My Journey Through Time (One on One through PM)

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  1. I don't know what happened one day I was fine and then the next I was depressed beyond belief. It sucks. Things only continued to get worse. The girl who I devoted countless days and hours decided to leave me for a asshole, which doesn't even make sense considering this guy is a totally jerk who doesn't even care about anyone expect himself. So with my girlfriend gone, my depression sky rocketed and just as I thought it was about to get worse, I went on a journey through space. (Not literally but that would be okay. I did spend days painting random galaxies.) I started looking on the bright side of life again. I realized that I didn't need her. Unfortunately, my plans for role plays or the ones that I had going pretty sure have died. Now I start my journey to look for new partners. I'm not new to role playing but by no means am I an veteran RPer. My skills are lacking, meaning I probably will have a few typos or a lot. Well it's not that bad. That's the only real thing my partner would have to put up with.

    I don't mind waiting for replies and I don't care if the replies are short. A warning though, sometimes I get bored with shot replies. Just be sure it's a reply I can work with.

    I have the weird urge to do non-hetero pairing, I mean if someone was to convince me to play a hetero RP I might go for it. I'm mostly looking for Yuri, Yaoi is okay. With some experience under my belt there's one thing I can't stand the most. I hate it when my potential partner says the can RP only as the "Uke", if you are one of those people I suggest you leave because I will not stand for that crap. I hate to be forced into a role. ON TO MY INTEREST!

    Main interest:
    -Nuclear war
    -Zombie/Nuclear (has an idea for this one. This one I want to be Yaoi)
    -Unknown Disease

    Vampire Hunter x Vampire
    Vampire Hunter Academy
    Vampire Academy
    Werewolf tribe Vs Werewolf tribe ( Forbidden Love)
    Vampire Master x Witch slave
    Vampire Master x Genie slave
    Zombie love! (Idk....basically just two zombies that meet each other)
    Zombie x human (....Not sure how this one makes me feel but if someone's interested I'm game for it)
    Dragon x Human ( The dragon has the ability to shift into a human)

    Western themed
    Slice of Life:
    - School theme
    -Rivals Vs Rivals but some how turns into a love story
    -Mafia boss x Mafia boss
    -Mafia boss x Kidnapped victim
    -Mafia boss x cop (???)
    -Cop x Troublemaker
    Darker themed.
    Fairy tale twist:
    Peter Pan x Kidnapped ( Obviously this one is going to be yaoi)
    Mad Alice x Sane Alice (Has an idea for how this could work out)

    (Can be OC x canons or canons x canons )
    Soul eater
    Wolf's rain
    Fullmetal Alchemist (I haven't seen brotherhood [Not sure if there is a difference between the two])
    Vampire Knight
    A Corpse Bride themed
    The Walking Dead

    Have an idea you didn't see up in the list and wondering if I'd be interested? Please feel free to share it with me!
    I'm pretty opened minded.
  2. I'm interested in apocalyptic but I have no idea what yuri or yaoi or uke is so....But Yea i'd love to rp with you.
  3. Yuri- Girl on Girl
    Yaoi- Guy on Guy
    Uke- The one who is on the bottom out of the two things I just mentioned.

    Which topic out of the Apocalyptic?
  4. Im down for a werewolf tribe forbidden yuri love story
  5. Awesome! Send me a PM?
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