My Little AU: Shakespeare is Magic

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  1. Applejack was only half paying attention to what her teacher was saying. The farmgirl didn't mind school all that much, but with harvest season coming up in the fall, that was currently taking up a large part of her mind. Of course, when she heard the words "group project," she groaned along with the rest of the class. Great, now she'd have to work alongside some other whiny teenager who would most likely make her do all the work.

    Their English teacher started passing out packets, with the cover being a play from Shakespeare. "Now students, go ahead and find the other person with your same play. By the end of next week this scene should be memorized and acted out."

    As the others all got up and looked around, Applejack studied her play: Romeo and Juliet. Ugh, some sappy love story. Whi,h of these knuckleheaded boys was she going to be stuck with?
  2. While the teacher was lecturing away, Rarity had hid a fashion magazine in her textbook to admire at. Her head shot up as she heard the words "group project" and mumbled to herself. She wouldn't groan like all the others because she was clearly way beyond that. She closed the textbook as the teacher was coming around, giving the students their appropriate plays.

    Rarity stared down at the packet she was given and read the title. Romeo and Juliet. Her eyes sparkled at the familiar title and screamed in glee in her head. She looked around the classroom to see who she was going to be paired up with. Secretly hoping that one of the good-looking guys in her class had the same packet. Oh she could imagine it, her prince confessing his love to her on the Balcony scene, and maybe, just maybe, it would become a reality too!
  3. Tossing her semi-ponytail over her shoulder, Applejack got up to hunt down her partner for this time-eating project. She wouldn't normally mind projects with another class. She couldn't take to the city slicksrs in here, who would probably leave her with all the work in the end. She could only imagind what little either one would be willing to accomplish at rehearsals...

    Huh, most of the boys had already branched off into partners...matter of fact, all the boys had partners now, which meant...she'd be stuck with a girl? Well, whatever-as long as they didn't kiss. Actually, even if it were a guy she wouldn't kiss him. Kissing was gross. Welp, might as well wait to see who was left over...
  4. Rarity stood up from her seat and looked around. She noticed how all the boys in the class had found their partners already. That means she would be working with a girl on this project. No, with a girl on Romeo and Juliet. With a girl that was supposed to be a boy and girl play. She sat back down in her seat disappointed and a little frustrated. "This can't be right...!" She mumbled mostly to herself, she didn't have the energy and willpower to hunt down for her girl partner, so she decided to wait it out and see who was left.
  5. By now, it looked like everyone had partnered up, and were studying their scripts. So, who was left...oh no. The only person left was none other than Rarity, who happened to be the girliest, prissiest classmate of Applejack's. She could picture it now: overdramatic acting, being forced into some uncomfortable costume...and they would have to kiss! Now, that's enough, Applejack, a voice inside her head told her. Yer bein' unfair. She can't be all that bad-shoot, she may even be nicer than ya think. Now feeling a pang of guilt for judging her partner, the blonde swallowed her pride and approached the other girl. "Beg yer pardon, Rarity," she said with a smile. "Looks like the two of us're partners."