My hill.

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  1. Okay, so here's how this game functions--

    We're all fighting over a fucking hill. Yes, a hill. So you have to do the most craziest and psycho things to get YOUR hill back. Start off easy, and then just go wild. And, your sentence has to always end with "My hill". Keep it clean please! Here's an example:

    BadApple: Badapple climbs up the hill. My hill.

    User: User climbs up the hill also, pushing apple off of the hill.

    Badapple: "Son of a.." Gets back up angrily, and climbs up the hill again with a bat, and beats the crap out of User. My hill.

    User: Heals him/herself, and uses his/her telekinesis to sweep apple off of her feet. My hill.

    Badapple: Gets back up even more furious, and turns into chuck Norris's daughter, kicking User far away from the hill. My hill.

    (( So I guess I'll start..? ))

    BadApple runs onto the hill, and scans around the area, making sure no one was there to take it. My hill.
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  2. Minibit sneaks up and jiujitsu-flips Apple onto their back, rolling them off

    My hill >=3
  3. BadApple furiously gets up, and marches up the hill, grabbing Minibit and forcefully throwing her off of the hill. My hill.

  4. lynzy flys out of nowhere and gives BadApple a big push of the hill and ((splat)) right into a mud puddle!

    "MY hill now!"
  5. ChadJ flies up to the hill using his maneuver gear and trips lynzy so she tumbles down and down.
    Le me heel >:D
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