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Reynard Fox - Rank 332
Absently nodding at Saizo, Ren's eyes started to blink furiously. Swearing under his breath, Ren shifted out of full-shift, and back into half shift. His shift was much slower this time, not rushed or with a purpose other then to change form. The flames that licked at his fur soon died down to reveal his human form. He crouched on the ground for a few minutes, trying to get his thoughts stable again. His tail lashed around him, making it difficult to get near the fox. Finally getting his thoughts to stop going crazy, Rennard glanced up again, and stood back up with a small grunt. His stomach rumbled and the red-haired male dug into one of his pouches, pulling out the bag of dried fruits he had bought earlier that day.

"I tried." The fox said quietly to Saizo, trotting over to his side and leaning over to peer into the hole in the street. He extended his tail into the hole and quickly retracted it. "Water."

Shrugging, Ren straightened back up and decided to wait for someone else to do something first. Being a follower seemed like the right thing now...He chomped down on the dried fruits, gaining back the energy the shifting and fight took from him.
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Tokyo Japan April 29th - ???

In a long hall of traditional Japanese make, a tatami flooring stretched out, along its central span was a long carpet of regal red, interspaced along each side of the walkway were several pillows, arranged from white to black, with the two most rows being white along the sides, and black in the following rows. A mark of seniority that leads to a throne at it’s head. Not too much space was here, but it suited the purpose as paper partitioned walls separated them from all the rest.

Sitting on that throne was Mikazuki Takanashi, the Empress as she was given to being called, the undisputed head of the United Yakuza Syndicate. Looking out upon her captains, this time it was a bit different, only a few were seated and the rest were bowed at her feet, till she gave them permission to stand, getting up from her chair the woman paces around them all, up and down the line, before she stops, staring pointedly from the center. “So, an arms shipment lost, a station break for two of you, loss of income, being humiliated and knocked into a sewer. Trifling matters all in all no? But still they must be corrected. Even if it's taking a finger..”

With that she turns away. “So who wishes to speak up first? Anyone with news? What of you Mauve, your little science project, I sense you need something else to finish it and I do feel like leading by example.. Plus I have a plan for all of you, a plan that we all must carry out.”

Upon those words the mentioned party exited the shadows behind the Empresses throne as what was expected to be the well known Mauve Stinger revealed a woman that looked nothing like the one feared in hero, anvil, or the underworld of society. Instead of a bright blue jelly figure stood a dark purple figure, instead of a hyper excited personality now was a dark seriously toned woman, where multiple tentacles threatened to cause chaos now only stood to wing like protrusions shaped like massive hands. Whatever had happened all those years in between her disappearance had changed the villainess drastically physically, and mentally.

“I am quite close in fact. The chosen are ready to stir from their slumber, and all I need now is one final chemical catalyst to grant you their loyalty. It's a rather rare one practically in small supply, but all together in one simple spot,” Mauve spoke as her hand extended further, and further until reaching the Empress with a small paper. On it would be the location, and name of the chemical necessary for the long secret project between her, and the Empress.

“Yes. For now we shall finish these plans and hold off on a full on retaliation, we for now shall make good upon our losses.”

“You two.”
Firstly pointing at Yuzuki and Fumika she nods her head then motions toward the direction of Tokyo propper. “We need more resources, or rather I wish to send a message. Pick a depository or two and knock over an armored car, take some of the boys with you. This should be easy for two Captains.”

She says pointing out the hatted girl. “There is something of a mutual ally I want you to meet with, you’ll be giving him a suitcase. Just a normal trade, he’ll have one for you in exchange.” With her red eyes narrowing she fixes her gaze upon the girl. “If someone else comes for it, destroy it at once, one or both. And to be perfectly clear if you are captured again this time, don’t bother coming back..”

“Kazou you will take Rin, your little operation has been thrashed.. So I want you to gain a little attention from our friends in ANVIL, I care not how or where. I’m sure I need not repeat myself twice?”

With that she looks and points at Kentaro behind her. “And you and I my friend shall be getting these Chemicals, it's been far too long since I had to go out into the field.”

Looking back over them all she waited to see if they had more to say.

For her part, Aki remained silent. She wasn’t a “traditional” member like some of the others, though while more unorthodox she knew better than to make excuses or argue. Those damn heroes just had to bust everything up. It was only some guns and explosives!

Rin glanced over to the chastised with a thoughtful expression. The woman knew Aki was a bit lackadaisical, but she was strong. Not to mention her failure wasn’t alone. Between ANVIL and the heroes it seemed the Yakuza was being focused. As the Empress gave orders to dispatch, Rin perked up, gaining a bit of a grin on her face.

“How far’s my leash?” She asked, perhaps a bit eager. There might be one or two of interest between ANVIL and HA after all. The question was how far she was allowed to take it.

Jun’ichi was solemn throughout the meeting. His face was neutral for the most part, though serious and stern. When the Empress finished speaking he bowed slightly before speaking.

“And what of me, Ma’am?”

“Your time will come soon. But as with all things in passing.” Mikazuki says calmly, knowing he was wanting to go full on out, but now was not the time.

“As to your leash, do not get captured and let them know who they ran into.”

“Some fuel to arm the soldiers, and some chaos to grease the gears of war. We will make you proud Empress,” the more intimidating man with the scar across his face responded bowing after being given his task by the Empress. Clearly old school Yakuza was the man coming off extremely dangerous, but showing completely unquestionable loyalty to the Empress. Yuzuki Dojima the head of the Dojima clan family who just like the Empress had been locked up for many years until that fateful jailbreak caused by Nina, and Mauve.

“Well then.. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have work to do.” The Empress says, humming to herself as she makes way for the rear of the building, all of the more junior members bow as she walks away, standing up as the screen slid close behind her, a woman in a semi suit attire closing it behind her. The two hatters look at Fumika who cracked her knuckles. “Huh, Let’s head out old man Dojima, they aren’t going to break themselves.”


In an unknown underground facility from the pre-civil war years, Nina sat, leaning against a military plastic shipping container, with a table to her front she gazed around at her comrades, brought in after the latest incidents at the prodding of the Yakuza and her shadowy employers, more than a few Enforcers had to be brought in for this, as had the “hire on” they had picked up from Nina’s previous work in the country.

Gazing around a few new faces were here, plus one that was know to Adelaide, the girl known as Alice.

“So, we are taking orders from the Yakuza now?”

“No. These orders are from The Organization, for now they would rather the fires keep burning.”

“Even so, six of us is unusual.” Says another woman, she seemed Chinese judging by her appearance and dress. “More so with Number One and Number Two. What is your position in all of this Nina?”

“As you can guess Tsao, I am in operation command.. Yet.”

“Yes, We need to wait for the others to arrive.” Alice adds in.

“Yes, the Tracker, the Wendigo and the so called child. Once all the pieces are here we’ll begin our operation.”

“Still..” Tsao adds in before stopping.

“We need only do our job, just as we always have.” Nina adds in, the conversation ending.

April 30th, Tokyo Japan ANVIL Station 12 and HA Headquarters

Ayame Daichi - Burned out Warehouse and Harbor Authority
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A week and some change after, Ayame would be tasked with investigating the burned warehouse from before. Ryushi was brought along to see if there was more to learn and Adelaide to help clear rubble.

"Hmm.. I think this might take awhile." The Red Panda girl said to her two comrades, her booted foot pushing aside some ruble. "So what all happened here when you were here, Ryushi? Oh yeah, not everything burned either, it's over in the Harbor Authority's Storage on the other side of the dockyard, so we'll go there as well. We'll try and not rely on your quirk too much, you had an interesting weekend too from what I heard." Having arrived in one of the armored Squad cars, their was seemingly no need to be overly on guard nor armed, most of their gear was either on their persons or was laying locked up with in the patrol car.

She also spared a glance towards Adelaide, to see if she had anything to add.



Kanna Tanaka - Shinjuku Street Patrol
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While not in their normal purview, Kanna had felt like a light patrol near the station as they went out to buy a few simple food staples and maybe to get some lunch themselves.

Turning her head it seemed Airi and Kurogane would be with her once more and the girl known as smiles, Shiori was with them as well. It was some of the heavies hitters, maybe too many to be honest and it would be nice to allow the brother and sister pairing to work together again soon, the girl had been on surprisingly good behavior and Kanna was not blind to this. However that was neither here nor now, wearing her normal clothing Kanna plodded around the street, facing back forward she speaks.

"Is there anything you three would like of note?"

Mini Mini Azurian Dream Azurian Dream Demon Shinobi Demon Shinobi Reanimator Spuds Reanimator Spuds

On the hero side of things Jet, Yosuke, Rennard, Shun and Isamu would all be hanging out together, or rather patrolling a stretch of eastern Tokyo near the "upper-class" part of the City. Some might even think of it as a boys day out or a photo op. And maybe it was in part.

Though fate and something akin to break time would bring them all towards one another.


Jessica2477 Jessica2477 EmperorsChosen EmperorsChosen

Masaru, Octavia and Ichirou, three friends would meet up with one another, going about their day or heading out for hero work, the trio had no idea what was to come. A threat from long ago was about to make itself known, but for now the three were near the walls of the HA complex. For now the three could enjoy themselves, taking it calm and fool, sticking to back streets to avoid potential legions of fans. Though also leaving themselves partially vulnerable to chance.


Thaleko Thaleko Jessica2477 Jessica2477

On the southern outskirts of Tokyo, even beyond the suburbs where the country began and streets end, ANVIL troopers, Amaris, Inferni and Emika would be in a light residential neighborhood that was more in favor of ANVIL than the HA, coupled with the police presence being more minor out here and akin to a constabulary... So when the local officers were told about their being strange outsiders in the district, they were quick to call ANVIL rather than HA or Tokyo proper.

However such a vague assignment did not warrant a large response, for now they were to speak to the locals, observe and report. Only should something worthwhile be found did they have permission to engage. So far the Locals painted a picture of the unknown being near an old industrial park, long since closed.


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Nagaromi Ryushi

With a polite yawn, hand hovered over his mouth. Ryushi blinked a few times to manage the tears in his eyes. A regular occurrence that morning, it would seem his recent rest had been frequently disturbed. Taking an additional second to survey the rubble around him, he wondered at Ayame, if she hadn't enough time to read his post-mission brief or merely wanted his summary.

"Interesting? ... I do suppose that's one way to look at it. Ma'am. Are you familiar with any notable wolf-kin thieves, by chance?"

Gauging her reaction, Ryushi merely shook his head with a smile. Adding...

"Disregard it then. I'll say it was a fun little goose chase, woven by a series of riddles and leave it at that. Though, I did have the opportunity to work beside Ms. Iron Volt. She is quite... enthusiastic about her work despite... not always achieving success."

"As to these ruins... Our target, Ms. Wanijima managed to somehow get her destructive hands on a Fuel Air Bomb. ... We arrived late for the party... the Hero Association was already on the scene, and we joined with...a less than optimal approach."

"I managed to encounter Ms. Chevalier and Mr. Bombs Away... They had a little too much fun with our target. Which, nearly would have killed everyone in the compound. If not for some quick thinking... and extraordinary luck. Still, Ms Wanijima left us with a parting gift in the munitions.... I don't remember much after that."

With a smirk, Ryushi knelt to sift through some debris. it wasn't a common experience for him to have patches of memories missing from his mind. However, his suit had been severally charred in the resulting inferno and offered little to aid him. Despite this, he was certain it was the work of the Heroes that he had survived the secondary blast.

RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun
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Shiori Sunemizuki
RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun Demon Shinobi Demon Shinobi


Another day partially complete, Shiori found herself in the company of her coworkers, though not ones she was fully familiar with. Kanna was nice, if not intimidating for more reasons than one, but she had at least spoken with the woman. The other two left the girl uncertain. the one with the tail hung around with Amaris quite a bit and seemed rather playful, but more notably was the boy. He was different than the other male of the platoon, comparatively to Takumi's eager simplicity or Ryuushi's taciturn politeness. Kuro seemed a bit...


It didn't help that Shiori knew more than many thanks to her connections. She knew who he was and why he was here, though thus far she hadn't observed anything bad.

"Eh? Ah... Yakisoba...?" Shiori responded half assuredly, paired with a small smile. She was in her usual uniform, fatigue bottoms and all with the bodysuit covering her torso.

Masaru Takeshi
Jessica2477 Jessica2477

The day went on as usual and Masaru let out a tired sigh. This line of work never ceased to be taxing, either physically or mentally. It wasn't all bad though. There were days like the current one where not much went on, and he even ran into some friends. That was a bonus of the new Hero Association regulations, he supposed. He saw his friends more often than if they were all scattered about acting entirely autonomously. Group patrols on a quiet day turned into more of a spontaneous hang-out or catch-up.

"How've you two been?" Masaru inquired. "Looks like Fosc is doing okay."

He had heard about everyone's various escapades. It seemed as though everyone had gotten busy all at relatively the same time, and no one seemed to have a great experience. Particularly, it was Charlotte who gave him more information than was necessary. It was quite annoying having to hear complaints from both parties venting about the other. He could only feel sorry for Isamu who would have to deal with the fallout even at home.
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Ichirou Mizushima
Interacting: Masaru

To him, it was surprisingly uneventful, though he still had his guard up should anything suddenly happen. That was the case with most heroes, wasn't it? Should a villain appear out of nowhere, Ichirou was confident that he, Masaru, and Octavia would be able to take them down. He and Masaru had trained in the mountains together as well as fought against his long lost brother, while he had also fought alongside Octavia a few years ago. Though he'd need a refresher on some of the things they could do, Ichirou could adapt to their styles.

"I've been good since the last fight. What about you guys?"

Octavia Daulfern
Interacting: Masaru EmperorsChosen EmperorsChosen

Fosc was plopped on Octavia's shoulder, the bird nestled against the crook of her neck as he watched the surroundings for his host. After that particular battle, the purple haired woman had been a bit more paranoid about her companion. She wanted to be much more careful with him and keep him close by. Never again did she want to risk her beautiful companion to die...

"Fosc and I are well, though after that battle I've been spoiling my dear little crow nonstop. I'm so worried that what happened today might happen to him again." Octavia reached up and pet her bird, said bird leaning his head against her touch. Her eyes turned to Masaru, as now it was his turn to answer Ichirou's question.

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Gold Finger - Rank 128

It was another day for him to get out and just interact with the public. Ranking was not only about villains and assignments, but also public opinion. He needed to make sure he was helping out as he walked around. And one thing he planned on doing was helping out in more mundane ways as well. So today, dressed in his hero outfit, he was helping people with random oddball task. Handymaning it up as he walked by. Someone dropped their keys down a drain, he had a tool for that. Someone had locked themselves out of the house? He could get it open (and then confirm identity. No petty thief was getting in on his watch). And yes he even was helping kittens out of trees.

All the while he was still thinking up new gear. The issue had been weighing heavily on his mind since his last run-in with the Yakuza metal folk. Even with gunslinging it would prove difficult to make much else. Hardening quirks were pretty normal. As far as match-ups go it was immensely skewed out of his favor. Telekinetic quirks were the only thing he felt were worse.

He took a moment to take a breather. All this min-maxing to break his rank was starting to get to him. He needed to make sure he kept why he was here in the first place in mind. It felt like it had been too long since he has a stark win. And he missed working with Heisuke and Octavia.

He took a moment slipping in to a secluded spot for a moment to collect his thoughts, not aware that he would likely be receiving another interruption soon.​
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Aurora - U.A. Tower



Jettitare & Mimi- Anvil HQ/ Home

Collab with Reanimator Spuds Reanimator Spuds

It was another late night for Mimi as she strained her eyes in front of the computer. She had her mission assignment almost 3 days ago. However, there was so much to work on. There was the contact with the police, the inventory of the cargo they had commandeered, investigating those caught at the scene as well as the heroes from the HA who had interfered with their mission, as well as the typical paperwork associated with all of that normally.

She wasn’t about to call it a night any time soon, even if she should. There were very few things that would get her to close up shop, but as of this moment, she continued typing away in the glow of her computer in the darkened office space.

From the corner of Mimi’s eyes though as she worked meticulously with a purpose a small wisp of purple haze would eerily passby fading away if she was to turn around she would find no one, or thing around her. Though the same wouldn’t be said if she looked ahead of her desk where now sitting across from her was Jettitare placing down her favorite drink in front of her. As he placed a bag in the empty seat next to him the dragon started to pull out some tupperware along with a pair of utensils.

“Two nights in a row I will let slide, but the third is when I will act before you start burning yourself at both ends,” he simply spoke, opening the containers to allow a rather appetizing scent of food she loved wafted into her sense of smell. After realizing she would be out a third day from coming home he had prepped her favorite meal, and drink. Being H.A it was probably a bit questionable how a hero had gotten to the office space of Anvil at night… which was probably better not to be answered. When Mimi gave no immediate response or question he gave up why he was there.

“I am worried you will start living here so I thought I might remind you the charms of home not being your workplace,” he lightly joked with a smile having set up Mimi’s meal in front of her with a few of her most adored snacks… he had clearly gone all out on this dinner “date”. He didn't probe her however if she felt to express her current situation she would, and he always would listen while doing his best to ease her worries, or help as well as he could. For now all he could do was feed her and give a caring grin.

As she caught sight of the wisp in her peripheral, she flicked her head back to catch what it was… There was nothing… Somewhat suspicion she looked back over to see Jet in front of her. She looked at him with her usual blank stare. "You're definitely not supposed to be here." She tried to continue typing, but he had set up a dinner in front of her.

He went on about how treating the office space as home wasn't a smart idea. "But now I'm having dinner here." She poked a hole in his logic. Not that the logic was the important thing here. She appreciated the thought as well as the effort. Jet had set up a glass of rosé for her. It was her preference when it came to alcohol. Much sweeter than most other drinks.

She knew she wasn't going to get this done quite yet. There was too much to process. And were it not for Jet having a stake in her personal care, she would have kept working. She was taking care of herself at this moment for him. Not for her. She took up the fork and took her first bite. It was delicious. Even if he had a strange fixation on macro-nutrient rich diets, he was an excellent cook none-the-less.

She took a deep breath. "Thank you." She really hadn't done much with him recently. She couldn't remember the last time they went out. Or really did much of anything. Every day was waiting up early, coming home late and falling asleep. "My first assignment was frustrating."

“Probably not,” Jettitare chuckled at her obviously true remark. Worse case he would just be escorted out though if anyone found him to be there other than Mimi. He munched on his own dish as she poked at him for his logic flaw which caused him to smile again as he pointed a spoon at her.

“Potential or I can stop bringing you these meals in hopes to reel you back to your own abode so that I may enjoy your sweet company again,” he teased, spinning his spoon like a reel. It was then the real conversation popped its head as Mimi finally opened up her current issue… her first lead mission. Easy to say Jettitare had already heard of the whole unexpected collision of U.A, and Anvil at the docks to separate missions that had unfortunately butted heads unexpectedly. Jettitare ahd heard U.A’s side from Charlotte’s perspective, and Cupie’s gas had caused a bit of a chaotic effect to them making Isamu go wacky lovey dovey right into the dog house. Mimi’s problem for sure was the fact while many were arrested there was extreme damage to the evidence with none of the leadership caught

“You still cut off a supply line though, and took many dangerous folks off the streets,” Jet pointed out to the positive.

Jet was right. They did manage to obtain quite a bit. But she wasn’t exactly upset at the outcome, while less than desirable. But rather, how it was set up. They were sent into a complex filled with hostiles without enough information. Which isn’t too much on it’s own. After all, Ryushi was able to learn enough to assist them in their work. But after that, the chaos that ensued aside, her teammates and her were not the most suited for subterfuge.

They only had info on the seller. None what-so-ever on the buyer. It worked out well in the end, but with so little information, it would have been easy for someone to be seriously injured, or even killed. “They didn’t give enough information.” She took a bite, as her mind wandered to that night. Thinking of the water user…

“Am I... too much?” She somewhat shyly asked. She provided no further context, feeling only the hintest amount self-conscious. She took another sip with a sigh.

“No. You're just right,” Jettitare spoke kindly referencing the three bears' story of goldilocks as he got up, and got behind Mimi before kneeling down and hugging her from behind holding one of her hands in his own as he comforted her.

“You're a hard dedicated worker Mimi, and it's one of your best qualities even if it makes you stubborn sometimes,” he chuckled holding her hand tight as he looked her in the eye turning her chair so he was in front of her still holding her hand though.

“Yet it is a required notion in this field of work. You're passionate about it, but you need to be careful to note be flooded by it. How about you call it a night, and come home while I pamper you like you very much deserve,” Jettitare offered hoping Mimi would agree to take it easy tonight as she was clearly stressed, and exhausted by the work. Though more importantly she needed some positive attention, and this office wasn't going to provide that.

“Besides, Iris misses you too.”

While not exactly what she was referring to, Jet’s words did help take her mind off of that for the moment. It was a rare occasion she thought of herself. But he was quite persistent. It was hard NOT to think of herself while with him. She nodded. They could finish their dinner later.

She saved what she was working on and gathered her coat, ready to head out of the complex. “You go ahead. You’re not supposed to be here.” She reminded him, giving him a flick on the forehead. They may be a couple, but she was still not going to let him go completely free.

She took the rest of the wine in her glass and tipped her head far back, drinking the rest in one swallow. Which she recognized might not have been the smartest ideas, but it would be okay. If Jet wanted to pamper her tonight, she wanted to make sure he would.

She gathered her things and started heading out towards the front of the complex, slowly starting to feel the effects of the alcohol. She wasn’t drunk. But her cheeks were definitely getting a little rosey.

Chuckling at the “punishment” laid upon his temple he was quick to collect the dishes, and vanished as quick as he had appeared. It didn't take long for him to meet Mimi out front with the car acting like he had just arrived, and totally not infiltrate the building prior. He had also changed from his hero garb not wanting negative attention from Anvils staff so good thing he left the motorcycle at home. Opening the door for Mimi he made sure she was set before closing her door and getting in himself.

“So where might I escort the fine lady tonight,” he teased.

Mimi lowered her head and stepped inside, closing the door behind her. She still had a lot left to do. But she already did so much. She needed sleep, but she also wanted to spend time with him. She leaned her head on his shoulder.

She gave it some thought… “I think I may need some more wine.” She eventually came to the conclusion, wishing to dull the nagging feeling of not completing everything that night. Even if it would have been for the better.

“And I wouldn’t mind spending time like this either…”

“As you wish though the wine may have to wait till we get home as I left the bottle there,” Jet softly spoke taking the long route home to allow Mimi to rest on his shoulder driving exactly the speed limit. It was a peaceful night, and twice as nice the long route had a scenic effect allowing for the ocean, and the nightlife of mainland Japan to entertain their eyes. Though as most things it came to an end as they neared their apartment. Opening Mimis door Jet out of the blue picked her up bridal carrying her as his mist collected their things.

“Allow me my rosey quarry,” he chuckled heading up the stairs with her in his arms as his mist opened the door ahead of them as they entered their humble abode. With the lights on Jet made for the couch placing her down as he mentally commanded his mist to set the mood closing the door to lock, setting up the fireplace, and for himself he came back from the kitchen with two glasses and her requested wine. Placing hers near full as he left his empty for a moment he walked over to start the fire.

“Anything else before we rest our day away?”

When Jet effortlessly swept Mimi off her feet, any of the minor negative feelings she had about what the Yakuza member said was quickly dispatched.

It would seem that things were going to be well tonight. However, now he would have to live with what he promised. "It's fine once in a while." She said more to herself, trying to reassure her that she was allowed this moment of joy.

"You carry me like a princess, you'll treat me like one." Jet said he was going to pamper her. Then he better be damn ready to help her squeeze a whole week's worth of relaxation in one night. "I'm still hungry. My back aches from being in the chair too long. And you haven't kissed me yet."

“Oh I apologize to my queen,” Jet smiled, upgrading Mimi’s title as she made simple demands of her knight. As requested with a tad bit of showing off a small snap of his fingers ignited a massive amount of mist to escape from his clothing clearly he had a few mist marbles left today as it was quick to move out to collect around Mimi. The deep purple hues slowly snaked all around Mimi moving all around her like a wave of soft rain as it little rubbed up against her whole body primarily massaging her back side as Jet… couldn’t exactly do that with his clawed hands. Yet before Mimi could sink into the mist, Jet appeared at her side with more food from tonight's entree. Placing the plate on the table in front of her Jet then produced a new glass along with a bottle of her wine. Clearly on his knees to be at eye level with her he poured her a glass on the coffee table. Turning to his mate his hand slowly caressed her cheek slowly snaking to behind her back as the mist continued to massage her body. Leaning forward jet would pull Mimi’s face towards his as his lips made contact with hers in a slow hypnotic overlap before parting open both his, and Mimi’s as the dragon went in for a deeper kiss while his free hand started holding onto hers.

She let out a small noise, expressing her pleasure as her loyal subject made her feel better. And when he pulled her in for a kiss, she let out another noise. It really had felt like too long since she had last taken a moment to relax like this. It was really important to her. She wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him closer. He wasn’t going to be moving anywhere else tonight.

Jettitare Current Time - Yosukes Route

Mention: Reanimator Spuds Reanimator Spuds

"Well, well its been awhile Golden Finger," Jet would speak appearing way out of the freaking blue from behind Yosuke on his left slicing a apple with a mist knife sitting on a lightly higher elevation from Yosuke. Watching his old friend going about his day had given Jet a smile to see how hard he was working, and pushing to be a true hero. Patting Yosuke after announcing himself he dropped down with to golden pink hero effortlessly as he patted his buddy. For a moment he remembered their licensing exam remember how Yosuke had been extremely a hard worker even back then... at the cost of his fingers virginity to another mans ahem...

"So I now Octavia is doing well, but how about yourself its been awhile since our last chat?"​
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