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  1. "Captain Emile! Captain Emile!" One of the many sailors called as he ran toward the Spanish captain. He was standing at the wheel, making sure they were keeping on course. The young man calling for the captain panted as his bandanna flew behind him. His scraggly black hair was nothing compared to the captain's own mess.

    The young captain looked over to his sailor. "What is it, Roberto? If it's about the rum then I've told you already, we'll get some when we stop at another island!"

    "N-not that sir..." Roberto stuttered, wringing his hat. The captain raised an eyebrow, red coat fluttering in the breeze. His black hat showed his status among the crew. Roberto continued, messing with his red cap. "Th-the beast is coming... If we don't hurry up and dock somewhere, we'll be fish food."

    "Damn it..." The captain muttered. "Daniel, where is the nearest island?" He asked the navigator standing next to him.

    The blonde haired man quickly checked his maps. "Th-thirty kilometers west, sir!" As the navigator said this, the skies seemed to fall open as rain started to pour down on them.

    "How long until the beast reaches us?" Emile demanded, holding his hat so that it didn't fly away from him. As he asked this, the waves started to splash onto the ship, turning the ship over. "Brace yourselves!" He called out, gripping onto the rails. The ship was going to go through hell.

    A knock came at the door of the young princess's room. "Princess? It's me, Liz... Are you feeling any better? May I come in?" The young handmaiden knocked on the princess's door, her brown hair chopped short and her blue eyes dulled from years of serving. She was worried for her princess, especially since a storm was coming through. That might worsen the young girl's condition.
  2. "Can't a guy get some rest around here!" The mop headed young man walked up from the 'cargo' storage of the ship. It was mostly pilled with empty jugs for water, or whiskey, and some scraps of food left from the travels. Good thing the small space Alex liked for sleeping wasn't the only cargo storage on the ship.

    He glided across the wood floors that never stopped moving, in worn down, black boots. The dark, washed down pants that ended in those boots, hung around Alex's hips, and the not-so-white button was draped over his shoulder.

    Alex over heard the conversation with the captain. That was when Alex knew the job at hand. "You know the drill boys!" His voice splattered over noisy waves and rain. Alex stood with an index finger pointed in the air, circling it around for a small direction. "Turn those sails, were going west, and hold on!" Pushing the nearest sail, to help the boat in the right direction, the waters began to soak him.

    Holding the side of the ship he called home, sails were locked in for west. "Here we go." The dark haired boy dropped to his knees and held the ship, awaiting the island before the beast.


    A small sigh came from inside the room as a few light footsteps got closer. When the door oped, the brunette smiled softly. "I feel like walking a bit. Can we please- I woke up feeling better."

    Aria smiled at Liz, and nodded while nudging the dear friend to walk with her. In Aria's condition, she has okay days, and terrible days. Its a fifty fifty. With all the money her parents have, no amount can figure out what was wrong with this princess. Her muscles were weakening when she turned thirteen, she got bit by something in the ocean near her castle, and since then, has just been getting weaker.

    No amount of money has helped. No treatment any doctor has advised. So for now, she just lives out her best days what ever way she can.

    "Actually, Liz can we walk to the kitchen?" It sounded like a weird question, but the kitchen was a hike from Arias room. And it was a rare thing that she wanted to eat, so she thought it would be a good idea to act on it while she has the feeling of hunger.

    She began to walk down the wooded floor hallway. She held the railing and walked very slow. Her hair was tied back, and she wore just a simple dress, black, went to her knees. It was a house dress. Wasn't fancy, but wasn't her pajamas. It clung to what curves she had left, and made her look very pretty. She wore flat slippers, these too were black.
  3. "Of course, my lady. Would you like something to eat? The cooks would love to make you anything." Liz said, walking slowly, ready to help her friend if need be. Aria was the only good part of her day. The rest of the day was spent being scolded for not doing things right, forced to clean things twenty times, and resisting the flirting of different nobles. At least Aria treated her like an equal. She stayed close to the princess, worried for her friend.

    The waves roared, crashing against the boat. The boat lasted until it was just ten kilometers from the island. It tipped over, throwing the crew overboard. The ship was destroyed as different bodies struggled to stay afloat and survive. Many were slowly dragged underneath the waves, most likely never to be seen again. As the storm raged on, the few survivors managed to wash ashore on a small island.
  4. Aria smile "I know they will, but was kind of just looking to do it myself~" She smiled softly as her hand clenched the railing. The stairs were the worst part, and of course there were what looked like hundreds of them. She walked down the never ending stairs to finally touch the ground. She quickly grabbed onto Liz's arm. Not so much that she needed it then, but that she was just being careful. She walked through the kitchen doors, and smiled at the chef who was amazed to see her.

    "Princess-" The heavy accented Jamaican male spoke soft. "I would have brought something to your room." He knew It was his job to serve her however she needed, so seeing her moving around the castle was sort of a blessing.

    Aria nodded, "I know Jamsen, but this is my exercise!" She smiled tenderheartedly smile, and went to one of many fridges. There was so much food in the castle. She took out just a simple loaf of bread and some butter. Then switched to the meat fridge, grabbed some ham that had been earlier sliced, and put it together. It wasnt much, but it was exactly what she wanted. She took a bite, and smiled after the swallow. "Thanks Jamsen." And walked out of the kitchen. Aria was very easily pleased with things.


    Coughing up the inhaled water, Alex sat up. He gripped a bit of sand between his hands and looked around. Only few were left. He scanned, looking for his captain, and best friend. Got him. Alex got up, sinking in the sand some and feeling sore, a broken rib or two, some bruising. Nothing he couldnt live through.

    He got to Emile, and held out a hand. "Wake up and get up. We have a bit of a problem." Alex was very to the point and blunt about things. He also knew that the captain was not a pansy. Where had they gotten to?

    Alex, realizing the loss of very good men, bowed his head for a quick moment. It was a sad thing, but something they couldnt morn over at the moment, they had bigger fish to fry. "Captain, we need the next step from here." He spoke loudly to almost wake him.
  5. Emile started to cough up water as he slowly pushed himself up. He looked worse for wear, but alive. "A-Alex? Where is everyone?" He stood up, albeit still a bit disoriented. He looked around, trying to pin point where the rest of his crew was. "The crew... the beast took them, didn't it?" He asked, surprisingly calm as he stared out at the ocean. He had been prepared to lose his crew someday, just not like this... He closed his eyes, hoping to take a moment of silence before dealing with the problem at hand.


    Liz smiled at the princess. "I think you might be getting closer to getting better, your highness. I was surprised you asked to walk to the kitchen." She made sure to be right next to the princess, ready to help her if need be. She wanted to keep her little light in her dark days safe. If the princess died, she might as well have died herself. Her days would become bleak and gray. She would have nothing else to live for besides being pushed around as the other's punching bag. She never told Aria about this. It might worsen her condition to have any stress in her life. Besides, it was her problem, not Aria's.
  6. Alex sighed, and help Emile to his feet. "Sadly, yes. The waves flipped the ship and the beast took the crew. We are whats left." He said as he looked at the very few left. It was a family on that ship. Cringing a bit, he grabbed his stomach. "Are you okay captain? Nothing seriously damaged right?" He laughed slightly and looked at the surroundings. "It looks like there is a town around here. There is a path over there." He pointed behind where the water was. It was a thick path, almost like a road, but it was all sand, and then what looked to be a bridge.


    "Liz-" Aria smiled softly, took a bite and swallowed. She was actually very hungry."I told you to call me Aria. No highness would be seen this way-" She gave off another small smile, and continued to walk. This time with no arm to guide her, but she knew Liz wasnt far behind. She waved once more to Jamsen, and walked through the foyer of the castle. It was really more like a whole ball room, but this was normal life for her.
    She walked to the guards by the front doors and demanded they be opened, and they were. She took one step through the doorway, and took a deep breath. "Liz, Today is a good day- It doesnt mean I'm getting better."
    She laughed. She was having a good day, but Aria could feel her muscles weakening, and she was in pain. But better then usual.
  7. Liz gave a melancholy smile. "One can hope, your high- I mean, Aria.... One can hope." She made sure to stay by Aria's side the whole way and was surprised when she asked the guards to open the front doors. "You're going out?" She asked, surprised. She wasn't sure if the poor girl could handle much more without collapsing. However if she wished to see the outside world, she would not stop her.


    Emile shook his head. "A little wet, but I'm fine. What about you and the survivors?" He asked, looking around for any other crewmates. "If we're all alright then we should head toward the town. We need to find another boat and maybe find some more crew members." He kept an eye out for the men but couldn't find any within a few meters. Maybe they were scattered? He then noticed a cluster of his men sitting up in the sand, trying to find out what was going on. It was only three, but it was enough to give him a bit of hope.
  8. "All I want is to sit outside today." She smiled at Liz and took one of the seats on the outside lawn. It was just a bench, overlooking the front garden. She loved it. It was beautiful. She didnt get out much, so when the guard layed eyes on her, the smiled. It just seemed like a better day for her.

    "The guys are okay, nothing serious, couple broken fingers. Nothing we cant get over." Himself was not an important one. "I think you are right. We should head into town and figure this all out." He sighed. Everything they had was on that ship. They didnt even have any money to start with. No place to get rest. This should be interesting. Alex walked to join the group of men by the start of the pathway.
  9. Liz nodded. "Alright, but as soon as you start feeling sleepy or tired we're taking you back to bed." She sat next to princess, simply being company for her while she was relaxing outside. She wished the princess could get better soon. Maybe she could be the cheerful girl again without experiencing so much pain.


    Emile nodded before following. He lost his ship, his crew, but not his dignity. He would find a way to hold a memorial for the fallen and get a new ship to make sure that they live on in spirit. He clenched his fist, determined to go through with this plan. He took the lead into the town, being careful not to look too much like a pirate as possible. He simply looked like a lost sailor without his hat, which he assumed fell off after the ship sunk. He'd have to get a new one soon.
  10. Aria smiled at the concern of her friend. She was really the only friend she had. Everyone else just made her feel like she was dying, or was only a princess. While her friend, Liz, treated her like a person, who had plans in life. Even if she didnt have them for herself. Aria was so thankful for her.


    Alex followed with his crew, looking at every post sign, and merchant possible. Stopping, he over heard the talking of two men. What he got out of it was that the king was looking for help. And that was all he needed. "Emile. I have a plan~" Alex always had plans to figure things out. Some that worked and some that hadn't. "I think we should ask the king for work. I heard people talking, saying that the king was looking for help!" What the people really were saying is that the king was looking for medical help, hoping someone could help his daughter. Though many of people have come to the castle to try, no one has succeeded .
  11. Emile looked over at Alex, intrigued. "Well, if he needs help then we'll give it until we have no more need to stay here. We'll be gone soon enough though, so don't get too attached, alright men?" Even though he lost everything, Emile was still looking ahead. He had plans for his crew and he knew that he would stay with them until the day he died.


    Liz looked around at the different plants and turned to Aria. "Which on is your favorite?" She asked. "Plants, I mean." She hoped that maybe she could find some way to move some sort of plant into her room for her. It might lighten the room up a little bit and make it seem less like a hospital than an actual bedroom. It needed to be less... white.
  12. Alex smiled. "Okay boys, me and Emile will head to the castle. You guys, find what you can, do what you can. Anything." He loved to see Emile this intrigued. He knew how hard it was on himself to lose his family, he couldnt imagine what pain Emile was in. "Sir- Lets head to the castle." He said bluntly, and began to walk, after giving his crew members a quick salute.

    Aria smiled. She always thought about which one she liked best. "I like the roses. They are beautiful, but are a burden to cut down. SO they are sort of protective of their beauty." She smiled, and looked to the left side of the front garden. "But morning glories, they are just as beautiful because you can only catch it when the sun is first rising." She sighed a bit. "I would love to see them bloom one day." She smiled at Liz. Aria was never outside early enough to see them. "What about you Liz, what are your favorites?" She looked at her friend and tilted her head to the side a bit.
  13. Emile nodded and started his walk to the castle, hoping that his crew were happy after death. He wondered if the king needed any type of doctor. He was quite skilled in the medical arts, having been the main doctor on the ship when his crew ever got sick. Maybe he could help in the sick bay, or maybe he could make medicines for the king.


    Liz thought about it for a moment. "Hm... I'd have to say lilies. They're delicate yet resilient." She said, looking around. "Prin-Aria... how would you like some flowers in your room? Would the doctors allow it?" She looked over at the princess, hoping that she would say they would allow it. She just wanted to see the poor girl smile more often.
  14. When they approached the castle, the guards had opened the doors at the request to speak with the king. Why it was so easy to get in must have meant that the king really did need help. Alex smiled softly and began to walk. Though he stopped at the sight of two people in no uniforms. Alex was always polite. "Emile, There are people over there?" He sort of questioned as he nudged his captain. He then walked a little closer to the two in sight. Beauties. "Good morning ladies." He smile, and bowed his head slightly. "We were wondering if you knew where to find the king?" He smiled and awaited an answer.


    Aria smiled, Liz had a good heart. "I would love it Liz, thank you." She smiled a little brighter at her friend, and crossed her hands together. She was starting to feel a bit stiff. When she heard a voice from the walkway, she stood, holding Liz for some support. She smiled at the men, and nodded. "Yes, this way." She began to walk, slow, but she was walking, and of course didnt want Liz's help, but she could use it.
    She got herself up the stairs, and in the castle. The men following her were probably going to try to fix her, thats what they always tried.
    When she got to the room where her father always was, the guards opened the door. "There are two men to see you, Father." She smiled and walked over to him.
    "I was outside. And I ate already." She smiled at the man who has spent what feels like forever trying to make his daughter healthy again. The king was a good man, good heart, just a heavy job.

    "Is there something I can help you two with?" The raspy, deep voice traveled to them, with a following smile.
  15. Emile bowed to the king. "Your majesty, we heard that you were in the need of help and have come to offer our services to you. I have a few men still in town looking to find a place for us to stay, we are sailors that have been caught in a storm. We would appreciate any job you gave us." He asked, looking up. The girl next to the king, who he could only assume was the princess with how she greeted the king, was quite beautiful if a little sick looking. If she was ill he could fix that right away. Maybe he could get a kiss out of it too.

    Liz stayed by the door, watching the two men. If either of them tried to hurt the princess... She would make sure the knights took care of them. Hopefully they were here to help the princess, if only to fail and bring her hopes down even more.
  16. Aria looked that the men. "Can you help me." She sighed out. Her fathers loving hand on her shoulder. She has ad men in and out of her castle trying to help her get better and no one has. She looked up at her father.

    "This here is my daughter Aria." The kings voice was soft, almost needy. "For the past years she has been suffering from an illness that we do not know. Her body is weak, and sometimes she will sleep for days. Its painful to her, and painful to watch. If you think that you can fix her, then I will give you what ever you need. Just please help her." He sighed and looked at his daughter. It was a bit saddening to see the king like this. Aria knew how happy her father used to be, and she hated that it was her fault that her father was upset.

    Alex smiled, and knew that with illness, Emile was the best at it. He took care of a whole crew one time after a bad fish, while he was just as sick. Alex took a few steps back after bowing his head to the king. He found himself next to the woman from outside the castle. He thought that she was maybe a friend to the princess? He bowed a light head to her, "My lady." All just in respect, and then watched as the captain would soon speak. The woman next to Alex was beautiful. When he bowed he had caught her eye, and smiled. Kingdoms were full of attractive women.
  17. "A sickness? Could you tell me more about it? If I have a bit more information, I could help your daughter." Emile walked up to the girl. "How did she contract the sickness? How long is a few years? What are her symptoms?" He asked, walking around the girl, but never touching her. He wouldn't touch the patient until he had conclusive evidence. She might have something he couldn't help, but he was sure he could at least do something.

    When Alex called Elizabeth 'my lady' it made the poor girl blush. She shook her head. "Oh, I'm sorry sir, but I'm just a handmaiden to the princess. If-if you need something, or your friend needs something, I can go get it for you." She moved to get ready to go get whatever the man wanted.
  18. Aria sighed. Every medic who came through asked her father, but never her. Before the king could answer, Aria cleared her throat. "I-" She put emphasis on the 'I'. "Don't exactly know how I got this. Just started to get worse over time. Id say about four years." She clenched her hands together. "I can barely stand, eat, walk. Sometimes even breath. My body is weak, almost like its going to just give up." And with her last words, she heard her father grumble behind her, and take a few steps away. She just wanted to be a normal person again. "Tell me you can at least try sir?" She sighed and took one of his hands in both of hers. She looked up at him, and gave a warm presents. "I'm getting worse, I know I am. I will give you anything to make me better." She sighed and released his hand, putting her weight on the table beside her. She has had to much movement so early in the day.

    Alex kept his eyes straight, but his smile was heard. Letting out a light chuckle, he looked to the ground. "My lady, I dont need a beautiful women to get a capable man anything-" He paused and looked at her with a almost playful smile. "Though if there is anything you need from me, I'll be sure to do my best." He then looked back to the princess. She seemed desperate to be healthy, it was sat to Alex. But he knew the captain could at least try to help.
  19. Emile noticed this desperation and nodded. "I can try, but I need to know a little bit more than just what you've told me... Have you been in any contact with animals that would draw blood? Or maybe you've been near the sea and touched a dead fish?" He didn't dare touch her, keeping his hands behind his back. His eyes completely scanned over her, making sure he couldn't see any tumors or boils that were forming on the skin. he found none.

    Liz blushed a bit more, looking down before looking up. She mustn't get flustered. That was how the men took advantage of the other handmaidens. "Can your friend really help the princess?" She asked, trying to compose herself again.
  20. Aria shook her head. "No. I spend most of my time in my room. Before I was sick-" She thought for a moment. "No nothing. Dead fish are gross. I may have eaten a bit of raw meat once or twice. But other then that i stayed mostly with the horses." Aria loved her horse. She hasent been able o ride, or even go see them in years.

    Alex stood straight. "Well I do believe he will try his damnedest to help her." He smiled and nodded slightly. "He is really goo at what he does though. He knows alot." He sighed and crossed his arms.
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