My Little Cuddle Thing [Alternet History with Nekos]

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  1. Welcome to My Little Cuddle thing, I'm making this intro a bit after we started this RP. To give a insight on the world that we have formed during our time Role-play our characters. First this takes place in what would be a alternate 1800. There are real-world-ish nations like Scandinavia, The republic of Venice (Where we first started), the New Austria-Hungarian Empire, The Union (U.S), and the Confederacy. There are many more but the main plot right now is there the human's of central Europe who are enslaving the people known as Eared or Nekos. The Scandinavian government has banned Eared slaved so the humans called crusaders are invading Scandinavia to enslave the Eared and others. There is magic and stuff like, and things are gotten pretty dark and creepy mostly because of me. But please have fun and join us!

    Map (open)

    1: No Rape, Murder of character is allowed as long both players agree to it.
    2: No god-modding.
    3: You can play as either Eared (Neko) or humans. Eared can be any thing like a Neko like usagis or other half animal races but not furies.

    4: No one liners. You can also tell what your character is thinking.
    5: OOC is allow just keep it light and keep it like this (Like this) or this [Like this] or anything like that.
    6: Please on your first post give a picture, since this is anime physics please use a anime or manga style picture.
    7: Me and anyone I a point is allow to move the story along. If you have a idea for a story event or something like that PM me or anyone I a point.

    Cuddles with a pillow

    Cuddles was the most humiliatingly name to be called as an Eared. Most humans didn't care for them they would most of the time lock you up, not take you seriously, kill you by hugging you to death, or just outright call you a demon and kill you.

    It was a dangerous life as an Eared and she knew that good. But she knew her time was running short in her cell, soon someone would come. Cuddles didn't know what they would do to her or who it would be. Cuddles went under her covers and put the pillow over her head trying not to think about who was coming.
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  2. The steps continued slowly. Cuddles felt as if time slowed. Oddly though she heard a mumbled of some words, she could barely make it out but her Cat ears were good at picking up noises. "Here goes..." she heard as Cuddles ran to the corner and covered herself in the blanket. Besides the fact of being under a blanket she was trembling in tear. Normally she didn't act like this what had gotten into her.
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  3. Calendula stopped at one of the cells and tried to pry it open. Of course it's locked. She peered through the bars and said in her barely audible and somewhat creepy voice, "Anybody home?" Her eyes flickered throughout the cell. "I'm not going to hurt you. I promise. I just want to see if there are any….any….any nekos who aren't scared of me…." This was hopeless. She sighed. "Oh, well. I guess you can't trust a witch's assistant anyways."
  4. Cuddles raised her head from the blanket. "Are you sure your not going to hurt me," she asked standing up noticing what she had said. Guess it was not the prison-keeper "You amply that your Neko, that means your Eared right?" Cuddles asked again. Her head was covered in a hood, she could not tell if she was Eared or not.
  5. "Yes," Calendula said and, looking around, took off her hood, revealing her black ears. "It's been quite a trip." She looked cautiously at the neko in the cell. "And everybody calls them Nekos where I'm from. I suppose here, it's different. So I guess you'd call me bad luck. You know," She indicated the ears. "Never cross paths with a black cat or you'll get bad luck."
  6. "Ha, I don't believe in luck," Cuddles said walking up to the cell and shaking the door "Do you now where the key is because if you attend to help me get out we are going to need to find it." Cuddles put her hands down from the bars and looked at her face. She did indeed have ears they were black as well as her clothes.
    Farica stood at the gate separating the normal world from that prison. She had watched many eared ones enter the facility, and every single one of them looked like they needed a friend. Farica had always wanted to be friends with one, but her parents told her to stay away from them, though her friends and their neighbors had one.
    That night, Farica Decided to break into the prison and help one escape so they could escape together. Her plan had many holes in it from an adults point of view, but to her it was perfectly foolproof. She had packed her bags, but on her best adventuring suit, and left a note in her room. But now, as she stood with her fists around the gate's bars, it seemed someone had beaten her in her own game. Someone was breaking in! Now, in stunned silence, Farica stood.
  8. "Hmm….keys….I'm going to have to look around…." Calendula muttered. "Let's see….usually, when somebody hides keys, it's on a ring somewhere…." She looked from side to side, then found what she was looking for; the beautiful shiny keys, dangling some twenty feet in the air. "Come off it. Do I have to-fine." She attached her claws to the wall and began climbing.
  9. There was the clanking of metal coming from down the hallway. A strange man in blue sprinted past the group and was followed by the ironclad warden.
    Salvo (open)
    image.jpg The master thief!

    The Warden (open)
    image.jpg The scary dude!

    "Get back here criminal scum!" The warden billowed as he jumped up to tackle the man. The man leapt up and grabbed the cell keys to avoid his attack and hung there as the warden hit his head on the cold stone and was knocked out. The man looked down at a eared that was climbing the wall, still hanging on the keys. "Good evening miss..."
  10. "Quick run, I don't want you to get locked up with me because you were trying to safe me. Get out of here!!" Cuddles yelled looking through the bars at the situation in front of her. The man was quiet odd, who was he?
  11. Farica heard the familiar yelling of the warden. The break-in must've gotten the keys. But the yelling was suddenly cut off.
    Farica puffed up her chest and gained up the courage to go in and help. She climbed under the gates, but her cape got caught in it. She yanked at it, and as it tore at the bottom she tumbled forward. She got up and dusted herself off. She took out a small crossbow, which she had taken from her older brother's room. She loaded it clumsily and ran forward to the main building. She found the place where the break in entered, and stuck her head in to survey the area. She saw something, but she wasn't sure what.
  12. The man dropped down to the floor with the keyring, on the warden. He reached into his hat and pulled out a set of handcuffs, which he promptly clicked onto the warrior's wrists. "I don't think you two have much to worry about right now. It's when he wakes up and finds you gone that you'll be in trouble. They'll be looking for you, the warden has a good memory, he'll remember your faces." He gestured to Cuddles and Calendula while twirling the keyring on his finger. "If you trust me, you can hide at me and my brother's place. I'm a wanted man as well."
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  13. Calendula looked at this strange newcomer. "How do I know that I trust you?" she asked suspiciously after detaching her claws from the wall. She wasn't the most trusting of them all. "Well?" she said, her voice rising dangerously. "The only humans that I trust are professional witches and wizards-and the occasional gypsy."
  14. Cuddles stared at them as they talked. "Come on get me out, before the guard wakes up," she said shakes the bars of the cell. She was not patient, or wanted to die for having some people try and safe her. The black haired one was vary odd, as well know she listened in. Wizard's? Was she one of them?
  15. "And why is that? Do you believe being a magic user instantly makes you a good person? Regardless, my bro is a mage of great skill, even if he's a grouch." The man stated in a slightly annoyed tone. He unlocked Cuddles's cell door and left it open for her as he started down the hall. "It's your choice. You can either trust me or be hunted down. I hear the new head of the guard calls himself The Mechromancer, maybe you'll trust him."
  16. Farica stepped in the hole where the break-in entered. She heard voices down the hallway, and in the dim outline of two people, another lying on the ground, and an open cell door. She slowly and silently made her way closer, hiding behind pillars in the hallway, pulling her cape in to fit. She held her crossbow close, in case one of them was a guard. She got to the closest pillar, which was still quite a distance away. She heard a guy's voice. Too young to be a guard. The other person was obviously female. The man on the ground was probably a guard. She leaned around the pole to get a better view of this, but then realized how far out her violet cape hung out around it, and pulled it back and hid behind it again.
  17. "No, I mean that….well….the non-magic users that I know haven't proven themselves trustworthy. I suppose that I'll take my chances," Calendula said embarrassedly. "I mean, not every non-magical being can be bad….can they?" She took a deep breath. "Fine. Show me the way out."
    She sighed. So what if she wasn't the most trusting? Her stubborn and introverted traits had managed to keep her alive all these years. Ever since she had been rescued by the witch, she decided to protect the kid with her life. "I need to make sure she's all right, anyways…."
    Minami the Witch-in-Training ran up to the prison where her guardian was rescuing yet another prisoner. As she ran, she called her name; "Calendula! Calendula! Have you done it? Calendula! Are you done?! Oh…." Apparently she still wasn't finished. Disappointed, she wrapped herself even tighter in her shawl. "Why does she always take so ridiculously long?"
  18. "Please lets get out of here," Cuddles insisted grabbing her blanket from the cell and walking out. she was shocked what the little witch said, about the black haired one saving eared like her. "Wait you do thing all the time?" she assumed.
  19. Farica peered around the pole again to watch the events unfold. She saw a girl, who was around her age, had joined the conversation. She huffed to herself, "I should go help another eared one escape. i don't think i would help in this situation."
    she snuck back a few poles, and went to make a turn across the hallway, where she tripped over her cape. she fell on her knees in the middle of the hallway, scraping them. she quickly got up and limped to the hallway to get out of sight. she breathed heavily and wiped stones off and out of her knees, which really stung.
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