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Rennard 'Ren' Kosaka
Reynard Fox - Rank 332

Ren let out a small yelp when someone tripped over him, quickly shooting up and back. His entire body tensed in alarm and shuddered slightly at the sudden touch. He relaxed once the man with the weird eye covering thing apologized, and yipped a small hello to the man. Turning his head, Ren viewed the other man who came up, Ren sniffed the man's offered hand slowly. 'Ehh....scent's okay. Not the best.' He thought to himself, then stepped back a good distance as to not burn them, and let the fire consume his body again. Shifting back out of his small fox form and into his half-shift form, Ren almost grinned up at them before realizing that his mouth was covered, and he was crouched on the ground. Standing up and tugging down the layers surrounding his mouth, he offered a shy grin at them. "Ah, sorry for just sitting there. 'M kinda new here-oH. Right, introduce myself...uhm...Hero name or real...?" Ren wondered to himself, his face starting to heat up. His eyes darted between the two males, trying to decide what he was gonna do. He wasn't used to this, meeting new people who didn't know anything about him, or them talking to him nicely. " name's Reynard Fox-I guess? Or my real name, which would be Ren." The red-haired male blinked at them, his eyes filled with confusion. His face was steadily getting redder, a mixture of embarrassment and him not being used to talking with other people. "Nice to meet ya. If you don't mind me being dumb, who are you again?" Ren scratched at the base of his fox ears as they twitched around, listening in on conversations happening around him. He dropped his hand and tilted his head at them, still grinning.
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He let Charlotte take point on this one. He was completely baffled by this person. Well not entirely... He had seen fangirling before to this extreme (Sometimes even directed at him) but this was honestly one of the last places he was expecting it. In fact, she was doing this amongst people in the same career as her. People was above at that! He started massaging his temples, missing out on the offer to spar with her, though at this point that didn't even come as a problem any more.

He then felt a familiar weight on his shoulder, followed soon after by a familiar weight pressing against his back. He craned his neck back to spot the soft expression and deep purple hair of his partner, Octavia. He smiled, breathing a sigh. "I knew you would. Sorry for losing you, but I saw Char-" Just when he thought it couldn't go any further. Noble Silver Savior said perhaps on of the most astonishing things.

Octavia had just appeared and was now hugging Yosuke from behind. Intimately so honestly. In his mind, there likely wouldn't be much question about the status of their relationship. And almost as suddenly as she had appeared, Fuyuki asked one of the most oddly timed odd requests. It only took three words too!




Sign my tits. Sign my tits! What kind of question was that! "What?..." He managed to stammer out. She had just shoved her chest towards Octavia. Which didn't help Yosuke at all either. Given how Octavia was hugging him, this meant that Fuyuki was pretty much forcing them into his own face. That last bit was what caused him to act. He felt flustered and embarrassed, feeling his face become flushed. He stood up between Octavia and Fuyuki. "Hey now! The only chest she's signing is mine!... Wait no I mean!... Ugh!" He had completely lost his words. His face started to grow even hotter and redder. Without being able to speak, Yosuke just turned around and pulled Octavia in for a kiss, hoping that would get his point across.

He pulled away, still red with embarrassment and praying that the assignment would start soon so that he could be free from this entire situation.

Thaleko Thaleko Jessica2477 Jessica2477 @Others Nearby

It wasn't long until a familiar face in the hero world would come approaching Saizo and the little fox. It was no doubt the son of the former number one hero Nova Master. But more appropriately, he was Blue Inferno: head of the Inferno Miasma Hero Agency. "Aw well look at that. Nice to meet you in person Blue Inferno." He looked back at the fox as it was sniffing his hand then back to Ichirou, completely missing the transformation of Ren. "Well I'm not really sure... I don't really know what to think of it."

Saizo looked back, now receiving a ping from his HUD indicating somebody in his blind spot. He slowly looked over, now seeing the red haired boy. He looked back at Ichirou. "Nah I don't need help with the fox." He hopped up and extended his hand, pulling his head phones down around his ear, then crossing his arms and offering his left hand to Ichirou on his right... "Hi, Saizo Jujunko." ...and his right hand to Ren on his left, "But most people know me as BP-Minuteman.

He looked back over to Ren. "Sorry bout stepping on that tail of yours. No hard feelings?"

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Heisuke Hamada
U.A Tower
Chatting with Jet Azurian Dream Azurian Dream

A light chuckle left his lips reacting to his joke, though usually brooding and uptight, Heisuke's upfront and dry humor were able to get a reaction out of Jet every now and then. "So that's a no to the selfie then eh?" He joked again though it actually dawned on him that it actually may help his publicity if he got some photos of himself enjoying the event and hanging out with higher-ranked heroes, though then again he would rather be a low-rank hero then one that boists himself for fame to adoring fans.

"Is smiling supposed to make your cheeks hurt? It feels so god damn unnatural." His hand rubbed his checks to help ease the pain from fake smiling, even if it was really dramatic. "I just find these events so pointless, do I really have to go around and shake other's hands when I can just email then for their contact information?" Heisuke knew all about the politics of it all but it did little to excite him. "Not too late to skip this and get another training sesh in the mix, haven't beat your ass in a good week." He grinned back at the friend lightly jabbing him back in the elbow.

Honestly out of every classmate in old U.A, Adelaide and Ichirou were the ones he barely spoke to, doesn't help that Adelaide barely lasted at the school by the time Heisuke arrived. "So the young prodigy isn't here yet huh? How is he gonna become like his old man if he pulls stunts like that?" His sarcasm sounded impudent but it was his typical humor, even if it came to the expense of others. "Maybe both, didn't get rest because of the redhead." He chuckled at his innuendo and wiggled his eyebrow at Jet.

His view changed to the big group of heroes now slowly growing with others, noticeably he saw Yosuke and Octavia, along with Shunsuke, Charlotte, and Aurora with another hero he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting just yet, that was until Jet spoke again. "I mean, it's been great working with Yosuke, he knows when to give me my space but at the same time never leaves me alone." Yosuke had been a good friend to him these past few years, his emotional state was at a high that fateful night against Joseph. "He's definitely taken his rank hard but honestly it's a good thing, it's pushed him harder to becoming a top hero, maybe even one of the best one day."

"Not too many, Octavia and Yosuke mostly, things have been weird with Isamu and I through the last couple years but we still talk ever so often, what about you?"


Adi Boucher
Anvil Headquarters
Meeting Infenri, Kurogane and Mimi Thaleko Thaleko Demon Shinobi Demon Shinobi Reanimator Spuds Reanimator Spuds

Noticing another male sniffing the air, she was at first confused by how much he looked like the other girl, maybe they were siblings? Wait that did remind her of the two siblings Ichi recently- Oh god! He had told her all about how his half-siblings joining Anvil too but with work on her end and the two barely able to speak outside short phone calls and nightly talks it completely left her mind.

"Wow, It's great to finally meet both of you! I haven't spoken to the Mizushima family because Anvil has kept me swamped but at least now that both of you are joining us we can get to know each other a little better."
With the multiple attempts to remember her name she just shrugged it off. "You can just call me Adi, mostly what I get called here other than Corporal, the full name is just so uptight...But don't think about calling me Corporal, we are family after all."

A light giggle escaped her lips by Infenri's kickass attitude, she liked this one. "You betcha but it isn't without its own fair share of paperwork, gotta take the good with the bad right?" She only hoped she wasn't so trigger-happy when it came to fighting, it wasn't all about the action. "There will be a lot of that actually but you'll get used to it, your fists are only half of the work you'll be doing." Come to think of it, she didn't do too much fighting in her first year but she wasn't going to say that and scare her off.

As another came to join their discussion and give her introductions, she pondered where she has seen her before, surely it wasn't just around Anvil but something else...Then it came to her. "It's Adi, but I think we met before back at U.A a few years ago correct? It was just before I left and you joined the school I'm pretty sure?"


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Mentions: Amaris, Cupie, General
Color: #bf6565

"Erm... yeah..."

Shiori fidgeted a bit at Amaris' response. It wasn't a question, but it might as well have been. It was probably more baffling given how many heroes she had close to her; Titan, Grudge, Surge Alloy, and now her niece as well. They all had something that she didn't, however. Likely they would see that at some point.

"It's nothing against heroes! Heroes are great! I'm... just not cut out to be one is all," Shiori sought to clarify. "Just because you like video games, doesn't mean you should make them... right?"

Thankfully the little vampire turned her attention to her pink friend, allowing Shiori a moment out of scrutiny. Her smile softened into a normal one that didn't bare so much teeth and her forearms had returned to normal, though she kept them clasped behind her back. Shiori watched their exchange, the pink one claiming she was bored and Amaris suggesting that the woman 'heart' them. Shiori could only assume that was code for the antics her niece had told her about at times. Cupie and her weren't too close, but Allo and Takagi were her guardians since a few years back, so they were at least acquainted. Thankfully, Shiori had yet to be 'hearted'.

"U-Um... Please don't..." Shiori said apprehensively, raising her hands in front of her in a motion of caution. She had never really taken a liking to someone in that way, and she couldn't say the idea of the emotion being given a jumpstart was that appealing. "Hi Emika..."

Mentions: Octavia, Fuyuki, Yosuke, Shun
Color: #ecb2ed

Charlotte's expression softened into that of surprise and confusion. Watching Fuyuki puff out her chest and wiggle expectedly, it certainly seemed like the foreigner had heard those words correctly. Just to be sure, she also eyed Yosuke for a reaction. Given by his shared expression, she had heard correctly.

It was quite bold of her, if not a bit rude. Asking someone's girlfriend to sign their chest with their significant other right there. It was a good thing that Yosuke is such a sweetroll, otherwise things could have escalated. Technically, they did, although not in a way that Charlotte expected. The boy was always sharp-tongued and quick-witted, so she expected some kind of retort, but it really seemed to be an off day. That, or the sudden request just flustered him.


Charlotte tried to suppress a laugh, but it came out anyway. One arm clutched her gut while the other's hand covered her mouth, attempting to stifle her amusement, to little avail given by the shaking of her body.

"T-The only chest she's signing is-" She mumbled, a giggle interrupting her before she could finish the quote. Her body vibrated, a sign of her trying to fight off the giggle-fit, though it was fighting back quite a bit itself.


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Ichirou Mizushima
Mentions: Adelaide
Interacting: Ren & Saizo

After the fox sniffed his hand, he turned into a red haired human boy who introduced himself as Ren, Reynard Fox being his hero name. Ichirou kept it in mind. Then the other gentleman introduced himself as Saizo Jujunko, hero name "BP-Minuteman". He kept this in mind too, though Ichirou was certain he'd heard of the latter before. Maybe on the news? Or in online articles somewhere. Regardless, these were heroes who both seemed to have promise by the looks of it.

He grabbed Saizo's hand and was gentle in his handshake, but the strength he possessed made it firm. "Ichirou Mizushima; nice to meet you both." He didn't have any trouble giving his name. By this point, all hero enthusiasts were aware of who he was and who his parents were. "I also co-run a hero agency if either of you are ever interested in showing us what you can do."

Emika "Cupie" Tamoyo
Interacting: Amaris, Shiori

She seemed to actually take into consideration what Amaris said about hearting the new recruits. While it would be fun to throw a purple one and let the recruits have a big poly relationship, Misoka would break her kneecaps for pulling a stunt like that. Maybe she'll do that one day on a big group outing.

Cupie returned Amaris's grin, "Not a bad idea, Teefies-" However, Shiori's request was heard and she gave the other girl a reassuring smile, "I'll keep it in mind for the next recruit outing. I'd hate for Misoka to break my knees over it."

She wasn't accustomed to her and Shiori being considered "family." Yes, Shiori was Aurora's aunt but, did that make her Cupie's aunt too? It was still a little awkward between them; she didn't want to say a bunch of shit and scare off the other girl...

Then again, Cupie might actually be the one scared off.

Shiori said hello using her first name too... Cupie had only started seeing a more positive light of the name thanks to Shunsuke, and now she was trying to be more open about it.

One of these days, she would have to start going by her first name. She couldn't be Cupie forever.

"Hey Shio, how've ya been?"

Octavia Daulfern
Mentions: Charlotte
Interacting: Yosuke, Fuyuki

Fosc had jumped onto Charlotte's shoulder and pressed his head against her cheek to try and get more petting. Over the years, Octavia and Fosc considered the tricolor haired girl a good friend.

Octavia was momentarily stunned. First at the energetic personality of the girl with the different colored eyes, then at the request she gave. To, in her words, "sign her tits." Right in front of her significant other. Now, if Octavia had been single, she would have humored the girl and signed right on her bosoms. However, she was not. But before she could decline, Yosuke had spoke up first in what was both the most adorable and humorous proclamation that Octavia had heard from her boyfriend to date.

Then he pulled her into a kiss, which she was happy to return despite the little giggle fit she was having.

"There there, dear." She cooed, bringing Yosuke into a hug with his head on her chest, her hand petting his hair. "We understand what you meant. It's alright."

Octavia turned her gaze in the direction of Fuyuki, "My apologies, but I don't sign breasts or rears. I would be happy to sign any piece of paper you give me though."



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Amaris pursed her lips, and cocked her head at Shiori. She still typically thought in a overly logical way. So she wasn't sure Shiori's logic held up. Actually, she was sure it didn't. And her analogy definitely didn't work, as it wasn't the same.

"Shhould iz not the ssame as-s 'could'," she pointed out, while pointing at Shiori. "Firsst, thiss pathh iz very siimilar to thhat of a Hero'ss. Your analogy hass no siimilar equivalent. Ssecond, you're sstill walking thhat ssame pathh; you're sstill fighting viillainss, ssaving people, being a beacon of 'hope' and all thhat." She smirked. "Just under a diffherent banner. And withh a diffherent name. Ifh you develop vvideo gamess you can't in the ssame breathh ssay you aren't developing gamess; no matter ifh you call yourselfh 'Game Developer' or not." She reasoned, while playfully poking the recruit right on her button nose and drawing back.

Amaris's fangs seemed to be bared even more in her grin after Cupie called her 'Teefies'. Though the nickname could be considered embarrassing. In fact, she was quick to comment on that, despite her grin. "Heyy~ Don't call me that! The recruits will forget their place and take up calling me that as a bad habit!!" she whined. Though her tone seemed to indicate she was just playing. "Lissten! I'm Ssergeant! Ssergeant Alucard to you new recruitss! Got it!?"

Amaris gasped, leaning forward to Shiori. "Why not??!? It's like a right of passsage!" She said somewhat hypocritical, since to this day she had yet to be 'hearted' herself. Then she heard Cupie's own rejection. Only to whip around to her with the same expression. "Hehh!? When did you get so reluctant on busting out your quirk!?!"

She took a couple steps back, as if she had just been struck. "The day hass come!! Cupie's learned resstraint and sself-control!" Amaris almost couldn't believe it. Though it was obvious she was just acting out for the fun of it. "Hellss frozzzen ovver! The end iz near!"

Then her disposition shifted, leaning towards Cupie once more, long dark hair falling over her shoulders, framing her face in a dark, imposing way. "Hehhhhhhh~ Emika, huh?.. E.Mi.Ka." The vampire lady repeated in a breathy tone, a sneer on her face.

"Heeeh?" Fenri began, with a slight surprised, but teasing tone on her voice. Some could consider it a mocking tone. Though she wasn't necessarily being mean to Adelaide. "Don't want to pull rank, huh? I'm impressed. Though, Adi, I'll still call ya, senpai~"

It was the opposite for the ever rebellious Fen; she loved pulling rank. Just in the opposite way. Calling peeps 'senpai' was, in of itself, a certain thrill that could help her otherwise dull days.

Her ears fell, and her tail swished irritably. "Pahh~ Paperwork!?" Fenri began with a dismissive wave of her hand. "I've never been good at that sorta thing." She wasn't lying. Had Mauve even gave her a proper education like most kids? She could read and write at a basic level, but... "Just give it to the bookworms who sit behind the desks. They'll take care of it~"

Fenri probably was less pleased with Adi's words and attitude, than the redhead was with hers. Or maybe not. She immediately folded her arms behind her head in the "relaxed" position, and swiveled around on her heels, to stoutly face away. "Pfft. Sure."

Then she glanced back. "Still. Warnin' ya, senpai, you really shouldn't give me any paperwork. I'll just end up making it worse and more confusing than is needed. Owff, owff."

When Yosuke placed himself firmly between the beautiful purple-haired woman and Fuyuki, she was forced to look at him. He was just an inch taller, and frankly erred on the skinny side. So it wasn't as intimidating as he probably wished. Which, come to think of it, might account for his problem of ranking up. While Yosuke had a certain.. thing about him. He was far from an intimidating hero with any sort of "presence". Could also be why she didn't get as hyped over him as other heroes. -Not that Fuyuki thought about it that deeply or anything.

"Huh?.." She was pretty flabbergasted by his response. Fuyuki's eyebrow raised when the boy turned around and pulled Octavia in for a kiss. That would've been surprising, if.. she hadn't already known their relationship. After all, they were in the Hero world. Which came with it a certain expectation of popularity - the modern day celebrities. It was tough to keep any sort of romantic relationship like that a secret. -Was he trying to assert dominance or something? Still with that perplexed look, she said, "I already know she's taken by you, bro. Sides, I don't swing that way!"

Immediately Fuyuki's face fell when Octavia declined to sign. "AH!!!!!" She shouted, smacking her hands up on her head, then pulling her silver hair. "Why don't I carry pen and paper around!?!?! What am I doing!?! I'm a failure as a hero!!! >Well a fan of heroes." She whined loudly. Then seemed to recuperate her composure in a fraction of a second. With a finger up she announced, as if she had just come to the conclusion as to why. "Ah. There's no pockets on my uniform!" She ended her sentence while tugging at the edges of her skirt and letting it drop. Only to shrug.

"Hm.." Fuyuki considered, folding her arms and tapping her lips with her finger. She hadn't yet given up on getting an autograph. "Another time then!" The girl replied, not a moment later, with head tilted and her finger held out to the same side. "I'll bring pen and paper next time! Remind me!"

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Isamu Yukimura
Interactions: Aurora ( Azurian Dream Azurian Dream ) & Masaru ( EmperorsChosen EmperorsChosen )

"Ah? Oh... Hey Masaru..." Isamu groaned, rubbing his head for a moment as Aurora handed him a drink and then an ice pack. For somebody who'd just run head first, literally, into the equivalent of a steel beam, he seemed oddly coherent. Placing the bag of ice on his forehead he sighed.

Isamu had gotten used to pain here and there. Hell... how many times had he fallen down steps at the UA dorm during their time there? He shook his head all the same.

"I was thinking about Charlotte. She's gonna tear me a new one for being late to another 'business' thing," he said, air quotes surrounding the word business. He handled a majority of agency stuff sure, but without Charlotte, and events like this, they probably wouldn't have gotten very far. He squeezed an eye shut. "I should really stop promising I'll be on time when I know I'm gonna be handling stakeouts and what not..."

Isamu gave a light chuckle at Aurora's teasing, the red in his cheeks giving away his embarrassment even as he tried to keep cool and talk. It took a little more than that to get under Isamu's skin, friendly or not, when he spent the majority of his time with Charlotte. "A whole night and I the villain didn't even show up. I don't even have a name right now." He grumbled, mostly to himself, though he spoke aloud.

"Anyway, I guess I can take it that you two are doing pretty well?" he asked, seeming to be ready to take Aurora up on the option of an excuse. "Might as well talk a bit," he paused, taking a drink before continuing, "I'm pretty sure no excuse will save me now, especially not me playing catch up while she was waiting. Buuuuuut... I think she'll show some leniency for the guy who just slammed into a wall." Isamu laughed a little more, sticking his tongue out after his little jab at the metal girl.


Shunsuke Saito
Interactions: Charlotte, Yosuke ( Reanimator Spuds Reanimator Spuds ),
Fuyuki ( Thaleko Thaleko ), & Octavia ( Jessica2477 Jessica2477 )

Shun had expected a nice little greeting from his former classmates, maybe even a little friendly banter. What he hadn't expected was the reaction he got from Fuyuki. It wasn't like he was short on fans, but this wasn't something he would have thought would happen as an event full of other hear. He was almost dumbfounded, unsure of what to say as she stammered, speaking in an excite (if not a little too loud) voice.

"Oh ye of little faith. You think a little tease like that would get a rise out of me?" Shun said, his attention landing on Charlotte for a moment as he placed a hand on her head, messing with her hair a bit.

He couldn't help laughing a little. "But ya know, I wouldn't mind sparring if-" he stopped, his attempt at returning his attention to Fuyuki being all for naught as she shifted her attention to Yosuke. Of course, her attention was only stolen once more by the appearance of a fellow purple haired hero. A small sigh of relief left him as his momentary fangirl left to fawn over yet another new target.

"Than- wait... sign your huh?" Blinking a few times, Shun shook his head as though trying to clear his ears of some blockage that might have fucked with his hearing a bit. Did she just-? Shun almost burst out laughing. He tried keep it bottled up, but Charlotte's mumbled repetition of Yosuke's reaction, Octavia's own giggle fit, ad Fuyuki's pretty nonchalant reaction to the whole thing was too much.

Shun burst out laughing, maybe a bit too loud. "Oh god," He said wiping a small tear from his eyes. "I like this girl!" Shunsuke said cheerfully, giving Fuyuki a hearty slap on the back. As his laughter died down, he ran his fingers through his hair, taking the moment to move it all from his face. "Hey, Silver Savior," she hadn't really corrected him loud enough for him to hear between all the other shouting and commotion... "What's your name? I like to know a little more about my colleagues. Besides, you should at least properly introduce yourself before you go around picking sparring partners and asking others to sign your chest."

Airi Hirabayashi
Interactions: Ayame ( RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun ), Takumi, & Amaris
(also technically Cupie and Shiori since they're all like right there)

"When have I ever been rude, Aya?" Airi responded to the red panda, her smile ever present on her face. Airi simply wasn't the type to worry about such things. "Besides, we both know I'm not leadership material," she added waving her hand with a small chuckle. In Airi's mind, rank didn't necessarily mean much. If she could hold her own against, or even surpass those ranks above her, did it matter? All that really changed was responsibility right? Well... that and probably added paper work.

Her eyes roamed a bit, finding other in the crowd, some familiar faces, some unfamiliar. One in particular caught her eyes. Amaris. She seemed to be having fun getting up close and personal with one of the newbies. Until, that is, the subject of healthy food came up. Airi couldn't help giggling at that.

Still, her attention was called back when the other newbie addressed her with a little grin on his face. Airi met his grin with a smirk of her own. "Oooo~ You're confident. I like that," she responded, a hand placed firmly on her hip as she sized him up. "But you should really worry more whether or not you actually can't pin me before you worry about what kinda noises I'll be making," she said, sticking her tongue out as she stepped closer, patting Takumi's chest playfully.

Her attention was suddenly pulled away by a suddent outburst from none other than Amaris. Airi tried not to, but quickly found herself laughing. "Hehe~ Sergeant Alucard. So professional," the girl's words didn't seem to match her tone given her laughter. She had the utmost respect for Amaris, but the ranking wasn't something she could wrap her head around.

"Excuuuuuuuse me a moment sir. But feel free to keep thinking about trying to get me on my back~" Airi said, sidestepping past Takumi effortlessly only to come up behind Amaris. "Awww and now my little vampy is trying to look all imposing~" she teased, her hands coming up menacingly before she began to tickle the Amaris's waist. "Why are you so serious today?" she asked, her playful and nonchalant tone the antithesis of the surrounding area.


Interactions: Infenri, Adelaide ( Mr.Scales ⚖ Mr.Scales ⚖ ), & Mimi

"Thanks sis," Kuro said with a small grin, placing his hand on the girl's head, petting her as he messed with her hair a bit. It may have seemed a bit silly, but being praised was nice, even if he was pretty sure Fenri did it just to do it. Besides, his sense of smell was one of the abilities he took more pride in. "Heh, honestly I feel like I already know you plenty," Kuro admitted to Adelaide, laughing a little bit. "The way the ru- uh... the way Ichirou talked about you before he left, I almost got tired of hearing your name." Shaking his head, one might have thought Kuro was serious if not for the smirk playing at his lips.

"Oh Adelaide~ She's so-" He stopped, ears perking up as another voice caught his attention. Kuro blinked a few times. It seemed his teasing impersonation of Ichirou would have to wait. Infenri greeted the "newcomer" before promptly turning back to Adelaide.

Kuro's gazed fixed onto the strawbery blonde female. "Mimi?" he asked, though he knew the answer. He hadn't really expected to see her in ANVIL. His head tilted slightly. "Or... I guess Misaki?" he asked, unsure if she would prefer that now.
"It's been a while. Glad to see you're doing well, still kickin ass I bet."


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Rennard 'Ren' Kosaka
Reynard Fox - Rank 332

Ren reached out and gently closed his pointer finger and thumb over BP's fingertips, shaking them softly before retraching his hand. He didn't mean anything against the guy, he just really didn't want to touch him right now. His tails twitched over his shoulder at the memory of BP stepping on him. "........." Ren stared blankly at BP before leaning in slightly and sniffing Saizo's arm. ... "Eh, you're fine. Happens more then I would like. Nice to meet ya Saizo-I can call you that right?" Sheepishly grinning again, Ren turned to the other guy. "You both are kinda popular in the news, don't know why I didn't recognize ya. Sorry 'bout that!." Ren's flushed face had calmed and he was now grinning in a playful manner.
Idly reaching into his pouch, he pulled out a small bag of jelly beans, opened it, and tried to throw a few in his mouth, slightly missing and hitting his nose which scrunched up. He scrambled to catch the jelly beans before they hit the ground. Ren succeded, and stood up straight, attempting to act like nothing happened. Chomping on the jelly beans, he watched Saizo and...Blue Inferno? Ichirou? The nice guy who let Ren sniff him before stepping on his tail. Yep. Let's go with that. Offering his jelly beans to the other two, Ren started to walk backwards towards one of the food tables, his tails slipping off his shoulder and streatching out slightly behind him, feeling out any obstacles that he might run into. Handy, really. Ren's tails were like the best radar he could honestly ask for. Ren stepped to the right, going around a person his tails brushed against, and stopped by a food table. "Sorry, gotta eat a lot to keep up with my quirk." Grinning at the other males, Ren turned around and grabbed a plate, starting to pile it high with pastries and some meat.
Turning back around slowly, one of Ren's tails came around his waist and flattened slightly for Ren to put his plate on. Reaching back, Ren grabbed a few glasses of what smelled like apple juice off the same table, again offering them towards Ichirou and Saizo. "Want one?"
Reaching back again and grabbing one for himself, Ren's other tail slipped around a fork and flipped it towards the plate. Ren snatched it out of the air before it hit his plate and knocked it off. Flicking his tail, it flicked him back in the side and twisted around his waist, supporting the fox's other tail supporting the plate. Sticking his fork into a large hunk of meat, Ren chewed on the entire thing while he idly looked back at the sudden outburst of laughter coming from a group of people. He tilted his head to the side, his ears flopping adorably around as he tried to remember who those people were. Giving up, he formed another few tails and planted them in the ground, creating a sort-of chair that he sat back on and crossed his legs, taking the plate off his tails and letting them curl back and help with the tail-chair. He contined to chew the meat, pulling his legs up and balancing his plate on his knees. "Y'all know 'em?" Ren tilted his head at the group of people laughing loudly, multiple artifical scents making his nose twitch in distaste.
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April 15th - Greater Tokyo Region

As the party or casual meet ups progress, minutes become hours, which in turn become Days.. Time continues to more forward, but not enough time for all to advance, fall or even get used to their new stations and yet, it was time nonetheless.

At the HA, teams were drawn up loosely, built around their agencies and patrols, as fate, or maybe some other cosmic force had decided it, the groupings from before were all working with one another or at the least were in the same area. Meanwhile at Station 12, the ANVIL group that had landed in much the same situation was far more organized but to a point stretched thin, taking upon it's self more of the general police duties in part.

While different in means and objectives, if not how they ended up in the scenarios that would be equally as confounding, a mix of patrols, calls and even ambushes. Though regardless of these factors, the former remnants of the UA High School Class 1A would, and with their new colleagues, be they willfully or not, were to be united in one common sense.

At the center of attention and ire, how it would test them, how it would shape them, that was to be seen as the ANVIL APC leaves station 12 and cell phone calls were placed from within the HA. It would be their first baptism by fire for some, a reunion with friends for others, though from this day on, they would be united with one another as comrades or rivals.

Provided they all could perform and survive the events to come..

@ pretty much everyone in the RP
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Amaris had just got through playfully teasing her friend Cupie, when it seemed it was her turn to be teased. The voice of none other than Airi drew her attention. "Tch. Little vampy.." She repeated sourly, with a frown on her face. Airi wasn't the type to care about rank. Amaris, on the other hand, knew that rank had its uses. Though, in this instance, she was just messing around. Still, it wasn't good to lose face to the new recruits like that.

"Airi.. Don't call me 'little vampy' in front of the newbiess..." she whined. "Geh! I'm not seriouss!" She continued, turning away, folding her arms, nose in the air. "Acshually, when havve you known me to not be seriouss!?!?" She glared back, still in a whiny tone. "And vampiress are plenty imposiing!! Rhaar!" She hissed, fangs, claws, and all.

Hearing Shunsuke, the Kihon Panzer, say he liked her made her heart skip a beat. Fuyuki felt joy unlike any other before and she was frozen momentarily. But then her face couldn't help but light up with glee. Showing all the joy she felt inside.

"I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it it it it it it it it's it's i-i-i-it-it's Fuuki! S-sir!!" Wait. Not it wasn't. She got her name wrong! Tongue-tied! "Shit!" She chimed with enough force to yank her own torso down, clenching her fists. But she didn't miss a beat and popped right back up. "Fuyuki, I mean! Fuyuki. It's Fuyuki!!"


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In a twist of fate, two new and two old, as far as Class 1A was concerned, Heroes were paired off to patrol with one another, or rather their patrol routes had came across one another. With a Business district as their chief area to protect the corner of it bleed off into residential and a more lower income part of the “old city”, suburbs chiefly that had the working class and a steady rise of crime as it’s only attention grabbing feature.

Here Yosuke and Rennard would chance upon Heisuke and Saizo, but it would not be there only brush with destiny, for even now attention seemed to be on the four heroes, attention that was not just filled with praise and respect, nor of dislike and demeaning, but one of pure hatred, that was as of yet unknown to them.

Yosuke was paired up with a new individual. A tall, sorta lanky fox-tailed fella. He was called Reynard Fox. Yosuke hadn’t heard much about him, but he could tell the man wasn’t incapable. He respected his partner, but the fact that he ranked so much further definitely was a much desired ego boost.

For the past few blocks, Yosuke had been chatting away, regaling some of his favorite take-downs with Reynard. ”-...Needless to say, it’s never exactly an easy win against someone whose whole shtick is growing to titanic size. But with the help of Heisuke taking the arms and legs, with my direction of course, and Octavia dropping me straight at the nape of the neck from immense height, we managed to bring down the Villain Huge Show. And it made for a super awesome picture, what with me standing atop this giant, pointing at the sky”

As he continued to gush, Yosuke spotted a familiar black cladded gentleman. The very partner he was speaking of beforehand. Next to him was BP-Minuteman: another hero in the way to his path to the top. But at the moment, he was happy to see his friend. ”Oh shit, there’s my favorite brooding detective now. Ooooi Heisuke!” Yosuke waved from across the block, unaware of the dangerous presence lurking nearby.

On the other side of things, Saizo had been waving and signing autographs for fans, slowing Heisuke’s patrol down a little. It was then that Saizo heard a call from across the street, spotting the gleam of another hero and a familiar red haired fox-tailed hero. He looked over to Heisuke, whom he had actually not conversed much with yet outside of polite banter. ”Oh yeah you and Gold-Finger are bro’s if I remember. And I think I remember that fox dude as well.

Being paired with Yosuke most of the time made him prepared for the horde of fans asking for his partners autographs but it still annoyed him having to lose time waiting for his partner, this time not being the pink-haired male himself but another hero he only heard the name come up between talks with other heroes and on the news, Minute-Man as they called it. He didn’t bother to wait for his partner as he accepted praise by his adoring fans, even ignoring the ones still clambering for his presence. Not only was he just overall just awkward around his fans but it took away from his current task at hand, it was best to just ignore them and keep his eyes open in his patrol. [color= #DE263A]”Almost done there? We got a patrol to continue.”[/color]

When he was about to turn around, Heisuke could hear the distant shout of his old friend just down the block, turning his head as he spoke to his partner beside him. ”Yeah you could say that, don’t think I met the feline yet.” His use of respect could be worked on but to his point of view, that had to be earned. ” Oi Yosuke, seen anything bizarre? Besides the cat anyway.”

Ren trotted behind the pink haired guy he learned to be Yosuke, or Gold Finger. Guy seemed to like to chatter a lot. After Yosuke yelled across the street, Ren twitched his tails back, sliding one around his waist. ‘Ah, guy who stepped on my tail.’ The fox’s face scrunched up when the black haired guy called him a cat. A cat. Ren looked down at his body, poking his tail and spreading his arms slightly. “Cat…?” He questioned, his ears twitching around at the loud sounds of the other hero’s fans. “I….I’m not a cat…Do I really look that weird?” He mumbled, his ears sinking slightly and his hands tugging on one of his pouches. Pulling out a lollipop, he unwrapped it and pouted slightly, chomping on the hard candy.

“‘M a fox, not a cat.” He said around the candy, yanking the stick and wrapper out of his mouth and throwing it in a conveniently placed trash can. Chewing loudly, he sulked behind Yosuke. Being called a cat was stupid. Did he really look like a cat? Were cats even red? Swallowing the crushed candy, Ren’s ears perked up slightly as he looked over Yosuke, staring at BP and the cat guy. “Reynard Fox. Nice to meet ya.” He said in monotone. Cat. Not. A. Cat.

Ren’s tails swished in agitation as the black haired guy’s words ran through his head again. A CAT. Yes, Ren was fixed on that. Yes, Ren hated it. No, he didn’t care that he was most likely overthinking it. And no, he wasn’t gonna talk to Heisuke unless Ren really had to, or unless it was related to work. Hero’s couldn’t just ignore their fellow heroes when work came up.

As the four had a chance to meet and greet, a garbled voice that sounded almost, no, it has for sure, screamed out in Binary, drawing a Katana as he seemingly formed from the slum side crowd, four other figures were with him, their clothing was unimpressive, the tailored suits of the Yakuza with mechanical remote control boxes in their hands. Bowing to their boss, they sunk back into the shadows as the mechanical man steps forward, his voice and armored visage, being both modern and yet a few hundred years removed from the present;

“Yare, yare, daze, imputenant dogs of a society gone wrong, I Kusanagi Hirohito will end thy vain idol ways here and now for the Glory of she, the one true Empress! BANZAI!” With that the Mechanical man just springs forward, matching his image with an old world ‘charm’, if not highly irrational, though clearly a Yakuza. A charm that was directly trying to kill them now, and strangely, if not fittingly, a number of propeller top driven drones, form up with him, each carrying some form of metallic based weapons, be it throwing stars, a maul or blades.

Yosuke hadn’t any time to meet up with his friend and discuss what they had been doing when suddenly a cyber samurai had approached them and started spouting something about them being the dogs of society gone wrong and blah, blah, blah this had been said many times before. He looked over and saw the drones with the very sharp and very real weaponry.

He smirked, excited to get started. He made sure his casings were loaded and prepped for his witty comeback. ”Hey-”

”Hey there Kamen Rider. Diggin’ the whole Cyber Samurai gimmick.” Saizo took a more relaxed stance, leaning back a bit and finding a good track for what was about to transpire. ”I think some Electro-Swing will do it.’

Yosuke was cut off and his witty remark stolen. Damn it! Kamen rider! That was much better than what he had! He pushed in front of Saizo, trying to get his two cents in. ”Don’t happen to have a Super Senkai with you do you then? 1v4 hardly seems fair.”

As he listened to the fox speak his introduction, his attention moved elsewhere rather quickly by a gravely voice coming from the shadows, introducing four others accompanied the-, well was it a man or a robot? Well whatever it was he was going to turn it into a pile of scraps. Turning back to the newly introduced hero, he whispered to him. ”How about you help us trash this samurai and I’ll think about remembering your name.” Yeah it was harsh, but maybe it would help motivate the guy.

Heisuke quietly snickered in the back listening to the other hero steal his thunder, he could not catch a break could he. ”Are you guys done boastering your egos or are you ready to send this bot to the scrapyard?”

”Never” the two said in unison.

Ren stuck his tongue out at the cat guy before forming a ball of fire in his palm and flicking it at Mr.Metal there. He snorted as Yosuke and Saizo tried to compete for the best nickname for the enemy.

As the flame hits the Samurai, fittingly known as Cymurai, nothing happens, other than the fireball flattening against his metal visage. Glaring, or at least his photoreceptors, focusing on them to the point to make it seem so, the man steps off on his foot, springs pressing him forward as he draws both blades, not amused by the nicknames or the enemy taking him so lightly…

When suddenly a woman in white and black clothing emerges from the slums, moving around the crowd as the drones form up to make a dive at the heroes, she speaks;

“Ah. Four on one with a few toys, hardly sporting.” stepping forward, a black sheen seems to envelope her whole body, the scent it gave off was like that of Carbon, processed steel to be more accurate, her eyes narrowing in on the four, as the Samurai briefly halts his charge.

“Captain Kuromoto.. I suppose two on one would be more honorable.. From them.”

Nodding at that she stares at the grouping, wondering how they would respond to a 2nd attacker, as she cracks her knuckles, making a ‘come here’ motion with her right hand.

Ren shrugged at the inability of his flames. ”Welp that didn’t work. Alright. What’s the deal with Mr and Mrs Metal over here??” Ren sighed and shook his arms out, reaching back and unbuckling one of the straps on his back. Crouching down, he shot forward at the new woman, fire enveloping his frame as he went. The fire went out just as quick as it formed, leaving him in his Full Shift form. He tucked his head into his chest and crashed into the woman’s chest with about 200 pounds of weight behind the tackle. A flash of her scent swept through his nose and he internally groaned.

Bouncing back off the woman, Ren’s tails lashed the air behind him as he let out a low snarl at the woman. His claws dug into the concrete as he prepared himself for whoever would attack next.

Yosuke looked at the two opponents before him. One was a cyborg, the other was basically Aurora. One of those two was an easier match-up for him. He knew they’d likely need to take advantage of her metalic body. That meant it was up to Heisuke. ”I’ve got the Million Dollar Man. Heisuke, you and BP got the other?”

This of course left Reynard to help Yosuke. He rushed past the large fox that was in front of the two villains, to which he turned back and called to the Red-Haired-Hero. ”You got my back in this yeah?” as he was moving, he quickly grabbed his utility set of casings, pairing himself with a screwdriver and a pair of bolt cutters. Turning back around, Yosuke lunged low, aiming at the joints of the mechanical body. [color=#F7DA6”]”My toys may not be as fancy, but I know what I’m doing.”[/color]

Saizo stayed back during Yosuke’s rush. Listening, bouncing, feeling. He was getting into the groove.

Yet in spite of what appeared to be a lack of initiative from him Saizo had already appeared between Kuromoto and her partner, aiming to seperate them from the get-go. A punch against her would be idiotic. He couldn’t very well attack her while metallic as that is a good way to bust a knuckle. So Saizo sought to disable her for a moment, hopefully getting MIB in on the action.

”On the beat!” He pressed his hands against her and shoved her with his full force. ”C’mon man you in?” he called to Heisuke

On his part, Heisuke first studied both of his opponents, the cyborg samurai seemed to be built tough, which would make any physical action towards the armor pretty useless, hand on hand combat would be difficult if there wasn’t a strong force behind it. On the other side of the samurai was a woman dressed in carbon, just like the captain, going in throwing punches would not be the smartest attack, so maybe using the environment and his utility belt to his advantage could increase their odds.

“You guys out of nicknames or are we fighting?” Keeping an ear out for Yosuke, his plan to partner off seemed like a good idea and while he didn’t know his partner all that well, his rank spoke for itself.

Flying up a few feet from a birds eye view, just above his foe’s vision, his eyes surveyed his environment until he noticed a manhole just meters away from the woman. Just as his partner pushed the villain he threw the metal plate at her, if this didn’t work he could at least see how strong her armor was and what damage it could take.

At first, Fumika was curious if the man was going to try pushing her into the sewer, but no,he just just flew into the sky and then threw it at her, a bit disappointed as one of the Yakuza’s up front brawlers, she wondered if any of them could give her the same rush of the fighting pit. With a loud CLANG, hardened Iron meets Carbon Steel, skipping, skirting and then breaking, coupled with the attempted tackle, the shoving attempt and now the manhole cover assault, she shrugs her shoulders, blackened teeth, internals and all as she glances at them with eyes that almost seemed to match, she speaks out.

“Yare, Yare, ain’t I just popular with all you men folk?” Lifting a hand up, she takes a defensive stance, as if amused by all of this, she seemed to be more of the sort that Kanna, Shun, Airi or even Aurora would want to take on, overall none of the attacks seemed to move her, but her weight, or at least density was confirmed to have increased a bit.

It was then that all four heroes would get a rude awakening. With a garbled cry of binary, the drones seemed to take their weapons back behind them and headed straight up for Heisuke, aiming to ram him as the Cymurai charges at Rennard and Yosuke, lashing out with his blades as he lets out an electronic sounding battle cry. If they wanted to split them up they would have to work on a plan quickly, whereas the man was actively trying to kill them, the woman seemed more amused than anything else.

Okay maybe time for jokes was over. The samurai was ready to bushido his way through Yosuke's neck and he rather liked that part of his body. His boots were engaged, and so Yosuke was able to duck down just in time before taking a full casing and trying to jam it into the mechanism of his robotic leg.

He didn't know how this body functioned. All he knew was that wires were important. If he could access whatever systems caused movement, likely some form of hydraulics, he could easily incapacitate his foe.

Saizo, meanwhile, caught the manhole cover, and spun it once, twice, thrice around, before discus throwing it straight for the droid rushing down Heisuke. He looked over at the girl who was capable of hardening with such intensity. He smirked. "Damn girl, not every day I meet someone darker than me 'round here." He was currently in an offense vs defense match-up. Hitting her with his fists was really not going to get him anywhere.

MIB was likely thinking something up. So Saizo just needed to hold things back and see what he could learn. She had taken a defensive stance and he approached rather suddenly, ready to take a blow, but aiming to counter with a throw. He wanted to see just how heavy she was.

Rennard huffed out a sigh through his nose, glancing up once at the annoying drone things flying around. ‘Heh, time to smash and dash.’ Mentally laughing at his stupid joke, Ren planted his front two paws in the ground and shot four tails up, lashing them around the flying bots. Swinging two of the bots to smash against each other, the fox hero slammed all of his tails to the ground, hopefully crushing the drones.

Slamming the robots against the ground a few more times for good measure, Ren lit his tails on fire and roasted the twisted drones. ’Right then, insects are taken care of.’ Twisting his head around to look back at Yosuke, Ren almost nodded before retracting his tails back to a normal length for him.

’Ah, right, behind guy, guy can’t see me, not good idea to nod where guy can’t see-sHIT!’ Jerking back with a quiet yelp, Ren reared up on his back legs and shoved his front legs into the Cymuri’s chest-plate...thing(?), hopefully knocking the tin man over. ’DoN’T ChARGE-’ Huffing out another sigh, Ren snapped his jaws closed around one of the tin man’s arms, roughly shaking his head from side to side, trying to get his arm to break/fall off. If not, then at least mangle it.

The efforts of Yosuke, Saizo and Rennard would have mixed results, the manhole throw coupled with Rennards kick was enough to send the robotic man down onto his back, disrupting his sword attack for the time being. A dent had been left in the armored plating from the manhole strike, even if slight. He was clearly not as durable as the metal woman. The attempt to jam his gears however did not perform much damage or disruption, be it as flesh with metal covering was there or as the gears were seamlessly fitted to the next part of the assembly. One of his swords fell free from his hand as a result of the joint attack.

Fumika for her part didn’t much like being ignored, reaching her hardened hands into the pavement, she rips out a suitcase sized chunk of pavement and hurls it at the cluster of three heroes. “Not very heroic kicking a man that is down, let me give you a hand!”

Ren’s tails shot up behind him, blocking the large piece of asphalt out of the air, preventing it from hitting any of the three heroes and knocking it into a nearby lamp post. Turning around, the fox glared at the woman who had thrown it. Keeping his jaws clamped around the Cymurai’s arm, Ren stepped off the guy’s body and twisted slightly to the left before whirling his entire body around to the right and sending the tin man into the steel woman.

At the sudden surprise hit, the woman has little problems catching Cymurai, as she glances at the other three and readies herself to fight, Heisuke rips open the manhole area beneath the pair, the woman is quick to break through the fracture pavement falling down below, ready to pursue them, Heisuke heads towards the deep dark opening, as a large collection of wires and bit of machinery pop out of the hole, angrily beeping and wheezing, wires fling about snapping and sparking, preventing a pursuit. Heisuke would briefly leave the others, being he was the only one capable of flight, as he uses his senses to try tracking in on the pair, leaving the three to talk amongst themselves. It was highly unlikely he would find anything however.

Well… That was not a great match-up for Yosuke. ”Ngaaaaah! Why are there so many metalurgic quirks now days!” He’d need the help of new gear to get anything from hardening quirks. It was back to the drawing board. He pulled out a quick notebook and wrote down the details of the Yakuza they had just encountered. This was helpful for identifying perpetrators often times, as well as helped him work with the support companies to enhance his gear. Fortunately, they stated their names. Not their villain names, but what sounded like their real names. Kusanagi Hirohito, and Captain Kuromoto.

”Perhaps a secondary heavy gauntlet with a massive powered hydraulic spike?... But the extra weight would sacrifice accuracy for power…” Yosuke was now off in his own world of design space. He would have been better off being a gunslinger. But he had built his brand in such a way that switching now wouldn’t help him at all. And he didn’t like the appeal of taking down villains without them even seeing his face. He wasn’t an ANVIL agent. That wasn’t the way he wanted things to be.

Saizo meanwhile peaked his head down the sewers to see if he could catch sight of them as they ran. ”Damn, looks like they bounced.” His voice echoed through the sewers, before pulling his head back out and facing the fox. ”Nice work out there. Hardly think they’d have split so quickly were it not for you’re assaults.


Riding in the back of an APC, Ayame was a bit scrunched up at the forward most bench seat, bent over in their ride just a little bit. Nothing she could complain about alone, the wheeled APC was made to deliver soldiers of the JSDF safely to the battlefield, they had to be a bit squat to increase survivability and though the protection was nice, they did not make for comfortable long distance rides.

Checking her P90, she was worried about the other missions her Platoonmates were being sent to, but there simply were not enough troops among them alone to handle the work given to them, though the numbers they had were enough for the missions given to them, she just did not like having to let others decide over her, it was an uneasy feeling, more so in regards to Kanna.

“Okay.“ Looking around her Inferni, Amaris and Adelaide were there. “We are being called in as a negotiation went bad, and the local police can’t handle it and it may be more than HA should handle.”

Pulling a PDA from her back, she lays it on the table she pulled up three files. “We are still getting records, but this is what we know of all three as they are in the system;”

First there was a girl with white and red hair with yellow eyes, “... Kimiko Hiyada, small time criminal. She has a few heists and robbery charges, gets more violent each time. Her quirk is forming beams of light into attacks that explode with energy.”

Next was a woman with black eyes and deathly pale skin, her hands looked very inhuman, large and clawed;

“...Uta Katsura. She was in prison back when we were all students and was broken out during that, she’s wanted for numerous murders or attempts, HA would like her taken down, has a great hatred for hero society and people in general, her quirk makes her emit a...poison gas.”

There was a bit of pause there at the end, she still had memories of that day with Calvart;

“It kills animals and plants, can people, mostly children and adults if given enough time.”

Then lastly there was a woman who looked very much like a hero, or a villain rather, not as in a criminal, but an honest to goodness professional baddie. With scorpion like mutations and revealing clothing that was made to match, her name was; “Saiko Yokohara, her crimes are of a lesser extreme than the other two. Goes by Desert Scorpion. She seems to moonlight as a pro villain, treats it all like a show.. Her quirk is pretty obvious, she likes to fight.”

With that out of the way she continues once more; “All three of them were working together to rob a bank, normally all of these minus Uta we would let the Hero Association deal with, but things went badly. Kimiko tripped an alarm and blasted it, causing part of the bank to lock down, the Negotiator had next to no success as Uta attacked him out of turn with a scythe, he’s in critical condition and Saiko seems to have lost any ability to deal with her teammates, Uta’s poison is also building up in the bank, the Tokyo Police in the area want us to assault the bank and save the hostages…” She didn’t bother adding on that the chief officer on the scene said if possible to the end of that request, with as long as it has been it was likely a few of the hostages were in a bad way.

“If that one girl was not there this might have been different. If there are questions I’ll answer them, otherwise we need to get on with our plan.” Ayame now looks at the others once more.

“Uta. I’ll kill her,” Amaris said firmly. She didn’t know much beyond the minor stuff said here and in the report, but still felt she could kill this particular villain. She had already deemed her the most dangerous of the three, and decided she needed to be dealt with quickly.

“Um. So what’s the plan?” Infenri asked out. “I can send in some spectral hounds, or just freeze the place or something.”

Ayame frowned a bit at that, looking at Amaris for a bit. “That might be easier said than done, the three are near one another, though I wonder if the poison has slowed the other two down or not. I think Amaris and I will go in through the ceiling, while Inferni and Adelaide take the front door. What I want to do is engage them quickly and all at once.” Outlining the vault room, a thin wall separated it from the teller area, with an outline of a roof top access way, it was sealed however..

“I’ll bring a breaching charge, Adelaide can break through the thin privacy wall to the vault with her quirk. When we go it’ll be with my blast and gas grenades after.. We need to rush them, and..b-by we I mean you three. I’ll be using my clones and self to grab the surviving hostages or to at least shield them from harm, so I won’t be firing in there. This plan might change if the police there have had a change in situation. Is this okay with you three?”

Amaris frowned, but then nodded. Infenri added more to her suggestion. “I can buff up my spectral hounds, and send in tough Fellhounds that aren’t affected by any of that poison stuff. They’re strong enough to pose a threat and not immediately die.”

The vampire also had a suggestion. “If you need help, ma’am, I can protect the hosstages withh my shhadows. They won’t be in the poisson nor will they take any damage.” Of course, if she did that, then her shadows would be handicapped in the resulting battle, until all the hostages were out.

It had shocked Adelaide for a brief second about how forward Amaris was at killing, she had never killed a person before but it seemed Amaris wasn’t afraid to do so if it came to saving lives.

“We can do that, Infenri stay by me and follow exactly what I do, we can’t risk losing innocent lives.”

Judging by her brief introductions with the girl, it seemed she was ready to jump in and attack but if partnered with her she could at least control the situation, she had faith in her that she would play things smart.

“The shadows could help in case anything with the hostages goes wrong or if they get tipped off by our plan.” Adelaide added.

Ayame shakes her head no at that. “I won’t tell you all what to do or how to enter, but pure combat wise, you three are more capable than I am..” It wasn’t flattery or a lie, physically wise, unless she got the drop on them her quirk was not as deadly as theirs could be. That wasn’t to say she couldn’t hold her own of course.

“Amaris, that light energy user might limit or contort your shadows, I also would rather take them all alive, though if we can’t.. taking Uta out might be for the best.. She started all of this and with her quirk, I’m not sure if there is any way she could live a normal life..”

Ayame seemed a bit soft still in that regard as she looks at the others.

“The scorpion can likely be restrained but she is physically strong, I would like Inferni to take her. Amaris I’ll leave it up to you what happens, I give you permission.. Also only help me with the hostages if I can’t do it. Adelaide, you should be able to attack any of the three, but the other two would be a better option to pick from.”

With that she frowns a little and continues speaking. “Another negotiator is set to talk with them, a food delivery as well, we’ll be using that chance to strike. We only have a half hour till then, are we ready?”

“Heh. That worried about her limiting my power, huh?” Amaris commented.

“I’m not sso shure… Sstill, I supposse it iz ssmarter to err on the siide of caushun.”
She said with a shrug.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be more prudent withh my shhadows. But I won’t hessitate.”

Fenri glanced at the redhead beside her and gave her a nod. Then she addressed Ayame. “Ah. Gunna get stung, am I? Don’t really care about us lowly grunts, huh? Ah, no worries. I’ll handle the ugly bug. Ark~”

“What?” Ayame looked at her with a bit of grimace, was that what she thought?

“I’m sending you because I think you can take her. I want every single one of us to come back unharmed and if you need to be thrown into harm, I try and make sure it’s harm we can deal with.. So please, come back in one piece. Your brother and some of the rest have a much easier job to return from, so let's do this quickly and cleanly.”

With that she waits to see if the others had more to say.

Given no one seemed to have anything, now was time for the mission to commence, with aid of Amaris and her shadows a general idea of where the hostages and the three villains were, in the vault, at the entrance stood the Scorpion girl, the light girl was stood atop a service table, as a dark grey miasma filled the room, hostages bound with rope or belts, security shutters slammed down throughout parts of the bank and at the rear of it all, with her back against the wall stood Uta, sending the signal, it was now time to breach and to face the criminals.

Gathering the shadows she could. The mass of shadows entered the area, and unraveled, revealing a couple of fellhounds like Infenri had suggested. The two fellhounds roared and leaped at the scorpion girl. They would immediately begin clawing and biting at her if they could.
Amaris leaped out of the shadows, enveloped her leg and roundhouse kicked the girl with the light quirk right off the service table. She landed with a skid, preparing herself for a fight, while focusing intently on controlling what shadows she could. A mass of shadows immediately rose around Uta and held her firmly against the wall. Her shadows wouldn’t bind her for long. This was the chance Ayame needed to get to the hostages!

With the sudden attack, Saiko grunts a bit, as the fellhounds bite into her, or rather attempt to do so, while in parts they found purchase, in others they were met with hardened exoskeleton, impacting upon it as if it were armor, the biological matter proves very resilient. Lifting her tail up, the massive, well armored stinger dives into one of the wolves, destroying it as she readies her tail for the next. “The fuck?!”

Kimiko was knocked from the table, but fires a few beams of light from her hands, cursing under her breath, a brilliant kaleidoscope of light fires with a near reckless abandon towards where she was kicked from. Uta for her part remains a bit impassive, her dull eyes and face looking around, as her large mutated hands, start to claw at the bindings as another goes for the scythe.

But the distraction went off well enough as Ayame lands among the hostages, her clones taking a light blast as she attempts to drag out what amounted to five men and women, with one clone and herself, they had four, the fifth would need to move of their own accord or be taken outside by another. All in all the plan seemed to be holding.

As a beam of light came her way, she waved a wall of shadow in front of it. Only to be surprised as the beam went straight through. The surprise momentarily dulled her reflexes, and caught Amaris’s thigh with a searing burn.

She narrowed her eyes and looked over at the light quirk user. So she had underestimated her, huh? Amaris resolved to not do that again. She knew Uta was her target, but that woman wasn’t currently doing anything. Which meant Amaris had the time to target this dangerous light quirk user. With a wave of her hand, spike shadows flew right at her to skewer her quickly.

Meanwhile, Fenri was surprised when a Fellhound went down that easily. “Tch..” She hissed in anger. Her Fellhounds were tougher than the spectral ones, but that stinger seemed to kill it immediately. That was bad. She bent forward and slammed her hands on the ground, sending a wave of freezing chill towards the scorpion lady. The path froze immediately, ready to freeze her, too.

Saiko retracts her stinger, nearly the size of half her body as she readies another strike, using her armored limbs to fend off the other, poison of some sort could be seen dripping from the tail, was that why the Fellhound fell so quickly? Either way Fenri now also had the attention of the woman, who immediately sent her tail out to attack Fenri in kind, when the Ice suddenly struck, with her fairly thin and decorative clothing and arachnid mutation, she crumpled under the cold quickly, her movements slow and sluggish as she shivers, the Ice trapping part of her as her tail falls just short of Fenri, she was however still functional and doing her best to beat the ice off, it was clear it had a decisive effect.

Kimiko meanwhile directed her lights towards the spikes, missing one that stabbed into her leg, she grunts a bit and becomes more haphazard in her attacks, trying to attack them all and maybe even the hostage as well. For her Part Adelaide uses her sonic attacks to lift debris into the path of the light beams, blocking them effectively as she shielded the hostages taken by Ayame, who in turn rejoins the frey, throwing a smoke grenade at Kimiko as one of her clones drags away the remaining hostage.

“Amaris! Help me reach her!” It was likely unlike with the other two, a stunner would likely be of use on this one.. Though that still left one final target..

Uta, who had now partially freed herself just enough to make use of her scythe to break the remaining restraints on herself. Heading towards Amaris she starts to leak more poison as her monsterous poisonous leaking left hand reaches out to claw the woman in a swipe.

A smile lit up Fenri’s face when she saw the scorpion lady begin to ice over, and her movements slow. “Yes!” She barked happily, easily avoiding the slowed stinger. Which she did by ducking into it, and grabbing it. You wouldn’t think with her string-bean arms she had any strength, but as a girl with a wolf-like quirk, she actually had much more immense strength than you’d think! She grabbed the lady’s scorpion tail and swung her forward hard enough to smash her into the ground, sending debris and a dust cloud through the room.

Amaris’s hold on Uta had failed. And at a crucial time! However, the wolf girl’s attack was enough of a momentary distraction for the vampire to avoid the poisonous swipe.

Slipping into the shadows, she opted to help Ayame as she could, defending her until she got into spot to attack. Then after defending the panda girl, she leaped out and gathered the shadows she could. Holding up her hand she focused the shadows into a spear-shape that began to spiral. “Lancce of Isscariot!” She shouted, slamming it right at Uta, not wanting to let her get her way with her poison miasma.

As Ayame closes in from Amaris’s help she is able to shock Kimiko, using two stun batons may have been a bit much, but a lot of quirk users with violent histories could stand up to such, this girl was just getting started however and had not built up that sort of resistance. As Ayame goes to handcuff the other, she throws a pair to Inferni to grab the Scorpion, it however seemed Uta would not be giving up so easily.

Using a combination of scythe and mutated hands, she blocks and redirects the so called Lance of Iscariot, hurling her scythe at Amaris, the girl looks rather gloomy.. “I won’t go down that easily.. Death follows me wherever I go..the scenery becomes more quiet and alone.. I did not ask for this..but I’m not going back!” Rushing in behind the thrown weapon, the grim reaper looking lady seemed to be going all in on this. And for the time being Amaris would be on her own.

After Infenri caught the cuffs and cuffed up the scorpion lady, the battle with Uta was ramping up and reaching its climax.

Amaris saw her Lance of Iscariot deflected, crashing into a pillar that was supporting the building. The drill-like spike of shadow tore into the concrete before dissipating, leaving a large gash with rebar exposed in the pillar. The vampire was not happy one of her strongest attacks had been so easily defended against.

“Assk for what? Not going back to what?..” Amaris questioned, withdrawing her umbrella and deflecting the thrown scythe. She held up her hand and a mass of swarming shadows went to meet the approaching woman. A few grabbed at her legs, while a few went to cut her with sharpened shadows.

“This quirk, prison. You’re like that Cop, I won’t be tricked.. If I must kill you all so I am left alone then so be it.”

With that the massive boney like hands lower to scrape into the ground. The Shadows were able to cut her skin here and there, but as before the death like hands were untouched, an immunity to the shadows or was it something else? While she was stopped from moving her body begins to emit even more of the Miasma than before, drowning the room in it. Of note was the fact the toxic mist was eating away at and corroding the exposed Rebar, a look of tiredness was on the woman’s face. Not the sort of fatigue that one would associate with a hard days work, rather it was something deeper and more depressing, a sort of tiredness no amount of rest would ever fix.

She considered her quirk like a prison? Amaris frowned and narrowed her eyes. The vampire was familiar feeling trapped by their own quirk. She could easily relate to that. “You’ll defhinitely havve to kill uss all for thhat.” She replied. “Not thhat thhat’ss going to happen!”

Amaris could tell through the feeling of shadows that most of the hostages had been rescued. Seeing the poison mist begin to expand, the sergeant threw her hand out shouting, “Everyone, get out!” Shadows grabbed the remaining people and threw them away, or shoved them towards an exit.

Then the shadows swarmed and amassed around Amaris. Her outfit covered up most of her skin already, but some parts of her were still exposed. Shadows traveled up her body to seal up those exposed parts, even going over her mouth. She flipped in close to Uta and began hitting her and kicking her to knock her quickly out. The shadows around her body making her attacks pack a bit of a punch.

With that, the Woman is a bit unsteady on her feet as she absorbs the blows, laying a giant claw like hand upon Amaris, she grabs her shoulder and presses in hard as her other hand unsteadily works its way towards her throat. Getting it around the other for a bit she starts to squeeze but then her grip runs out of strength, looking at the other her arms go Limp, if they drew blood or not would be difficult to see, but she has one final message.

“..Death is the one truth..of this world…” If it were the work of another power, a lucky guess or just the ravings of a madman, the woman continues, her eyes glossing over grey as her voice seems to shift. “..yes..even for you..child of mockery.. Though it be later..than your friends..even you will one day...fall. Such is the Balance.”

And with that the figure falls, eyes back to black as she falls heavily to the ground, her miasma starts to weaken, but as was the case before, it still produces some from her mutated hands.

Amaris caught the unconscious woman, frowning. “Heh.. Ominouss.. Geh..” The dark-haired woman cricked her neck. That attack had managed to pierce her skin, and she could feel the warm wetness of drawn blood. The pain was minimal but the discomfort was obnoxious.

Well, with that, Amaris took some coverings and wrapped them around the woman’s mutated hands to stop the miasma flow. Then she carried the prisoner out to meet the rest of her squad.

Ayame was waiting and just a bit surprised that Amaris had came out with the woman alive.. “Amaris! You’re okay! I was worried when you shoved us all out.. I thought you wanted to kill her..” Looking at the other and recalling what was on her file, she leaves the other two to be brought out by Inferni, only one of them was even able to move around, shivering though she might be.

“Death may have been a..mercy… I’m not complaining, but why didn’t you?” She asks her friend, curious.

“Me? Want?” Amaris repeated. Only to begin laughing lightly. So, in these years, she had begun to ‘want’ things, had she? If Ayame thought so, then it had to be true. Yet Amaris, herself, couldn’t think of a single thing she necessarily wanted. Maybe one of the hot ladies around.. But that was an entirely different thing to this.

“Hm. I jusst ssaw an opportunity to capture her iz all.” Amaris quickly answered. Fenri showed off her strength, carrying the other two prisoners. “So. No kills today, huh?” the wolf girl commented, in an almost disappointed-sounding voice.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be..another chance.” Ayame says direly. “I..rather we not kill them unless we have to. Though if not for the hostages this was more of something for HA, or something to work with them on.” She knew that was a rather unpopular opinion among some, but still, the one they had came to kill was not dead.. Would that be an issue later or not? Of that she was not sure.

“We should go and get that wound of yours looked at, I think maybe pick up some meat today, you both earned it!”

Amaris nodded, with a smirk on her lips. “You almost sound like you wanted me to kill her. But, hurray! Meat!” The vampire cheered, tossing up the unconscious miasma-user. “Oopss!” She used shadows to catch her, and put her away with the other villains.

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Kanna, Airi, Kurogane,
Kazuo (Top Hat), Saki (Dragon Tattoo), Majima (Bat... Man...)
Collab with RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun

As the events of that day unfolded, Kanna, Airi and Kurogane would all be tasked with assisting the Local Tokyo Metro Police with a raid upon an underground gambling ring. A simple task at face value, the HA could and really should have been doing it, or HA with ANVIL, though politics at present made that an unlikely scenario. As to what made this case different, it was the owners, the United Yakuza Syndicate. Some opposition was to be expected, though they only had a generality of who would be there, Intel on the Yakuza being more generalized than specialized at present.

Riding in the rear of what seemed to be a cross between an SUV and armored car, Kanna looks at the two with her, meeting them eye to eye. The one who smelt much the same as the girl she fought before, and the monkey were with her, it was almost like the old tales of Momotaro, though there was no chicken and she was a Priestess, not a Samurai.

“So.. We’ll go ahead of the riot police, to breach and clear.. Or so I would like to say, but Tokyo does not wish for unneeded casualties so it will be up to me when we cross the line as the HA likes to say.” Putting her mask over her face, she seemed to radiate an eagerness to do her duty, there was no nervousness nor doubt at all in her voice.

“If not for the other calls we would not even need to do this, nor me having to run it.. Do you have any questions? Either of you?”

Even now they were getting closer to the mission site, a few police cars following behind and in front of the Armored car, outside the barred windows, one could see what looked like a low income zone which was more ethnically diverse so to speak than Japan in general, a migrant quarter, a slum in most recollection.

Airi was about as relaxed as she could be. This wasn't her first rodeo. In more ways than one they were kinda like hired muscles. She just needed to make sure that she was prepared. Of course, with Kanna with them, there was a certain feeling of tension in her. She didn't know the girl too well. But her readiness to charge into battle, and thensome, was a little unnerving.

In truth, the monkey-tailed girl was at ease because she had no doubts in regards to Kanna's or her own ability. But in the back of her mind, there was nagging prayer hoping that this would be simple and not escalate to the point where a death, or rather an execution, was ready.

"Yakuza dealings are pretty tight knit. I know we don't have much information that we could use to better prepare than we have already," Airi chimed in.

Kuro leaned forward a bit, his elbows resting on his knees with his hands clasped together before his face. He breathed out slowly, preparing himself for what was to come. "Hmmm any particular orders or persons of interest we should observe?" he asked, briefly pulling Airi's attention toward him.

Airi shrugged, looking to Kanna for an answer. "You're super tense wolfy," she said simply, smacking the wolf boy's back.

Kuro huffed, not having expected the strength he'd felt from the girl. He didn't bother to say anything about it though. "Just trying to make sure I don't accidentally do something unnecessary or piss someone off," he added, glancing wearily at Airi before turning his focus back to Kanna.

Nodding at that, Kanna stares at the two, or Kuro more pointedly. “Simple plan. We’ll go in through the front with the normal police, if anyone dangerous or on the most wanted list shows up we focus on them. Other than that maybe help the police turn over a table or some such. I’ll be taking the lead, we go in and deal with any problems as they arise, Ayame would likely be disappointed if we just started killing random people..” With that Kanna looks back ahead. “The Police want this to be a simple search and clear.”

"Yeah, killing would be a bit much right out the gate after all," Airi said with a small laugh. Joking was a good way to cope. At times.

Kuro nodded along, straightening himself up a bit. "All clear then." The wolf grinned, clenching his hands a bit tighter. In truth, he was hoping for a little trouble. This was his first time getting to really stretch his legs in a while.

Airi hummed softly to herself. "Good," she said in response to Kuro as she began to kick her legs back and forth rhythmically. "And, as usual Kanna, you can count on me to have your back." It wasn't the first operation she'd been on with Kanna, though part of her felt the miko didn't much care for her. Still, she would be as professional as was possible.

"By the way," Kuro added calmly. "Is there an ETA on our arrival?"

“Well at the very least you could flash them to distract them.” Kanna says towards Airi, it was hard to tell if it was in jest or not, with her face hidden beneath her mask. “Less than Fifteen minutes I think. Once we are there the show starts, so figure anywhere over 15 to less than 30. If there are any preparations you need to make then now would be a good time.”

"Pfft as if~" Airi stifled a laugh, shaking her head a little bit at Kanna's comment. In truth, even if Kanna wasn't joking, Airi would choose to interpret it as such. She wasn't the type to let little things like that get under her skin. "But if you wanted a look that bad, you don't need to try and work it into the battle strategy. You could just ask later," she followed up, this time not holding back her laugh at her own little rebuttal.

Kuro rolled his eyes, shaking his head. Was this girl serious? Whatever. It wasn't like it mattered much to him. Besides, he wouldn't fall into the all too common trap of stealing a glance of the subject, or rather subjects, of conversation.

As the trio continue their ride in silence, it seemed to be much as the Miko described, the police were waiting around the edges of what seemed to be a Chinese Restaurant, all around them stores or homes were shutting their blinds, it was very unlikely there would be zero warning, but it would be sudden enough.

The Police were quick to get them all into position as Kanna took up form in front of the doorway, knocking it in she continued past to the false wall the officers had reported, knocking it in with a kick, a chunk fell away, revealing it to be a door. Beyond it people were already panicking and running further into the complex and likely an escape. Two Yakuza thugs then draw handguns, taking aim and firing upon Kanna with little effect, other than to annoy her as she closed in, grabbing a dealers table she hefts and throws it at the two, knocking them over and effectively disarming them as her teammates are free to enter, police follow behind them with riot batons and handcuffs, attempting to capture the fleeing customers. All around them was ritzy looking furniture, carpeting, staff, it was the equal of any casino.

Ahead however were three people that looked to be more unique, or maybe even dangerous than all the rest, a woman with red hair, suit and top hat, a man with a deck of cards and more elaborate gitup that matched in style and lastly, a man in a yakuza styled suit, with an eyepatch and baseball bat.

They might be known to some here if they studied their wanted sheets or through other sources, but the hatted man at the very least would be known to them all, given how senior in the Yakuza rankings he was.. Kazuo Kikuchi, Captain within the Yakuza and head of all gambling operations.

Airi seemed without a care in the world, her hands clasped behind the back of her head as her eyes scanned the environment. The girl didn't seem worried in the slightest, even when guns were drawn. "Hm~ Ya know, this is actually a pretty nice place. Shame it's all shady. If it were more legit, I could totally see myself hanging around with a drink in one hand and a couple cards in the other," she commented softly, her voice rising just enough to be heard over the relative chaos.

Kurogane, meanwhile, whistled softly as the Miko made quite the entrance, following her and the monkey-tailed girl. "Yeah, I'm sure that would go over well with the higher ups. A representative of ANVIL going out to drink and gamble," he rolled his eyes.

Airi simply shrugged, opening her mouth to reply before stopping. Immediately, she straightened her form, growing more serious in demeanor despite the apparent lackadaisical smil on her face. "Weeeeell~ What do we have here?" she asked in a sing-song voice. "Didn't really expect to run into anyone too important. Thought all the bigger fish would have left by now." Airi may not have liked paperwork, but she always did the homework when it was of importance. Well... most of the time anyway.

Kuro gave a grin, preparing for a battle, though he would wait for an order of attack. "And here I was worried this would be boring," he commented, scanning the three individuals, waiting for a move that would otherwise signal the beginning of a fight, if there were to be one at all.

"I guess, it'd be wishful to ask you to surrender and not make this such a big deal, huh?" Airi asked, already knowing the answer as she sized up the foes for her potential opponents. It would likely be either the man with the bat or the girl with the top hat if Kanna had anything to say about it. Kazuo Kikuchi was a Captain after all. She'd likely want to make sure he was captured at all cost. Would she leave someone such as him in the hands of herself or the new recruit? Airi didn't think so.

“Heh. Sorry Kid, ain’t gonna be that simple.” Says the bat armed man, smiling a bit behind his eye patch, he squares up with Kanna aiming at her. “Oi, don’t you think you can just koolaid man your ass through here.”

“Kook-aid?” Asks the woman, unsure of what that was, cracking her knuckles, she looks at the other two as the dragon tattoo comes to life, glowing, her fists and legs seem to become scaled, fire forming at the ends. “Gonna have to ask you all to leave.”

The third and final man smiles thinly behind the two, rolling a cup of dice upon the table behind him as he confidently takes a deck of cards into his hand. “I’m sorry, but this club is members only. Plus you damaged the tables, that’s a banning.” Drawing the Red Queen into his hands, three knights form seemingly from nothing, charging the policemen to form a gap between them all, for now it was three against three, as Kanna charges forward, the batter swings, meeting her force in kind as he whistles and a backblast envelopes the woman, she however keeps her stance, briefly confused by what had happened.

“I figured not,” Airi cooed, shaking her head, eyes closed for a moment as she exhaled softly. “But ya know, it’s polite to offer,” she added, peaking one eye open as she stuck her tongue out at the bat wielder.

Kuro scoffed at the commentary from the trio. “Aw man? No exceptions? I was really hoping to join.” Kuro added in a small quip as he eyes the tattoo coming to life from the woman’s body.

“And we’re banned before we even get a real shot,” Airi sighed. “Oh well! Whatcha gonna do?” Much to the monkey-tailed girl’s surprise Kanna seemed to square off with the bat… man. “Shit…” she commented under her breath following the backblast of Kanna’s attack. That wasn’t good. Worse still was the summoning of three knights. Backup would be held off. Could he make more of those?

Airi locked onto the man with the top hat, three masses shaped like her separating from her body. Though not perfect clones, they could certainly fight. A good blow would put them out of commission, but this was a good way to gauge the knights. Could they actually hit the agile, acrobatic Airi “clones”? Avoiding too much detail and power waste would also help to minimize the focus it took to sustain them as she charged the man, Kazuo Kikuchi. A golden staff formed in her hands as she leaped into the air, swinging it high above her head to strike the man from above. Didn’t think such a straight forward attack would work, but she could use it to potentially set herself up for more depending on the man’s response.

Kuro growled as the battle commenced. “Well, since they have dance partners,” he said as he stared down the girl with the dragon tattoo. “Shall we?” Black flames coated his hands as he charged forward. His claws at the ready, Kuro swiped at the woman with immense force and incredible speed once he was in reach

Thinking on the situation, Kanna was tempted to trade partners, she however was starting to think his quirk wasn’t matching her pound for pound, so much as vector returning. Someone weaker fighting him would be for the best, but the best was not always possible. With that in mind, she would not be able to straight out kill him, she would need to dish out enough damage for her to survive her own impacts, but where the energy from it all would burn him down.

Stepping off on another foot, she starts to rain down blows, as the man twirls his bat like nunchucks, bit by bit being pushed back, even as Kanna starts to show some signs of damage.

Elsewhere, as the woman nods her scales meet his claws, as claws of her own deploy with a red flame of her own matching his. They were evenly matched in their current states. “It’s not the Year of the Dog, kid.” She says, taking note of his tails and ears.

Meanwhile, on Airi’s side of things, the hatter smiles thinly, drawing another card, this one a red King. A Halberd forms in his hands as he lifts upwards to meet the charge. It was immediately notable that while his weapon was very strong and dense, he himself was not too terribly strong, as he struggles under the impact of the polearm. His knights reflecting much the same manner of being. Meeting the clones, they used their shields and bodies to block the assault on their master. One hand was black, the other red, was there a pattern or limitation here?

Kuro chuckled at the girl's comment, blocking her claws. Their flames collided, shooting out a short distance on impact as the pressure of the attacks blew them outward. "A dog joke. Real grade A material," he huffed, rolling his eyes in annoyance. He stepped in with his left leg before lifting and thrusting his right forward. "But hey, don't you think a dragon trying to hoard treasure is a little on the nose? I mean, I'm pretty sure you're doing it wrong, but hey, if you wanna share, that's all you," he shrugged taking note of her place guarding a casino of all placed.

With any luck, the front kick would have either dealt some damage, or forced the girl to try and avoid it. Either way, it was likely to put a little distance between them. Kuro would follow up this attack regardless of the outcome with a powerful fire ball, amping up the strength to see how much she could actually match him.

Airi grinned, having honestly expected a little more from the man than what she'd gotten. She opened her mouth to speak, but stopped, taking note of the cards the man had used. She would have glanced back to check on her clones and the knights, but taking your eyes off an opponent just invited defeat. The staff she'd created disappeared though as her feet hit the ground. "Hmm~ I was hoping for something flashier," she said, spinning and lowering herself into a crouch, a thin layer of yellow aura shrouded her body.

She swung out her leg, attempting to sweep his feet out from under him and knock the man off his feet. "What's the matter?" she asked. "Bad hand?" There was something more to this man's quirk, but she would need a bit more time to figure it out.

Grunting a bit, Kanna lashed out with another strike, having it revisited upon her, as she briefly turns her attention to Kuro and his opponent, calling out to him there was a more simple way of dealing with their mutual problems as his fireball was revving up. “Kuro, Switch!”

Hopefully he would know what she meant and switch his target in time as she charged headlong towards the dragon girl.

Elsewhere, Saki keeps her focus on Kuro, after his initial kick she raises up with one leg to meet it in kind as she focuses her own fire to meet his, unaware in the present moment of the Miko heading her way in a mad dash.

With all of this happening Hajima twirls his bat away as the woman runs, tching a bit he uses his own strength to hit the woman in the back as she left, to very little effect, it seemed the jig was up, still that wolf looked to be a brawler and he might have not figured out the secret like she seemed to have done.

Kazou for his part is taken up by the sweep, drawing a new card as his knights dissolved he displayed it. The Jack of Clubs, with that a large black cannon made of dark energy forms as he gets to his feet, aiming it at Airi. “The House Always wins.” He says as he smacks the side of it, a black cannonball barrels towards Airi as the man has a smug smile to his face and a deafening BOOM fills the air.

"Wha?!" Kuro growled, eyes darting to find Kanna for just a moment before looking back to the woman as her leg rose to meet his own. "Fuckin... Mother..." He grumbled to himself, almost debating whether or not he should. No. That wouldn't... This... fucking...

Shaking his head, the wolf boy turned, using the full weight of his body to force the girl's leg away from his. As he turned, he grunted, launching the fireball he'd been prepared toward the man with the bat. Why else would Miko have told him to switch when they weren't even close to each other? He didn't like it, but causing trouble and disobeying orders on his first real operation wouldn't look good.

Kuro wouldn’t stop there though. “Guess we'll have to try again next time,” he said to the girl with the dragon tattoo. “You know…” he added, pausing briefly as he began to charge after the fire ball, toward the man with the bat. “If you manage to get away!” he said as he lunged forward, transforming into a wolf mid air, the fabric of his uniform stretching with him to fit his new body. His sheer size as an overgrown wolf would be more than enough to knock bat man off his feet, provided the fire ball disoriented him enough, assuming it didn’t take him down immediately.

The man went down so quickly. Airi was sure there was some trick to this. And then, another card. She blinked, hearing the sounds of battle end, her clones seeming to stop as the knights vanished. Kazuo's voice called back her attention though.

"A fuckin cannon?!" she groaned, partially shocked and partially annoyed. It seemed that there was a limit to the summons. Whether it was time or it was using cards of a similar type, color, or rank, she wasn't sure though. Airi couldn't block, and she might not have had time to dodge. She grunted, jumped back while using her arms to shield herself from potential shock, smoke or debris. Meanwhile, her clones shot past her to intercept the blast. They'd all go down, but hopefully she'd be safe.

Airi would use the cover of her clones to try and retaliate though, never one to simply quit. She breathed out, formed another staff, this one larger. Aiming the end in Kazuo's direction, the polearm began to extend, shooting forward with incredible speed and force. If the cannonball was still coming, it'd meet the flat of the hard light weapon head on. If not, it'd be shooting straight toward the man through any of the obstacles, or distractions the cannon fire may have created.

With the sudden change in Targets, Kanna hits the dragon dead center, knocking her back a bit into some tables, as her fireball goes off into the ceiling, not yet on fire, the area was smouldering.

On the end of Airi, the shield takes the constructs shot, as the man draws yet another card, his lance vanishes, replaced with several red spades, leveling he aligns them as shields, taking the impact, rather than using them on the offense, the pole is diverted just enough to avoid himself as it slides past his right shoulder.

Meanwhile Hajime is caught up in the fireball, coat smouldering, he pats himself out a bit before swinging his bat to meet the beast’s claws, whistling a bit as he pauses as he’s slid back, turning the power back in kind towards Kuro. “Try’n to burn the place down, your boss caught on to me but I doubt you’ll have it so easy wolf man.”

The fire hadn't quite been enough of a distraction to allow Kuro to knock the man down before he could retaliate. It didn't matter though. Now a behemoth of a wolf, Kuro began to circle the man. There was a reason Kanna had switched with him. Kuro had felt the blowback of the bat. It wasn't simple strength. If it had been, he'd have aimed for the head right. If wolves could grin, one might have made out the expression on his face. Small embers began to sprout from the fur on Kuro's body. He flicked a few toward the Bat man with his tail, minor nuisances if nothing else before charging in.

This time however, he wouldn't lunge. He lifted one of his massive paws to try and swat the man away, but he'd pull back before it could meet the man's bat, The swing was following through, Kuro would attempt to grab the bat with his maw. If he could snatch that away, he reasoned the man would be less of a threat. And it would be harder to wrestle the thing from the jaws of a wolf than the hands of a man.

Her clones were gone now, having made a good shield. "Tch," Airi sucked her teeth. This guy was pretty good. "You're a lot smarter than I gave you credit for Mr. Top Hat," she said wryly. Her staff had been knocked off track, and the thing was big and heavy now. It dematerialized. She was strong, but not stupidly so like Kanna. Using such a large weapon took finesse and planning for her in most cases. Or it was a quick shot, and would dematerialize or shrink again.

"Let's try this," Airi took a moment to breath, two clones forming beside her. Without another word, she charged in, both of the golden Airi's moving in tandem. Three against one. What would he summon next? She knew it had to do with the cards. Either she would get those away from him, or she'd be able to subdue him. The clones could help, or they could act as shields again. This would work. Somehow.

Drawing a new card, it was the Red Jack, forming a crossbow in his hands, he takes aim at the trio and triggers it, firing a bolt at the three. If it hit one or who, it did not matter as he quickly holds his hands up in the air and drops the cards, a smile plastered on his face. Kazou was surrendering.

“Gambling is hardly something to get killed over, yeah?”

On the other side of the room Hajima has his bat yanked by the maw of the wolfman, focusing his quirk into the bat, he attempts to redirect the force and is partially successful, but losses his grip over the bat as they knock one another apart, reaching for a table leg, he notices his boss and sighs, holding his hands in the air, with a bit of a smile. “Okay Fido, show times over, I’ll see you again in three years or less, cause I’m at the bottom of the pole.”

Elsewhere Kanna squares off with Saki, the girl was now largely dragonic, scaled and armored, but was still, slowly, surely and undeniably being overpowered by Kanna, as the two lock hands once more, Kanna presses the other back and throws her into another row of tables and against a pillar, a flicker appears on her skin, as if..

Before Kanna can think more on it, the man with the cards speaks up. “That’s enough Saki, I got another hand to play.” And with those words the other makes a tch sound, spitting to the side and calling it quits then and there.

“And here my blood was getting to pumping, but fine, I’ll follow your lead.”

Airi watched as one of her clones was shot through with the botl of the crossbow, the other lunging to intercept the man before another could be loaded or fired. However, as he threw his hands up, the clone disappeared, dematerializing into nothing as Airi slid to a halt before him.

Blinking a few times, the girl through her hands up. "WHAT?!" If he was gonna give up anyway, why fight at all? "Ugh... well this is certainly anti-climactic," she huffed, grabbing his wrists and tugging them down behind her back to form a pair of sturdy handcuffs around them.

Kuro growled, dropping the now discarded bat to the ground. He transformed back, still staring down the man. "Between you and the dragon bitch, I don't know who's dog joke was worse," He said, grabbing the man's arm and yanking him forward. "Damn, and just when it was getting fun," Kuro mumbled under his breath as he began to walk the man toward Airi and her capture.

"What a let down," Airi said. She'd asked if they'd make this easy earlier. They could have at least committed to making this an exciting battle if they weren't keen on going quietly.

Between her and Kuro, it was hard to tell who'd been blue balled worse as the prospect of a good fight had been taken. Hell, Kuro had lost not one, but TWO potential opponents. "Right right... Yo boss lady, what now?" the wolf asked Kanna, looking to her for orders.

“...” It had disappointed her as well, but..the law was the law and so far they were petty criminals as far as things went… Though she did have a funny feeling about this as the normal cops hand cuff the trio, separating them, the batter went one way and the hatters another.

“We’ll be seeing them again.. I’m sure of that.. Call it intuition.. But we aren’t a security detail. Let’s return to base, unless you want to help them run down and capture a bunch of gamblers?”

“Don’t tempt me. I’m considering it,” Kuro said calmly, shaking his head. “I mean, hell… gotta do something to burn off this energy.”

Airi sucked her teeth, shaking her head. “Trust me, it won’t be satisfying at all. You’ll just end up back at base, frustrated and annoyed that you have to do paper work.” she said, prompting Kuro to whip his head back.

“The fuck do you mean paperwork?” Kuro growled.

“Oh? You don’t know?” Airi said with a teasing giggle. “Kanna, let’s hurry back. Maybe we can even get some training in to work off some of the frustration of a disappointing fight.” The girl said, paying no mind to Kuro who continued to question her on the paperwork she was talking about.

With that, the trio leave as the split group is placed into a police van.


“Why the fuck did we just give up that easily?” The woman asks annoyed.

“Because I’m about to play a long con, We’ll be out on the streets before the day is done.”

“And what about Hajima?”

“He’ll have to fend for himself, plus I doubt he’ll get a long sentence.”


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Isamu - (Bombs Away) #41A85F, Charlotte (Chevalier) #ecb2ed, Fuyuki (NSS) #d0e4f5, Shunsuke (Kihon Panzer) #9365B8

Isamu, Charlotte, Shunsuke and Fuyuki, an interesting if not partially odd match up, be it as a couple or as mutual heroes the four would be working together on this, for they had received word over the HA information network in this part of the city, a deal was going down in Warehouse 41. Not just any deal or something common, but a deal that directly concerned the Yakuza. Always looking to protect others, to make a name for themselves or simply to earn money, if not all of the above, this was a golden chance for the four HA heroes and given how sudden the information had came, they would not have long to pounce on it, telling the police might would also allow the moment to slip out of their fingers.

However even if this were the case, searching the massive warehouse would not be a simple mindless task, a plan was needed, information was needed, but time was of the essence.

"Alright… So there's a lot of ground to cover. I'll go and look at it from above, see if I can spot anything," Charlotte suggested, levitating slightly off the ground before looking back. "Do you all want to come in from different entries or go through one? I can cover you from above through the roof."

She was fairly used to working with Isamu and Shun, though Fuyuki was a new team member. Hopefully it wouldn't be too much of an adjustment, given she and Shun are so similar.

Fuyuki was starstruck. Through the entire time, she had practically been following along in a daze. She was on a hero job with Bombs Away, Chevalier, and freaking Kihon Panzer!! SHE! Fuyuki! It was a dream come true!!!

It took her a moment to catch up. Shaking her head, she was brought back into reality. “Lets just smash our way in!!” Fuyuki exclaimed. She couldn’t understand all this sneaking and observation. Fuyuki was not the type to take a slow pace in her hero work. “C’mon! Kihon Panzer! You and me! Let's bust in there and bust those bad guys’ heads!!” she suggested, holding up her arm and grabbing her muscle.

Isamu hummed, nodding along with Charlotte's idea. It was good to get an idea of the layout, but...

Of course, Fuyuki wanted to charge right in. It was reckless. Shun wouldn't fall into that pit right? He'd grown as a hero and matured in the past few years.

"Sounds like a pretty damn good plan to me," Shun said with a grin, pounding his right fist into his left palm.

Then again, old habits did die hard. Isamu let out a small exasperated sigh. He glanced at Charlotte and shrugged. It wasn't like they were free on time. "I doubt I could stop either of you if I tried, but let's at least try to use the element of surprise to our advantage," Isamu began, pausing for a moment to think of something quickly. "I'll circle around and move in from the back. That'll give me a moment to lay some bombs as traps around the left side of the warehouse. That'll leave the top and right sides under your supervision Chevalier. If you can, try to block off escape routes on that side." In truth, Fuyuki and Shun would probably make a great distraction and initial force.

This would hopefully let them make the most of the aggressive duo and allow less chances for villains and other criminals to run away.

"That's why I like working with you," Shun chimed, giving Isamu a playful slug to the arm. Isamu usually let Shun have his fun and planned around him where possible. It was rare he needed to stick heavily to stealth and information gathering ops, even if he'd gotten considerably better at more subtle operations. "As for you, Noble Silver Savior..." Shun paused. "You've got a long name. Gonna call you NSS for short. Eh... SS should be fine on the job."

It was quite for a moment. Until Shun spoke up again. "Either way, stick with me. I bet you're strong, but I'm also pretty sure your body can't take the same level of punishment mine can." As if to emphasize this, Shun activated his quirk, his body hardening fully. "If something comes as you, don't be afraid to use me as a human shield. Just don't forget to counter attack and cover me too." The purple haired Martial Artist grinned once more, now choosing to beginning moving toward the warehouse. Whatever awaited them, he was sure they could handle it.

"Guess we're ready, then?" Isamu asked, mostly to Charlotte and Fuyuki, as Shun's answer was already clear.

As the four talk among themselves, a bit of traffic builds up along the docks, though coming from one direction. The warehouse was a fairly large structure by any measure of the word, it would be very difficult if not outright impossible to see the other end with any clarity or detail. However they could tell traffic was indeed building up.

A number of trucks were queued up, some men in suits were standing guard as a number of metal cargo containers could be heard being opened, what or who was inside would require a bit of movement on part of the heroes and time seemed to be running short.

Charlotte let out a light sigh at that, whisking her umbrella up to lean against her shoulder. Her free hand ran through her hair for a bit as Isamu developed a plan around the two wrecking balls.

“Oh mon Dieu, maintenant il y en a deux…” She commented in French. How they had managed to find a female Shun was beyond her. “Very well, just give us a few moments to get into position before you two bust in, m’kay?”

With that agreed upon, Charlotte began floating up towards the roof, wishing the three care before she maneuvered to scout the building from the roof. Whatever was going on sure was picking up. They would have to move fast. Perhaps it was fortunate for the bulldozers to be on their team.

Fuyuki glanced from Isamu to Shun after having just heard his plan. He intended to use her and Shun as a distraction. Good idea. “Just call me Savior,” she replied with a smirk. Then she frowned. “Heh? What sort of hero uses someone else as a shield?! Even if you’re another fellow hero! That’s beyond shameful! No way would I ever do that!” She exclaimed with a wave of her hand.

"Heh, don't be stupid," Shun answered Fuyuki immediately, chuckling softly. "A hero's gotta use everything they've got to their advantage." He stopped walking to look back at the girl. "Besides, it's not like I was telling you to hide behind me or anything like that. Just stick close so we can cover each other's blind spots and make sure neither of us takes more damage then we need to."

Shaking his head, Shunsuke shrugged. "I don't just go around trusting anyone to have my back, ya know," he added before turning away. "Now hurry up, Silver. We've gotta show each other what we're made of." he smirked, beginning to walk again. "Plus, I've gotta see you in action before I go around callin you something as extravagant as Savior." That logic didn't quite track unless you were of like minds with Shun. She hadn't saved him or anyone around or close to him. Calling her Savior right out the gate would just feel weird.

Isamu laughed a little at the interaction, nodding at Charlotte as she began to float upward. Beginning to run to get into position he immediately regretted it as she saw the sheer length of the warehouse. "Fuckin..." he griped quietly.

"Count to ten and then bust in," he called back. He definitely couldn't circle it completely. And there would be far too much surface area to cover with just the four of them. Even if he used bombs to increase his speed. He shook his head, altering the plan a bit on the fly. He'd just bust in from the side. That'd certainly cause an inconvenience. Then, he could also still have a few bombs set just in case. In fact, he'd do that first.

Shun simply nodded. It was almost time. Slowly, he began to increase speed. "One... Two... Three..." he began to count slowly, giving just a little extra time. Once he reached ten, he would literally crash into the warehouse like a walking wrecking ball.

Before them laid a woman in heavy armor plates, and another woman with two swords, around them were many other men and women, though seemingly weaker, wearing anything from suits to jumpsuits, around them laid open shipping containers of weapons and explosives and the situation would unfold rather predictably, or maybe not so as the armored woman threw a lump of clay at them, exploding with force.

It was then however that red gas started to spread from elsewhere, overwhelming the feelings of love and affection, be it for those they cared for, or a stranger, the woman however seemed unaffected as powerful fans came on, if she was or if her love took another form was the question however. This should be a sensation that most of those here would know… It seemed ANVIL was here as well on the other end, how this all would unfold was anyone’s guess. Love was a complex emotion, one that did not always end in hearts and kisses, rather obsession or self sacrifice was possible and either way some were quicker than others to react, it was a matter of time till considerable firepower was leveled upon the heroes.

As the group burst in and the gas began to spread, the woman with two swords glanced around in seeming confusion. She raised a gloved hand as if to catch a falling snowflake, wholly unwary of the strange fumes. Thanks to her rebreather, even if it was dangerous it wouldn’t have an effect. Other than that, there was little about the woman that wasn’t an oddity; black sclera, dyed blue hair, a muscular physique, and wholly tattooed arms. She glanced at the heroes expectantly.

“Ehhh… How’d they know about this…” She murmured aloud before her eyes drew to several of the surrounding people.

The warehouse was too large for Charlotte to fully scout, though she found it relatively easy to begin ripping the firearms from those who sought to use them. She could crash down on them, but considering most of the debris was munitions and weapons, that was probably a bad idea.

She had never heard what Shun said to her before. It pained her to rely on anyone as a hero, but it did make sense to have her fellow heroes fight alongside her. So she assumed that’s what he meant. He didn’t mean to literally use him as a shield. He meant to watch as attacks effortlessly bounced off him and then beat the bad guys together!! If phrased that way, Fuyuki was totally on board! It made SO much sense!

When they burst into the warehouse, Fuyuki was brimming with excitement. Literally to the point that she had a bright pinkish-orange glow about her. The moment she landed a laugh escaped her, as she began to immediately barrel through the countless nobody troops. Her fists and kicks sent one yakuza after another flying with fist marks on their cheeks, or her footprints on their torsos.

Fuyuki was in such a frenzy fueled entirely by fun, that any of the more intricate things at play she had completely glossed over. Even as the warehouse filled with some weird gas, she was busy punching away any poor idiot who stood in the overzealous hero’s way. Even with the feeling of love in her, Fuyuki’s own delirium could not be trounced, and she sent whatever potential “lover” she may have had flying away into the nearest concrete wall.

Almost as immediately as he crashed his way in with Fuyuki, Shun found himself taking a bomb to the face. Of course, he simply shook it off. It would take more than that to throw him off his game. Various novics, amateurs really, would begin to try and take up arms. Charlotte was quick to pull those away. Fuyuki was already getting to work and...

"What the fu-" Before he could finish, Shunsuke looked around, holding his breath for a moment to scan the room. He took note of the thinner layer of red gas shaking his head. The hole he'd made coupled with the bomb had made it almost impossible to notice at first. Luckily it was thinner now, almost inconsequential.

He opened his mouth, his voice raising above the chaos. "Hey! Be careful!" he paused, knocking away a few unlucky bastards with a couple well placed punches and kicks. "Cupie's gas is..." Before he could get out the message, another explosion came, this time from the side of the building.

A small fit of coughing followed as the immediate gas left over in the room burst out with the new hole that had been formed.

"Ah crap... Char! I'd get in front of Isamu if I were you," Shun shook his head before looking to the two women. "Oi! I'm hoping one of you can provide better entertainment than these guys," he said before swiftly avoiding a punch. He grabbed the attacker's head and effortlessly through him into two other guys who'd been charging. "You look pretty tough. How about it?" he asked the girl with the mask and the black sclera getting into a fighting position.

Isamu stumbled into the building. "Was hoping to make a better entrance than that. What the hell was with all... that..." Moments ago the gas had been thin enough not to warrant much in the way of issue. Moderate effects if any would have caused small variations in thought. But Isamu's second hole, brought more than just a little his way. And his eyes landed on the armor plated figure.

"Hehe..." he chuckled softly. "Heeeey..." Swiftly he punched in a code to his chemical dispenser, throwing the glass ball containing the resulting chemical mixture into his mouth. "Was that blast I heard you? You look like the type." He took a breath, spitting out a few glowing green orbs into the space above the woman. When they blew, there seemed to be a small showing of colorful lights raining down. It was largely harmless, but the sudden flash and bit of force that would come from the multiple explosions would be large enough to move her, especially while indoors. But there was no malice in the attack. No... Was he maybe... trying to impress the woman?

“Wait, you mean-” Charlotte took a long, hard look at the gas below and let out a disgruntled sigh mixed with a groan. “You have to be kidding me.”

Examining the groupings below, the gangsters seemed to have renewed fervor. The masked woman was impervious. Shun was focused on the mask woman. Fuyuki was too Fuyuki to care. That left Isamu with his gaze on the bomber. Scowling, it was perhaps a bit of agitation aside from the woman being their target that led Charlotte to grasp at her and forcefully yank her upwards toward the ceiling.

Meanwhile, the blue-haired woman watched as all hell broke loose. She glanced at Fuyuki, seemingly unaffected and bursting through mobs of subordinates, then to Shun who approached her for a fight.

“Ooh, a hero challenging me? Then does that make me the villain?” She wondered aloud before raising a hand out at him. “I don’t mind… but stop beating up my boys!”

Saying that, the woman turned the open palm toward Fuyuki as a light began to radiate around it. The glow intensified before shooting out in a bright beam at the heroine. The laser was wider and less concentrated, so its cutting power was reduced. However it would still have quite an impact.

“Oii-! If I’m the miniboss, shouldn’t I have more than one opponent? What kind of shitty boss duels?”

As she is pulled by the mental will of the other,Iori throws a bomb right into the roofing material, blasting a hole to let her through, how the quirk had affected her was yet to be seen, for now it seemed Shunsuke and Fuyuki would have to deal with Aki, as the Bomber took on Charlotte and Isamu, well those two and what random other criminals had the presence of mind to fire on them, as one on the walkway was now doing to shun.

From her new position, the woman hurls a bomb with a fine misty powder to it, causing a flash of light to distract and to confuse Charlotte, provided it went to plan at least.

“Huh!?” Fuyuki glanced over as she felt the pressure of something focused her way. But not before she could react in time. And the silver haired woman was struck by the beam of energy the villain fired at her.

“Unfhh!” She grunted while she was sent flying backwards. She flew through a few of the “boys” that the woman seemingly wanted to defend, and hit a wall, before falling back down.

“Ungh.. I’m alright. I’m alright,” she mumbled, propping herself up on one knee. “What sort of hero goes down after one blast?! Not this one!” She promptly stood right back up and focused her green-amber gaze on the self-proclaimed “miniboss”. “Oho? Not strong enough to be the ‘boss’, then? That’s a bit pathetic to admit, isn’t it?! Yasakani no Magatama!”

Similar to the villain’s own attack, goldish-pink megatamas appeared in the air around Fuyuki. This attack would fire out, except with obvious less precision. Fuyuki waved her hand, and the various megatama flew out, colliding with a few grunts, but some hit various parts of the warehouse and after a burning-like spark, fizzled away. Though one was aimed enough to strike the “miniboss” right back with more force than you’d imagine from the appearance of the attack.

Seeing the explosive hurl up at her, Charlotte flew up a bit more. Unfortunately, it wasn’t intended to physically damage her. As it boomed Charlotte let out a cry and shut her eyes, instinctively dropping the woman from her mental grasp as her hands moved to cover her eyes. She was blinded and disoriented for a moment. Hopefully Isamu would be fine despite the gas’ effect.

Meanwhile, Aki blinked at Fuyuki’s comment before pouting a bit, what could be seen with the mask covering half her face.

“You’re pretty mean for a hero,” She retorted, raising a hand in the direction of the magatama. “Rin-chan would’ve been better.”

As her hand extended, a similar light extended outwards in the form of a barrier to shield her from the impact of the attack. As the projectile struck the barrier, the force pushed the woman back a bit before the barrier expelled back, cancelling each other. Then, she formed her hand to mimic a gun with her index finger, and soon after a small orb of light focused at the tip of the digit. The light shot out in the form of a thinner, but more penetrative and accurate laser, aimed at Fuyuki’s leg. The woman still seemed somewhat lackadaisical about the whole thing.

Readying a new clay bomb, the woman hurls this one at Isamu, while whatever this was pulled at her emotions, the thinness of the gas this far away provided her some resistance by force of will. The male that had caught her attention, the other woman seemed rather Invested in him. This could be exploited, Aki would have to look after herself for now, there was also the other male whom she had not noticed doing anything in regards to all of this. For that reason alone, he would also get a bomb as well, hopefully one of those three could be driven towards Aki.

“Mean? Me? Maybe to villains!” Fuyuki responded by posing proudly. “Villains don’t deserve any sort of congeniality! You haven’t earned it, nor respect! If you wanted someone to be nice to you, you simply had to become a hero!! Any sort of perceived feelings-hurting is all your fault!”

She announced right before she did a pretty skillful frontflip to avoid the concentrated beam. Only to sweep-kick a goon off his feet and grab him by his shirt. She spun around before throwing him with a hefty amount of strength right at her. Then Fuyuki ran to the side and lifted up a box weighed down by the weapons it contained. And she proceeded to throw that the villain’s way, too, with a casual “Alley Oop!”

"Ah-!" Isamu's eyes followed the new object of his affection as she was pulled up toward the ceiling. "Wai-" he stopped as she blew the ceiling wide open. "Awesome! So cool and tough under pressure!" he cheered, almost like a fanboy watching their hero with admiration. Then there was a flash bomb. He was just barely able to shield his eyes before he saw the woman beginning to fall back down.

He held his arms out, trying to move into position to catch her as she drew ever closer. "Oh no! You dropped a bomb!" he called out as she hurled one in his direction.

Shunsuke meanwhile had put down a few more of the boys, as Aki's attention had seemed to shift to Fuyuki. She wanted more than one opponent, huh? "Honestly, I don't even think you're tough enough to warrant two opponents," he said laughing a little bit as she and Fuyuki went at it. "Looks like she can handle you on her own," he grinned up until he noticed what was happening with Isamu and the clay bomber. He grit his teeth, putting his arms up to shield his eyes as the bomb hit him.

"Pretty weak explosion," he commented, his eyes shifting to find her.

Isamu, meanwhile, spit a bomb to intercept the incoming clay one. "Haha~" he laughed softly, as he too searched to find the bomb. "You could have hurt someone with that silly," he said as he began to run toward the girl. It seemed his actual girlfriend was far from his mind while under the effects of Cupie's gas.

"Ugh... Charlotte's gonna be pissed at Cupie later," Shun said, facepalming as he turned back to find Aki. Isamu was... worrying, but Charlotte totally had that, right? Right? Shun's blood was starting to pump watching Aki fight. He'd commented on her strength, but she seemed tougher than he thought. He wanted a piece of the action. "Sorry about Isamu Charlotte!" He called before charging forward toward Aki.

If Fuyuki's attacks distracted her enough, he could probably use the chance to cut through her defenses. "Hope you don't mind if I cut in, Silver. I did challenge her first after all," he mused, mostly joking as he used the boxed Fuyuki had through as a bit of cover to try and move in and hit Aki with a combo of powerful punches.

“Oh, quite...” Charlotte commented as she floated down through the created hole.

The bomb flying at Isamu suddenly halted in its path and zoomed at the bomber, targeting her like a seeking missile. Isamu also began to float off his feet, lifted into the air by Charlotte’s quirk.

Aki blinked a few times at that, registering the girl’s logic. The woman wasn’t the brains of the operation, surely, but she still wasn’t sure that made much sense. Standing there, Aki waited and opened her arms to catch the poor thug thrown at her, her body glowing a bit as he collapsed with her.

“Careful with the crazy lady,” She told the man before pushing him behind her, standing by as the crate flew at her. Her body glowed more intensely as the crate collided with her, breaking and spilling its contents all around her.

She turned as Shun began to charge her, and while she did take a punch to the face, she seemed to recover relatively quickly. Aki intercepted the next two hits with her arms before retorting with a glowing fist of her own to push him back. Then, she put both hands out toward him.
“You asked for it…” She murmured before her hands glowed more intensely for a few moments, a glowing orb growing in her palms before expunging a large laser ray at him.

Shun had made sure not to put his all into his initial punch. Of course, he wouldn't. If he had accidentally mis-gauged her power and knocked her jaw or head off, he wouldn't have been able to live with himself. Still, he whistled as she took the punch. "Maybe you're better than I thought," he said, a grin plastered on his face as she blocked the following attacks rather skillfully.

In truth, Shun was pumped that she was stronger than expected. Her next attack was like something out of an anime though. "Well fuck me," he said as a large beam like attack shot from her hands.

Shun slid back along the ground, crossing his arms before him to shield his face as best he could. Though he was initially caught off guard by the powerful blast, he quickly regained his bearings. Taking the brunt of the attack, he began to push forward, slowly closing the distance between himself and the masked girl. "Is that all you got? Come on, I know you've got some more in the tank."

Isamu felt himself lift off the ground. He kicked his legs, waving his arms as he attempted to break free of the invisible grasp. "Wha-?! What's going... Hey! Let me go! I gotta get to her," he exclaimed, whipping his head around wildly.

As his eyes fell on Charlotte, a somewhat exaggerated gasp escaped his mouth. "Is this you?! What are you doing?! Put me down! Look, I get jealousy as much as the next person, but you can't stand in the way of love!" He scolded the girl... his girlfriend... "I just wanna gro- tou- uh... take her out to dinner. At least get her number!" Truly the young man had lost all his marbles while under the love spell of Cupie's quirk.

Before he could even get an answer, the small hero spit three bombs in the girl's direction. They'd explode near her, but ultimately wouldn't do much damage if any. It was a scare tactic at best. "I don't wanna hurt you, ya know. But I'll do what I need to!" he shouted, voice full of determination.

Watching the villain shoot a beam out at Shun was like some sort of challenge to Fuyuki. -Or that’s how she took it in her own warped way. “I can do that, too!” She called across the warehouse, putting her hands together.

Suddenly energy began to sizzle off of her, and a golden-pink energy sparked up around her. “Take this! My hero’s spirit in raw energy form! My Yata no Kagamiiii!!” Out of her hands fired a powerful energy laser much similar to the villains. She hadn’t registered the fact anyone else was in the warehouse, challenging the villain in her own way like this. Not Shun who was trying to attack the villain, not her allies, and not the group of grunts in her path who were blasted away by her laser. She had put everything into this attack, unable to hold back at all. After her laser concluded she would definitely be out of commission due to pure exhaustion.

“Isamu. I know you’re under the effects of the gas and you’re going to regret all of this later, so please stop digging yoursel-” Charlotte began to retort, but then saw he had spit bombs at her. He tried to bomb her. In response, she pointed her umbrella towards him and opened it to shield her. Inhaling slowly, she was obviously none too pleased. “Oh pour l’amour de…”

Rotating him around to point in the opposite direction, it now looked like Charlotte was giving him a sort of mock time out in the air. She couldn’t very well hurt him, but she couldn’t have him throwing bombs at her either.

The yakuza meanwhile kept pushing the beam against Shun, who seemed to have adapted to it. This caused the woman to pout a bit, though it was indecipherable behind the mask. Add injury to insult, the schoolgirl was copying her now. It really was turning into an anime, supermoves and all.

Ignoring what Shun said for the moment, Aki put a little bit more force into the laser before ceasing. Then, she gripped the hilt of one of the blades around her waist, unsheathing it as a glowing light emanated off the blade and a crescent of light swiped toward Fuyuki’s attack. It wouldn’t cancel the ray, but it would at least split it and perhaps cause some collateral damage to Shun too.

Iori had little clue what was going on here, though the boy was being strange… Did it have to do with the gas? Putting on a gasmask and armored hood from her back, she wasn’t about to chance it. Still for the woman to be handling him so, she must have been close to the mark in her thoughts. Hurling one of her bombs at the warehouse exit, she aimed to make the exit door a bit bigger to get rid of this annoying tasteless gas. There was no art or beauty in it, just the base degeneracy of humans as far as she could tell, watching some behind her that were influenced by the gas, though from the running on the upper walkways and the blue pulse in the distance it seemed some others had kept their presence of mind. With the group focused on the Yakuza girl or their own, she heads right for the arms shipment, while a few cases had already been sent out, the heavy weapons were what she was here to inspect, of note a fuel air bomb.. There was something special planned for it and a few of the smaller explosives that remain, but for the here and now Art could be made. They weren’t getting out of here with the shipment anyways, whoever else was attacking likely weren’t with this lot, the police was her bet, or ANVIL.

And if so she could deny them all of their prize. Walking over to the large weapon, she opens a side panel and starts working on arming the weapon.

Shun could feel himself making headway as he continued to charge forward toward the masked girl. "I hope-" he stopped as the felt the laser end. He'd been a little more than just distracted and must have missed the yell coming from Fuyuki. The laser he was battling stopped, and he blinked a few times, whipping his head to find out why. Then, it hit him.


Shun barely had time to brace himself as a larger, much more powerful laser slammed into him. Caught off guard, and fairly certain he wouldn't have been able to tank this anyway, he went flying into the neared wall, crashing through and skidding along the ground.

What the hell was that girl thinking?! Was it Cupie's gas? No, he wasn't sure that it was... Was this just her? Was she that out of touch with reality in relation to her views of heroism?

Isamu quickly found himself facing the opposite direction. He was continuing to struggle, moving about as frantically as possible, though to no avail. "Let me go! I've gotta... get to her!" He exclaimed rather loudly. "What's this got to do with you?! What are you jealous or something?!" He continued to shout, trying to spit bombs at various beams and munitions and crates. If he could distract or make something go flying or falling, maybe he could free himself.

"Just because it didn't work out, doesn't mean we can't be friends. Just... lemme try to..." He was slowly but surely calming down, no doubt coming down from the high of Cupie's gas. "Wha... what?" He wasn't all there or back yet, but it was clear the young man was starting to regain his senses.

Soon... the horror of his words and idiocy would dawn on him... but they certainly hadn't just yet. Otherwise, the fear would be clear.

Shun, meanwhile, was picking himself up out of the pile of rubble, debris, crates, and weaponry he’d mowed down as he was slammed by the laser. They'd certainly made a bigger mess of the place. And Isamu’s disposition hadn’t much helped. "What. The. Fuck?" He was fuming as he stumbled a bit, attempting to return to the scene, to Aki and Fuyuki specifically. Everything hurt now. Shit. That was more than he'd expected. “Oi! I hope you’re fucking ready! Cause I’m mad now!” he shouted, voice booming through this section of the warehouse (and perhaps father in echos). Only problem was it wasn’t clear if he meant the masked chick or the friendly-fire expert.

Fuyuki only just noticed that her beam was split after the fact. And after it collided with her ally, Kihon Panzer. Sending the hero flying. “Oh! Shimatta!” The girl shouted at her mistake, only for her laser attack to finish. And for her well of energy to dry up. “Unhhnghh..” NSS groaned, slumping over. She took a staggered step forward. “D~don’t worry.. ~I ~I can still… fi~ight~.. Ugh..”

She had never expected her laser attack to be deflected like that. Nor had she expected to be quite so winded after using it! “!..Eeeyaa!” She screamed, as one of Isamu’s haphazardly thrown bombs landed just behind her and exploded with enough force to send her flying, the crate it hit raining splinters. Fuyuki tumbled on the ground and skid to a stop, her face on the ground, and butt unflatteringly up in the air, her sailor uniform skirt just barely covering what it needed to cover. “Unghhhh….”

If a cartoonish tick mark could appear on her head, it would have. Charlotte’s left eye twitched a moment as Isamu continued to speak before she noticed the bomber fleeing to some of the ordinance. Charlotte didn’t know what she was trying, but it was best to not let her mess with that munitions.

“Oh, no you don’t…!” She dropped Isamu after allowing him to rotate a bit so he wouldn’t wind up with a concussion before flying after the woman. Once again, as the bomber grew close, Charlotte grasped at her with her quirk before yanking her back. “Your little toys are forfeit.”

Aki for her part blinked a few times, watching the boy fly away. Her stance relaxed a bit, turning to look at the schoolgirl.


While a masterful stroke, it seemed to have been without her thinking. Aki hadn’t anticipated that, but looking back at the other woman and boy, as well as her contact trying to flee deeper into the warehouse, perhaps it was time to leave. There likely wouldn’t be another chance with the durable boy, even if Fuyuki was exhausted. She grumbled a bit, sliding the blade back into its scabbard.

“I hope I don’t get blamed for this…” She whined before whistling to her companions. “Alright… we’re bailing for now.”

Passing Fuyuki, Aki pauses a moment, lowering down and pulling at the heroine’s skirt a bit so that it was covering a bit more.

“You should probably wear a longer skirt next time… or shorts,” She said before continuing her route, a prod or perhaps genuine advice.

Isamu hir the ground with a soft thud and a quick little "Oof." He sucked in a breath, his head shifting from left to right. "Wha-" He paused, rubbing his eyes with his hands as he watched Charlotte flying away after the bomber. "Shit... I... God... dammit..." He shook his head forcing himself to his feet, head still reeling after his little episode.

Immediately, he tried to call after his girlfriend. "Ah! Char- er... Chevalier. Hey..." This certainly felt awkward. He was sure things were gonna be... tense later. "Fuck it... I'll figure that out later." Yeah. It was best to just focus on the task at hand. He followed after Charlotte, trying to see what it was the bomber had been doing. Examining the situation, his face immediately turned to one of worry. "Is that a-? Why is that-?" He couldn't even complete his questions as he stared, dumbfounded.

Isamu hadn't even realized that he'd announced his presence to Charlotte. Hopefully she wouldn't think he was still under the effects of the gas.

Shunsuke growled, rushing past Charlotte. He'd walked off the pain of being blasted away by the laser. He didn't know what was going on on her end, but he needed to move before the other villain got away.

Unfortunately, when he reached the area Fuyuki was, where Isamu and Charlotte had once been, he found one particular individual (and a few lackeys) missing. "Are you... fucking... KIDDING ME?!" Shun was fuming. Fuyuki was on the ground. He didn't expect she would be doing much more in this operation.

"Hey. Silver." The way he spoke was cold and to the point. "Which way'd the masked villain go?" He asked, kneeling down beside her to help her up into a sitting position. If she didn't already seem hurt, he would have been chewing her out for... any number of fucking things. "She say anything? She do anything?" He needed something. Anything. Maybe he could still catch Aki. Maybe he could... FUCK! How did this go South so quickly?

As the villain ran passed her, Fuyuki forced herself back to her feet. She spun around and took a swipe at the escaping villain, only to miss and fall flat on her face once again. Then she heard Kihon Panzer behind her. “Ugh…” the silver-haired woman groaned, before managing once more to get back on her feet. Her stance was spread out, and she was leaning on her thighs for support.

“Th~that way.. Gr… Crafty villain… I’ll get her next time..! -Next time?!? Could these be the start of my nemesis!?!?” Fuyuki sounded oddly excited.
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The 3rd operation with the ANVIL group was a rather simple if not dangerous one, they were also tasked with helping the police, illicit goods were being shipped into a warehouse district and a known Terrorist was spotted on the scene by Dockyard Security, who quickly, wisely and maybe cowardly left the scene as quickly as possible.

Who was the buyer, who was the seller and what the goods were was simply unknown, but the fact a terrorist was confirmed to be there made it something that fell within ANVIL’s Jurisdiction, there was a kill order out on this woman, but that did not mean it was safe to just start shooting, more so as a Police Officer was about to elaborate on.

“Hello, name’s Benigata, Detective, I’m in Division one of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. We were investigating some odd shipments when a panicky dock worker reported seeing a known terrorist, we confirmed it later with scattered surveillance data.”

Reaching into a folder that was stamped CONFIDENTIAL the man displays a folder, showing a woman with a big if not sinister looking smile and an EOD armored Suit;

“Iori Wanijima. Early 30’s. Known terrorist and anarchist, she is responsible for the deaths of no less than 37 people and 30 separate bombing attacks on Government officials and buildings, her quirk is the ability to turn clay and dirt into explosives that she can detonate upon command. She has a history of using real bombs as we know them as well. Needless to say we doubt anything she’s taking a hand in shipping will be a good one and we can’t risk using a sniper. The Docks are taking on a lot of cargo this time of year, but of interest to us directly is Warehouse number 41. We would like to avoid any..collateral damage. Are there any questions before we go over the plan for this raid?”

He made his first glance at Mimi who was in command of this group.

This was hardly her first assignment. Mimi had worked for ANVIL and was a part of high stakes operations before. But this time, Mimi was leading this operation. The lives of her platoon and many other civilians were in her hands. She was prepared for this though. She was doing this for them.

As the officer read the report to Mimi, she gave the MO of the target some thought. Being in the warehouse of a dockyard may be a boon to them, but there might be some more that they would need to know about. She brushed her long hair back away from her face, tucking it behind her ear. Her face was stern as she addressed the officer. ”What the composition of the soil in the surrounding area. Furthermore, has Miss Wanjiima been known to work alongside any other people of interest?”

“There isn’t much in the way of soil persee. The whole dock portion is reclaimed earth that was then reinforced with concrete. While there are patches of earth they are mostly along the exterior edges rather than in the dockyard itself. However it is likely that dust and other waste byproduct soil is there. There are also hard limits on what she’s been observed to mold, chiefly hand sized or man portable. If she could just convert all topsoil material into a bomb, then Japan would have long ago fallen. Our Experts believe this to be a case of Energy Matter transference where rules are in effect. None of her bombs have been larger than 30 pounds as far as we can tell, it is the fact she can make shaped charges that is the problem. For now initial intel believes she only has whatever clay was on her person.

Large deposits of soil in the district is unlikely but I would assume she will have plenty of material on hand to work with. What worries us more is the shipment. Any volatile actions upon the warehouse to a large scale could have a chain reaction effect upon the greater harbor, man made island extension or not.”

The Officer answers quickly with the best conjecture they had on the quirk in question and the materials she had on hand or to call upon.

[color= #848482]"If I may?"[/color] Ryushi spoke. Interjecting himself into the conversation. His normal shaggy mop of a head was tied back into a messy ponytail. It was customary while on an operation, as something trivial like locks interfering with vision wasn't something that could be excused and justified. Especially when it could lead to rather fatal results.

Looking to Sergeant Misaki, then Detective Benigata. Their blank stares told him he had their attention.

"Thank you."

"I've assisted your department once before Detective Benigata. With investigating Ms. Wanijima's numerous crime scenes, or what remained of them…"

"I can say that some details may have been omitted in your file. For what reason I couldn't say, and it hardly begs an answer at this moment. However, it would do well to remember Ms. Wanijima is a terrorist in every sense of the word."

Looking at each of them, centering his focus on their eyes, Ryushi stressed this point.

"Her past actions don't seem to follow a conclusive motive outside destruction itself. That may be her only true motivation, even if it would include herself, but it's hard to say with certainty.

Given the warehouse and its supposed… volatile contents. I would hope medical and fire teams are on standby. As well as your men know fully the risk they're dealing with."

Ending his attention once more on Detective Benigata, Ryushi's face softened as he took a breath.

"That aside. I've found Ms. Wanijima has had some dealings with local Yakuza. As to what extent I couldn't gather. Just consider she may be here for someone else on top of herself."

Letting the information he had to offer sink in. Ryushi ended with. "I'll try to address any further questions in route to save us some time…. Detective."

Shiori listened to the back and forth of those more experienced than her. She was nervous, a fresh rookie dealing with a terrorist, wearing a smile befitting her feelings in contrast to Mimi and Ryushi. The girl was more worried about the terrorist's ability than her motive.

"J-just to be clear… Do we have any idea of anyone else here?" Probably not. They already said there was minimal amounts of info on the buyer and seller.

Cupie listened to the briefing and what to expect. That bitch’s quirk was definitely going to be a problem, but how the hell were they going to get around her shitty explosions if even a speck of dirt on their shoes could mean their demise? Unlike Shiori, she was a little more excited to get to fight and annoyed that they had to deal with someone so troublesome.

” Doesn’t sound like it, but it’d be great to hear any and all info.”

Looking at Ryushi, the detective smiles thinly. “Yes, some information is omitted, if I’m being honest the Idea of ANVIL and of heroes in general is something I don’t like. But I must face facts when I have them, plus if this goes south…” Not saying the rest, it seemed Division One was covering it’s ass.

“As to her ties with the Yakuza, it is believed that this deal may involve them. And I couldn’t just ID them outside of a few major ones if I had to. You seem to be forgetting there are several tens of thousands worth of them. Maybe more around 100 and change. The point is, she’s here and that is a security risk. Given her history we don’t want to chance this all going south on the Department. Our public reputation is already damaged. You don’t have to like it, but we asked you all to take point on this, the Glory or the travesty will be all yours. The point is we highly doubt the woman is there for fish.”

Pausing for a bit, he pulls a dispatch from his coat, flipping it out. “This Ship, a Siamese flagged Vessel, the Costa Del Angeles came into port recently and to the warehouse of note. We aren’t in customs and customs had a half assed manifest which says “Machine parts”.. As you can see here on Camera in this frame she offloaded some cargo barges and then almost as quickly was gone. Observe how the waterline has barely changed. I would like to know just what sort of “Machine” parts interests a Terrorist with Yakuza ties. Given the suddenness we don’t have the time for undercover work and Tokyo demands results.”

With that he puts the file back into his coat. “You don’t have to like it, corporal. The simple fact is we are throwing dice here based on a public attempt to collect a bounty that proved correct, most of this information is only hours old, they won’t wait for much longer. And Division One personally thinks this is an Arms sale. Trucks with clear Yakuza connections have been pulling into the port but have yet to leave.”

It was a bit underhanded, but the man had made clear the source to all of this, paranoia, even if well reasoned and politics from Tokyo itself.

Listening to the man a bit deflated at his response, it left the possibility for other notable opponents to be inside open. Thinking on the group itself, out of them all her quirk had the biggest bulk, so her taking point would probably make the most sense, especially if they didn’t know all of what they would find.

“It’s definitely not something legal… either way, we should have some kind of plan, right?” Shiori didn’t much care for the what and the why. There was a known terrorist and yakuza, and if she was working for someone else that was all the more reason to get her. Though, Mimi was the leader, so it would be up to her in the end. “I-I can take up front if needed.”

Mimi took some time trying to devise a plan. They were fortunate to have Cupie with them. Her gas was a powerful force. It could be used to give them a moment to infiltrate. The only thing was they needed to make sure to affect the vast majority of the compound. “We’ll need access to the floor plans as best you can.”

She turned to the pink haired girl and raised another question for her. “Emika, how much gas can you produce at once?”

They were right, and a plan was definitely necessary if they wanted to get the jump on them. Fortunately, she wasn't the only one trying to think ahead; Shiori and Mimi were already on top of it.

She raised an eyebrow when Mimi asked her question, then she hummed in thought, choosing to ignore the "Emika" Mimi called her. ”I could gas the whole building no problem, 'ssuming all the doors and windows are blocked. Need me to get started on some hearts?” She asked her.

The detective coughs at that, he would not seek to correct them, afterall if this failed or succeeded, Division One would look much better.

As time passed by any effort or attempts to plan were disrupted by a commotion from the far side, who, what or why, the plan they had was fairly straightforward, they had a mixed bag of quirks and experiences, some were suited to stealth and some were not. As cupie deployed her gas according to the plan, the massive structure simply could not be fully filled, like a fog that drifted in low a red gas sought to expand its way across the massive structure, massive turbofans were already turning on to vent the gas, marking it as a hazard and causing the chemical suppression system to kick in. Normally intended for fires or chemical leaks, it would prove to be problematic in the long run, but for now it allowed the four to enter the structure, one man could be seen coughing as he held onto the side entrance, within the fog shadows could be seen within and a blue pulse was emanating from within, what it was from or what it was doing was unknown from this distance, up above on the gangways men and women could be seen rushing and running, either in confusion or in response to what was going on here and the sound of metallic objects or slides being pulled for firearms could be heard, as chaos prompted them to act, so was chaos at work within.

Well, whatever had occurred had led them to begin to infiltrate the compound. Unfortunately, now the hornet nest was stirred, and Shiori didn’t think it was entirely from Cupie’s quirk. Weapons were firing and lots of banging, Shiori glanced around expectantly at all the people running around before looking back at the others.

“I-I don’t think it’s us they’re freaked out about… Do we just attack, or?” Shiori inquired, confused on how to proceed. They might could sneak further into the compound with the distraction.

Mimi tried her best to get planning. There wasn’t much she could work with unfortunately. Clearly most of them weren’t suited for this sort of task. Dispatch messed up the case assignment in this case. But right now, that didn’t matter. This wasn’t Amaris or Ayame’s assignment. This was hers. And she wasn’t about to fail.

Cupie’s gas seemed to cause even further confusion inside. While more bombastic than what she had originally planned, it was enough to sneak past. She heard Shiori ask if they should just attack. Mimi wasn’t certain yet. If the possibility of a third faction entering the fray was there, she wanted to know if they could abuse it.

"Ryushi, is there anything nearby that could see what happened in the warehouse before this all began?”

"Working on it." Replied a muffled voice over a channel of static.

Having handed his NCO a small earpiece prior to the frontal assault on the complex. It was fortunate that Mimi had taken to wearing it immediately. Looking over his shoulder to speak into the receiver, Ryushi had intended the reply to be subtle even through the industrial respirator attached to his face. Looking back to the man who was leaning on the side of the entrance. Ryushi was offering him a handkerchief to stifle the gas from entering his lungs.

It was already too late for that, but it made for an easy excuse to get close.

"You gotta keep moving Georgie. This smoke ain't normal."

LIghtly supporting him by the shoulder, Ryushi seemed to be escorting the man to relative safety. Addressing him by his familiar nickname, it was the first piece of intel Ryushi had searched for. Followed by his affiliation, reason for being here, and a layout of the building. The last proved unhelpful as it had apparently been his first time there.

The man was Yakuza, one at the very bottom with an unremarkable quirk. He had gotten glimpses of several crates with foreign markings. English. The contents were… **weapons**. It was an arms deal. While piecing together a somewhat functioning layout of the portion of warehouse he had visited, a figure caught Ryushi's attention. A female. Running the face by the files stored on one of his rings, he found a match. Relaying the information while simultaneously assisting "Georgie" it would arrive in between bouts of silence.

"Yakuza… … Arms Deal… …"

Giving stress to the late bit, he aimed to get back to them once he had shown Georgie the shiny new zip ties tucked in his coat pocket.

"Sanako “The Lighting” Miyahara"... … "Quirk, EM waves." … … "Avoid her."

Thinking last minute about difficulties with identifying, he added.

"Look for rabbit ears."

"Affirmative.". She relayed the vague info to her teammates before revising her plan somewhat. She turned to her current party. "Shiori, secure the contraband. Cupie, apprehend anyone at the scene. I will assist.".

She handed Shiori the coms between them and Ryushi but not before informing him that he would need to guide Shiori as best he could. She addressed the team once again before breaking. "Set radios to channel 21. Use it only to call for back-up. Rendezvous back at the north end of the police perimeter in two hours." Speaking so much was difficult. She had always been so quiet, but now was not the time for that. Her words were stiff and swift with little flair or unnecessary addition. She wanted to get this done as best she could.

As Shiroi is left to respond the situation at hand, a huge metallic cargo container flies out of the gas enveloped room, slamming right into her, the pulsing blue electrical current was seen pulsing out into others through the fog, shocking them to their senses, elsewhere others fell for the quirk or were trying to get away. What was the source of all of this could be questionable, as could whatever else waited for them within, the fog acting as a double edged sword for the time being.

“R-Rabbit ears?” Shiori repeated. She supposed that would make things easier though.

Switching the channel to the aforementioned one, the woman began to move. Ryushi would apparently help guide her thanks to his quirk, however before she could make much progress, a large projectile came hurling at her. Shiori jumped a bit, but braced herself. Her arms thickened rather rapidly, turning into the black claws exhibited at the base but in a far more muscular state. Her pants seemed to stretch as well as the biomass in her legs grew to further root herself, though as she caught the container she was still pushed back a bit, feet tearing the flooring. Afterwards, Shiori carefully and strenuously sat the container on the floor with a sigh of relief.

It came from within the smoke, but Shiori couldn’t very well breathe it without being affected. Not to mention, the current that came bounced off the container was definitely electrical, which was quite problematic in and of itself.

Looking to some of the upper walkways, Shiori’s hand shoots out toward the railing and pulls her up. Most of the gas was on the lower areas, so moving through these pathways would work better.

‘Look out for some bitch with bunny ears. Hm…’

Cupie had received her orders from Mimi; apprehension of anyone at the scene. She could do that, and if any bastards tried to run away they’d see that it wasn’t so easy to escape from her.

Thanks to her gas mask and the readings she received from her lenses, she was able to map out where the hostiles were located and make quick work of apprehending them. Knockouts were the main method and, if available, zip ties as well. Though Cupie would have liked to put them in handcuffs, knockouts were more fun and effective.

So far, no bunny ears.

As the huge crate flew across the warehouse no more than moments into Shiori leaving, Mimi quickly took one of her vials of syrup and downed it. It was sweet, but hardly tasty, being essentially straight sugar and water. But it worked faster than mostly anything else. Now prepped with a reserve, she formed a riot shield with a large crystal formed at the front, designed for bashing and even blasting.

The gas definitely made things difficult to see with. She had never worked with Ryushi before and wasn't certain what the extent of his clairvoyance was. Cupie was already off doing her own task, being far quicker than she was. She picked up the radio, addressing Cupie first. "Someone's attacking. Be prepared to provide back-up at the signal.". Cupie was smart and agile. Mimi knew she would be able to find a vantage point if need be. But she didn't want to use the radios to address Ryushi. If anyone was listening in, they could discover someone was undercover. That would be problematic as he was a noncombatant.

Still, riot shield in hand, Mimi rushed into the gas. Fortunately, she issued a gas mask to her team, given who they were working with. She found the thrown canister, crumpled on both ends. No sign of Shiori. No sign of her assailant. She formed another crystal around her hand, this blast being a wide-spread short ranged shrapnel. Best for sudden close quarters encounters.

Ryushi had changed his mind. Upon typing up Georgie with zip ties and doubling back to the entrance of the warehouse. He ran through the man's memory of the place once more and realized it was his first time in that *particular* area. Which meant, running in after his team would mean he'd be running in blind, and unless he stumbled upon another person or a particularly useful item. He'd be left behind, just another liability.

Instead, he promptly chose to direct his path around the warehouse. Looking for a vantage point inside from among windows or the possibility of outdoor scaffolding providing him an in to the upstairs portion of the building. Keeping a low profile and against the outer walls he sifted through whatever lingering memories of the place could be found outside..

There wasn't really anything useful, just dock workers having a smoking break and a handful of murders.. Regardless, he kept probing as the gas began to ebb slightly. Keeping an eye trained on the distance for anybody that appeared matching the faces and names he'd gathered. Or the possibility of running into another entryway, something, anything to give them more information on the current deal run amuck. Hell, maybe even one of those trucks the detective mentioned prior.

Quick reflexes was what saved her from that shithole. Some strange red gas quickly took over the building, leaving herself and a couple of people to get out while they could. Strangely, the gas was some kind of hormone steroids since everyone affected by it started making out or being coupley.... What the fuck kind of quirk was that?

The killjoys made themselves known; some fat bitch, some pink bitch, some edgelord bitch and some bitch that hadn’t seen the sun in 30 years. From what she could see, the edgelord and the pink ones were proving to be more of an issue combat-wise. Meanwhile, the fat one seemed to be their tank…

Fuck, she had to fight one of them, didn’t she?

Wonder how good the tank was… If tank girl couldn’t step close enough, then she couldn’t do any subduing. Good enough to buy some time.

She readied a trail of water and launched it forward, whipping at Mimi’s shield multiple times to try and knock it out of her hand. Or, to try and make an opening.

“Why you cocksuckers gotta ruin everything? Go back to licking the politicians’ shoes and quit being a pain in the ass.”

She was being cautious. Each step she took was slow, carefully considered and planned. She was expecting a strike of electricity, but when a water whip lashed out at her, she had just enough time to block it with her shield, slowly eating away from it, dissolving the sugar.

The person spoke in a tired manner, clearly more annoyed than anything. She didn't have rabbit ears. She didn't make bombs. She didn't use electricity. Mimi didn't know anything about her, she knew nothing any who she was up against. And that was frustrating.

"You're an unknown." She was never the fastest. Rushing in wouldn't do her any good. She slowly approached with her diminished shield towards the water manipulator. "You have information we don't then." she wanted to take her in for questioning. She launched the riot shield crystal she had prepared, hoping to catch her off guard, her arm freed, she moved in trying to grip the unknown persons arm and incase it in crystal

From within the smoke, three men who were within the influence of the gas rushed out to attack the ANVIL Agents as bit by bit, the fans drove the gas into the wider dockyard, a parting started to form, the brief smiling face of a woman with two ears on the side of her head could be briefly seen, in a dress suit and with an eyepatch, the “bunny ears” were noticeable.

Stepping back into another pocket of the gas the woman broad casts another blue pulse, shocking those around her and “painting” the region around her in the thin pulse. Speaking she gave instructions to men on the upper walkway that had escaped the effects of the gas. “One O’clock. Fire forward.” With that the men open fire on Shiori with a curious mixture of guns as the boss goes back into hiding within the fog. She had for the time being decided Shiori was the principal threat.

After Mimi made her move, she would be successful in grabbing Aohime’s arm and encasing it in crystal. However, the arm that was encased would suddenly liquify, falling out of the crystal and freeing the girl from Mimi’s grasp. No sense of panic, surprise, or shock from Mimi’s combat prowess.

Just boredom.

”That all you got, Muffin top?” She asked. ”I don’t have time to deal with some jelly belly no life.”

After Aohime said this, she quickly grasped her hands together in a clap. Two balls of water would be coming after Mimi’s head to try and close around it in an attempt to start drowning the girl.

Cupie recovered quickly after disarming and taking down the henchmen that she could, but now there was a different problem. Bunny ears. The person Ryushi had been talking about made her appearance, and had her low lives take aim at Shiori.

Normally, she would have let Shiori try to handle herself, but one peek at her aunt told a different story.

She seemed to be frozen in shock. Having so many guns aimed at her at once was definitely frightening, and Cupie wasn’t going to just stand around and hope the other girl could move on her own.

With a soft curse, Cupie moved quickly, tackling Shiori into the nearest cover just as the rain of bullets started.


She was tempted to smack Shiori, but… Something about her aunt made her not want to. Shiori was way too nice for her own good dammit, and Cupie couldn’t bring herself to hit her.

”I’ll get you a plushie if you get your head in the game right fucking now!”

With the sudden dive and push of Cupie into Shiori, the bullets hit the pavement the pair were occupying in a wide spread. It seemed they could not see them just yet and judging by the sudden lull in the fighting and the ever distant growing blue pulse...were they retreating?

It was a reasonable response in the given situation, if Aohime would take notice or not was another matter, the chaos in this raid would mean that while very little of the illicit cargo would be leaving, those that were fighting would be able to. As if case and point, the bunny eared woman as they called her, levitates and sends a few more metallic objects at the heroes and building exit ahead of them, cargo crates, wheelies, ammo, guns, anything and everything metalic was hurled like a shotgun blast with reckless abandon.

A cacophony of metal hurled against metal roared out of the window above Ryushi. Mere minutes earlier, a hail of bullets had shattered it to pieces right beside him. Ducking out of the way of the projectiles and raining shards, he was showered in glass right before a pair of boots planted themselves on the window frame. Leaping out from within the warehouse a small group of thugs wearing makeshift face coverings made a run for the outer docking area.

Either unable to notice his presence or merely choosing to ignore it, they looked back over their shoulders but once before pressing on in their erratic charge. Heaving loudly through their cloth respirators. Taking a look at each one as they clamored out, Ryushi recognized at least one, but made no attempt to apprehend them. That could be done at a later time when they weren't nearly as frantic or heavily armed.

"Appears someone has signaled a retreat. You got them scared… or something does." He radioed to his team.

Pondering the commotion at the start of the operation, Ryushi's concentration was interrupted by the metal cacophony. Wasting no more time outside, he jumped and grabbed hold of the window frame where the boots had been. Pulling himself up and into the warehouse, the red mist was still blinding, but now not nearly as dense. On the floor around him he could make out unconscious or writhing bodies and shadows still clamoring in the distance.
Sticking to cover, he continued to gather what he could of past events as he made his way deeper into the building.

The orbs of water suddenly appeared around her, trying to suffocate her. They surrounded her and quickly encased her head. She wasn’t able to breath. Even now, she wasn’t able to keep up with others. The higher up she got, the more outclassed she felt. Still… To give up her life now would be selfish. It wasn’t hers to give anymore. She started forming a thin layer of pop rocks around her. The sugar was almost instantaneously dissolved releasing the CO2 gas inside. And immediately another wave took its place.

Though she couldn’t affect the water itself, she was able to weaken the hold on her by creating pockets of something in the bubble. Allowing her push her head forward, forming a spiked crystal on her forehead and headbutting the bitchy girl infront of her. She hadn’t heard the chaos in that fleeting moment while inside the bubble, but upon exiting, she heard just how far things had progressed.

”No life is right.” She looked at the water-user with tired eyes. ”Sergeant Misaki Miro of ANVIL.” She began forming another crystal in on her hand. This one was intricately crafted, with one singular spike at the tip. ”I hate violence…” There was another burst. However, unlike the messy and explosive spreads of the others that Aohime would have seen her use just now, this was direct and targeted , launching the spike as if fired from a gun. She had aimed directly below her knee.

As Shiori moved along the upper walkways, the gas began to thin and she took note of more forces rallying. Woman. Business suit. Rabbit ears! Shiori paused after finding the woman, however it seemed the effects of Cupie's gas were wearing off. They were sober enough to form a firing line right at her.

Shiori froze a moment, suddenly feeling herself tackled to the ground and behind cover. Looking to the source, it was Cupie, who then critiqued her for panicking. Her green was showing.

"R-right… um…" Shiori murmured, wondering if the forces were pulling out. They couldn’t just let them leave! "Alright… alright…"

Shiori's hand outstretched to grasp one of the smaller crates littering the warehouse, yanking and slinging it overhead in the direction of the firing squad. Then, Shiori hopped down from the pathway, grasping a larger, metal container and not so much throwing it and sliding it in their direction. She used it as further cover for her advance, hooking around the debris and grasping at firearms and weapons before tugging and throwing them about with blackened, muscular extremities, throwing one poor sod rather harshly toward the rabbit eared woman.

Still within the smoke cloud, the woman seemed to have no intention of fighting, noting the object coming through the cloudy red fog, she did not need to see to actually “see”. Sidestepping the body she was under no obligation to fight this lot, getting out what people and what Cargo they could was the priority. And on the note of that, this time she elevates a forklift and several barrels, tossing them with her telekinetic powers.

‘Cunts! All of them! Cunts!’

Aohime had only just started this fight, and it seemed that she was gonna be forced to end it quickly. The commotion made it well known what Bunny ears’s plan was, which meant unless Aohime wanted to get stuck in a cell, she’d need to take this opportunity to leave too.

“Fuck off, wouldja?”

Aohime hops back to avoid the attack, sending a whip of water at Mimi’s face to try and distract her. Whether Mimi dodged or recovered, she would look back to see that Aohime had disappeared into the smoke cloud.

Cupie wanted to try and do something, but the smoke cloud was thick; she couldn’t tell who was who or what was what. She could just fire her weapons and pray to hit something, but that was risky as hell. Her mask wouldn’t tell her who was who either, and after Shiori ran to try and recover some evidence, she was now a dangerous obstacle Cupie couldn’t afford to risk hurting. Running after them wasn’t an option either.

She slammed her fist against the ground.

‘Pussies. All of those bastards were pussies!’

The grunts were easily dealt with, even with the fog covering, however now the woman was throwing more stuff, seemingly unaffected by the gas. Shiori herself was trying to breathe as little of it as possible, all the while she slapped and clawed at the barrels. The forklift that came at her was caught, inhaling a bit as she did so. The gas was thicker around where the woman was; she couldn’t track the woman.

Tossing the forklift in the general density of the gas, Shiori stretched her arm back to grasp at one of the rafters, pulling herself back up and out of the fog. Her face was a bit flush despite having tried not to inhale it. At least the thugs and some of the contraband was still there, but there was no way to target the one with rabbit ears..

Mimi did not pursue as the girl retreated. As the whip came toward her she coated her and met the whip with a burst, breaking the continuity of her control. She had a detailed description of her at least. No clue what had happened in the rest of the event. It was time for everyone to gather together and regroup. She pulled up get radio.

"Sound off. Once she heard back from everyone, she gave her orders. Ryushi was to give the signal to the police to engage and arrest whoever they could, as Cupie and Shiori were to finish apprehending whoever they could and securing any of the weaponry.

Mimi was going to investigate who else was interfering with their operation.

Producing a cellphone from an inner pocket, Ryushi set it to speed dial on repeat before trusting it away to his pants pocket. It was a simple signal that didn't require words, but as soon as the officer within Division One received the call they would move in to surround and apprehend those fleeing the dock.

Pressing still further inward as he did so Ryushi was set on getting to the place of the trade off, where the crates had been. Now "seeing" clearly, he was in an area he remembered visiting before. Walking among the blinding smoke as if it weren't there he'd only need a second to grasp all the key players and details.

"I'm nearing the cargo." He signed off. Entering an interior room.

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Octavia, Aurora, Jet, And Ichirou
Collab With Jessica2477 Jessica2477
Aurora(Iron Volt), Ichirou, Jettitare(Dark Matter), Octavia, Actress, and Galmi
as well as pics
Cause i am sleepy and iwaku is mean on its coding saves​

“And when the beast fell to its grave the entrance to the sworn treasure my eyes did lay,” A woman quotes a rather old japanese mythical movie as she sat upon the office desk as two rathe burly security guards were thrown impressively high crashing into the ceiling before landing down knocked out cold… well if they were lucky. “Definitely know how to keep a girl entertained, Galmi. Am I pronouncing that right,” she tilted her head with a questitive eyebrow raised turning to a dozen or so people trapped in a yellow like quartz crystal structure. Most of them were workers with a few security guards here, and there. Her outfit was that out of a fantasy adventurers design almost more prone to belong to a hero then the villain who wore it. The person she was really talking to was a rough looking customer with a scared right eye, and numerous flower like tattoos that surprisingly came off more ominous then they should have. As numerous black garbed henchmen worked with hasted effort. It had taken a few months, but the female villain in disguise had risen in rank fast, and gathered all viable security data plus shipment dates into a beautiful pay off. Giving the two pro villains at play a massive payday with a large exquisite selection of a high regarded jewelry shipment coming into their hands. Of course there was a split with the henchmen drones, but the big cuts belonged to them alone. She smiled at her actress skills playing so sharply.

“Indeed a complement to your requisite of knowledge you have pronounced it right as the hebrews would have,” the rough man answered with a ashened serious tone noting the last two guards he had thrown to be the last of security. “I must admit I never took the idea to group effort, but this has changed my opinion,” he responded rather impressed how the two had set up this elaborate effort. They even had fake security guards at the entrances as they broke down the shipments into five vehicles. That way if anything went south there was still a potential for profit as long as they themselves got away. “No police skulls to crack, and no heroes backs to break. It's a nice change though I do miss the thrill. I imagine a past action star who did her own stunts can understand that,” The tall man spoke as the teams starte to get near completion.

“Of course, but it is a beautiful experience to get away without a trace to leave a line for mystery, and publicity to one's name,” she smiled devilishly as she looked out the window to the ocean view. It was near time to back up, and go. However as she turned around a rather fiery explosive could be heard from above as the building shook causing her to growl, and the man to chuckle.

“Well sounds like the fun’s started I’ll go greet are guests then,” he smiled as the woman hissed at the near perfection of her plan being cracked as she walked to the two downs security men touching their backs as crystals grew out of control sticking them to the spot as she pulled away to the camera’s.

“And who's the party crashers today?”

“I see very few ways to break into this place. The building was clearly built flawed to be a death trap in this scenario,” Jettitare signed into his communication earpiece to his fellow party crashers Octavia who was reconning on the other side of the building along with Ichirou & Aurora who were both hiding out watching the main entrance from afar watching the fake security guards do their rounds with the main lobby door locked down.

“We were lucky to be aware of this at all if we're being honest,” Aurora answered looking at Ichirou who only a few minutes ago had been run up to by a civilian who had recognized him showing the video his wife had secretly recorded and sent to him before she was encased in quartz crystal.

Ichirou was lucky they managed to get the report when they did. There was no telling if that man’s wife was still alive in that quartz, assuming her mouth or nose was left uncovered. But until they knew that information, they needed to treat this as if that were not the case. Time was brain.

“A few ways is better than none. Risky, but we don’t have much of a choice.” He responded to them, looking over the building. The “easiest” way would have been to break in guns blazing, but it was also the most reckless. “What do you have, Octavia?”

Octavia sat with her eyes closed, focusing her vision through Fosc and another crow she had summoned. The two hopped from buildings and flew around, inspecting every corner of the outside while passing off as simple birds. Jet was right; there were not many entry points they could enter. Maybe an air vent if they were lucky… But if they had air vents available, then it would allow her an entry point and the opportunity to open another for her teammates.

“There isn’t much, but it may be just enough for someone to infiltrate. An air vent perhaps? If we want as little suspicion as possible without risk of capture or injuries, we can send one of my crows into the building and open a safer entry point. If the building is a death trap, then my bird can scout the facility and I will alert you the dangers.”

She offered this as a possible route to take, but if Jet didn’t want to stand by, then he could accompany her somehow... Ichirou could not tag along as fire for he would burn her crows before they could get inside, and Aurora was much too heavy for any sort of climbing or stealth missions.

“I have a confirmed air vent. Better yet there's a good sized hole caused by rust that Octavia can fit her birds through if she can get down two floor she can open up the only windows in the building on the seventh floor where I can stealth in,” Jet finally scouted out as he continued to stay out of sight for the most part. Keeping a count on the “workers” on the floor. “Once me, and Octavia are in the element of surprise will be over. It would be best if you can create a diversion, and start handling the bottom elements,” Jet added to Ichi, and Aurora in particular.

“Can you one shot the camera’s and give us a little more time?”

“If Octavia can silence her first floor targets, and get a location on all camera’s yes,” Jet answered.

“Alright we got a plan. Once they get down a few floors we can strike a second element of surprise through the front entrance. Octavia send a bird my way to pick up my hacking tool. Once you find a power box plug it in, and shut off the power. That should allow you and Jet to do what you do best in darkness,” Aurora motioned a plan together given the building structure the hostages would be split up in half. Meaning while Octavia, and Jet would rescue their half. There would still be the potential risk of a threatened hostage moment, but they couldn't do much about that as a good chunk of the rest of the building was underground. “Once they shut off the power we better bulldoze in, and ko quickly.”

“I’ll do my best.”

With that, Octavia summoned her crows. One for scouting and opening the window, one to locate the cameras, and one to redeem Aurora’s hacking tool. If the building wasn’t well lit, she could have her crows stay in the shadows; they were small enough to get away with it, right?

The hacking tool crow flew to Aurora to retrieve the device, and when it was finished, the birds all flew their way towards the opening Jet mentioned. However, they wouldn’t enter just yet without scoping out what was around that entry first.

“Don’t be afraid to retreat if you have to, Octavia. Let us know everything.” Ichirou reassured her, who thanked him in appreciation. He then turned to Aurora, “Got a backup plan in case this all goes to shit?”

“Well of course any tactician worth their weight has at least one back as minimal required. If things go haywire too soon we crash the party, and I personally drain the buildings main source of electricity. Then you use the darkness to set up your flame traps to teleport all around the building, and get everyone out. Then me and you start capturing the baddies in a more aggressive style,” Aurora anointed one back up plan. At such a point given how perfect Octavia, and Jet were for blackout type fights they would catch up real fast meaning they could all converge onto the underground parking lot final floor.

“Well then let's begin,” Jet motioned on the comm as he watched Octavia. On the top floor there would be five fake guards a good warm up for any hero.

“So why are we pretending to work on a floor that no one can see from the ground,” one of the guards complained while walking around bored out of their mind.

“Cause the boss says we need to keep the illusion up regardless of what's seen. Better to be prepared and all that play the whole part as she said,” the other answered unaware of the crows slowly making it into the building

Octavia closed her eyes for a moment, giving her crows their commands all the while searching for shadowy areas that they could sit in while she handled the henchmen on the top floor. They didn’t look experienced, and the mastermind of this operation most likely anticipated heroes or police to burst through the front door. That, or the villain behind this just wanted a warning via the sounds of men getting tossed around.

She quietly calculated her move, then when she saw an opening, Octavia turned into bird form and flew over to the group of men.

Octavia dove downwards, regaining human form halfway through and landing a powerful kick to one of the men’s jawline, knocking him unconscious immediately. She drew her electric sword. A click of her tongue gave her a reading of where the rest of the men were, and with that, Octavia was on the move again.

She switched on the blade, the electricity cackling through the air.


Octavia swung her blade quickly, the weapon a blur as it made contact with one of the henchman. A powerful controlled shock would course through his body, forcing him to the ground. She would move again, swiftly dodging a punch that went her way and recovering behind the next henchman, hitting him in the back and forcing him to go down as well. All that was left was the final two.

The poor men seemed too paralyzed to move. They certainly weren’t trained for these types of situations.

Still, criminals were criminals.

Using the grip of her blade, Octavia swung hard downwards onto the nose of a brunette henchman. A loud crunch sounded, blood running from his nose but before he could scream, she swung her leg and delivered a back kick to his jaw, rendering him unconscious as well.

Now there was one.

He rose his hands up in a surrendering motion, making this much easier. Octavia hit him on the side with her sword, rendering him unconscious as well.

“The floor is clear.”
She communicated to Jet.

Ichirou gave Aurora a nod and a little smile, “Figured you did, was just checking.” He assured her. The battle between Octavia and the henchman ended pathetically quickly, making him wonder just how experienced this villain was that they would put inexperienced fighters at the main entry points to the building.

“Confirmed,” Jettitare spoke as the window was opened . Taking a few steps back his mist production began to go wild the moment he started to bolt forward like a mad dog. As he neared the end of the roof a sort of trampoline formed from the mist as he jumped, landed, and was propelled high up towards the other building right for the window. As he neared his destination in a downward descent he spread his hands out releasing a quick burst of mist cancelling his momentum, and allowing him to dive right into the window in a rolling fashion making nary a sound as he halted right next to Octavia standing up as he eyed the room. From the video feed he had received as soon as he had entered his mist had spiked out and masked the camera’s in the room meaning Octavia’s silent takedown had not cost her reveal to the enemy just yet. Unfortunately it seemed the electrical box for the upper half of the building wasn’t in this room meaning the next one might be more fruitful yet would still be without cover.

“I’ll take the next floor,” Dark Matter sighed high fiving Octavia in a sort of tag in fashion as the two neared the staircase. With a sneak peak of the scene Jet could place six more fake security guards, an odd pattern to be noted for sure. With a soft breath more mist started to be produced quickly forming into Mist Marbles as he motioned to himself how to proceed without startling them to use their firearms, and give way their descent. It didn't take long to come to a conclusion.

“Ohhh I am excited for this payout. Easy in, and little work,” one guard chuckled excitedly as he sat down at one of the many desks strung about the room.

“Best thing no heroes to nag us to death, or ANVIL to string are guts up,” another responded.

“Hahaha..haha… ha they don't actually do that… do they,” the first guard asked his nerves riled up a bit by the notion. As he asked, two of the other men started to head towards the back near the staircase.

“Oh ya they do. New to this whole villain gig are ya,” a third older henchman spoke. When the first nodded the man chuckled. “Heh, back when it was just heroes all you had to worry about was bruises, and broken bones. There was of course the occasional insane anti hero like The Grudge who would kill on the flip of a dime rather than attempt to take you in if it was a clear cut scenario, but oh those ANVIL suckers they are a worst breed of trouble.,” the man spoke, hitting the desk in front of the first hard spooking the newbie.

“Heh you heard about the priestess from hell right,” the second henchman asked with a wide smile as he joined the third in the spook factor. The first shook his head causing the second to smile bigger. “Nastiest of the ANVIL lot I hear smiling as she splatters her quarry amongst the battlefield stained red with madness overtaking the senses of her victims freezing them in place as she comes to reap the wicked hahaha,” he laughed as the four henchmen suddenly noticed the two who had headed for the staircase were… gone. Raising an eyebrow as his cohorts scared the crap out of the newbie the fourth henchmen headed over as the third took over the tale.

“Heard she's the child of a warrior priest out in the sticks, but her mother a demon of the worst kind who had come from a land of red snow raised by non stop war. Apparently she traveled to this land looking for worthy warriors to carve to death with her godly strength until there was nothing left of them,” as the third one talked the fourth made it near the end of the room noticing a weird shadow like wisp coming from one of the desks. Curiosity overtaking him to investigate first caused him to kneel down to a rather horrid sight of one of his allies wrapped up by some purple mass. Turning around he found the other missing man trapped underneath the desk across from the other in a similar scenario. The sound of their capture clearly being covered by the desk slam. Though before he could warn the others who were distracted in their scary story tentacles shot off grabbing the man, and pulling him under the desk. The sudden attack pulled the attention of the last three with no sound to cover the snatch this time. However seeing no sign of the situation the three were immediately brought to the fact something was very wrong.

“Where’s the others,” the first spooked out henchmen asked, pulling out his gun as the third hissed doing the same heading forward. Yet as the second went to do the same both his and the third henchmen's guns were pulled away by a purple whip like attack that pulled them to behind the first henchmen. Panic fueled to a fault now the first henchmen saw into the eyes of his scared comrades. As he himself turned around his own gun was pulled straight out of his hands by Jettiare who had snuck past them all during the whole event. With barely a bat of an eye Jet placed a single clawed finger on the man's temple before a wave of mist overtook him trapping the poor man inside a purple coffin. With only two left Jet turned his attention to them pulling out a set of handcuffs throwing them to the third henchmen who barely caught them. When he looked up the henchmen realized the cameras were all outed with some strange purple mass meaning it was unlikely help would be sent, and they would be considered a lost cause.

“I am assuming at this point we can agree that it's easier for you to just surrender, yes,” the purple dragon man asked as the two nodded in confirmation as sweat flooded down their faces. After collecting all twelve outed henchmen, and tying them up with good measure Octavia, and Jet had now taken over the seventh, and sixth floor of the building. “Seems Kanna has helped create quite the nightmare bedtime story for ANVIL,” Jet spoke to Octavia as they waited for Octavia’s crows to properly scan out the fifth floor. For a moment his thoughts went to Mimi, and her missions for ANVIL. He knew she was strong, but still part of him worried the criminal underworld was starting to have a shoot first police on contact with Anvil operative as the stories on their actions grew.

“Hm… no doubt Kanna was always a force to reckon with, and all stories have truth to them. Kanna has executed many villains, and criminals in madness inducing fear,” Aurora responded on the ear piece as she smiled at Ichi’s positive remark. A soft sigh escaped the blonde as her thoughts went to Anvil, and Kanna especially to that night at the hospital with the words they clashed with. “Alright the switch board for the upper half of the building should be on the fifth floor once you knock out the power me, and Ichirou will start our part,” Aurora motioned to Octavia.

Jet made wonderful work clearing out the next floor of henchmen, ending it with another surrender as the heroes gradually made progress in eliminating their opponents. With her and Jet getting a moment to breathe, Octavia readied her crows to enter phase two of the plan.


The silent command was given, and the small flock went about their different directions. One sweeping the floor for more hostiles and another in search of the fuse box. However, as the second crow was searching, the first encountered a surprising sight.

The hostages, all kept in slowly eroding crystal which, curiously, was left unguarded.

“I’ve found the hostages. They’re all unguarded and trapped in some kind of crystal.” Octavia reported to her team.

“Unguarded?” Ichirou repeated, then looked at Aurora. “Any villain worth their name wouldn’t abandon their only means of negotiation. They have to be making plans to leave.” He said to his friend. “Octavia, what floor specifically?”

“Fifth floor. I’ve found the fuse box too. I’ll cut out the lights; be ready for infiltration and extraction.”

“Understood.” He responded, waiting for their cue.

“Distractions. Those twelve men, and the hostages were just a distraction, the leader of this group was very willing if not hopeful to sacrifice them to any potential rescues. Lost weight means more shares,” Aurora hissed this was indeed a pro they were dealing with. Silent take over, knew the building in & out, and was willing to cut off their own allies for the end game. “Octavia, Jet set up the hostages to be teleported out by Ichi. We have a safe zone ready for them,” Aurora spoke, adding at the end. “Also be prepared for professional villains. I highly doubt there's one master mind at work here, and the coordination of this operation is way above the henchmen working it. Aight Ichi let's go with a Teleport Hammer.” With that Aurora took a few steps away before running into a jump right at Ichirou.

The building went dark, and as soon as it did the fake guards at the door were all startled out of their minds by a well placed fireball bursting through the glass door landing inside the lobby setting the rug. Rather disoriented by the sudden attack the henchmen were quickly met with Ichirou bursting in teleport into the scene their guns all aimed, but they were distracted by a added surprise of Iron Volt upside down in the air holding onto the fire heroes hand as she let go and landed in flip hard onto the floor creating a mini tremor that displaced all the henchmen. In that moment of chaos Aurora’s hair came to life growing rapidly, snaking out, and capturing all the henchmen in the lobby without fail pulling them all into one brutal slam against each other before wrapping them up into inescapable weaves. Slicing her hair with one stroke of the blonde revealed her right hand with finger nails at knife length. Over the years she had perfected her mother's style with her own twist of reaction time being much faster. At the distress of the noise both Ichirou, and Aurora could hear voices from the second floor as the blonde winked at the fireman.

“Your turn nitro,” she joked as she started to head for the staircase ready to wreck everything that got in her way. Upon her forward march a man hiding behind the desk rolled out taking three shots at the blonde. The first two pressured in, and fell off her body as the last nearing her eyes was slapped away by a few of her strands of hair redirecting it into the desk causing the man to yell before he was snatched by her hair and slammed into the ground before being weaved up. With a sigh Aurora flickered one of her pissed Grudge smiles. “Okay rough play it is,” with that, Aurora entered the staircase leading to the underground garage followed by the screams, and gun fire of the henchmen unfortunate enough to get in her way.

Ichirou and Aurora had successfully executed their attack, though by the looks of it, he would need to be incredibly careful with his fire if he didn’t want to burn the entire building down. A nearby window was his best bet for easier teleportation, but would they be cocky enough to put the hostages in a room next to a window?

No, that’s wishful thinking.

He rushed quickly towards the next floor, where a group of henchmen awaited him. Ichirou growled at the sight of them, his flames burning brightly.

“I don’t have time for this!”

Ichirou grabbed the wall next to him and ripped out a large chunk. Holding it in front of him, he charged forward. The men shot at the piece of wall and the surrounding area in the hopes that one of the bullets would land, but unfortunately for them that wasn’t the case.

He bulldozed the men, hitting them hard with the concrete and successfully incapacitating the opponents. Ichirou tossed the piece of wall to the side, running through the surprisingly empty third floor before making it to the fourth.

Bodies littered the surrounding area, Jet and Octavia standing over them as the crow woman kicked one man in the jaw to render him unconscious.

“We got you covered, Inferno. Go ahead.” Octavia told him with a smile, though she wasn’t looking directly at him.

He smiled in turn, “Thank you.” and rushed forward onto the fifth floor.

Within a room, the hostages were trapped in their crystals. Whether they could still see and hear him, he wasn’t sure. But he needed to get them out of here first.

Seeing that his theory was correct and there were no windows, he decided not to waste time and make one himself.


A powerful punch into the wall and Ichirou created a large hole to the outside, showering the interior with natural daylight. He set up a trail of fire to the outside, then one by one and two by two he moved the hostages from the inside to a safe distance out. This continued until all of the hostages were moved from the building.

“Hostages extracted.” He communicated to his team.

“Stairwell to the underground entrance is cleared as well. Lets meet up at my location for the final confrontation. Also after a talk with my new friend here,” Aurora responded waiting for her team to meet up with her eyeing her most recent henchmen trapped victim who had clearly been smacked a little around for information. “I have confirmed one of the masterminds as Galmi any of heard of him damage left eye with a notable scar, flower tattoos all over both hands,” she asked using a pocket mirror with her hair to look out the corner of the entrance doors window to check out the sight there was no one near the control point as all hands were finishing loading up the jewel crates into five vehicles with no license plates. The bigger problem however as she eyed the big guy she was sure Galmi was what he had one of his hands wrapped around. A red head who looked like she worked there with a sharp grip around her neck from the big guy… a hostage, and the very reason she had yet to run in. “I ask cause he has a hostage,” Aurora added hissing a bit at the sour turn to the operation that had been rather fluid up to this point.

“I have, and I recommend we use caution. He’s a hero killer,” Jet responded as both him, and Octavia started to head for the underground entrance. “Two years ago Jin Omachi, and his sister were hostages to a mad man named Pavel Turgenev, a russian outcast who had gone insane during a failed bioengineering test, and fled his home country. Pavel had chosen the siblings for their combative-like quirks, and was only figured out by an anonymous tip given to a hero called Proxy, and Anvil at the same time. Not much to say but Proxy was an inexperienced hero not well equipped for the scenario, but had rushed into it only making it through because Anvil caused a good distraction,” Jet explained calling back to what he had heard from of the tale from recounts given by Mimi who had been on scene to the situation. Jet had remembered the case for its rather tragic scenario, and dark end result.

“From what I heard, the scenario played into a hostage moment where Pavel gave the hero two options: let him leave, and save the hostages, or capture him, and watch the girl die. From what Mimi told me of the scenario, There was a fight between Pavel and Proxy that critically wounded and eventually caused the sister to die. Pavel himself was killed on site as well,” Octavia expressed, adding into the situation what she had heard as well to help paint a picture of Galmi. “Proxy shared the glory with Anvil on the capture, but everyone ignored the consequential death of Galmi’s sister caused by Proxy.”

“Wait, Proxy? Didn't he die two years ago,” Aurora asked the hero's name, jingling her memory to a hero death she had seen on the news. From what she remembered it was pretty gory with Proxy being torn apart, and grinded into a paste almost.

“Correct. Anvil had hands investigating that situation, and it wasn’t hard to find out who did it. Jin made it very clear with the bloody note stating the crime of Proxy all over his household walls that had been ignored,” Jet finished the story adding. “From there Jin became known as Galmi, a dark stalker of people in both Anvil, and Hero society whose mistakes he labeled for faulty spilled blood. Intriguing thing though was he disappeared off the map a year ago,” Jet finished rather surprised, and concerned why such a person would reappear on a crime so far off of their original mo. The bigger problem though was the aggressive quirk he had been told the hero killer had.

“That's very worrisome,” Aurora spoke. Galmi was off his mo, and reappearing after a long term disappearance making the information they had on him potentially useless now as many things could have changed from what he was like. Yet what did match his m.o. was the lack of killed innocents, but introducing heroes to the situation was a potential trigger to incite Galmi’s wraith on his hostage.

Ichirou took note of the information, making him a bit nervous, but not for their sake. The hostages were removed from this madman, but was that really all of them? Why would they leave so many alone unless they had an ace up their sleeve?

Apparently, that was the case. The man that they were talking about was out in the open, clutching a red haired woman. A hostage that wasn't crystallized… They must have anticipated the hostages being rescued, but knew heroes wouldn't leave one behind. Without warning Ichi went in grabbing all attention from the threat element as soon as he did. Galmi immediately locked eyes on Ichirou.

"How do you want us to proceed?" Ichirou asked the villain.

“Octavia get back outside through the front, and prepare to halt those vanes at the parking lot exit,” Aurora spoke, breaking out a new plan in case negotiations were to short circuit fast. With that she took back her hacking device, and turned to watch the play out. From what she saw the henchmen were holding fast with Galmi, but with how quick the goon was to give that info from earlier it felt a bit off. From what she had been informed Galmi had no actual tact for this sort of thing nor the background. So did he just spend two years planning a robber life? “Doubtful,” Aurora growled, pushing out the door to walk next to Ichirou after signaling Jet to stay hidden as a surprise attack if needed. The tension grew very little with the second hero's appearance which intrigued Aurora a bit, but she left it alone for now.

“Let's just wait for the trucks to finish up Blue Inferno,” Galmi directly answered Ichirou clearly knowing of him. At those words the henchmen on hand went back to what they were doing. From the reactions it was clear Galmi thought there were only two heroes at play meaning Octavia, and Jets camera cover had done its part, and the two were still invisible pieces to this match. If not Galmi would have probably called them out by now, or had an exit plan in mind.

Octavia stayed quiet on the comms to ensure her voice would not be given away. Taking bird form, she quickly flew through the front of the building and briefly searched for the vans Aurora was talking about.

Once she found them, Octavia summoned a couple more birds to work as her flock. Slashing their tires would be the quickest way to go about this.

Ichirou inwardly hummed in thought. If Octavia was disabling the trucks, then he’d need to buy her some time. Surely his henchmen wouldn’t leave behind their ringleader, right? Keep him talking… Ichirou didn’t need good answers; he just needed to keep him talking. There were no feelings to report on, save for him being aloof… Hmmm...

“Trucks, huh? And what’s your plan from here?”

He knew he wouldn’t get a direct answer from the other man; Ichirou just needed to avoid “yes or no” questions and keep Galmi talking.

However in response Galmi only smirked at the hero as if he had full control of the situation. Clearly there would be no long winded monologue, or nefarious speeches just direct to business. Yet there would be one solid question in return.

“You want the woman correct,” his grip momentarily tightened causing the red head to whimper in response as Galmi kept his eyes interlocked with Blue Infernos barely nothing to Iron Volt herself who found it all that more perplexing a situation. Dark Matter himself stayed silent in place waiting for any sudden situation to advance as he kept producing a heavy supply of his mist marbles.

Ichirou’s eyes widened a bit hearing the woman whimper. This bastard really was “no nonsense,” wasn’t he? Still, they couldn’t risk letting the hostage be killed. So, best to play at the man’s mercy until taking immediate action was necessary.


"We're ready," one of the henchmen spoke as the vans were loaded and revved up ready to go.

"Then have her," Galmi responded, throwing the woman at Blue Inferno. At first it was an easy ascertain let Ichi grab the girl then Aurora would clash with Galmi. All the while Jet would give cover, and go for the trucks with Ichi joining in after teleporting the woman out. Yet as that all played out fine in theory as Aurora moved to go in she noted a strange oddity as the woman headed for Ichi in the air. Her movement was too well designated… shit. Aurora halted her steps, but it was too late as the woman removed her fake red hair, and flung it into Ichi's view of vision. With him blinded a quick throw of her hands sent strange small particles that as soon as they made contact with the heroes hand crystallized rapidly into a cluster.

Revealing herself the second mastermind as she rather impressively cartwheeled back Aurora aimed to knock the woman's daylights out, but was intercepted by Galmi's own fist causing the blonde to switch to defense as she was rather surprisingly pushed back by the hit. Negating most of the damage with her hands crossed Aurora hissed as her hair came to life quickly forming into massive braids… entanglement was not an option with this one.

"A good act on your side, but I was ready to see this through any interfering plot," the woman saluted the hero's as she got on the second van as they all started to move out. With everything out of wack Jet burst through the doors causing the woman a sour look as she had not been prepped for a third hero's appearance. As the vans moved out one was a little slow on the go, and in perfect aim of the fire hero.

"I'll take the actress," Jet yelled out as he burst forward past the first van causing it to buckle on the brack's giving Ichi a good support to remove that crystal with. "Octavia their heading out with four vans," Jet updated to his avian partner.

"There is no way there's not someone waiting for us at the exit. Use your high beams," the actress yelled at the driver who after flinching to the unexpected command prompted his high beams right before the darkness ended at the exit of the parking lot.

It’d been too easy. There’s no way a villain would lose the only leg they had to stand on by just surrendering the hostage so easily. He was proven right when the red haired woman was suddenly flinging a wig at him. Ichirou easily knocked it away, but that split second of distraction was enough to get his arm crystallized.

Thankfully though, it didn’t render him useless.

“Is that really all she’s got?” He asked himself, using the support Jet provided to shatter the crystal to piece.

Now that there was nothing to protect the villains, there was no reason to hold back.

Ichirou, spotting the van perfectly in reach, moved quickly.

“Aurora!” He called to her as his fist was ensnared by his blue fire. His plan was obvious, and as he thought, Aurora was quick to catch on and join him.

Fire and lightning intertwined as the two stood side by side. The van had accelerated at top speed, and due to the load it carried, it was either skidding or ramming through the heroes. The driver didn’t want to take the risk of skidding, and so floored it completely. The miles were quickly picking up, and much to the driver’s dismay, neither Aurora or Ichirou looked phased.

Simultaneously, both heroes slammed their fists down against the hood of the van, the impact nearly flipping it over but instead the vehicle made a right angle with the street. Not only was the contents within the hood completely destroyed, rendering the vehicle useless, but when the van dropped back down, the tires popped due to not being able to sustain the weight.

With that done, Ichirou needed to engage in battle. If the driver and anyone with him tried to run… Well, they wouldn’t get far.

Octavia had been the one waiting at the exit, herself and a murder of her crows catching sight of the vehicle that sped towards them.

She cawed her command, then she and her crows all zipped through the air, flying at high speeds to try and slash the tires.

However, the high beams suddenly blinded her and her birds, the suddenness catching her off guard, but not totally incapacitating her as the villain would have expected.

Using the noise the truck made as a guide, Octavia counted the seconds before she and her crows dove downwards, flying next to the vehicle’s tires. Each crow flew past, speeding through to slash at the rubber in the hopes of incapacitating it. Luckily, she was able to fully take out two.

As the two vehicles swerved, Jettitare came bolting in jumping midair as his mist launched off his horns, and hands overtaking the vans to pull out their occupants. Quickly dispatching them by flinging them into the wall ways of the parking lot tunnel as he, and the vans exited into the light. Flinging his marbles ahead of the now out of control vans. Before they could cause any damage to the populace they rammed into the quickest mist wall Jet could make target rapid in thought at the fast motion of it all as he landed a bit behind the controlled wreck. With three trucks down, but no sign of the actress Jet hissed as he looked to the shores noticing an unnatural flock of birds to his right. With another burst of mist Jet was midair lassoing himself to the nearest rooftop as he gave pursuit.

"Octavia the mastermind is in one of those vans. Proceed with caution I am closing in to meet up," he radioed as he picked up his pace parkouring from rooftop to rooftop.

Octavia heard her comrade loud and clear, which meant she and her flock must be careful ‘less they all wanted to be trapped… But could she trap them all? That question was really not something she wanted to find out the hard way.

The van swerved around the street, making it difficult for Octavia to get a good read on how to disable the last two tires without endangering her own life… Hmm…

Well, she didn’t become a hero to be safe.

Octavia flew faster to get ahead of the van, giving herself a good couple of feet in front of it before she made a sharp U-turn. She cawed again, getting a read of where everything was before diving down under the van. From what she gathered, the front tire on the right and the back left needed to be taken out… She’d need to pull a pinball maneuver.

She darted left, forcing her beak into the rubber of the van’s right tire and used her momentum to bounce off the pipes above. Though her chest scratched against the street, she pushed onward. Her costume would have been built to withstand these sorts of circumstances.

With the bounce, Octavia darted at the remaining tire and slashed into it again, barrel rolling out from under the van and flapped her wings quickly to get into the air again before following the swerving vehicle once more.

“Okay you wanna play rough,” the actress spoke with a hiss as she opened the back door with two henchmen clinging to the cargo for dear life, and a third trying to avoid crashing or hitting anything as they took the back allies path. With a fling of both her hands the actress threw a heavy amount of her crystal dust that quickly started to turn the back alley road into a crystal jag'd nightmare for the crow from all sides worst yet blotching out much chance to just fly up as most of the crystal were bursting to life above her. Having set a good trap the actress flung another wave of dust hoping to hit the little crow to end this farce.

Due to the alley route being turned into a massive diamond jag'd terrain a little ways back the second van still roaming about had halted immediately unable to follow. As this had not been planned for at all the driver was hesitant what route to take to get back on track, and that alone was enough time for Jet to catch up. Putting the vehicle into reverse the men felt a sudden aggressive jolt in the van. They then noticed the vehicle wasn't moving at all though now the tires could be heard spinning outside. Turning to see what was happening through the side mirror the man was met with a panic inducing sight as a massive collection of mist was lifting the van up. That, and the pro hero Dark Matter was literally right next to the vehicle looking at the driver. Shoving his clawed fist through the window Jet unleashed a torrent of mist into the closed van, and as the screams of the occupants pierced into the area their silence signaled their quick defeat as they were all knocked out and tied up. Jet had little time to work with as he returned to the rooftops following the path of the crystals formed by the actress. He needed to catch up as quickly to end this before the last van could get out into a public area.

Octavia mentally cursed and took immediate action to try and avoid the newly formed crystals that had taken out a good portion of her crows. It was difficult to puppeteer herself and her flock, which was why so many were taken out. However, it didn’t mean she couldn’t replace them, and on top of that, watching the villain use her quirk gave Octavia an idea.

And she was going to have some damn good fun with it.

From outside the van, there was only one crow; Octavia. Cawing soon sounded, this one louder than what was natural for a regular crow. One bird rejoined, then three, then seven, then fourteen; more and more came into view around the villain’s van until the vehicle was completely surrounded by the birds.

Another caw, followed by a chorus of answers from the other birds.

Suddenly, a crow slammed into the passenger window, hard enough to leave a small crack at the center. Then another followed, and another, and another, until finally, the window shattered.

The second the birds had an opening, a flurry of crows began speeding into the vehicle all of which began to peck, claw, and bite pieces of skin off of the villains occupying the vehicle. Each bird cawed, making it impossible to hear orders and the flapping of wings covered the clarity of the windshield immensely. Of course, Octavia didn’t have plans to actually eat any of them, but putting the villain and the driver in a panicked state of survival meant that there was a higher chance for them to crash and ruin the vehicle.

As the actress screamed in furious pain unable to use her quirk inside the van unless wanting to capture herself she was forced to power through pulling out an electrical baton, and started swatting the birds. As she kicked, punched, and slammed herself to harm the bastards trying to find the main one known as octavia. The others were a bit more to panicked by the “killer” to do anything as they flailed about wildly in terror. The driver luckily was made of tougher stuff even with all the crows attacking was able to keep the vehicle going. The bigger problem was the vehicle was about to make it back into the main streets… into civilians cross hairs. Finally getting enough view away from the birds the driver was to chance it and drive into the populace, but luck was on Octavias side as Jet rather abruptly dropped onto the vehicles hood in a furious display of mist as Jet’s mist marbles launched off ahead creating a series of bollards before jumping off the vehicle as it crashed into the blockade thankfully halting it from entering the crowded streets thought the crash was easily seeable by the populace who all halted, and even in panicked watched to see what had happen as the actress was flung out of the van with her baton before Jets attacking mist could snatch her like it was her henchmen inside.

“Come out bitch let's settle this,” she yelled as Jet landed back on the top of the now destroyed mist globbed Van.

“Shall I stay out of this,” Dark Matter asked, raising an eyebrow at the pissed actress villain.

Octavia nearly reformed on top of the driver just so she could stop the vehicle herself from hurtling into the civilians. Thankfully, Jet was able to stop before a massacre happened, crashing the vehicle into the blockade and incapacitating it from moving any further. She owed Jet a drink or something for that…

Now, all that was left was to arrest the villain… who seemed to be challenging Octavia directly.


The crows shot out from the window, swirling in a tornado-line fashion as they formed a pair of black boots, legs, Octavia’s dress and form, up until the whole of the woman was made present with each crow disappearing the more that was revealed. In front of the villain, Octavia licked her lips that had a bit of the other woman’s blood on them.

“It’s a direct challenge, Dark Matter. Leave this one to me.” Octavia responded, taking stance with her electric baton. Turning on the switch, the cackles and flare of the weapon’s electricity sounded as it was quickly brought to life. “Let’s end this quickly.”

“How about you have the whole thing,” the actress roared as she rather impressively closed the distance fast pressing both electrical baton against electrical sword creating a unique electrical clash of sparks that burned both combats clothing causing enough distraction for the woman to get first edge as she head butted Octavia forcing her back with enough temporary distortion to bash Octavia's side with a surge of electricity with her weapon.

‘Remain calm. Do not lose the whereabouts of your target.’ Octavia heard the voice of her mentor clearly within her mind. Though she took a bit of damage, it wouldn’t be enough to down her. Ao Oni did not train her so she could fail him. Not now, not ever.

Pain shot through her face and her side. She used crows to pull her away from the electrical current to keep her from becoming trapped via clenched muscles.

A click of her tongue told her that the villain was in front of her, the weapon she held was short, which gave Octavia the edge of distance over her. Distance was all Octavia needed to win.


Octavia swung her electric sword with the intention of creating an opening for herself, then quick as a flash she drew her other sword. With a spin, Octavia closed the distance a bit to get a slash wound onto the villain’s leg with her anesthesia sword. A bit of the chemicals would be in the woman’s blood, but not enough to cause a knockout. It always required a few more slashes before the villain would fully begin to feel the effects.

Hissing at the pain the actress reeled back at the cut not wanting to take another one as something felt very off on the after effect… that bitch had something on that new sword in particular. It was here though that the woman noted something else with how the woman's head moved… she was blind. Realizing this she stopped moving watching Octavia as she pulled out a few of the jewels she had pockets and flung them all about creating a series of noise to disorient Octavia before rushing in delivering a series of quick baton zap hits before ducking before she could get cut again as she wacked her baton behind Octavia's left foot causing a muscle spasm to force Octavia to kneel as the actress hooked the heroes right hand flipped over her back to fling Octavia onto the ground before bringing the baton down threatening to deliver a painful back shock if Octavia didn't react fast enough.

Meanwhile, Fosc had been eating a piece of skin that had been torn from the female villain. Octavia had not called him since she was not as reliant on him since UA. However, the little bird looked up just in time to see his host get taken to the ground. Octavia had turned into a bird and hopped out of the way to avoid getting hit, but soon, something else was going to help her.

Angry caws came from the large bird as Fosc flew directly into the female villain’s face, clawing, pecking, and biting at her in his attempt to get the woman away from Octavia. Meanwhile, Octavia quickly recovered and moved to hit the villain with her electric sword, inwardly thankful that Fosc had come to save the day.

Backing away from the massive bird the villain was quickly jolted from pain from Octavias own electrical type weapon causing the woman to scream in a blood curdling experience. In her pain though she flung her hand right into Fosc instantly encasing the bird into a crystal tomb as she grabbed the crystalled Fosc, and in her frustration and pain slapped Octavia upside the head with it before throwing it away like it was nothing. Thankfully Jet jumped in to catch Fosc as the villain then forward flung her hand right into Octavias shoulder right shoulder encasing it with crystal and making movement impossible for it grabbing the crystal the actress began to pummel the hero with her baton.

“FUCK… YOU…. AVIAN…. BITCH… A YEARS WORTH OF PLANNING DOWN THE DRAIN CAUSE OF YOU BASTARDS,” the actress screamed hitting between words wildly as Jet was about to jump in.

A fire ignited in Octavia’s eyes. Despite not being to see it through her eyes, she could hear Fosc suddenly go silent, and through his eyes, saw nothing but the yellow of the woman’s quirk. It enraged Octavia. She would allow herself to be broken, bloodied, and bruised far before she allowed anyone to touch her beloved, her family, her friends, or her baby.

And this bitch just crystalized her baby.

Copying the woman’s action from before, Octavia headbutted the villain’s nose then kicked her stomach to put some distance between them.

The villain recovered and drew a knife, swinging it at the purple haired girl. Octavia, with her good hand, deflected the woman’s wrist midswing, forcing her to aim upwards. Octavia moved low and to the side with her dodge, hooking her good arm around the woman’s elbow and then grabbed the villain’s wrist with her right hand. Since she could not do much with her right arm, Octavia quickly used her leg to stop the villain from moving and pulled the arm hard. The administration would pop the villain’s arm out of place, rendering it useless.
With this finished, Octavia let go of the villain and used her good arm to elbow the woman. Quickly following this was a back kick that quickly swung down low to sweep the villain off her feet and onto her back. She tried to summon more of her quirk, but with the heel of Octavia’s shoe, she nailed the woman’s hand back to the ground. Though it didn’t penetrate, it was enough to keep her distracted long enough for Octavia to take her anesthesia sword and stab it into the woman’s shoulder, keeping her in place.

“Sweet dreams…” Octavia told her, but she wasn’t finished, not yet.

She remembered that the woman had swung at her with a blade, and that it clattered nearby.

Summoning a crow, she had the bird retrieve the blade before Octavia set to work with further humiliation. This humiliation was cutting the woman’s hair to the scalp, with some hair sections longer than the others.

It was far better than breaking something, and this humiliation would be something that the villain wouldn’t forget for a while.


Back at the underground parking lot the intensity was building fast as Galmi fought not only Ichirou, but Aurora at the same time. From the constant barrage of electrical and fire attacks Galmis hands were bright red glowing like a sword in a forge.

"Gotta admit you're being rather stubborn about this," Galmi taunted, keeping his dukes up ready to swing if any of the two dared to get close again.

"Well you did choose to endanger a good amount of people, are resisting arrest, oh and there's the massive theft going on outside that are friends will handle. Honestly you should just surrender," Aurora rolled out with four of her braids striking breaking the mama guard wide open.

"Doesn't really matter, I already got my part paid," Galmi confusingly answered as he swung straight for the blonde as she dodged the attack Ichi came swinging in..

Ichirou watched Galmi’s movement and body language closely as the man talked. Though it looked like an easy win, he knew teamwork and predictability of the villain on hand would be their stepping stones to success. They couldn’t assume anything.

“Anything for a couple hundred yen, hm?” Ichirou asked him before speaking again. “First the plan’s gone to shit and now you’re going to jail. I hope it was worth it.”

Though Galmi had his fists ready, Ichirou put his own hands to the ground. He unleashed large streams of blue fire, encircling and surrounding Galmi that didn’t leave him much room to run. Aurora could see that with the heat of the fire and the electricity of her hair, they’d force Galmi into a dire situation as such she swung her braids out into a plethora of strains wrestling into grip onto all of Galmi’s body as the villain fought to get out of the trap. As her hair was super heated by the fire for added effect the blonde hero unless a devastating jolt of electricity into Galmi being of super strength Aurora could notch up a good ⅓ of what she was capable of causing Galmi to release a thunderous yell in pain. It seemed this would be the end. Then without warning Aurora pulled all her hair back and grabbed Ichi before pushing off a good chunk of distance as with a burst of air Galmi released a massive stone fist that nearly missed the heroes as he transformed into a massive stone golem.

“Ah so this is why the scientist was interested in him,” Aurora responded as both hero’s shielded their eyes from the pressured air bursting from the transformation. Before they could respond the golem was fast upon them with a push forward slamming its long arms into both heroes sending them hurtling back into the wall causing massing debris to fall about..

“You heroes are always so confident really pisses me off,” Galmis spoke with a much deeper voice that echoed in the underground parking lot. “Not even worth the transfor…. Gah,” Galmi was caught off guard as the first taken down van was thrown right into him by a grinning Aurora’s whose hair spread out hostilely as she chuckled.

“Looks like we're getting in a workout today Blue Inferno,” she smiled devilishly as both heroes were still raring to go with a few bruises from the unexpected hit, but nothing they were not used to by any means. As the golem threw off the van he roared charging at them. Grabbing Ichi with her hair Aurora started to spin around rather dangerously before hurtling the Blue Inferno like a comet right at the golem.

“Was that it? I didn’t even feel that.” Ichirou responded after the attack, brushing some rubble off of himself. While Galmi was certainly strong, Ichirou’s inability to feel pain anymore was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing because he could fight without holding back, the curse because he’d have to have Jet check up on him to ensure there were no deep cuts or wounds that needed immediate attention.

The van was tossed by Aurora, giving the two ample opportunity to strike and strike hard. Aurora grabbed and threw him into the air at near blinding speeds. Ichirou activated his quirk midair, the roaring blue fires that trickled behind him making him look exactly what the public had named it.

Blue Comet

Ichirou reeled back his fist, a burning inferno of flames whirring around his hand in a tornado-like fashion as the strength readied for this attack.

In one solid swing, his fist collided with the golem, spiderweb cracks splitting the stone. Within, the crevices were glowing blue; the fire that had been charged on Ichirou’s hand spread quickly in the new space created.

In response though the golems massive hands slammed into ichi on both sides causing a load clasp of force as the Golem was trying to crush Ichi between its palms clearly pissed, and in extreme pain at the combo attack. As Ichi unleashed a burst of flames as he fought being squished Aurora revved up with her hair returning to its big braids as she jumped back and pushed off the wall with extreme force to form a crater where her feet , and braids made contact. Flying through the air Ich grinned as he suddenly disappeared teleporting onto the destroyed van from earlier that still carried his flames from his earlier halt of it. Destabilized by the vanished opponent the golem had no time to react as Aurora slammed into his face wrapping her hair, and hands around his throat. With 1 ton of momentum backing her Aurora forced the golem brutally onto his back as her hair extended out capturing his left hand, and feet as he struggled to escape her grasp. With two heavy braids still formed they relentlessly started to wild hammer the areas Ichi had cracked forcing the damage to grow bigger until finally Aurora hair burst back into strands, and dug into the cracks. As Galmi realized what was happening he started to wail on her with his free hand, But with her now on his backside it was to no eval. WIth her hair dug into the cracks Iron volt released a valkyrian warcry as she ripped the golems chest apart revealing a orange goo covered Galmi inside. With the whole right side of his golem form gone Galmi in rage used his left die to push up and Body slammed her with what was left of his golem body. With her hair freed though she pushed up herself causing the whole leftover of the golem to flip reverse body slamming Galmi painfully as Aurora's hair adjusted its grip onto the left golem hand, and feet.

“Time to weed out this asshole,” Aurora called out.

“With pleasure.”

Ichirou sent a ball of fire back to the golem, teleporting himself quickly to avoid giving Galmi a chance to strike back. He reeled both fists back and slammed them into the cracking golem form, creating deeper crevices until the remainder of the form was almost shattered. It was just loose enough that Ichirou wouldn’t risk fatally injuring Galmi.

He grabbed the villain’s arm and shirt, using a bit of strength to rip Galmi away from the remaining stone. With nothing to control it, whatever was left of the golem fell to pieces as Ichirou made quick work of knocking out and zip tying Galmi.

“That’s one.”


After all the villainous elements were collected, the jewels returned, and the damaged areas cordoned off; the four heroes left the rest to the medical staff, and police to handle as they all recollected themselves at a small diner in civilian clothes. While Jet, and Aurora worked on finishing up the reports required by law, and the U.A for turn in after a case Octavia, and Fosc were still picking off diminishing crystal fragments from the poor bird.

“And done ugghh gotta love paperwork,” Aurora groaned handing it to Ichioru to double check it as she rested on the thankfully sturdy diner couch as her hair started to forumale a cup of coffee for everyone.

“At least it’s done,” Jet responded, handing his papers over as well to Ichirou as Octava was understandably busy. Though as Jet waited he plucked a small crystal fragment off the bird's wings before patting Fosc.

Now that they could get some down time, Octavia could now worry about her pet while Ichirou was assisting Aurora with the paperwork. He held the paper up with one hand and took a sip of his coffee with the other, being careful to keep the sheet away from the beverage. Normally he didn’t drink coffee, but after today, he could really go for a cup.

Unfortunately, Octavia’s reports were still not finished due to the fact that her crow was caught in crystal. Without him, she couldn’t see what she was writing, therefore she had to focus on Fosc before she could even think about work. That, and her poor baby had been hurt because of that she-devil!

She worked on getting the crystal off of Fosc, having worked on getting the head free first so he could breathe before getting to the rest of his body.

Thankfully, with Jet’s help, the last of the shards were taken off. Fosc flapped his wings a few times and did a little bird dance to express his gratitude. Octavia smiled, picking her bird up and planting a kiss to his head before letting him sit on her shoulder. “I’m glad to have you back, darling~” She cooed to her bird.

“Well now should we concentrate on why a villain had a ANVIL baton," Jet asked, looking at the weapon on the table that caused everyone to look at it.

“Aight I’ll give Auntie Misoka a visit on this as well as father,” Aurora responded as for now the heroes would concentrate on something more important… victory food that was finally coming their way..
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Hero Association: (Chevalier & Bombs Away) | Anvil: (White Elephant)

Pressing still further inward as he did so Ryushi was set on getting to the place of the trade off, where the crates had been. Now "seeing" clearly, he was in an area he remembered visiting before. Walking among the blinding smoke as if it weren't there he'd only need a second to grasp all the key players and details.

"I'm nearing the cargo." He signed off. Entering an interior room.

“Oh, no you don’t…!” She dropped Isamu after allowing him to rotate a bit so he wouldn’t wind up with a concussion before flying after the woman.

Isamu hit the ground with a soft thud and a quick little "Oof." He sucked in a breath, his head shifting from left to right. "Wha-" He paused, rubbing his eyes with his hands as he watched Charlotte flying away after the bomber. "Shit... I... God... dammit..." He shook his head forcing himself to his feet, head still reeling after his little episode.

Immediately, he tried to call after his girlfriend. "Ah! Char- er... Chevalier. Hey..." This certainly felt awkward. He was sure things were gonna be... tense later. "Fuck it... I'll figure that out later." Yeah. It was best to just focus on the task at hand. He followed after Charlotte, trying to see what it was the bomber had been doing. Examining the situation, his face immediately turned to one of worry. "Is that a-? Why is that-?" He couldn't even complete his questions as he stared, dumbfounded.

Isamu hadn't even realized that he'd announced his presence to Charlotte. Hopefully she wouldn't think he was still under the effects of the gas.


Shunsuke growled, rushing past Charlotte. He'd walked off the pain of being blasted away by the laser. He didn't know what was going on on her end, but he needed to move before the other villain got away.


Meanwhile at the arms cache, the bomber was hard at work, inserting the arming fuse into a very large bomb, even for her beads of sweat were starting to form on her head, wiping away the perspiration she worked carefully and diligently.

Once again, as the bomber grew close, Charlotte grasped at her with her quirk before yanking her back. “Your little toys are forfeit.”


It took a moment to process the unfolding events. Rounding a wall of crates, Ryushi watched as the heads of *Chevalier a la Bombe* appeared in a heated battle with their target, Ms. Wanijima. Noting the third as an unknown purple headed blur. Wondering at how the organizations could both be responding to the same target. Ryushi almost absent mindedly pondered the situation.

It would no doubt be the start to many issues in the future if it couldn't be avoided. Hand resting on a nearby arms crate, he was at the same time siphoning the faces and names of those who had handled it. Comprising a list of the higher targets, interestingly it didn't include Ms. Wanijima.

Considering his team again, Ryushi turned to update them. "Hero-..."

The feeling of his gut dropping took away the rest of his sentence. Ryushi was by no authority an expert at explosives, but what he did know made it clear that they were typically regarded as unpredictable even in commercial usage, if not outright unstable. The later case especially with *improvised illegal explosives*. That didn't apply here as he quickly assessed what the "cargo" actually was. Watching as Ms. Wanijima was harshly pulled away from her work. His heart couldn't help but to skip over a beat.


“You stupid bitch!”

The other says as the invisible force grabs and drags her, a spark could be seen flying off as the detonator fuse broke off inside of the bomb, triggering it to react at once. Already fuel vapors were flooding the area around the bomb, it would be a matter of seconds before the deceptively heavy, man sized bomb would explode. Given the type of weapon it seemed to be, it was an Eastern Bloc originating Tactical “small” yield bomb. Or to put it into civilian terms, had it been brought to the Ministry of Justice, a third of that massive structure would be on fire if not leveled… And what that ultimately meant is the whole building was about to disappear like a magic trick. The only reason it had not gone off at once was as the broken fuse presented a problem, a safety mechanism in case of accidents. It would however still go off.

"Leave! Now! It's too late! The warehouse is ... GO!"

Ryushi struggled in what details to pass on versus the overwhelming need to simply warn the rest of his team. He stressed the warning over the details, entrusting their survival to their responsiveness. Which, if it was anything compared to the start of their operation. Would likely get them all killed, not just him. While his survival impulse hammered the notion to flee against his skull, Ryushi remained.

There would be no point. The lethality of the device wasn't in its explosion, but the shock wave and vacuum it created there after. Even if he somehow managed to get back to the entrance of the warehouse, a feat requiring *superhuman* speeds. His lungs and internal organs may still yet rupture. His brain left relatively unscathed, would allow him to cherish his last moments.

To lie on the floor and suffocate for a few seconds or perhaps if God was merciful, a few minutes.

Not yet.

Directing his voice and attention back to the Hero duo, he began to bellow. With what may be his last breath.

"It's fuel! To ignite the air! Inhale it! Put up a barrier!..."

Run!? Heh. As if there's even time.


Isamu was forced to shove any semblance of worry or questions he had down. The way the bomber reacted. Cursing out his girlfriend aside, something had gone wrong.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!'

"Char get back!" He shouted as he rushed toward the bomb, throwing a glass orb into his mouth. The sound of small explosions rang out over a sickening crunch and subsequent gulping swallow. What followed gave way to exactly what Isamu was afraid of. He could practically taste it in the air as the fuel began to release.

"ANVIL!" He shouted to Ryushi. "HELP CHEVALIER!" was all he could manage before beginning to spit out orbs of blue light. One. Two. Three. Four. Each seems to burst just before impact with the bombs splattering it with an odd ooze. Ice began to form from the ooze seeming to crawl out in all directions around the bomb. Isamu knew that this was a long shot.

He wasn't sure this plan would work. He spit another bomb as he circled the bomb. Hell, he didn't even have time to explain the plan. Another bomb. Fuck, did he even have a plan? Two more bombs. No. It was barely an eighth of a plan. At best, he had a theory of a plan. By the time Isamu stopped running, winded and panting, the bomb would be covered in more than a few layers of ice.

"CHARLOTTE! BOMB! OCEAN!" He managed through gasped breaths.

It was clear from the woman’s reaction that something went wrong. She was the one messing with a bomb! Was Charlotte supposed to let her finish?

Either way, Chevalier didn’t know what the explosive was save for the obvious. Isamu and the other man seemed to have an idea though. He yelled at her, obviously over the gas and Charlotte complied. Watching as he froze it, she jumped when he shouted at her again, though once again she did as suggested. She lifted the bomb with her quirk and with a short pause, launched the device with force toward one of the openings in the structure from the earlier scuffles, flying it outside the premises and dipping it in the water.


Help. Huh? Ryushi thought in a sardonic tone.

Placing, or more correctly, forcefully shoving his respirator into Chevalier's face. He made his intent known with his blown up cheeks and pinched nose.

Don't breathe. Air bad. He conveyed, through deadpan eyes.

Watching as the military hardware rocketed out of the warehouse, leaving its better half behind he could almost sigh in relief. Though, looking around he noticed surviving to see another day didn't come without its price. Ms. Wanijima was nowhere to be found, and the hazardous situation hadn't completely been resolved just yet. Accepting the loss with grace and little expression, he watched the two *professionals* with a light smirk.

Heroes save the day again? Huh.

The Op summary would make an amusing read for HQ and Ayame no doubt..


With the ongoing happenings, Isamu’s and Charlotte’s joint efforts helps salvage the situation, in part. A massive plum of gas travels from the building, outwards and upwards into the sky and down once more into the sea, however it would be this altitude adjustment that would set off the bomb. Partially fizzling on the way down a column of fire follows from a mighty BOOM as a fireball expands following the fuel back to it’s source, like a dragon in the sky.

All around them glass panes shattered and broke, part of the roof caught on fire and anyone on the island would feel the pressure wave as a large amount of steam would rise from the sudden flash boiling of the Ocean. However that was not all the three would have to do, during their moment of distraction a *KLINK KLANK KLANG* could be heard, the sound of metal skipping pavement, bouncing as it went. Three Grenades and two clay blocks slid across the flooring towards the stockpiled munitions as a heavy metal grating in the flooring slammed closed with a deafening THUD. This wasn’t something the three could not avoid or likely instantly die to. But the greater part of the evidence here was going to go up in smoke.

This has overall for both sides been a mixed bag. Not a single major target was caught by either side, a warehouse was now on fire, the police blockade was now a disaster. On the other hand, a rather large percentage of the weapons shipment had been halted, a planned terrorist attack and dozens of minor Yakuza were captured or killed, most by effect of the bomb and fires now sweeping across the warehouse in parts, rather than the actions of the heroes.


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Tokyo Japan April 22nd
ANVIL Station 12 and HA Grounds

Minutes, would become hours and then days. A full week would come to pass from those first missions, mixed results were had, from the near failure of the two harbor groups, to expected success with the gambling hall raid and the stalemates that played out across a few. No one was dealt with harshly or suffered as a result. Rennard however did find himself moving up the ranks a few places, given his collaboration with his seniors and as an acknowledgement of his efforts. While he could and would continue his part time studies at the Hero Academy, he was now considered amony the ranks of elevated Junior heroes.

With the dawn of this new day, most of everyone at Station 12 were to have a three day weekend, a respite from duty and training to do with as they seen fit, spring was in full bloom and the cold had been sapped away from the air, the tinge of summer lingering.

The same could also be said of the heroes, though they were not bound to the same commitments and at times it was encouraged for heroes to take some time off every so often, to catch up on studies, with others, to repair or commission weapons and gear or even just to relax. For both sides such times, more so when new faces and the former class of 1A could get together were pretty rare. While the winds may be peaceful for now, that did not mean it would be always.

~~~~~ Kanna Tanaka & Ayame Daichi~~~~

1603039945865.png 1603039957928.png

Yawning a bit, Ayame scowls, the weather was starting to get warmer and there were a lot of papers to do, however she looks up from her desk, peeling a sheet of paper off of her forehead. "Huh?! OH! YES!" Looking at her desk clock, she didn't mind falling asleep here at all, but the fact here weekend was to start thrilled her to death, there would be no more paperwork even if for a little while.

However she had no idea on what to do, heading down stairs to the first floor of the blockhouse, Ayame ran into Kanna checking the mail and looking through a few flyers. "Oh anything interesting?"

"Oh, Ayame, I heard you screaming earlier. But hmm, no, just the usual mail, though there was an odd flyer in the mail." She says handing it over, as Ayame stares out it for a bit, reading it.

"Huh, a small museum is having a "Around the World" artifacts tour.. But what's this, doesn't look to be part of the flyer.. If you blink it will disappear.." Whats more, a few tickets were included with the flyer. Taking the collection Ayame heads over and stamps them on the message board, she had no interests in going and neither did Kanna from the looks of things.

"Hmm, you don't want to go?"

"No. I was going to wait a bit see if any of our old classmates were up to. What about you Kanna?"

"I think I'll stay here at the station, maybe walk around the area, do some training, otherwise I'll be here, I have a feeling that those tickets will prove to be interesting.. Plus those of us who didn't stay here may still turn up."

With that a scene much the same played out in the HA, as flyer with self same tickets were pinned in area's frequented by other heroes. Though given the more scattered and varied nature of the pros and their significant others, schooling, apartments or off site living was much more difficult to generalize, though most of them should still turn in to the HA building at some point or at the very least contact one another via phone or messages. How they would all spend their time was ultimately their choice.
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Following the mission, Shiori tried to unwind but couldn't. Feeling she had performed inadequately left her anxious, and so she met with her father and sister. ANVIL knew that the foes were yakuza, so Titan and Takagi had to have some leads from their days and dealings with them. What followed was some information on places of gathering and territories, though no concrete direction, more of a direction to look in. She explored the areas of town a bit aimlessly to no avail. Everything appeared business as usual to her.

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After Isamu unburied himself, and she subsequently berated Cupie, Charlotte kept herself busy with her usual work. While an embarrassing loss, she made up for it with successes afterwards. She didn't have much of an opinion on ANVIL before and didn't really want to, but if they were going to contradict each other's efforts, something had to be done. They could coordinate, perhaps, but both sides seemed to dislike the other. Misoka was the director of it. Maybe she could speak to her about. The woman seemed disillusioned with the Hero Association, but she likely didn't want both organizations to be hindering each other's efforts.

Azurian Dream

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"Museum Mystery"

Collab with RedArmyShogun RedArmyShogun & Astros Astros

So far two of those connected to the UA or HA attended the event from the flyer, things seemed rather normal with a variety of classes and income brackets attending the seaside museum. There were numerous standard displays with all manner of objects relevant to Japan in cases and artifacts on loan from China to Germany. And as the doors open and the people outside are let in, one item stands out at the center, a scepter that was ornate silver, covered in jewels and a single eagle with its head turned to the right, a scepter that belonged to a long gone nation named Prussia, on loan from Berlin.

Seen strolling among the crowd as the doors open, a man in a pressed suit wearing an assortment of bandages passes them by one by one. As the bulk of people stop to view the closest displays or Japanese relics that held firmer cultural meaning. This man was headed straight for the display at the center. Looking at the scepter with dead eyes, behind a visage of white dressing. It seemed he wasn't there to merely admire or gawk at the item's impressive wealth and beauty.

Having spent a spell in the hospital, Ryushi had been under supervised care. Unable to busy his hand with case work, police reports, ANVIL duties etc. It seemed that the time reserved for rest and recovery, while given with good intentions had had the opposite effect as intended. The reason for such a result wouldn't be directly apparent from his behaviour, but what was clear was he was present for a different reason than the gaggle behind him. A hunch, that there would be more to this exhibit than first advertised. Something to busy his hands, and more importantly, his mind with.

“Ahhh nice to final get a break, and get out of the house for something other than work,” a voice chimed to the museum walls as a taller woman was revealed to be Aurora decked out with blue jeans, and a black shirt with white/ blue striped sleeves topped off with a denim jacket. Her hair was short to day reaching to her shoulders. Minus that she had a small backpack on probably filled with snacks, and such. Though as is doomed of those of hard work Aurora’s work came calling home.

Within earshot of Ryushi as Aurora made herself known to the other by sight soon thereafter, the lights would go out in the Museum, followed up with a loud CRASHING sound, the lights would return as a shattered display was left, the scepter long gone with a white letter left in its place.

A man in a business suit nervously approaches it, picking up the note in his hand, he swears under his breath, reading over it, the man lays it down, looking a bit distraught as he paces the floor. “Damn that thief, I don’t have the time for this!”

Pardon me… did you say. *That* thief? You know who did this?"

Momentarily ignoring the question posed to him by Shiori, Ryushi began to walk around the display to where the note lay. Inspecting the broken glass first, he picked up a shard and turned it in his hand. Siphoning the memories of just seconds ago.

For his efforts, Ryushi would gain a shadowy if not at least interesting vision, searching back into the history of the glass, a number of people had touched the display in general, more so within the last few days, mostly museum staff or special visitors from the hours before. Reaching more into the recent past however, Ryushi would hit a wall of sorts. There was barely a recollection of who took it, only that a wave of pressure had hit the display, it’s laser alarm having been tricked and deactivated remotely. Though it was not totally blind to what had happened, a strand of dark colored hair could be seen briefly with the slender profile of a woman’s arm, ducking in as the glass broke, then just as quickly retreating up and away. This theft had not been sudden or without planning.

The Museum curator shakes his head holding the letter up. “I’m sorry sir, but unless you and your friends there are with the police I can say little else, other than indeed, we know and yet do not know who it is. A thief has been going around to the homes of the very rich or museums like these, stealing items then leaving a trail of clues behind to find them, we have been hit a couple times before.”

"A woman… by the looks of it."

Trailing off in thought, Ryushi hadn't acknowledged the man with his response. Turning the glass over again, he blinked a few times before putting it back with its shattered remains.

"She may still be in this building… if she hasn't escaped already."

Gazing toward the front entrance, Ryushi couldn't match the hair in his memories to anyone within eyesight. Whatever sort of disguise the woman had chosen for herself wasn't amateur. Considering the three other entrances, those would be his next points of information.

Round up the guests. Secure the exits. Collect and analyze the camera footage. Simple… … Too simple.

Breathing a sigh at the thought, Ryushi reached into his pocket to produce a business card. One featuring an ivory elephant and embroidered text.

"Odds are against us on that one I'm afraid. I'm a private investigator who does consultant work for the police. The White Elephant is my agency and public title."

Handing the man his card, Ryushi deliberately chose to avoid the mention of their ANVIL affiliation.

"I understand if you rather go to the police with this. That's your right to decide. However, I'm sorry to say it, but these types of non-violent string cases tend to be… left to resolve themselves. In my experience. As I'm sure you have learned."

"Eventually the culprit will be caught, as evidence mounts. But until then, in the eyes of the authorities... there's no dire need to dedicate additional hands to a pursuit."

"If you would prefer something more… immediate. Me and my associates wouldn't mind helping with this while we're here."

As the two were left to their own devices, the man chuckles a bit for whatever reason, shaking his head. “That so? Then here.” He says in exasperation. Leaving the note where it was, the man makes way to gather the other visitors, instructing them to remain on museum grounds till the mystery was resolved, upon grabbing the paper, Ryushi would find something rather curious. The memories on the paper were jumbled at best, this paper has been part of a pack, bought from another here on the Museum grounds, being picked up by the same vague figure as before, she seemed to have went through some deal of trouble to be sure she did not leave a trace, plastic coated fingertips touched at the paper leaving but the slightest of traces. If Ryushi had wanted an easy win in this case he would be sorely disappointed.

On the letter, the following was scrawled;

“To whomever is playing my game, do not cheat, do not call the police to break my beat, for with that you shall not gain any fame. Play by the rules or be made into fools."

A scepter of a nation long gone, remembered by few, missed by none. The German Eagle is mine, but what is mine is yours and yours is mine, solve the riddles Five and the prize will be yours once more. A simple game of wits, if you lose do not throw a fit, a half a bell is all that you shall have, make use of this time well.

With Silver Wings I overlook the sea, what could I be?

Find this location for the next part of the puzzle.

Red Riding Hood.

And with that the message ends.

"Red Riding Hood… huh? I suppose that makes us the Big Bad Wolf."

With a smile Ryushi looked to Aurora who had neared the scene after reading the contents of the note to her. It was clear they had only half an hour left to tackle the riddles. Ryushi hoped the others would be more challenging.

Listening with full attention Aurora was quick to gauge who Ryushi was as he went over to introduce himself, and his business to the museum worker. As things started to get heavy quick with it revealed as a master thief Aurora was quick to figure out the first riddle.

"That's the seaplane outside, it's the only thing with silver wings pointed to the ocean," she answered, taking initiative. Even on her day off it seemed the call of duty was just as potential to sound off without warning. As her hair started to grow longer and into braids it was clear she was now just as involved as Ryushi.

"Well let's go catch a I'll fated Grimm character," she spoke heading outside and towards the plans rather with a pep in her step.

Chuckling lightly, Ryushi added before following.

"Riding hood always gets away, as the Wolf isn't paying enough attention."

He knew there likely was more to these riddles than their face value. But, it was turning into an interesting game of sorts. And he had to play by the rules, afterall.

As the duo continued to the next spot, there was another note, a sheet of paper taped to the edge of the plane wing within easy reach. Upon grabbing it Ryushi would be met with more of the same sensations as before, though this time the paper was sourced from the nearby yacht. Once more care was taken to leave only the slightest of a signature behind. This note however would be a little more cryptic but still within the means of being solved.

“Well done, but I think we should make it a little more vague, I am the Red King who stands alone, who am I? Time is ticking, though I’m sure this one will not give you much trouble, afterall I did send the invitation to you and yours.”

With that the message ended.

"A king is a king. Even one who stands alone, must command a throne."

With a smirk, Ryushi surveys the surroundings. His eye immediately caught by a distant object placed above all the rest. A red shipping container in the distance..

“It seems safe to say this villain has a desire for attention, and an active riddler laced with challenging their targets ergo a challengers complex this person doesn't do it for the fortune,” Aurora spoke as they headed for the next targeted location. As such, given any of her cases Aurora was starting to profile their target as a means to help build a picture, and get an idea what the person looked liked along with actions therein.

“You must have had a rather kind storyteller Mr. Elephant for the original tale by Charles Perrault ended not so kindly for little red. She was tricked onto the bed, and gobbled up violently along with her grandmother in a dance of red,” Aurora notioned rather darkly as her hair rose up, and she was quick atop the container yard reaching the obvious lone red container itself surveying for the next clue from the high ground.

At the next location there was indeed a letter and this one also stuck to the side and a bit more difficult than the others, but still rather “easy” as it were, on the parchment the following was said;

“In terms of time and Space I am furthest from what was taken, known to many and yet to few, I gave rise to rumors great and small to merchants boon and stood along the other Eternals of the Western World, stolen as well and long since fallen, what am I?.”

Aurora finished after her hair grasped the note reading it aloud before lowering it down to Ryushi with an extremely long singular hair string. “This one takes it up a notch. There are many things here from the western world both stolen, and caused numerous rumors.”

Upon touching the letter, Ryushi would get the same odd feeling, except this note gave off the distinct impression that it was fired off and stuck to the side of the container, the thief turned riddler had not physically touched this location. What this signified, if anything was up in the air.

"My sitter was a very kind, elderly woman. She hadn't the heart to tell anything grim to us."

Finding the placement method of the note odd, Ryushi stared at the card for a moment considering it. Almost forgetting that there was another clue to be found, he returned his focus to the clue at hand.

"Take it a piece at a time."

"In terms of time *and* space. I am furthest from what was taken."

"What's the oldest thing in the museum? That's known to many, yet to few, who may actually understand its meaning?"

"If something is Eternal, it must stand the test of time. Or… the sands."

“So we are guessing the Egyptian set then,” Aurora surmised from Ryushis words. It made sense, and connected to most of the riddle. Getting down quickly Aurora followed Ryushi back to the building.

"Indeed. It's most fitting. … … Though. It's curious. That note was not the same as the others."

“How so? Was the methodology different,” Aurora asked.

"Yes. She avoided scaling the containers. I'm wondering as to why."

“She might be physically weak given the nature of this event she has shown no trap nor attack mindset meaning it probably stands she has no combat ability nor a quirk that gives her an advantage in such regard. She’s potentially just doing it for the thrill of clashing with a mind equal to her own that's her real sought prized potentially,” Aurora gave a few ideas to the notion it truly seemed she had no desire for riches more so glorious triumph. To the mindset of her partner it seemed Ryushi's upbringing was potentially tame though oddly laced with some form of grasp to the past as if regrets were lingering, or just passing by at the moment. Though maybe she shouldn't start profiling her temporary partner out of the blue.

"Perhaps. … Or perhaps she has a fear of heights. Was in a rush. It's too early to know I believe."

As the two reenter the museum, and gaze upon the Egyptian artifact, a massive sandstone slab carved with figures and symbols they would find… Nothing. It seemed this was not the location, though something about the stare of a Pharaoh seemed to be mocking as the Jackal headed god Anubis stood before him with a scale in hand.

"No luck, huh. Hmm." Pondering once more on the riddle, Ryushi began to make his way towards one of the other exhibits. One featuring Han Dynasty artifacts.

It was here that Ryushi would know something high above, as if dropped from above, a terracotta soldier and a jade boat, many other artifacts surrounded it, but this something was very much out of place, a display card note, on the very top of the ship, left to rest on the bow, Aurora would be the most fitting to grab this, looking at the card she would read it aloud.

“There are not many objects that can claim the title Eternal, a fallacy of man or of grave.. Impudence. Regardless that is not your game, for all the terror over my theft, these items were stolen no less than seven times, not by me of course, but by governments and warlords. Here is your next riddle, Skyward bound I am neither man nor king, but I have given victory and defeat, justice or bows or scepters not unknown to me, what am I?”

“Well then this one takes a turn… skyward bound could be many things,” she mumbled, throwing the note to Ryushi for his quirk to potentially grab a hint on their person of interest. “Yet the next verse throws out a particular group, and more a item of use until the next verse rolls back to being an entity. Your thoughts maybe we could ask the staff if this sounds familiar.”

"Couldn't hurt." Checking his watch that stuck out from his bandaged wrist. Ryushi pondered the lines.

"Bound to the sky, neither man nor king, but giving victory and defeat. … … Justice, bows, and scepters. … It puts me in the mind of a deity. But I'm unfortunately not familiar with Shinto history. … I'll give the artifacts a look while you ask for more details."

With that, the time would surely tick by as Ryushi did a general rather than a detailed search, while it was not a massive museum it would still take precious minutes for it to tick by. Elsewhere the Curator was busy speaking with some important looking guests and a man who was none too pleased speaking in what may be an unknown language to the pair, though harsh in it’s tone and commanding, a translator carrying on with making the conversation flow. Elsewhere other tour guides and servers, some in masks and some without were busy attending to other guests, minus one who had just finished serving a table. For now not a single guest would be allowed to leave, she had red hair and a mask on with physical traits of a wolf type mutant quirk and more importantly had met eyes with the hero, or rather the blackened shade where her eyes would have met them.

“Ah, the boss told us to keep out of your way!” Making herself a cup of coffee she gazes at the other, seemingly taking a break. “Want a cup?”

“No thanks, but I appreciate the offer,” Aurora smiled bowing politely to the woman as she waved the drink off. Though before the woman could start to leave Aurora questioned her out of the blue. “By chance how long have you been working here, or better yet how familiar are you with the museum's current set pieces,” the blonde asked politely.

“Why, I would be a terrible server if I didn’t try to know at least a little on the subject.” The woman says, smiling at that. “I am at a loss for some of them however, much history is in here.”

“Well if you don't mind I would love to test your knowledge a bit to see if you can help the investigation,” Aurora opened up as she spoke the riddle to the server. “Does that sound familiar at all?”

“Hmm.. the curator might be a better person to ask, but games like these are interesting. I can think of four plausible choices on the spot, more than that I will need time to think. Would you like to know them?”

“Well gimme your thoughts killer,” Aurora chuckled at the girls intrigue at the situation smiling as was the norm for her

“Skyward bound I am neither man nor king, but I have given victory and defeat, justice or bows or scepters not unknown to me, what am I? There are as I said four possible once one looks at the details of the riddle. Skyward bound implies the divine, neither man nor king, victory and defeat, weapons, laws, rules. The Egyptian wall is possible but also disqualifies itself, the statue of the Goddess, mayhap the Shinto Artifacts and lastly, the Taoist display, or do you not know of it?”

With that the woman pauses, waiting to see what the other would have to say.

Having meandered over to the group after looking at the Shinto artifacts display. It had been rather disappointing to say the least. Catching the last portion of their conversation Ryushi jumped in adding.

"The juror is out for Shinto. I couldn't see anything over there. And unless the thief can cloak, I haven't seen anyone next to the Egyptian hieroglyphs. That only leaves two options…"

“The Taoist Display or the goddess. Tell us about the Taoist Display,” Aurora asked their tour guide.

“Why, it is just a collection of Taoist artifacts. statues, records, important figures. Taoism is unique in a manner, for it’s views on life and death, of dark and light..” With that the woman was partly scowling under her mask, unseen to Aurora. “Taoism has a rather large history within China that is rooted in traditional culture and it was not unknown to have women in its instruments of power. Tell me, what do you know of Yin and Yang… but ah, from what the boss told us your time is running out is it not? Though two randomly searching, that is simply unfair, according to the rules that is, but clever nonetheless. Ah.. It seems by break is over.” Smiling at that the woman prances off with her coffee in hand as she stands over a table where some guests had called her over.

Meanwhile Ryushi would in fact find something, a partially mocking card with the same set of vague memories. It read the following; “Your prize is not here, however are you making the best use of two heads? I wonder what else is many and one. Do try again.”

For a moment as the hostess ran off, Aurora found herself with an odd feeling as if someone had just given her an annoyed look. Shrugging it off Aurora made her way to Ryushi seeing that he had attempted to guess and failed.

“What's many, and one that could mean the chimera statue is made of multiple entities, but still one. Yet a deity of multiple cultures like the goddess statue could be correct as well,” Aurora mulled history was becoming a pain in her ass right now for all her intellect this wasn't the sort of mind game she had designed herself to handle.

"Ready to throw in the towel already?"

Noticing the early signs of frustration appear on his "partner's" face. Ryushi sported a sideways grin. Intending to poke fun at the renowned Hero, he considered making a comparison of their two respective agencies with their difference in bullheadedness. In the interest of relations however, he kept his mouth shut.

"What is many and one? … One can flip this statement and ask, what is "one and many? Do you know of the problem of "the one and many"? "

"The question of what is "The one and many?",
surprisingly is one of the oldest philosophical questions of mankind. … Despite this, many do not know of it. The question of what is "The one and many" is a problem man has yet to solve....If the vast universe may be encapsulated into "one" thing, there must be "one" unifying aspect behind everything. The "many" and "one". This "one" could be material, matter, atoms or it could be an idea, the mind, consciousness…. Karma. ... This way."

Turning on his heels, Ryushi was confident to guide Aurora to their next clue.

"Fascinating, is that despite one not being aware of the fundamental question "the one and the many" the mind seeks to answer it, as our assumptions about the world tend to center on an underlying principle. Fate. Destiny. Good. Evil. Western philosophy was founded on it, as was scientific exploration. Mathematics is obsessive in its query to quantify everything in the universe."

Approaching the Taoist Display. It would soon become clear what the clue was hinting at.

"In China, there is the "Great Ultimate". Composed of Ying and Yang, and the five elements. And in Taoism, there is "The Way"."

There he would find an actual letter and an explanation, carefully placed at the center of it all.

“Taoism, cannot be known ber say by man nor woman, for it is aspects of both to make the whole. Taoism it is the darkness that is associated with the female aspect of the two. Taoism unlike the others also lead various armies and revolts, in effect the aspect of Tao was held in all posts back in it’s time, and China is known for its Emperors rather than it’s Kings. And unlike the other examples Taoists have a belief in heaven alone where as all of the other options have various realms. Though what is heaven I wonder.. It is a good thing I care little for violence or maybe one of you would find out? The Goddess statue would have also been interesting, and a correct answer with another puzzle. A riddle is not always answered in what it says, so much as it may not say or omit.

Sadly for you White Elephant I’ve figured ways to hinder your quirk a little some time ago, but as to your companion, I must say I am disappointed. I had heard much of Class 1A, but it seems most of you and yours can only do tasks of brawn rather than brain. However I do not think I’m just done with your lot yet. Provided any of you have the brains and will to take on my games again. Though you needed a little bit of a push you did finish.. So your final riddle and your prize shall be thus, in all of it’s artistic glory;

I will take your burdens and make light of them, at me you can sit but you cannot stay, I provide substance as a need but the coin I take in demand. I am the most base of human needs, some love me, some degrade me yet here I stay... What am I?

Red Riding Hood.”

Upon touching it, it would be much like all the other clues, minus one thing, or two, he could see the distinct outline of a jawline, it’s mouth carved into a smile, one that was partly mocking and partly pleased.

Chuckling at Ryushis jester of a silly notion Aurora followed him to the Taoist exhibit mulling over everything that had come forth until something clicked with her as Ryushi gave his history lesson.

"Our theif is definitely female," Aurora spoke out of the blue, rather left field in fact as she took the note politely from Ryushi. "The letters up to this point have all been polite, well placed, delicately made, and with no prodding or poking. She has extreme attention to detail with a remarkable respect to the exhibit pieces themselves. She probably has a mad respect for history giving way to the obsession of riddles as they are laid about most of history's mysterious allure she's intoxicated by it like a romance novel," Aurora smiled with a sigh. "The biggest giveaway is this letter in particular. She's waited till now when she knows she has us on the ropes to finally get verbally aggressive a common element for female criminals of high intellect. I was right about her having no care for fortune, but was wrong on the reason. It's not for the challenge it's to make a statement on hero's and anvil she wants to paint us to the people how she sees us… brutes," of course this didn't help the current riddle, but it finally gave some form to the criminal at hand.

The problem was it also meant they were dealing with a highly intelligent mind in their own element. A museum was their jungle and this woman knew every crook and cranny. "A few years ago she would have been right to," Aurora smiled softly remembering her more aggressive younger self.

"The riddle itself however is a problem but not to it's answer," Aurora chuckled. Her hair pointed in two different directions. "It's food. People criticize it, they need it, coin is demanded for it, and in this case there is two places they can sit at it. The cafe, and food stands outside. So which one you want?"

Ryushi merely smiled, for a moment.

"Paint" us as brutes? When has HA been anything less? He mused, a second thought.

Reminded of the brash actions in their previous Op. Ryushi ran his fingers over the bandages in his hand. A hero could never lose it seemed. Not if they made a foolish mistake, or even an honest one. Though, a certain masked member of his own task force was equally guilty of rash decisions. Nodding in understanding, his naturally inexpressive face would attempt to conceal his rancor.

It came as no surprise the culprit would openly mock them. That was the role of a villain. Whether in a competition of cunning or strength. The "way" for them was to brazenly defy the law and disregard any who upheld it. Whether that was at the bottom, with your everyday Yakuza. Or the top, with your multimillion salary CEO. What they had to say about you held little value.

"I'll allow you the honor of choosing, and take whichever remains."

Unabashed, Ryushi's focus was no longer with retrieving the scepter, but with finding the culprit. And he had an "inkling" of how to go about doing so.

"Alright the food stands are yours," Aurora responded as she started to head for the lounge. "Also Ryushi correct? A fake smile doesn't suit you. Just be yourself, and maybe a more open minded next time regardless I would have been lost, and running in circles without you," she smiled back calmly with a hint of motherly peace clearly feeling his animosity though he hid it so well.

He already knew the culprit was female probably from his quirk, and had waited until the halfway point to share it in fact he was slow on all draws to share with her. Added on to the fact the looks he gave here and there it was clear he didn't have a fond opinion, but was able to keep it civil.

Ryushi's grin faded lightly as he was reminded once more of his old sitter. She had encouraged him in a similar manner when he was younger. Always dutiful in his school work and learning about the business. He had offered little time for merely having fun or playing as many teens his age had. She too had not grasped the various many systems at play among people, ruling their thoughts and actions.

"All the world's a stage."... …

Trusting she knew of the quote, he would allow the noble hero to finish the line herself.

"However, I wouldn't consider our work here finished. The Hero has yet to catch the Villain."

As he made his way toward the food stand, Ryushi would make a detour. One aspect he had been keen to note and keep track of was the way in which the notes and letters had been presented. Scrawled in a rather rude fashion without excessive attention to detail or appearance. This paired with the content, the way the thief knew it was two after her and their movements. She was always close at hand to watch as her participants either succeeded or struggled. Having been making a collection out of the notes, Ryushi had not only been reading into the paper themselves. But, perhaps an overlooked aspect of the woman's cautious nature.

The ink penned across the paper also held a story. Ryushi was confident that it was all from the same one. There were hardly any visual memories attached to it, so it wasn't a glass or clear plastic pen. But that wasn't all. He could see a shadow of a hand as it traced each message in a slight rush. Hear the sound of the pen against paper, the click of the end cap. Voices. Searching the noise, he was looking for his own voice or that of Aurora. Had they met before? Perhaps a name, a way to identify the target. Once he had that, he could say hello.

As the pair seem to solve the final riddle, Ryushi would head to the cafe of the Museum, rather than the food stand outside. Approaching the lounge a single table had been set aside with a small tube shaped container, cardboard and used for shipping with a placard on top. It’s words were fairly simple;

“Let’s Play Again.”

For himself, more of the same vague feelings from before would linger in the objects, the shipping container stood before the two..

"And we are merely players. A sad way to look at it," Aurora notioned as she headed to the lounge not taking long to note he was following in suit. What came of it was a anti-climatic tube on a table. They had gotten it right, but the confrontation was now clearly never a plan.

"She's a fair sport though it seems," Aurora notioned pulling out her gloves taking the tube from Ryushi knowing exactly what was inside it. With a soft twist of the lid and a steady hand the missing scepter was rewarded.

"Well she is long gone, but her game is far from over," Aurora sighed before chuckling at the realization of something devious. "Clever girl was ballsy enough to walk up to me," Aurora picked a rather familiar hair identical to the one Ryushi had found at the beginning of the theft. Walking away from the white elephant the blonde made her way to the curator. "First off we have retrieved the missing artifact so please have someone bring a security container to me so it can be sealed as temporary evidence. Secondly could you please tell me how many wolf girls do you have on staff?"

“Wolf girls?” The man asks, a bit confused. “We had some spare staff brought in as temp hirees. But I don’t recall anyone of note.” The man typically did not pay much attention to his staff, as the man that was speaking what seemed to be German, has the translator take the package and spoke. “That won’t be needed. We shall check the components and take it back to the Embassy.” The man continued to speak, but the translator did not say more. It did seem as if the ambassador was berating the whole series of events given his tone and posture.

"Indeed. It seems little red has escaped the wolf, once again."

Turning the card over in his hand and reading the message "Let's Play Again." Ryushi tucked the card away into his jacket along with the notes. He would compile them and the details of the case later on, and keep an ear out for anything similar. For now however, the quest to catch the thief would be put on hiatus it seemed. Their job for the most part was now finished.
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Amaris Alucard


With a wave of her hand, shadows with nasty-lookin' sickles rolled her way. It was all the wolf girl could do to avoid it, feeling a few of her hairs shaved off. "Grhrhr..." She growled in frustration, glancing up at the large umbrella-like tree reaching the ceiling of the training area. Her "senpai" had offered a sparring-training session. Her arrogant attitude had been annoyed at the mere suggestion, but she humored her "senpai"...

At first, the spar was going fine. They seemed pretty even, which had just reaffirmed Fen's self-confidence. But she realized quickly it was just hubris. Ever since that umbrella had been "planted" her situation had turned from bad to worse. Her electric blue eyes glanced back up at it, ice trailing up the "stem", only to immediately shatter. She had also taken the time to slam her buffed-up body into it, but hadn't so much as tip it. "Tch! What is that damn thing made out of!?!" Fenri growled. Only to have her attention drawn immediately back to Amaris.

Their shadows and ice clashed, as she was once again forced to back up. A quick howl brought up some of her Fellhounds. But they were already in the shadows immediately upon summoning. And Amaris waved her hand once again; spikes made out of shadows skewering her pups. The Fellhounds were destroyed in a single hit with ghostly echoey howls signifying their departure.

Fenri's eyes were wide, staring at her best ice beasts destroyed in an instant. She looked up at Amaris, who was walking towards her.

Amaris had just destroyed the purple-haired girl's summons, only to feel darkness growing within her. A raging darkness. It had been easy. As easy as flicking her wrist. The intensity of her pink eyes began to grow as she raised up her hands. Then she realized she was a bit too into this. The shadows around her were bubbling and amassing.

"Let uss end it here." Amaris managed to say, despite herself.

Unable to go on safely, Amaris grabbed her umbrella and it shrunk literally from tee-size back to a regular hand-held umbrella. Then Amaris walked right out of the room, leaving the girl there, staring with a look that said 'What just happened?'


Fenri walked through the Anvil station. She growled with pent-up anger and frustration. Clenching her hand, she paused. Was she really that weak?!? Or was... "How is she so damn strong!?...! Grr." Fenri decided she wanted to get stronger, and resolved to train harder.


After the sparring session, Amaris retired to her room. People had tried to stop and speak with her on the way, but she brushed them off. That probably irritated a few. But it was necessary. Something churned inside her, and she knew her presence was incredibly dangerous. Once locking herself in her room, she was able to "let it out", which felt like a weight had lifted off her shoulders. However, the true ordeal had just begun.

In her room, she sat in "total darkness". That "darkness" raged and churned uncontrollably, with an intense feeling of anger, fury, and even hatred, beyond belief; feelings so heavy they pressed down on the one sitting there, who was doing her best to ignore them. Vague whispers and whisper-screams raged in that shadowy storm she sat in. However, Amaris endured, used to it, sitting there staring at a screen with flickering images, the volume turned pretty much all the way up. She was busy watching anime. Tears rolled down her cheeks. The one she had just ended up finishing was bittersweet and romantic. It made her think of Airi.

At the end of the anime, as tears rolled down her cheeks, the shadows began to disperse. "Finally.." she grumbled, with a sniffle, rubbing her eyes on her sleeve. Damn. It had taken a few days, huh? She was in that state for that long? Had it been that final, bittersweet, romantic anime that had quieted it all down? Or was it just coincidence? Hard to tell.

Amaris sighed, and got up, as the shadows shrank back to beneath her feet. The lights were on; signifying that the shadows had been so out-of-control that the entire well-lit room had been engulfed. Amaris's stomach growled, and she rubbed it. Ah yeah, she hadn't eaten those few days. -Eating would have been a huge fucking mistake after all. Any scent of blood would've made her go wild. She knew that much.

Walking over to her fridge, opening it, her eyes spotted some bloody delicacies in there. Another cheerful growl erupted from her empty stomach. Grabbing something, she shut the fridge and went to heat it up before eating. All before her duties would recommence.


Explosions rocked all around her. Direct hit. And the girl had to hold up her arms to "protect" her face as they went off. Even though she would ultimately come out pretty much unscathed, even her sailor uniform, barring some soot and frayed edges, she could still feel the heat on her skin. That was a rarity.

Not that this was anything dangerous. -Or so she kept telling herself. To Fuyuki, she saw this villain before her as nothing more than small fry. Just another random villain who became too big for his britches due to a bit of success. "I'll bring you back down to earth! This is nothing!!" She shouted at him, before firing a beam out at the floating villain. The beam struck him hard, and before he could regain any sense of self, Fuyuki flew through the air after a strong jump. With a scream her fist him right in his face, bringing him back down to earth, just as she had said.

After slamming him into the ground in a crater, she heard cheers burst out all around her. The silver-haired hero shook off her fatigue, and flicked her hair turning towards them, waving cheerily to the masses. She flexed a peace sign. "Just another day for your Noble Silver Savior!!! Ho ho ho ho!" she chimed loudly and proudly. That made the crowds go wild again. But it was all she could do to maintain her composure, the fatigue set in her very bones was enough to bring her to her knees.

Ever since the mission with UA, Fuyuki realized her limits. She had decided to crack down and get right into some hefty training! 'Even heroes were imperfect and needed to LEVEL UP their skills!' That was her intention with this hardcore villain-hunting. So the NSS was working overtime.
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