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  1. Ok this is something I honestly feel the need to rant about cause so many parents these days are FUCKING STUPID! For all of the parents on this site, I do NOT mean to offend any of you. I'm just ranting and raving like the icy lunatic I am. Hell some of my friends are now parents and honestly they act better than most parents these days. Here goes.....

    No one likes your kid. You do, because it’s yours. But if you have children, no one else wants to see them, so don’t take them out to fancy restaurants and theaters. Kids are good for fast food joints and playgrounds. Be considerate of the people around you and get a baby sitter. I don't wanna hear some brat screaming his fucking head off while I'm trying to eat or watch a movie!

    Honestly if you have kids I get that you can’t always get a babysitter and that’s fine (it should be common sense not to bring your germy little children to fancy restaurants and other nice places but whatever), but if your child starts crying (in public, around strangers that didn’t really consent to being around your baby) you have like 1 minute to either make it stop or remove the child from the situation and away from me before I start death glaring you and your snotty little brat.

    I get that it may not be your fault too, kids cry, but you, as the parent should be fucking considerate of people around you and not force others to listen to your screaming little spawn.

    You don’t get to just inconvenience whoever you want because you decided not to use birth control or condoms. (If you did use birth control/condoms but got pregnant anyways, then this doesn't apply to you.)

    YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME just because you pushed a screaming pooping baby out of your stank ass vagina (or if it got ripped out of you via c-section!)

    I'm really getting tired of parents acting as if they're better than people who choose not to have kids. I'm sorry but having kids is NOT the ultimate sacrifice and you're NOT a hero or a mother just because you gave fucking birth. Try raising your goddamn kid correctly and being a good role model or maybe actually BEING THERE FOR YOUR KID! THEN you deserve the right to be called "Mother".

    (obviously it’s different if I volunteer to be around your child. Like, I invite you over and you bring your child or if I go to your house or something. I fully expect your child to be a child and cry and do other baby things and that’s fine. But if I’m sitting in a goddamn movie theater and have to listen to your kid cry for 15 minutes I’m going to be pissed!)

    And here's another thing: as cute as babies are, GOOD FUCKING GOD, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE 1001 PICTURES A DAY of your average ass child pointing to the green crayon and saying “Green” (ooh my child is so smart) or eating his food for the 10th day in a row like a big boy. WE DON’T CARE. Unless someone asks or it's relevant to the conversation, no one cares that Lil Johnny ate a fucking bug today and then you two watched Yo Gabba Gabba all damn day and then fell asleep. It's a good thing my motherly friends don't do this shit on Facebook.

    So that's my rant! Once again I know there are parents on this site and I don't mean to offend them. If I did, I highly apologize. I was just voicing my thoughts and ranting like a crazed lunatic. What are you sexy people's thoughts?
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  2. I feel you. I don't really like kids even when they aren't being screaming little monsters, so when they start wailing and being a nuisance in some place where the parent really shouldn't have brought them? That shit gives me a strong urge to take up child punting as a hobby.
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  3. What really gets to me is when parents let their kid surf the Internet unsupervised without any sort of parental control. I see it all the god damn time and it really pisses me off. There is so much fucked up shit on the Internet that can be found with a simple Google search; it is far from a child friendly place and no kid should ever be allowed to roam it freely. Whatever happened to common sense, ya know?
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  4. Unlike most here, I really like kids.

    However, I do agree with most of your points.

    Like I'm fine with kids being at say fine restaurants and the theater (I mean they're people too, and a lot of movies are targeted to kids), but the child should act mature at such a place.
    Like any other human being who goes there, the same expectations to behave should be there, and if they can't live up to it they should leave like any adult would be expected to do.
    (And yes, the same applies to say Autistic Children. And I say this as an Autistic. I get the whole point of social therapy, but not only does one have to consider others but the child like any other child does still need to know the limits, there are some behaviors that are unacceptable and need to be disciplined, diagnosis or no).

    And you're also completely right with being a parent is not a moral high ground.
    Congrats, you completed a natural bodily function and produced off spring.
    But can you raise the kid? Actually be there for the kid? Support the kid?
    Even if you can, there's a lot of effort others put into say their jobs, they're friends etc.

    And the picture thing is a bit crazy, especially when you consider the child is too young to really consent to those pictures being plastered everywhere.
    Granted, if it's kept to say Facebook it *is* they're personal page. So I get both sides in this situation.

    TLDR: Even as someone who loves kids, I do agree with most of what you're saying.
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  5. Totally agree, though I might be a bit biased. See, I work in a retail setting - a small, privately owned store. It's a novelty shop to the adults who can see the top shelves. But to any kid, it's a toy store, plain and simple. Our building is connected to this trendy coffee shop, so when "cool moms" get sick of their own hellspawn and want to enjoy their coffee in peace, they just let their kids have a field day over in our shop as if that's okay. No really, we'd love to take time out of our workday to look after your kid. I've had bad experiences with kids myself (is birthday girl seriously trying to duck under the closed sign? Who the hell do you think you are? Also, some very loud, sticky child wanted to know how she looked in the horsehead mask, so now I have an unwanted picture of a sweaty kid in a frozen shirt and a horsehead mask on my phone), but it's nothing compared to the stupidity my boss has endured. Before I worked there, there was this kid who would come in, find an item of merchandise worth maybe ten or twenty dollars, go up to the cash register, and try to buy it with a single dollar bill. He was a little old to make such a mistake, but it could have been written off as just that, a mistake, if he hadn't done that multiple times. He would try to guilt trip her when she didn't let him buy it, too. Got away with it once. But I think my favorite story is this one:

    So the coffee shop next door had this group of regulars - younger moms who would come in together while their kids were at school. But at one point, there was a really bad flu outbreak at their school, and all of their kids got sick and couldn't go to school. The natural solution to this here predicament would be to suck it up and stay home with your little petri dish - it's not like the other moms in your mom squad are going to do anything without you. Their kids are sick, too. It would have been a very bad idea to leave all of your puking kids at home while you get together for coffee, but it would have been better than what they decided to do. They brought ALL of their sick disgusting children with them and had coffee while these kids rampaged through both of our stores, alternately touching everything with their germy fingers and throwing up. All of them had fevers, so there was really no way these moms couldn't have known that they were sick - that, and they were literally throwing up everywhere. On the floor. On the walls. On the merchandise. My boss was on her hands and knees cleaning up vomit. So was the guy from the coffee shop - these stupid ass parents let their kids touch things and puke in a place where people eat. So it took forever to clean up the vomit, apparently, but this here is my favorite part - the moms left without tipping or even apologizing to them for making them spend the vast majority of their shifts cleaning up puke. I'm really glad I wasn't around for that incident - both my boss and the coffee shop guy got sick after that, and the same probably would have happened to me.

    So yeah, agreed. We are not paid to babysit your kids, either. Good thing to remember next time you're in a store with your children.
  6. This is just wrong on so many levels. >.<

    Firstly I'd be tempted to label it as child abuse, knowingly forcing their kids up and about in public while sick simply so they could get a fucking coffee.
    Then there's the mass irresponsibility on letting the sickness spread everywhere to other people.
    Then there's the matter of expecting others to clean up after this.
    Then they're doing it near food as well!?

    Gah! I'm sorry, but stories like this really makes me wish there was some sort of requirement people had to pass before becoming a parent.
    Even though I know that actually implementing such a requirement would do nothing but cause chaos.
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