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  1. Probably boring as hell to everyone, unless you work in the trades, but I want to Share anyway!

    We textured sheet rock, painted interior walls and installed cabinets this week. We also built a small entrance porch that I forgot get a picture of.

    MY JERB, the only thing I do besides forum RP.

    The Garage, freshly installed hot water heater and garage doors that you can't really see.

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    Garage entrance, looking towards the north end of the house.

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    Pop out windows and back door.
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    CABINETRY. These things take a lot longer to install than I expected.

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    Vaulted ceiling. Lights, fireplace and back hallway.

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    My Pop out! That's what we call it cause I hated building it so much. Those angles were a bitch from the ground up.

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    And finally, the reason this house is amazing. The view. This is out the pop out window, looking south.

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  2. That really is a beautiful view.
  3. Haha, totally boring. No actually kinda cool. Can I live there? What a wonderful view to get to see every couple of weeks!

    I really kinda hate those lights in the ceiling though. Not nearly as cool as a chandelier, plus how do you replace them??
  4. Gotta have a ladder to replace them, pain in the ass lights!
  5. Assuming I win the lottery, I'm going to fly you and the people you work with to Michigan to build me a nice house.

    I'll even throw a party for Iwaku when it's all done (so you better have vacation time accrued by then, because I'm not letting you leave otherwise)!
  6. Alan, I'd drive to Michigan for an Iwaku party! Dooooo iiiiiittttt :D
  7. I gotta get on that whole "winning the lottery" thing first. Of course, moving back to Michigan is always a good start.
  8. Wow, I love the ceiling and the lights style! It's super cute.

    Did you style the windows and door placings? Because I love how the sunlight comes in at great angles!

    The pop-out is my favorite! I'd love to have a tiny room with a window like that~~~ :D
  9. Wow... O.O

    I can't believe you were able to build that. I have no skills when it comes to building stuff. Really awesome job Oct.
  10. The view IS amazing, but it's really neat to think that of the work that goes into all of that stuff.
    How long did this all take?
  11. Yes! The windows were placed specifically so that the setting sun would light the main living area in the evening. It is a custom design, but I really had nothing to do with it other than the construction.

    This has been an on going project. Besides myself, only one other person has been working on it. This is about 2.5 years in the making, which isn't bad for two people on the weekends.
  12. Wow, 2.5 years?


    Is that what they say when you finish a project of that scale? Congratulations doesn't seem like the right word....

    *thinking pose*


    Well, it's amazing! I agree with Kitti! I've never admired workmanship before because I've never known the person who put their heart into it.

    It must be a great feeling to look at the final product ! :D

  13. That's amazing! I love pop out windows like that and some day I want one for myself.

    This must look beautiful when furnished and done:)
  14. Woah, is this that job that you took some videos of to show me, when you were still putting the.... well.... ummm, frame work together? I guess?
  15. Just you and one another guy?
    Wooooooow. That's quite something, indeed.
    Two and a half years is no small commitment, too.
    Impressive. Sort of makes looking at houses more interesting to think of it that way too. XD
  16. That's amazing! I know this might sound cheesy but... When you put your heart into something, it really shows! Be sure to update us with more pictures in the future. I have a good hunch it's going to be a gorgeous home ^.^
  17. The very same.
  18. Are you gonna live there, October?
  19. Yes, someday. I will kick out the occupants and claim it as my own!!