My Little AD (Homosexual Pairings)

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  1. Merph, all I'm doing as of late is doing homework and playing Starcraft, so I figured I'd drop by the good 'ol Iwaku and seek some roleplays on my private messages to pass the boredom. Not really any in depth plot in my head or anything, AT THIS MOMENT, but I always end up grafting some awesome sauce storyline with the right partner ^u^

    All I really got right now is I'm interested in RPing around various internet subcultures in a real life setting. Maybe characters who are furries? XD Or something else, we can get together and create a list of interesting subcultures and decide what we wanna mess with.

    I'm looking for some other male character to sorta pair up with in some sort of modern setting. Yes, I'm a sap and love those romantic roleplays, and the betrayal, and the falling in forbidden love and shiz. But no I'm not sex crazed and unrealistic, I'm actually somewhat of a melancholic individual with my story ideas, all my characters are somewhat off and a little troubled. I hate love at first sight, one night stands of wild sex, over cliche scenes, etc.But I love all the mushy crap and cuddles, words cannot express how much I love writing about cuddles, just as long as you're not following some formula of attack that practically EVERONE uses when they roleplay that crap.

    I typically enjoy 2-3 paragraphs during interaction and 3- who knows what number when progressing the story and all that bluh.

    PM me if you wanna try something out.

    P.S. I am sick of over-idealized characters with perfectly thin or perfectly toned bodies, sexy hair, attractive faces, blah blah blah. Having some characters more normal, less physically fit, hell, maybe even a bit chubby, would be nice. I just want some more realism than you normally get from the idealized style of writing so many of us fall into. I don't like being a stereotypical RPer, I like to branch out in different directions and shit.

    Some possible pairings? (My character in the left):
    Ω Overweight Nerd x Larger, More Muscular Male
    Ω Prince x Prince/Servant/Commoner
    Ω Scrawny City Boy x Larger Country Boy (Farmer?)
    Ω Disabled Man/Student x Doctor/Therapist/Student
    Ω College Student x Porn Star/ Hooker (Obviously 18+ themes)
    Ω Super Unintelligent Guy x Genius
    Ω College Hermit x Super Social Room-mate
    Ω Violinist Prodigy x Hobbyist Singer

    Plot Ideas to expand on pairings:
    -Some sort of accidental weight gain that leads to anxiety, creating unholy cycle
    -Purposeful change, working together to help one achieve a physical or social goal
    -Outsiders, someone just moved in next door
    -Onset of peculiar disease or mental condition
    -Room-mates facing eviction from apartment
    -Old friends with unrequited feelings
    -Getting stranded/lost together
  2. I am bumping my thread cause I'd still like a partner or two .-.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.