waste.

    The Rules
    Alright, some general rules for this rp...
    • All site rules apply.​
    • No alicorns. Period.​
    • Try to be kind to everyone.​
    • All OOC talk stays here.​
    • Romance is allowed, just nothing over PG-13 in the thread.​
    • No God Mods, Mary-sues, or Gary-stues​
    • You got a problem, message me! I'm here to help!​
    • Try not to post five times a minute. My general rule is after two other people post, you can post again. If someone hasn't been posting for a long while, I will give him/her a poke.​
    • I reserve the right to kick you out if you are causing trouble.​
    • Most importantly, have fun!​

    Current Elements

    Curiosity: Arrow Plotter
    Diligence: Gizmo Gears
    Courage: Reserved
    Passion: Ceruleanskies (Sky)
    Forethought: Sapphire Aurora
    Imagination: Starry Inks

    Character Sheet
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  2. Name: Starry Inks
    Age: 17
    Gender: Mare
    Species: Unicorn
    Element: Imagination
    Appearance: Starry Inks.PNG
    Personality: Introverted, Empathetic, Caring, Insecure, Stubborn, Protective
    Other: Starry constantly day dreams. She often keeps a quill and paper on hoof, ready to write down ideas that catch her fancy.​
  3. Hmm, I'd like to reserve Curiosity, if that's okay? I'll have a bio up in the morning; being up this late kills my writing ability. >w>'
  4. Name: CeruleanSkies (Sky)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Mare

    Species: Pegasus

    Element: Passion

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Outgoing || Caring || Creative || Playful || Stubborn ||

    Other: Sky has a love for all art, especially music, give her an instrument and she'll play it. She loves to sing, paint, draw and write her own songs.
  5. Oooh! Can I nab Passion?!
  6. My pony is passion, I posted her already.
  7. oh. sorry! anything else open?
  8. Name: Arrow Plotter

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Species: Unicorn

    Element: Curiosity

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    His cutie mark is a treasure map, indicating his talent for cartography.

    Personality: Arrow is naturally a very curious pony. He wants to know how everything works, how everyone ticks, and especially how everyone else lives their lives. However, he often finds it hard to trust people he's only just met, so he sometimes has trouble expressing his curiosity for fear of being looked down upon or hurt. He isn't easily angered; rather, he usually reacts to mistreatment with confusion as to why the other pony is acting in such a way. He enjoys exploring new lands and returning with tangible proof of his exploits, in the form of maps. The Everfree Forest doesn't even scare him anymore.

    Other: Arrow's magic focuses on exploring. He has spells for detecting underground caverns and rivers, seeing in the dark of night, and locating traps.
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  9. Courage?! :D
  10. That's open, yes. Make a sheet then I can tell you if your character is accepted or not. :)
  11. Name: Gizmo Gears
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Earth pony
    Element: Dilligence
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Hard working||Crafty||Fun Loving||Quirky||Inventive
    Other: Gizmo has a bad habit of disassembling things that don't belong to her. Despite being an Earth pony, exceptionally good at toying with small objects. She has multiple contraptions in her workshop that help her with fine tuning.
  12. @Keekayani accepted, and if you want to reserve courage, @magnusbane then I would suggest asking for it here in the thread, otherwise I am going to leave it open. :)
  13. I actually don't think I can join, I'm swamped with RPs.
  14. Finally! Found the thread XD
    I could have sworn I saw a banner about MLP, but no matter how often I refreshed, I couldn't find it again xD

    Either way, if possible I would love to try my hand at a female unicorn for Forethought. Simply because it sounded awesome, and then it turns out it's the sister element of Rarity's element XD

    So if that's all alright with you, I'll make a character.

    Edit: PS: what are the minimum and maximum ages they can be? Would 18 be considered too old for example?
  15. Great! I'll set the element as reserved then. :)

    As for your question about ages, the minimum would be 15, and the maximum 19. I wouldn't consider 18 too old. :)
  16. Who would have known that finding a cutie mark would be so difficult XD
  17. NVM my last question, just an ordinary unicorn from Canterlot living in (where do the characters live? Ponyville, Canterlot, Manehattan, Fillydelphia, etc)

    Name: Sapphire Aurora
    Age: 18
    Gender: Mare
    Species: Unicorn
    Element: Forethought

    Her cutie mark, three moons, three stars, has to do with her love for astronomy/astrology and discovering/uncovering the mysteries of the universe.
    Personality: Inquisitive, a thinker in the highest degree, tends to over think things at times, and over analyze, prefers to be kind of in the middle when it comes to attention, not too much not too little. Is on occasion insecure about her own capabilities.
    Other: Sapphire loves making puzzles, and is usually one of the first to finish the puzzle page in the newspaper. She's quite smart, but not the super smart constantly in the library kind. Reading isn't exactly her strong suit, she much rather go and try things out.
    She also uses the stars in the skies to guide her, and enjoys delving into the mysteries of astronomy and astrology.
  18. Currently everyone lives in the small town of Mareston. It's a little north of the mountain that holds Canterlot. Also, @Olissa accepted. One more and we can start.
  19. Can I put a reservation on Courage?