My Hunt for RP Partners! [Lots of choices! Updated 6/6!]

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  1. Hello! I'm FoolHardyRhyme and I'm on the hunt for some RP partners. (I actually came up with stuff for once ;D)

    I'm 22 and I've been roleplaying for about 10 years or so. I took a long hiatus for a while, either I didn't have partners, or life got in the way. Anyway, I miss writing and I'm looking to give it another shot. I don't have many 'requirements' more like suggestive guidelines!

    • If you're under 18, there can be NO smut of any kind, and probably no romance.
    • I write anywhere from 1-5 paragraphs, my effort is usually determined by my partners effort
    • I tend to write romance, I just like it alright?
    • I prefer to play men most of the time, though a couple of my pairings I'd like to be the girl
    • I do MxF FxF MxM, I'm up for it all
    • If you message me, talk to me. I'm not going to continually question you to pull out any kind of information. Bring some idea's to the table.
    • Doubling up is awesome!
    • This one's important: In some of my roleplays, I like to play a few different guys at once, usually all after your character. I don't like to specifically decide who she's going to end up with. I like to just play it out, and see who she decides on throughout the story. It's fun, kinda like a dating game. So anything marked [Harem] means this kind of rp! Any of my current RP's can be made into Harem's, or any Harem can be made into a regular one.
    Bold is the character I'd like to play. ** Is what I'm craving. :birthday: Means plot or vauge idea below, if you're interested in one of the Fandom one's with a plot, just message me.

    Jock x Goth/Punk girl
    Punk Guy x Good Girl
    Secret Agents/Evil Agents [Harem] x New Good Agent :birthday:
    Mafia Boss x OC :birthday:
    Mafia Henchmen x OC
    Mafia [Harem] x OC
    Country Boy x City Girl :birthday:
    Country Girl x City Boy
    Country Boy x Country Girl Gone City :birthday:
    Ghost x OC :birthday:

    Private Investigator x Cheating Wife
    Cool (in closet) Girl x Girly Girl** :birthday:
    Tough (in closet) Guy x Normal Guy (Poss. Drag Queen?)
    Samurai x Geisha
    Yakuza Guy x High Born Girl (Edo Period?)
    Demon x Angel :birthday:

    Reaper x Human
    Oceania God x Human

    Oceania God x Oceania God
    Stable Master x Princess :birthday:
    King/Servant/Knight [Harem] x Princess


    Full Metal Alchemist
    Jean Havoc x OC**
    Vato Falman x OC**
    Cannon x OC
    OC x OC

    Harry Potter
    Percy Weasley x OC
    Neville Longbottom x OC
    Oliver Wood x OC
    OC x OC
    Cannon x OC

    Eyeshield 21
    Kazuki Jumonji x OC** :birthday:
    Koji Kuroki x OC
    Rui Habashira x OC** :birthday:
    Cannon x OC

    Star Trek
    Cannon x OC
    OC x OC

    Team Fortress 2
    Medic x OC
    Scout x OC

    Cannon x OC
    OC x OC

    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Kazuma Kuwabara x OC **
    Cannon x OC

    Wanda x Vision

    Walking Dead
    Merle Dixon x OC**
    Cannon x OC

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Yondu x OC**
    Cannon x OC

    Mad Max: Fury Road
    War Boy(Nux or OC) x OC**
    Cannon x OC
    OC x OC
    Plots and Vauge Thoughts!
    Secret Agents/Evil Agents x OC
    Muse A had been living an ordinary life until a bag was thrown over her head and she was whisked away by unknown people. She’d been taken by a secret agent agency and chosen, as their newest hire. She was to undergo training and conditioning if she chose to take the position, she was to help protect the free world. On the other side of the spectrum, another secret agent agency, bent on crumbling the order in the world was watching them recruit. They wanted what the other agency had, and they would take it. By force if need be. Muse A must decide whether to do the right thing and help Muse B on his diplomatic missions, or will she be seduced by Muse C and the pleasurable evils of the world.
    [Harem plot. It will include multiple possible suitors]

    Mafia Thoughts
    Muse A is the leader of the most prominent and ruthless gang in New York. Muse B is the daughter of someone who owes the gang a lot of money, she offers to work off his debt, or take his punishment instead of him. She’s taken by the gang and moved into main house. Her fear eventually subsides as she grows to know Muse A.

    Country Plot
    Muse A was born and raised in the city, her job was falling apart, her apartment was too expensive and her fiancé was leaving her for another woman. She had nothing left in this city. She picked out a cute little farm house out in the country, something she could afford and make her own. She packed up all her belongings in her car and just started driving. When the sun rose, she was in a new town, a small town. Her new house isn’t as cute as it looked online, and it isn’t as easy living in the country as she thought. Good thing she has a sweet neighbor down the road to help her adjust. Muse B may be just what she needed.

    Country Girl Gone City
    Muse A born and raised country, she’s lived in the city for too long. She decided to move home, get back into her roots. To bad everyone she used to know still lives there, as well as some new people. Muse B is best friends with Muse A’s cousin, he doubts her country roots and has no problem putting her to the test. Will these two continue to butt heads or will the find something blossoming through the dirt.

    Haunted Hotel
    Muse A buys an old hotel. Her plan is to refurbish and start a new business, bring this historic building back to life and revive the community. To her dismay, it’s haunted. A group of ghosts, killed at different times in the hotel had come to call it home. First, they want her gone, but Muse B couldn’t be more excited to have a living human around. She tried to exorcise them, she thought about moving, and she just plain pretended they don’t exist. Eventually they grew on her, Muse B specifically. He and the others help her restore the hotel, and are the star attractions.

    Closeted Girl x Girly Girl
    Muse A, a cool tough chick is an athlete at a college, she’s had boyfriends through time but knew deep down she wasn’t really interested in anything besides her sports. Muse B is a freshman attending the school, she sees Muse A and is immediately enamored. She pines after the upper class man and pursues her endlessly. Eventually Muse B helps Muse A realize who she is, and her feelings.

    Demon x Angel
    A demon and an angel both keep showing up after the same souls. They argue and annoy each other, trading off here and there. When a soul goes rouge they must work together to track it down and reclaim it. But who will take the soul, and who will want the journey to never end?

    Stable Master x Princess
    A princess is given to a neighboring kingdoms prince, set to become his queen. She’s less than interested in her suitor and finds her only sense of relief is being outside on the castle grounds where she enjoys the gardens and encounters the castle’s stable master. She begins spending more time in the stables, enjoying the horses and the stable masters company. Eventually an affair emerges of their blossoming friendship, and they must hide their love or else be outcasted or worse, executed.

    The Devil's Games
    When people die and they go to hell, some are chosen to play the devil's games. They're taken to a dorm like setting, where their host, The Devil, has them partake in various tasks and games. One by one they're eliminated and the winner is given a second chance at life.
    [This could be a harem plot, it's really up for a lot of interpretation]

    Heartbreak Hotel**
    When your heart is broken, when your true love leaves you, you go for a stay at the Heartbreak Hotel. Muse A is left devistated after her boyfriend breaks up with her. She finds herself walking down an alley way leading to the Heartbreak Hotel. Once inside, she meets the deskclerk, the bellboy, and the other patrons. The tears never stop flowing and time never seems to move. She comes to realize the terrible secrets locked inside the hotel. The heartbroken are drawn to the there, and can only leave when they find love again, but no one ever had.


    I'm really flexible, so if you like any of my plots or pairings let me know, I'd love to work something out! For all of my pairings that don't have a plot written down, I have a basic kind of idea, but it's not worth it to write down a few words for each one.

    I hope to make some new friends and partners!​
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  2. Holy ***, So many fun choices. I usually like playing the roles you like to play, you know, the badass, kickass strong girl haha.

    Demon x Angel, Closeted Girl and Girly Girl sounds fun, I guess something where I can make fun paragraphs rather than my horrible fight scenes.

    In either case, I know you expect then for me to be the goody two shoes character, I'll try that, But I don't think the quiet, shy type is really going to be much of a challenge, so hopefully a very temperamental/bossy angel and a more bubbly (and sometimes even bitchy) girly girl will be acceptable!
  3. Star Trek with 2 X OC?
  4. Anything is possbile, shoot me a message! Tell me your thoughts :bsmile:
  5. I'm down for the Demon X Angel ^_^ !
  6. Wow yeahh!! These look really fun!! I'm liking the mafia plot, the haunted house plot, and the Demon x Angel plot the most!! I'd love to start any of these with you! :3
  7. PM me! We could do something!
  8. I want to RP a human to your Oceania God but 1) I'm not sure what exactly you mean by Oceania God (as in, god of the sea?), and 2) I'm in the elementary RP-ing level :cry: Wishing you all the best with your RPs!
  9. I don't mind if you have a lower writing capacity, I'll give anyone a shot if they'll work with me!

    Oceania is the broad term given to the area that includes the Pacific Islands and Hawaii
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  10. I'm up for doing Heartbreak Hotel, PM me if you're interested? :)
  11. Hey, I'm interested in that country plot! It sounds pretty cool.
  12. I sent you a PM! :D
  13. Shoot me a PM we can talk more!
  14. I would love to do Mafia Thoughts or Wanda x Vision with you ^-^
  15. Still looking for a couple!
  16. I'm interested in Cool (In closet) girl X Girly Girl if you're up for it ^^.
  17. sounds good to me if you're still searching.
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