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  1. So, I was thinking about a modern fantasy RP where the supernaturals are hunted down by humans and they need to unite to survive the Great war. The setting would probably be a grand metropolis and humans would use guns and grenades to fight, rarely tanks or rocket launchers. Would anyone be up for this?
  2. I think it'll be alright.

    It can be ANY kind of supernatural right? Like magic and not just mutants?
  3. Yeah, all creatures allowed.
  4. All creatures? Ohohoho... looks like it's time to pull out my favourite trump card that I have been hiding all along...

    This will be pretty fun.
  5. So that means one person definitely in *fireworks* yay
    Or two, looking at the poll.
    Actually, screw the public opinion. I'm doing this!
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  6. Hey, I would love for something like this! It sounds like an amazing idea.
  7. So? Technomancers? Would they be allowed?
    I have another idea if no...
  8. If it's a race that does not exist in real life and is not aliens, welcome aboard.
    And here is the OOC/ Signup thread (yaaay!)
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