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  1. A Search for the Ages
    What I Would Like!

    I’m going to be super specific with my desires in here, if you have any mixture of these traits you can feel free to post here and say “I’m interested’ Then drop me a PM please. Don’t be intimidated, I’m quite the nice person I’m just specific so I can hope to get exactly what I want. I hope this isn’t too intimidating.

    I’d like it if you were a regular poster, that is to say at least once every two days, four max. I understand life issues arise, and hey that’s okay when that happens, but I would like a regular habit of you posting in a timely fashion to be established please.

    I’d love it if you wrote a significant amount. I mean two paragraphs is about my norm for a reply, not an intro. A paragraph – for me – is about 4-7 sentences. I’d love it if you wrote more, but sometimes ‘information is sparse. However, if you only write 2 sentences a reply please do not contact me. I’m sure you are a great person I’m just not interested.

    A certain level of creativity and passion. I don’t like feeling like an rp is ‘empty’ so give it your all and I’ll give it back.

    Though I’m not be best writer ever I ask for a grammar competency of 10th grade or higher. That is to say please get your homophones as correct as you can. Know Your form You’re, and There, Their, and They’re, little things like this will kill any passion I have for our rp.

    Spell and grammar check please, I don’t want to be ‘nippled’ when you meant ‘nibbled’ please and thank you

    I’m Legally Blind (Ask me about it if you want) that means that Iwaku is sometimes hard for me to read. Help me out here. Make your ‘body’ text one easy to read color and your ‘quotes’ another.

    This is a must: You must rp in Third Person Past Tense Paragraph Form. Long story shorts “He She it no “I’s unless speaking. Past tense. All verbs have “Ed’ or “ing” paragraph form. “Write like an essay” no
    *she went to the store to buy bread* Hey guys how are you? *she asked in her squeaky voice *
    See those little stars? They are called asterisk and they are not meant to dictate you are rping…. I know many on Iwaku don’t do it, I’m just covering my ass.. sorry.

    What I’m Looking for

    So I’m not going to list any plots, if any, that I have for this. Why? Because I hate it when people contact me and go “let’s do that plot’ It’s our rp, we should both have impute on the plot, call me old fashion.
    Mythical Creatures (This entails vampires, werewolves, anything really)

    Dramas (Like High school rps anything where the plot is centered around the dynamic of two or more characters)

    Anything based on Sci-fi

    Anything based on Medieval/Dark Age settings (I’m not 100% historically correct)

    Super Heroes/heroines (Marvel DC or made up)

    Time travelers

    Book Spin offs (Ya know I like taking commonly hated books and doing it ‘right’ for instance Twilight, or simply taking a book series in general and redoing it like Harry Potter.)



    Full Metal Alchemist (brotherhood)


    Suggest yeah?

    So all rp sections above have the ‘please suggest’ tag to them. Also any Anime listed above, OC’s (original characters) are preferred but I’ll be willing to do Canon with you.

    I know there is a lot here on this list. I’ve been rping for a very long time (14 years) so I assure you though I seem snobbish It’s just business. I have to cut the fact from the fancy, and you want to have a good time too! Please no one bellow the age of 16, I’m sorry younger rp’ers you guys are awesome you really are, I just like people who have ‘been around the block’ once or twice in life. I strongly prefer 18 and up rp’ers. So long as you are at least 16 though we’ll be good with no problems. Any idea’s or suggestions you may have feel free to send them my way
  2. I'll be interested in doing a comparison of Riddle and Potter from the Harry Potter series with each one of us doing one of them and making events that are similar while keeping it as realistic as possible. It would be darker than the series and each of the two wizard would get strange echoes of each others. Interested?
  3. I'm sorry to say not right now. I don't really get too far into 'dar' things, and I'm not too into dark. But ti sounds SUPER interesting and I hope you find someone to rp it with you.
  4. Understandable :)!
    I hope you'll find someone to rp with as well!
  5. I'll be darned, you sound like an awesome roleplayer and person. Specifics actually don't scare me away, but rather intrigue me. Unfortunately, there's one specific on the list I don't know I can fulfill, thus the only intimidation to asking you to RP...Which is I don't have the tendency towards remembering to change the color of my text for speech versus the body of the text. Actually, doing it gives me a bit of a headache because multiple colors tends to confuse me (except in cases such as your main post, where you used another color to help with separation of sections...but actually, even that slightly confused me and caught me off guard). If I can get away with just using the main font color, I'd be more than happy to RP with you otherwise.

    In terms of your other requests...I'm twenty years old, thus meeting your age requirement. I'm not the best writer out there either, but I do catch most mistakes easily enough- I'm actually OCD about writing, and tend to correct anything I see (by the way, I mean no harm in doing this...But I think there's a small error in your introduction about this situation, in fact. Did you mean form, or did you mean 'from'? In the part where you said, "Know Your form you're". Sorry...I just had to ask ><). In terms of how much I write... I tends to depend on what I'm responding to at the time, but usually that amount of 2 paragraphs, being 4-7 sentences, shouldn't be too hard too often. If I ever feel there's not enough to respond to, or you do, it's best we tell each other though.

    In general, I can post at least once every two days perfectly fine. If there are times I can't, and it'll take longer than your general preference, I'll tell you so long as I know in advance. If a sudden storm comes and takes away my power for 2 week like Hurricane Sandy, it may be another story...But generally I'll try to inform you on the times I can't.

    Anyway...The main issue is the first thing I noted, so let me know if that'll be too much of a hassle. If not...Perhaps we'll get to RP? Also...I am curious about your legal blindness, but....I don't feel right intruding, even if you said it was okay to ask. So...For now, I won't ^^;
  6. Im in for Bleach like rp if you want one?
  7. Both of you go ahead and PM me I'll be checking my PMs regularly in the coming weekend so we should be able to get the ball rolling.

    Bleach sounds great

    And the issue of 'font color' is just fine. I can make due^.^ so go ahead and contact me both of you please. ( Yes I meant from sorry I have dyslexia and i thought i caught them all)
  8. So glad I caught this post.

    I'm interested. Simply, in general. There's a lot in your initial post that jumped out at me. First, the overall genre roleplays. I've been a GM since I ventured into the online roleplay arena (7-8 years), and coming up with in-depth ideas with partners is one of my favorite things to do. Second, book spin-offs done right. I adore that idea. We'd need to go over specifics, but I love the concept.

    Just as a basic reference for my writing style, here is a link.

    The above link may be a little off as far as keeping in the proper tenses (I'm just now returning from a year long hiatus from roleplaying), but it's a decent gauge.