My Life Should Be Science Fiction

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  1. We live in a world where many advances have been made, but we still don't have flying cars. Well, not really. I wish my life was sci fi, sometimes, with elegant ships and good health care and cures for the common cold. If your life was science fiction, what setting would you want to be in (as yourself) and what advances would you want the most?
  2. Gimme a damn teleporter and free energy!
  3. Androids in every aspect of life. So awesome, and at the same time so creepy. Also, mental vacations like in Total recall.
  4. My sci-fi life.


    I want machines that can turn thoughts/memories in to video. 8D So you can record things out of your brain.

    And I wish EVERYTHING was wireless somehow. .___.; Being in a house with technophiles, there's wires and cords all over the place and it's such a mess.

    I really, really don't like the idea of robots and androids around though. O___O That feels threatening and creepy.
  5. Wireless always online worn computers.


    Clean free energy.

    Human augmentation....

    Yeah I'm stopping myself right there.
  6. Probably would have to go for digitization, like in Tron; living out my life in a video game would be JAWSOME.

    Barring that, human augmentation a la Ghost in the Shell or Deus Ex, complete with having a PC and internet access wired into my brain.
  7. love the idea of real virtual reality. cant wait for that.
    teleporters are a MUST especially for those of us who have to deal with distance in relationships. mmmm teleportation...

    i watched terminator too many times, so i dont like the idea of robots.

    but if i were gonna play a role in sci-fi, i would probably be one of those doctor/scientist types...maybe a little hunter on the side...
  8. Why is everybody afraid of robots? ._. Why must robots be represented by a T-800 or fucking Cylons, and not C-3P0 or Data?
  9. Well, that is true. Technology is advancing almost each and everyday. I myself am surprised at how fast everything is advancing. But, to answer your question. I agree with Duchess's idea. Virtual reality would be amazing.
  10. OMG I LOVE DATA!!! he is my only android friend...GO STARTREK!!!
  11. I want a teleporter. Honestly, that's about it for now.
  12. I'd want to be a Music Master. An iPod full of weapons of mass destruction and fantastical powers? Yes please! :)
  13. A world united under one order, Androids aspiring to be more human, holodeck, transporters, nanomachines (the good kind), and a Dyson Sphere because I love the concept.