My Little Angel

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  1. It was a perfect night to stargaze. The stars glided across the horizon slowly. However, one star in particular wasn't flying across the sky. Instead, it seemed to be getting closer.

  2. Emma was walking to her apartment and looked up seeing the star. Confused seeing it get closer she stood watching wonder what it meant. Her long red hair is in a side braid, wearing jeans and a light sweater in her boots watching.
  3. Outside, a large crash was heard as something slammed straight into the ground. In the middle of the smoking crater, there was an angel. A male angel. Flowing white hair and glowing blue wings. His eyes matched his wings. He wore a flowing robe that was stained black and brown with soot. He panted a little, but was still awake.
  4. Emma turn and gasp seeing where the star fell. She ran over and set her bag down and touch his shoulder gently. "Oh gosh are you okay? Wait are you a angel?" She ask softly never seen one before or believe they excisted.
  5. The angel opened his eyes and suddenly he whispered, "Beginning imprinting process." A choker appeared on his neck. A chain appeared from the choker and shot out. It wrapped around her right arm. He looked up and he said, "Greetings, master."
  6. Emma jump back trying to get it off her arm. "What the? What is this?! Who are you?!" She panicked tears fell back up from him trying to get the choker off and was confused why he called her master.
  7. The angel stood up on shaky legs and he bowed to her, "My name is Elyon. I am yours to command, master." He stood up straight and didn't have an expression on his face.
  8. "Elyon? Command? I don't understand" Emma said trying to get the choker off her arm tears fell confused and didn't know what to think about this and is tired.
  9. "Do you not want the chain on your arm?" He asked. With a flash, the chain disapeared, but the choker remained on his neck.
  10. Emma sigh relieved "yeah thanks. It just freaked me out jump out at me and wrap around like a snake" she look at him "why you calling me master?"
  11. "Because you are my master." He said, "Or would you prefer mistress?" He asked.
  12. "Why am I your master? Why aren't you up there in the sky?" Emma ask pick her bag up and put it over her shoulder.
  13. " not recall. I was sent from my place. I am a class B angel servant. I was sent here to serve you, mistress." He bowed to her again.
  14. "Okay strange and I can't leave you on the street it not me. Let's go to my place hope you don't mind walking I don't have a car. Call me Emma please" she started walking her hands in pockeys
  15. "Of course, mistress Emma." He folded his wings to his back and walked after her. He smiled at her and continued walking beside her.
  16. "Just Emma no mistress make me sound old with the wrinkling fingers after being in water" Emma giggle an smile walking
  17. Elyon didn't crack a smile and he continued to walk with her, "Are you sure, mistress Emma?" He asked. He'd been trained to call his overseer master.
  18. "I'm sure. Just Emma please I'm not old" she said soflty looking up at elyon "you ever smile?"
  19. Elyon blinked, "I don't know exactly. I don't remember ever smiling, Emma."
  20. "Oh wow that is sad. You try it" Emma smile softly and turn down a street. "A block away and were home" she was exhuasted and wanted to sleep.
Thread Status:
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