My how things have changed (discussions)

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  1. Right i am new to this site so its all a bit daunting so if i go wrong just tell me (nicely lol)

    Oh and normal IWAKU rules apply plz dont get this sent of to mature too thanks.
    Not really thought about this to much just thought i would post and see what happens. I'am cool with anything supernatural or human lets just have fun and see what we get.

    P.S thanks for reading.
    Right i have been having a think about this so we know the year is 2022, and all supernaturals are living happy ever after with humans at the moment.We are in a big city so you have everything from pubs-clubs restaurants and your every day shop's there is even a Starbucks for all types of races.Supernaturals have to now live by human laws as such they can not go around killing anyone. Humans no longer pay taxes but they have to donate a pint of blood every 2 weeks. (to keep the vampires in check) But the supernaturals do have to pay taxes (to keep the up keep such as police and homes and such like.) Any one with any magic powers have to carry around a license displaying what they can do, BUT are not aloud to openly use there powers with out good reason.
    But obliviously this cant and wont last forever...............................................
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  2. I'm tempted to join as my hunter, but I'm wondering how exactly he would fit in. Would he still have a job, or no?
  3. Oh yeah he will have a job it may seam all happy but that's not how i want it to be. Like i said i am kinda new to this but i am hoping with the help of others and hopefully yourself we can make a great story.
  4. Alright, that works. c: I'll post my intro in a few minutes, then.
  5. I'm sorry, but I just don't think I'll be able to continue this roleplay. Some recent events in my life (new video games) are going to be pulling me away from the computer, and I won't be replying as much. So, instead of slowing down the whole thing for you guys, I'll just drop out. Again, I'm really sorry. :(
  6. No worry's i understand i'am sure ill see you around. take care.