My Little Pony: Into The Hive ((OOC Thread and Signups)) ((Open))

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  1. Important note: This takes place before the events of the season 4 finale. For those of you who follow the storyline, Twilight is an Alicorn. It would take place before the season 4 premiere and finale.

    Basic Plot-line and Important Information:
    "Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle, well, Princess Twilight Sparkle if you are going to call me that. I live here in Ponyville with my friends Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack, as well as my assistant, Spike. The six of us are the wielders of the elements of harmony, six powerful artifacts that allow us to use their power to either defeat or banish evil that has arisen. However, we have just received word that our elements may not be enough to save Equestria this time...."
    "My most Faithful Student Twilight,
    You six have been summoned to Canterlot immediately, for I have learned of a terrible development. With your defeat of Queen Chrylasis a second time with the help of your friends, the changelings have had no one to lead them. They have amassed a hive at the northern borders of Equestria, and they have begun to spill over into the area. We need your help. But be warned: they may not respond to your magic, for there may be too many to stop. I shall be sending my sister, Luna, to go along with you in order to combat this threat. Good luck.
    -Princess Celestia.

    "I am Princess Luna of hte Night, and I have come to help you on your quest, my dearest friends."

    "ARe they coming?"
    "Yessssss, they are."
    "Will they have the power to stop us?"
    "Not all of usssss....we will sacrifcccee those that we have to and then crush them."
    "I conquer...I feed...we"

    Characters and Storyboard:
    This story revolves around the attempts of hte Mane Six and Luna to remove the hive of Changelings that have rooted themselves into a large hive in northern Equestria. They have begun to spread itno the lands, and Celestia fears having another attack. The Mane six realize that they may be in for more than they can hande, even with Luna's Help.

    The story starts AFTER Luna arrives. Then the story progresses from there.
    Twilight Sparkle:
    Pinkie Pie: ((Myself))
    Rainbow Dash:

    Any other minor NPC roles that come up, just PM me or ask in an OOC comment on this thread.

    -This is an is to remain a non-mature thread. If you ahve any idea about gore and violence, then you must ask. Otherwise, there is no gore. ((I'm sure no one here is going to clop, right?))

    -I'd prefer if you use the text color of your character. For example, only use yellow for fluttershy, Pink for Pinkie, and ect.
    -No GODMODDING! If you have a question PM ME!
    -No harrasment of other playres.
    -If you are not active for at least 2 weeks without notifying me of your absence, I shall give your role to another person. Do not ask for it back if you leave for over a month without nofication. I shall open this up when needed.
    -Be active! No One Liners!
    -Need help? Question? PM!

  2. Sounds interesting! Not sure if I'll actually participate, but if I do it probably would be as Luna.
    If someone after me drops by, wanting Luna and is definitely joining in before I've made my choice, they can go right ahead :)
  3. @Olissa
    Sounds like a Plan!
  4. This looks totally awesome. I'd love to be Rainbow Dash.
  5. You have Dashie!
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  6. Cool thanks Pinkie.
  7. I've proven to be a rather magical Twilight in the past ;)
  8. Goodx
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  9. This still going on? If so, what characters are available? This sounds like it has the potential to be fun. :)
  10. If flutter is still up for grabs I'd gladly take her :3
  11. I may do this, but others left.
  12. Rainbowdash raises hove. I'm still here pinkie.
  13. I'm still here too, just quiet since not much was happening.
  14. Ok, so depending on who's available, I'll take Rarity. :)
  15. So far I've heard all names come by save for Applejack's name. And no double callings either ;)
  16. Ooh... I would join if there was oc's, but as it stands... I could be a minor NPC, like say one of the hive.
  17. *pokes* are we still going to do this?
  18. I don't know I hope so.
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