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  1. Over in Canterlot, a letter came to many of the houses. Among the houses that the letter was sent to, the letter came to two houses of the parents of two certain ponies, a copy of the letter was delivered to the parents of TwilightSparkle and then another copy of the letter was delivered to the parents of PinkiePie. The letter stated that a group called the secret agent core was recruting new members, and urgently needed any pony that was availible, to join up right away.

    SheenithStarstep, the youngest unicorn colt of his family, who was around the age of 7 years and was the younger brother of TwilightSparkle and ShiningArmor, was in the kitchen of his home when his parents were delivered the letter. Reguarding the knowledge of his siblings, Sheenith had heard many stories about both his older sister and his older brother. ShiningArmor and TwilightSparkle didn't know about their younger brother yet though. He sat at the table silently as his parents read the letter over.

    Over a little ways in another area close by, PinkiePie's parents were in their house reading over the exact same letter, with their youngest in the room with them. PinkiePie's youngest sibling was also a colt and his name was JadeJellPie. JadeJell was a very good friend of Sheenith, 7 years old just like him, and also just like Sheenith who had a lot of knowledge about his older sister TwilightSparkle and his older brother ShiningArmor, JadeJell had a lot of knowledge of his own older sister PinkiePie. PinkiePie had no knowledge of her youngest sibling yet though, just as TwilightSparkle and ShiningArmor had no knowledge of their younger brother Sheenith yet.

    No clue about why the secret agent core was recruting new members was given, nor any info on if the princess or her sister even knew about this particular organization of secret agents, just that it was urgently needed for anyone who was able, to join the core. There was no other warning, except for the fact this secret agent core urgently needed new recruited members right away, to what was about to start up.

    Over in Ponyville, DraydenBelle, an older colt, still academy age, but in his last year, is walking around the hallway's of the Ponyville's philly and colt academy. He sees his younger sister SweetieBelle, to whom SweetieBelle doesn't know that Drayden's her older brother, with her friends up ahead of him after rounding a few corners, and a bully of theirs, Diamond Tiara, standing in front of them blocking the way out of the school picking on them as she usually does.

    As Applebloom was trying to convince Diamond Tiara to let her friends and her pass, she started feeling a weird atmosphere comming upon them but she didn't know what it was or where it was comming from.
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    Zap Apple, one of the Apple family's many cousins, was just walking into the halls of Ponyville's Filly and Colt Academy. Beside him was a young pegasus named Shock Cloud. Zap was named so because he was born during zap apple season at Sweet Apple Acres. Though his family lived in Appaloosa, they'd sent him to live with his cousins in Ponyville. While his friend, Shock, was from Cloudsdale, though she preferred the school in Ponyville rather than the Cloudsdale Academy's. The two black-coated ponies were just a few years older than Applebloom and her friends.

    Unknowingly, both Shock and Zap's parents had recieved letters in the mail that morning.

    The colt noticed his cousin and Diamond Tiara too. He knew quite well, from all her complaining, that Applebloom and the filly didn't get along all too well. Sighing, he stepped over and stood nearby, ready to help if the situation got to be too much to handle.

    Shock, however, was looking quite angry already. That little filly was always being rude to blank-flanks. Shock didn't do anything though, she really had no reason to interfere other than the slight dislike of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. She felt bad for Scootaloo, having known the little filly since she was born. She waited for Zap to move in though, not wanting to be the one to initiate any sort of intervention from older ponies.
  3. A young filly walked up behind Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, the new member of their small gang. The filly, Crystal Pendant, didn't look like she belonged there, though. She stayed a little back, scratching lightly at the ground with her light blue hooves. She had a white coat and light blue mane and tail, her eyes a shy lavender, her cutey mark being exactly what her name said. A silver pendant with a crystal for a moon-shaped jewel. The younger sister of Diamond Tiara. She was more quiet than the other two, really just having been dragged along and basically forced into their little gang. She couldn't do anything to stop them, and she knew they wouldn't just let her walk away.

    Crystal watched as the two fillies made fun of the cutey mark-less ponies, jumping a bit when she was called forwards to make her own insults. She hesitated until she got a glare from the two of them before slowly walking up just behind Diamond Tiara and speaking quietly. "Th-the Cutey Mark Crusaders are stupid?" She was then pushed back as the two continued their insults based off of her one statement. Her eyes were growing watery and she looked away, not wanting the two to see her tears. She was sorry that the two insulted the poor fillies so much, but she knew she couldn't stop it.

    After a minute or so, she figured the two bullies weren't paying attention to her anymore. She turned and quickly took off at a gallop, getting away with her short mane and tail bouncing with each step. She quietly sniffed as she got away, sitting beside a fence and looking down. "Why did I have to be dragged into this...?" She scratched at the ground idly, ending up digging a small hole.
  4. Applebloom seeing Crystal Pendant galloping off in tears, steps forward and says to Diamond Tiara "Hey. What was that for? Isn't that filly one of your friends? Because that is no way to treat a friend of yours if she is."

    SweetieBelle "Applebloom's right. And even if she isn't a friend of yours, you still shouldn't treat her that way, much less anyone else."

    DraydenBelle who's still looking on from the corner a few feet behind them starts to get a bit angry himself, not only seeing Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon teasing his sister and her friends, but on top of that making one of their own friends cry and making her feel so bad that she had to run off and that they didn't go after her. He decides to wait a few more minutes to see what happens next before he steps in, but due to what just happened it's getting harder for Drayden to just stay back and watch this. Drayden then glances over and sees Zap Apple and Shock Cloud standing nearby watching as well.
  5. They watched as the little filly ran off in tears. That wasn't something that usually happened on the bully side, which was odd. Sighing, Shock glanced at Zap and Drayden, then stepped forward. She stomped her hoof loudly and looked at the younger ponies.

    "That's enough, girls," she said, looking down at Diamond and Silver. "Stop bothering these fillies, unless you want me to tell your parents what you've been acting like at school. Now shoo," she said, waving them off with a stern expression. "They don't have their cutie-marks, so deal with it, at least their not spoiled little brats," Shock said, looking at them with annoyance in their eyes.

    Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon ran off in a hurry, though they failed to give any sort of apology. Shock turned back to Applebloom and her friends. "Are you three alright?" she asked, her gaze softening. "Don't listen to those girls."

    Zap sighed softly from where he was standing. He figured that if Shock kept scolding those two ponies, they'd eventually tell their parents and Shock could get in trouble for her treatment of the younger fillies. Still, he would've stepped in too, Shock just beat him to it. He turned to Drayden and shrugged a little, as if to say, 'Hey, I would've done it too.'
  6. Crystal Pendant looked up as she saw her sister and Silver Spoon running off down the road. She slowly got up onto her four feet and then peeked around the corner, looking to the group of ponies that had gathered. She sniffled quietly and smiled just barely. "What great friends." She then turned and began trotting off in the direction that Diamond and Silver had run off. Although she didn't like it, she constantly had to be near her sister. Their mother had told Diamond that if she catches Crystal anywhere that Diamond isn't, they would be grounded. She had said it was so Crystal could stay protected.

    Crystal glanced back at the group before turning back and galloping after Diamond and Silver. A few small tearlets dropped to the ground and she caught up with the two bullies, making sure to wipe away her tears before they could tease her for crying.
  7. SweetieBelle, Applebloom, and Scootaloo all confirm the three of them are alright to Shock Cloud.

    SweetieBelle is the only one to look to Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon as they are running off, but not nescessarily paying attention to the two of them but rather to Crystal Pendant. SweetieBelle sees the tears that are still in Crystal's eyes which tells SweetieBelle that Crystal obviously didn't mean it from her heart when she teased them and SweetieBelle assumes that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are most likely forcing Crystal to tease her, Applebloom, and Scootaloo. SweetieBelle isn't upset with Crystal due to this and wonders how she and her friends can help Crystal Pendant seeing as how Crystal isn't happy hanging with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon like she is, and SweetieBelle is thinking hard as to what to do about it, not knowing that Crystal is Diamond Tiara's little sister and that their mother is ordering Crystal to stay at her sister's side, short of them being at school where Diamond Tiara and Crystal are of course in different classes.

    Drayden is happy hearing his sister SweetieBelle and her friends tell Shock Cloud that the three of them are alright. He then looks to Zap's direction and nods to him. He then goes over to his little sister and her friends.

    Applebloom looks to her cousin Zap Apple who's standing back at the corner and smiles waving at him.

    Over in Canterlot SheenithStarstep and JadeJellPie are getting on a train that's going to Ponyville, Sheenith's parents and JadeJell's parents having to go on the mission and join the secret agent core as was requested of them. As he boards the train Sheenith thinks about the fact that he's going to be meeting his sister Twilight Sparkle for the first time when he gets to Ponyville and wonders what she'll think of him, having heard that she is very intellegent, and Sheenith wonders what Twilight'll think about being a big sister. He knows that she takes care of Spike and that Twilight and Spike are good friends, but Sheenith still feels a bit anxious. While thinking about his first encounter with Twilight which is going to come up soon, Sheenith also wonders about the day and what will happen when he meets Shining Armor for the first time.

    JadeJell at the same time feels the same amount of nervousness about meeting his own sister who lives in Ponyville, PinkiePie, while he's boarding the train. He knows from stories how spirited his sister is, how she makes it a nescessity to meet every new pony that arrives and make friends with all of them, how she's good with working at the sweet shop bakery in Ponyville, and how his sister is even good with taking care of both her boss' two twins.
  8. Shock smiled upon hearing that the fillies were alright. "Next time those two... Three... Well, next time they bother you, tell me or something," she said, starting to walk back to Zap. Though, the colt had already started walking over to them. "Just tell someone older. You can't just let them treat you like that."

    Zap greeted his little cousin with a friendly grin. "On the contrary, I thought you were doing well. Shock's a little too aggressive, you shouldn't be like her," he told them.

    The older filly frowned, then turned to Drayden, motioning for him to come closer with a friendly smile. "Say, look girls," she said, "You've already got us three on your side. If those little bullies had known, they may not be messing with you."
  9. The train from Canterlot that JadeJellPie and SheenithStarstep are on arrives at the Ponyville train station around 5 that afternoon.

    At the academy in the hallway, as they are all getting ready to exit to go home for the day, Applebloom nods to Zap hearing him compliment them on how they handled Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and says "We were?..Um well thanks..The three of us try to reason with Diamond Tiara the best we can when we encounter her and she and Silver Spoon start that up."

    Drayden at the same time acknowledges Shock's jesture to him and comes over closer. He then smiles back at Shock and then Drayden looks to SweetieBelle and smiles at her and then to her friends too and says. "Yeah she's right. The three of us are always going to be here for you girls. So let us know the next time that those two fillies Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon bother you."

    JadeJell and Sheenith go to the Philly and Colt academy first thing after arriving to Ponyville in order to check and see if they needed to confirm anything that was in their school records before their first day at the school.

    Sheenith says to JadeJell as they walk up to the doors to enter the Ponyville Philly and Colt academy and go talk to the principal about getting their school schedules "Well we're here. The Ponyville Philly and Colt academy. I hope our school records got transfered here without too much trouble, considering the unknown crises that seems to be taking place currently that called your parents and my parents away to work in the secret acgent core. I mean I don't think that kind of thing would interfere with any one philly or colt's transfer from one school to the next and keep both your's and my school records from reaching here. But still."

    JadeJell saying as they enter the doors "Yeah. And whatever the investigation is that got your parents and my parents called away is certainly a mystery. I'm not even sure how to tell PinkiePie about that, much less how to tell her who I am to her when I meet her. I mean both things are deffinently going to be a shock."

    Sheenith "Yeah I know what you mean. I too am still pondering about how I'm going to tell Twilight about all that's been going on in the past several hours as well as how to tell her that she has a little brother, that little brother of hers being me. And I am pondering on how I'm going to tell Shining Armor those same facts on the day that I meet him too."

    JadeJell and Sheenith then look up and see DraydenBelle, Shock Cloud, Zap Apple, SweetieBelle, Applebloom, and Scootaloo a bit up ahead in the hallway.