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  1. Only in our lifetime

    (This is a yuri, never done one of these, so I thought I would give it a try)
    Lucy is a princess, her mother and father died when she was young and she was forced to take over, she is still a kid at heart and loves to have fun, but knows how to be serious when her kingdom calls for it, she loves her kingdom and the people in it. She rules the kingdom of Mouther, it is a small little town, but it is expanding quickly. she is ruthless to any of of the kingdoms surrounding it. She loves any town who helps her, which are a lot. One day she orders her knights and warriors to take a town called Dufaythe, the king and queen that once ruled this kingdom, tried to kill her mother and father to take Mouther for themselves.. Inside this town is the opposing princess, neither of them want anyone in either towns hurt, so they come to an agreement to join forces and rule both kingdom's as one, they relocate a castle so that it is in the middle of both towns. they live and rule together, but ruling together, with opposing kingdoms, has its ups and downs.

    (I want them to develop a love for eao be cute XD)