My Little Pony Friendship is Magic RP?

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  1. Well, my planned RP will take place a good deal of years after the events of Friendship is Magic.

    I'm thinking of integrating elements of G1 and My Little Pony Tales too. The cool action from the former, and the relaxed, slice of life, puberty-staged character setting of the latter.

    The setting of Ponyville now feels more our-world urban, think My Little Pony Tales setting.

    Remember, at its core, it's demographed for kids, so let's act-

    -you know what let's RP like crazy.
  2. I would be interested :)
  3. Well, that's one down.

    I might integrate certain fan theories.

    I'm thinking for a bit. Should I go with 'New Wielders of the Elements of Harmony' stuff? Or should I do stuff to show that you don't need to be chosen ones to be heroes?
  4. I'd be interested
  5. This actually gets a fair share of attention.

    Read my post prior to this and share your views.
  6. I'm not sure...
  7. Hello?
  8. So, are there any suggestions for the roleplay?
  9. I'm up !
  10. Alright, three... I guess.

    Let's wait for more.
  11. Awesome sauce
  12. If we do new elements of harmony, can I be honesty?
  13. I only watched up to like season 3 of MLP but I have old toys and cartoons of it, so why not? ^^

    Which elements of harmony were there again?
  14. MAGIC! KINDNESS! HONESTY! GENEROSITY! LOYALTY! AND LAUGHTER!!!! :D I just realized I want Laughter. Not stinky old honesty :P
  15. Well, Twilight is still alive, so I'm still pondering about possibilities.

    For the time being, candidates of the Elements of Harmony is possible. Actual wielders, not yet.
  16. I like the plot when you don't need to be wielders to be heroes.
    As it kinda promotes the use of more characters beyond the new mane six.

    But idm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.