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  1. Ok so ya. I am looking for people who would wanna draw my oc pony. I've got a picture of how he looks with the one pony creator but I can't actress it at current. But later today will and if you see this message before the edit just pm me and I'll send you the picture personally.

    I can't provide cash but I can repay in doing an rp of the persons choice or something else upon request.

    I want clean and sexual pictures. The clean one I am ok with mostly anybody working on but the sex pics are ones that are important to his character so I'll be more picky on those.

    To give you an idea of what his character is he was once a regular person like you and me but thanks to twilight's spell going haywire she accidently sends him to equestria. He is very mean and a nervous wreck in the beginning stages of his pony life but once getting his cutie mark he mellows out.

    The cutie mark I am thinking of a rainbow heart to go with his name of rainbow love since he is all about love sexual and non sexual.

    Most pics I'll have free rain of what you can do since most of his character is to be decided. If anyone is interested please message here or pm me.
  2. Took a HELL of a time to draw but here it is:


    Since I don't have the time to draw another one, I took the liberty to search a photo for you :3, the artist is atryl & I liked it because it's almost christmas anyways so here it is:

    NSFW (open)


    So there it is :)
  3. @xxxpfffxxx

    Wow ... i ... wow. That is probably better then my original design by a mile and ... you seriously made this for me?! For free?! I ... -glompsź
Thread Status:
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