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  1. Twisted Thought

    I had a twisted thought

    Of happiness

    Where does it come from

    My love? Someone’s loss?

    Day after day

    One after another

    People’s hearts are torn asunder

    Yet here I just smile and wave

    Cloud after cloud

    I see it there

    The silver lining of the sun

    Yet others try to convince me there is none

    Smile after smile

    What have I done?

    Shown someone what I have become

    Yet, why do I feel like the lonely one

    Laugh after Laugh

    My cheer will go on

    But when it comes down to it

    I’m the sad one.
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  2. Hero

    Where is the line?
    Where is it where the world is supposed to shine?
    Is there even true love in a world that loves to hate?

    A troll under a bridge makin' faces,
    Cause his life sucks
    he was once one of us
    but now he's not,
    Might as well have been alienated.

    How do you come back from that?
    When people hate and your rage keeps growing
    People forget to keep real when a volcano's blowin'.

    I'm not a defense or a lie made up of some false pretense
    But i've got freedom of speech
    And I say to you now
    These guys are much more than leeches.

    We gotta do with what we have,
    fight the fight, instead of cry like little bitches.

    If you give in to their hatred,
    who are you to say you are the better man?
    You lost the game.

    So smile, hold your head up high
    and know your name.
    For you know who you are,
    Don't surrender
    they're just being lame.

    In life people gotta fight for what they think is right,
    despite the rage of the fellas who aren't so bright.

    Take the mantle
    make sure you stand tall
    be the hero or humanity doesn't stand a chance at all.

    Say unto them that their ways are wrong,
    Make them realize they don't have to be alone and that they are not that strong,

    Weaken them, make them the prey,
    Deliver them from sorrow
    and maybe one day
    there will be a beauty in the ugly that they once created,
    Let us shine a light with the right amount of love
    Like at least once in our lives,

    We've all needed.
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