My how things have changed.

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  1. (This is set in a big town like anywhere in the world,But the one thing that stands out is the church and its graveyard on the hill, just on the borders of the city)(i will be posting a forum for out of character as soon as i work it out but until then if you have a questions just pm me and i'll get back asap)

    *What the hell* Pandora awakens with a start,*were the hell am I* Oh yeah i remember now,with that she flicks on the light on the bed side table.
    I'am in my back room at the mausoleum, how long have i been sleeping for she thinks as she stretches all her UN-used muscles.
    Now a bit more awake she takes in a deep rather rattly breath my it has been a while i don't normally sleep any longer then 50 years damn it what's been going on since i have been out of the living world.
    With that thought, she puts her long legs over the side of the bed and stands "wow i feel like crap" she says to herself, moving ever so slowly she goes over to the vanity to see how bad the years have made her look.
    Bloody hell, i really need to get some food in me, looking back at her is a young but hagged face, her lilac eyes that normally sparkle at her, are now dull and wish washy hair long purple hair looks like bird's and who knows what else have been nesting in it.
    I am not going anywhere like this she says to her self, but i need blood so i can stand up with out shaking.

    So she slowly walks over to the panel in the wall and pushes a 5 number code in to it, she can hear the groaning of the wall moving were it hasn't been moved in years, but at last the wall is open and she steps through in to the mausoleum.
    Leaning her back against a wall knowing full well she cant go another step she starts to hum a beautiful but chilling tune.
    She feels like she has been waiting a life time until she hears the slow steady beating of a human heart and a second and third close behind.
    She smiles to herself and thinks well i am glad to see my food is still willing to walk to me, as she giggles to her self the first human enters the room and walks up to Pandora showing her his big strong neck.
    Pandora being starved says nothing but just latches on to him and drains him in a matter of moments,by this time the other two helpful souls have come in and being under a trance didn't even notice the body crumpled on the floor.By the third snack box she was feeling better and asked what "year is this?"
    Its 2022.Her food said so i have slept for nearly 100 years she thinks to herself. "Please tell me whats the biggest change in your lifetime my dear"
    well about 20 years ago now humans found out about supernaturals and so far apart from the odd fight here and there we live in relative peace with each other but there are lots of rules.With that Pandora pounced she hated rules.So everyone lives together now, my how things have changed.
    By the time Pandora had had her fill she could stand and felt more like her self " mmmmmmm that was just what i needed now to get rid of the body's" so she picked them up and dragged them out side were she stopped and took a breath "i like this time of year Autumn" She carried her load and took them out the back of the mausoleum and found a nice place for the three humans to have there eternal rest.
    Once that was done and she went back to her room inside and showered and changed in to a pair of smart black trousers and a black fitted shirt and left the top two buttons open, with her hair and eyeliner done Pandora winked and smiled at her reflection that's better she thought. So she went and put on her high heeled boots.On her way out she grabbed her favorite leather coat it was long and she looked great in it.
    Right she though to herself lets go see how the world has changed.
    I have made a few changes about laws and such (sorry to be a pain)
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  2. Honestly, Danny didn't know why he was out here. Sentiment? Acknowledging that he should have been in some place like this, cold and buried six feet under?
    He sighed, leaned back against the grave stone. Thinking about whether he should be dead or not would get him nowhere.
    He was what he was, after all. A vampire.
    And a hunter, but he kept that last part to himself. Hunters who were the things they hunted were still considered traitors.
    Even though the humans had discovered, officially, finally discovered the existence of the supernatural, it was business as usual for him. Just had to work with the police, now. After all, there were still lawbreakers, and the cops didn't have the equipment to handle the non-human ones. So Danny brought them in, with a fee, of course, and handed them over to the authorities for an actual criminal trial.
    If anything, the only difference with his job now is that he brought them in alive. And the pay was better, but he didn't count that as a difference.
    More of a blessing.
    Standing up again, Danny looked around. He was just over six foot four, with a medium build. Sixty or seventy years of hunting fast, cunning creatures showed in his level of fitness. His hair was black, carefully styled into a pompadour. It contrasted the paleness of his skin. As for his face, he looked like a boxer. With a square face shape, heavy brows, and a strong jaw, he looked like he could take a few punches. His eyes were dark brown, evaluating the graveyard around him with a practiced eye. He wore a plain gray tee, jeans, and well-worn work boots.
    A black jacket was added, mostly to cover the tattoos on his arms. There was a full sleeve on his right arm, and a half sleeve on his left.
    "Should be a lovely night," he muttered, mostly to himself.
  3. As Pandora opened the door to her mausoleum she could sense another Vampire not knowing if he was with the whole rules thing or not she thought i better play this safe as i don't know the rules or anything really maybe for the time being i should play nice and find out what is going on from another of my kin. With that she headed in the direction of the other Vampire leaning against the grave.
    Even from afar she could see he was well built, He had a look of a man who had a lot on his mind she walked up to him as quite as a church mouse, watching his every move.
    "Hello there my brother in blood and what brings you to a place like this on a beautiful night such as it is?"
  4. Another vampire approached him, quiet enough that he didn't notice until she spoke. A rare few could sneak up on him now, and that was more than enough to draw his interest.
    "Hell if I know. Thoughts, I suppose," Danny responded, looking at the woman. His voice matched his appearance; rough and low-pitched.
    "What about you?" he asked after a second, lifting his eyebrows.
  5. "well that is a fun story i have just awoken from a 100 year nap, and find the world has changed dramatically.So not meaning to be rude how long have you been a child of the night i mean i sneaked up on you with ease,*
    Pandora can't help from keeping the smile from her face it was always like this when she awoke from her slumber every little thing making her smile all the noises i really have missed being awake she thought to her self. *Do you have a job in this world or do just wonder around? i also hear that us supernaturals are to abide by a lot of rules?"
  6. Ah. She was one of those types that slept for years and years, waking up to feed.
    "I'm just about," Danny paused, thinking it through. "one hundred and one? As for the rules...We have to follow human laws now."
    He purposefully didn't mention his profession. That was a discussion to hopefully never be had. If it did happen, he hoped it would be far in the future. Explaining his motives for choosing this profession was complicated, and something he preferred not to do.
  7. "Human laws" Pandora couldn't keep the disdain out of her voice "so what do we do is there like a blood bank for us or just tidy up after our self's"
    Pandora noticed how he didn't mention his job hmmm it could just be the fact his a newish Vampire and like to keep himself to himself or it could be he works for the walking dinners She thinks to herself.
    "Wow your a newbie to a degree then, so every one is happy with living by human laws" well i'll have to see to that she thinks.
    "So then were in this city is the best place to go for a gal who's looking to get out of the graveyard she has been in for the last 100 years"
  8. "I've always lived by human laws. Not much of a change." Not quite true, but he'd been living by their laws for long enough that he didn't feel the change. "And I just got here, so I don't know what the nightlife's like." Danny had just gotten into town the day before; he was still investigating. Relaxation came once he made sure that his services weren't needed immediately.
    He ignored her comment about him being a newbie. He was, but having every vampire he'd met point out the fact to him was tiresome and often irritating.
  9. Not far from Pandora and Danny a simple headstone stood fairly new reading:
    Dominique Ulex Damion Eagleton
    Born 18 Nov 1980
    Died 18 Nov 2001
    Love to Skate

    There was a rumble underneath and a decayed hand shot through the ground. Soon enough a body pulled himself out the ground tyring to brush some dirt of him. There he was 6 foot 6 wearing a baseball cap baggy t-shirt and ripped jeans with skater shoes his skin has blotches of decay on.
    He looked at his grave and thought *So that's my name and I love to skate I wonder if I still can but i don't know anything from my past".

    He looks around and see a couple not far and he can sense that they were vampires.
    As he walked towards them his left leg seems to shuffle and then he realized he was hungry.

    As he approched "Dude and Duchess How you two hanging I am Dominique Ulex Damion Eagleton" As he spoke his words he bowed down removing his cap showing his raw brain underneath. He stood back up and grinned "I'm sorry to ruin your date dude but I don't know Jack and seriously dude I have the munchies so bad I need to eat someit I'm wasting away and look dude and duchess I mean literally." He lifted his T-shirt and you could see he was very underweight with bones showing and flesh hanging off. He probably was underweight when he was alive, not mind he's some kind of zombie now.
  10. James wandered through the graveyard aimlessly. He was known for doing this. He had an interest in just looking to see how long people have lived, just to think about what could have happened to them. It wasn't long until he heard distant voices. Who would be out here this late other than me... he thought to himself. He walked cautiously towards the sound of voices.
  11. Pandora smelt the decay before she saw the zombie Dominique Ulex Damion Eagleton, looking at him with steady eye's when he raised his cap to show of the very really if not slightly disused brain inside she couldn't help the smile that came to her lips. my its been years since i have seen a zombie they kinda all just disapered one day about 3oo years ago she thought to her self. When she heard this guy talking about a date she looked up and laughed her head off "no no no my dear friend you have it wrong this is no date, i have just awoken from a very long power nap and have come to ask this guy what's happening. I myself could do with some food/drink, How long have you been dead for?.Oh my how rude i must be i am Pandora."
    Pandora could also hear anothers foot steps heading towards them. my my so many people out in a graveyard its a wonderful thing maybe we can go and brain storm in a nice resturant. She thought.
  12. Danny shifted his weight, looking at the zombie before them. His instincts told him to blast the poor guy, but he avoided making a scene and ignored the impulse. "Can I call you Dom?" he asked once Pandora was finished. Then he realized that he hat yet to introduce himself. "I'm Daniel, sorry. Just call me Danny. Well, call me whatever as long as it isn't blockhead."
  13. "Oops sorry just thought 2 vampires in a graveyard, very nice night and all my bad" Dom hit himself in the head to overstate bad and his cap and brain falls out "Oh maaaan didn't realize that will happen come here brainy" He runs over to pick his brain up and then his hat. "Sorry guys But yea call me Dom that sounds easier and my gravestone says ive been dead for since 2001 and I have no idea who I was or how long I been tring to get out of my hole...." Dom gave a smile "he he hole but seriously duchess I'm new oo I claim this day to be my death day dude yea it rocks what is the day"

    Dom seems to never stop smiling even though he knows nothing of his past all he has is his name.
  14. Pandora really like's this zombie, his good mood has seamed to affect her in a good way. She cant hold the laughter in when he goes of chasing his brain,Looking over at the zombies grave she re-reads his name and looks at him "Dom, i cant help but notice the way you like to say dude a lot, and the other thing i have noticed is your full name is an acronym for DUDE, so i shall call you as such if that is ok with you?.I also have no idea what the day is only of the year it is 2022."
  15. Scratching his neck "Acronym? what's that duchess, but yea sounds good, new life new name Call me dude who loves to skate..... I need a skateboard and see if I am any good plus I'm really need some grub. Munchies are hitting me hard man." "Hey Danny dude and dear duchess what's the game plan I'm sure I can pick my stuff up on way."
  16. "There's a cafe down the road a ways," Danny offered, looking at Pandora, then Dom. He'd been feeling a bit peckish, anyway, and the cafe was actually quite decent. "Guess I can catch you guys up on things once we get there."
  17. "Cafe sounds great to me, we really don't want Dude here to get hungry i have seen the destruction his kind can cause."
    So i wonder who the other being was in this graveyard i am sure we will catch up with whom ever it maybe as we leave. Pandora thinks to herself, Looking over to Dude/Dom she says right my new friend are you ready to go and fill that empty stomach of yours. I really do hope the food doesn't fall back out again. She thinks with a shiver running down her spin.
  18. "Good point Duchess". Dude prods himself in the stomach. "I Think its sturdy enough" Dude prods himself again to double check "Its still there were good to go then". With That said Dude grabbed Pandora's arm then with his other arm grabbed Danny's arm. A Big cheesy grin went across dude's face and started singing "We of to go to the caf-e. The wonderful world of munchies" Dude couldn't sing to save his life.... well undead life if it depended on it. "Come on you 2 sing"
  19. As long as the food doesn't fall out on me, he thought, observing the kid poke himself in the stomach. Then Dom linked arms with Danny and Pandora, and began singing. He tried to goad them into doing the same. "You're going to regret this, man," Danny replied, grinning widely and singing along.
  20. Pandora looked at the to men and just said "in for a penny in for a pound" and started to skip in hope that the guys could keep up and sung like her life depend on it. Well it is most definitely not going to be boring any more.