My Little Pony Roleplay? (G4)

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  1. Is there anybody here that would like to play in a My Little pony themed roleplay? (Friendship is Magic/G4 specifically)

    I wouldn't mind if it was a simple slice of life, an adventure, anthro styled. I just haven't really seen one when I was browsing around.
  2. I would like to roleplay some ponies~
  3. What kind of roleplay are you thinking of?
  4. Just a fun slice of life roleplay do you want to use OC or canon characters I can do either.
  5. I prefer OCs. I like to roleplay stories through characters with their inner conflicts rather than outer conflicts. (I still enjoy outer conflicts however)
    I suppose I'll go create a slice of life thread in the Fandoms section. I'll post a link to it here when it's up.
    Here's the link for the RP thread. There's a link for the OOC thread inside too.
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  6. I have it up now. There's a link above your post, I edited it in.
    I also had placed it in the jump ins section instead of the fanbase section. I did give it a fanbase tag however.
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