My Little Brother.

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  1. Hello everyone. So I have had a very terrible week to say the least. Let me start with the most confusing thing I've ever had to deal with.

    So I have a younger brother who is sixteen and lives with me, I'm twenty-four and going to college to become a game designer who is very proud of their work. My mother is fifty four and gave up on my sixteen year old brother because of the fact that she could not deal with his constant attitude, and things that I just don't totally want to get into. It got to the point in which my mother had the decision to either put my brother into Juvenile Hall or he lives with me. After research on top of research for college, I found out the Juvenile Correction Center that he would head to would be one of the most dangerous he could ever be put into. So about seven months or so back my little brother moved in with me.

    Fast forward to a week ago. After the seven months I found out that my brother and I kind of bonded over one thing, Video Games. I have both a desktop and a laptop that can run games, and we are able to bond over it and have fun playing them. Bad part. About a week or so ago I left for the United Kingdom and without my knowledge I left my laptop logged on. I know. Bad move. It only took a couple of days from me being back to finally search through a few old PM's and see why it was so dead. Once looking I found out that my little brother had actually went through my account and started messaging people.... A lot. Hence the reason my age is sixteen on here. He told people that he was sixteen, without clarifying that he was my little brother, so they told him to consult an admin to change his age to be a teen member, who just logged onto his big borthers computer and started sifting through all of his bookmarks, found Iwaku, looked through all my private inbox's, not even knowing what roleplay meant (On top of that I think I have a virus because while my sister was here watching him, she kind of had work, and he watched a bunch of pornography). And when I explained to him what roleplay was he called me a bookworm f*ggot.

    Now I'm stuck in a predicament in which I am currently waiting on an admin to consult about this entire situation. I just need some kind of help or guidance on where to go with addressing all of the people that he shooed away by saying that I was sixteen when he was just on my account. I know a lot of them will find it hard to believe seeing as though he said one thing and I'm trying to explain the other side. I also just need help on how to get through to this kid, now we are back at square root one because of this entire situation.
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  2. After the staffies verify your story I suggest tagging everyone who he messaged in this thread to validate your claims :)
  3. Assuming your parents have confronted him about his attitude before, I don't think there is much you can do to get through to him. Just strive through and show him how much you love him as a brother. I'm sure when he gets older he will realize what you had to go through just to keep him away from juvenile hall and he will thank you for it from the bottom of his heart.

    Also I suggest checking his porno history and find anything weird to get back at him with, but thats just me.
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