My Kingdom for Defense

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  1. The back story and leading up to present day
    A city inside a city, a home inside of a home, these things only scratch the surface of the Villa. A district of the city of Drau’sel located in the upper right left reagion. No one, other than the people who live there, really knows what goes on inside of the buildings. The king and queen over the city don’t particularly care either. You see inside of this Villa lay the cities hope and defense. The people whom reside therein are powerful, strong warriors who are rallied and kept by one being, that one being a person no one had ever seen mind you but nonetheless one being. This one being is names Sho-toa, he’s the presiding God over hat region and as legend has it is the god supreme.

    Well Shou had four children, two daughters and two sons. To his first son, Za-ches, was given the traits of Determination, Courage, and Peace. His mother Ish-na provided a blanket with the colors purple, green and pink sown into them and provided it to him as a babe to use for warmth. To his first daughter, Ath-esta, the traits of Truth, Insight, and Passion were given. The blanket that her mother made used Red, Copper and Orange. To his second son, Thy-lonsis, the traits of Confidence, resourcefulness, and Kindness were given, with the colors Ebony, Brown and Silver. And to his youngest daughter, Ma-leshia, he gave the traits of Honesty, Generosity, and Ambition, with the colors ivory, Gray, and Blue.

    As these children grew up they realized that watching over each of their own traits, making sure that Humanity had enough of each and that people who were lacking in them could gain them, was a hard chore and as such they broke their jobs up to twelve spirits and allowed for them to rule over the humans moral and ethical needs. The creatures they chose to embody these traits are as followed: Determination Ox, Courage Tiger, Peace, Rabbit, Dragon Truth, Snake insight, Horse Passion, Ram Kindness, Monkey Resourcefulness, Rooster Confidence, Dog Honesty, Boar Generosity, Rat Ambition.

    As the years went on Humans began to worship these animals as a divine source, a series of Gods if you will, as well as their creators the four children as well as their creators the mother and father. Establishing a very large lore, and under this lore the Villa and city were built.

    Years passed and people aged and soon the villa was forgotten, a large war broke out desolating the city and around some two hundred years later as the finished rebuilding an old man stumbled upon the old torn down Villa, he smiled, seeing a place of hope for the City, seeing a place where warriors could be left to be themselves. With that he went straight for the king asking for sanction to rebuild and reestablish the buildings and it’s worth, and even put in a monastery in the far back reserved for only the most dedicated of students. The king, afraid of another war, hastily agreed and the villa was rebuilt. Several changes were made, an Armory for warriors to keep weaponry and defensive gear, a lodging area for them to sleep, and of course the monastery. The old man put out a word throughout all of the countryside of how they are looking for seasoned and new warriors, how home and lodging was provided, and how only the best training would be established. Who shall answer his call?

    The Explanation: What are we supposed to be doing here

    So there are several options here for things to ‘do’. The first is obviously clear, study with the ‘master’ a PC I myself will be playing. He won’t serve as a massive story component unless you the players make him so. (I’ll also be playing a normal individual who meets up a bit later.)

    The next thing is quite simple, formulate parties or groups to go on an adventure lead by one or more members of that group. The fun part of that is that your story could intertwine with another members story. You could also be responsible for introducing a new character into the mix. Perhaps a friend you brought in is ‘discovered’ on the way back, or there. So on so forth.

    The last, and possibly most interesting, is the over laying Arch Story. Basically on occasion, as the opportunity arises, I or someone else will do a story that involves every character. The fun part is when this happens while you are on a quest of your own, you come back to the city and find that Nymphs have taken over and imprisoned all of us only to be the one reason we all escape. So on so forth. Have fun with it yeah?

    The powers and stuff.

    Anything goes really. Try not to god mod, power play, meta game. Really though anything goes. I’m not going to restrict your creativity.

    Okay so all of that is the important information. Take your time reading it, like in all things i was long winded >.<. Just post here if you'd like to make a character for this world. we can actually start when we have three people (not counting myself) Also feel free to play multiple characters. I don't mind if you play two or more, that makes it a lot of fun.
  2. Interesting :)
  3. YAY we ahve one interesting. If you want to draft a character and let me know that'd be great. You can post it here.
  4. Kay I can make a character :)
    Anything special that I need to list for a character?
  5. Gender
    fighting experience
    region of the world (Talk about their home town and stuff
    Uhm the area of expertiece
    Stuff like that.