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Hey everyone, welcome to my search post.
You can call me Kyrie and I'm in my 30s. I've been roleplaying for some ten years.

I am interested in writing both in fandom verses and original plots (more on that below).

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  • My Style of Writing + Keywords

    Third person, past tense with double quotes for speech. I don't demand the exact same of you, just that you don't use first person, as it is a bit weird.

    I can write anything from 200-900 words, but it depends on inspiration and the scene.

    I have seen people demanding specific wordcounts in their requests - I don't do that, as I believe in quality over quantity and dynamic, natural writing.

    Despite me working a full-time job, I can reply daily, sometimes more than once. Bear in mind I'm in GMT timezone.

    I would prefer that you are active. I get that life gets in the way but if you can reply at least twice a week I would be happy.

    I usually check on my RP partners once a week just to make sure they're still interested/remind them/make sure they're alive and well (I wish this wasn't a concern but sometimes I wonder. Yes I'm a worrywart). Bottomline is I hate nagging people too much and hate feeling like a stalker even more so if you're not interested I ask that you please inform me.

    I love plotting and OOC chatter so feel free to contact me for either!

    ღ Action scenes
    ღ Romance (pre-established or slow burn)
    ღ Slice of life
    ღ Drama

  • I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with people under 18. I can rest easy I can mention adult themes if I know my partner is of age.

    I'm not interested in MxF, only MxM. Romance in my roleplays is not mandatory, but still welcome.

    Don't throw me one-liners all the time - give me something to work with. It doesn't mean I won't type shorter replies myself from time to time, but if it happens often, I lose interest, sorry.

    Please make sure to spellcheck. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, myself included. But seeing typos, capitalization fail and wonky grammar in every single reply is very annoying and demotivating.

    Don't ghost on me. I totally get that life sometimes gets in the way. If you decide you're no longer interested in roleplaying that's a-OK but please just let me know. Likewise I don't just up and disappear on people. If I lose interest I'll always let you know. It's just good practice.

    The following themes are too strong for me: suicide, terminal illnesses, sexual abuse/violence, animal cruelty. Please bear this in mind when writing with me. Likewise, if you are uncomfortable with anything I mention, feel free to say so and I will do my best to edit my part accordingly.

  • My Character x Your Character

    ♡ Hawks from Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia x Endeavor (not slash)

    ♡ Aizawa (Eraser Head) from Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia (got some head-canon) x Present Mic

    ♡ Dart from The Legend of Dragoon x Lavitz Slambert

    Axel from Kingdom Hearts x Saix

    Eizen from Tales of Berseria/Tales of Zestiria x Zaveid

    Yukito/Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura x Touya

    Laguna Loire from Final Fantasy VIII / Dissidia Duodecim x Kiros Seagill

    Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV / Dissidia Duodecim x Golbez

    Gabranth (Noah von Ronsenburg) from Final Fantasy XII x Basch (not slash!)

    Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist x Maes Hughes

    Sirius Black from Harry Potter verse (interested mostly in Marauders era) x Remus Lupin

    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez from Bleach x Ichigo or Ulquiorra

    Renji Abarai from Bleach x Ichigo

    Coyote Stark from Bleach x Kyouraku Shunsui

    Kanda Yuu from D Gray-Man x Lavi

    Note: I'm fine with established relationships, romance or even friendship. I don't necessarily need slash pairings for all of these. I'm happy if I can focus on interesting, well-developed dynamics. Additionally, if you prefer to play a canon character not in this list, drop me a line! This isn't a mandatory list, just my preferences.

    Bold and : cravings
    Strike-throughs: got the muse but less interest

  • Note: Some of my OCs were created with specific plots/verses in mind. However, I can adapt their background for any plot you want to write.

    Name: Aslan Torche
    Age: 24
    Height: 174 cm

    Appearance: Shoulder length wavy light brown hair and warm eyes. Usually sports a scruffy look as he doesn’t bother to shave daily. His body is more on the skinny side than on the athletic side.

    Close family: his parents, John and Mary. Has a 14 year old sister called Sarah. Best friend: Steve, who is high half the time, but has the ability to give surprisingly sound advice when needed.

    Sexual orientation: homosexual. He’s realized this from his early teens and went through the phase of thinking there was something different with him when compared to his male peers, as he didn’t really feel attracted to girls. He's had a few partners but never anything too serious.

    He wasn’t comfortable to come out to his well-meaning, but conservative parents for quite a few years. They get along well enough but he moved out as soon as he could because of this. He’s closer to his sister than to his parents.


    Usually keeps to himself. He’s not anti-social, but he doesn’t really feel comfortable around a lot of people. Usually comes out as awkward in many social situations. He doesn’t trust others easily, as he was bullied in school. However, he does make an effort to help people and not to be unpleasant to others, if asked for help. His close friends will consider him reliable and someone you can confide in. He just rather stay out of the spotlight of any major drama.

    He's generally crap at telling if someone is mad or not. Unless the person is actually fuming, crying, etc. he's not very good at reading other people's moods. This has caused some difficulties in past relationships, as his partners might consider he lacks empathy, when the reality is emotions in general just overwhelm him to the point he's not sure how to react at times.

    Despite his apparent outward aloof nature towards people in general, he's very protective of the people he does care about. He will do all he can to defend/protect those important to him.
    He’s very much not a morning person, so he’ll usually display a very blunt personality after waking up.

    He has a very deadpan sense of humor.

    Name: Will Halberd
    Age: 32

    Abilities: Will is knowledgeable beyond most gargoyles, not only being able to read and interpret texts in various languages, but also having a healer's knowledge of many herbs and plants. Despite being focused in giving of life, rather than taking it, Will is also trained in the art of combat, like most gargoyles. This, allied with his knowledge of anatomy, makes him an opponent to avoid. His peace keeping tendencies and his profession makes him abhor most confrontations, not out of fear, but rather due to a deep dislike of the results and grief wrought from violence.

    Magic: being part of the Gargoyle species of deimos, Will’s elemental magic is wind-based. This means he can create anything from a soft breeze to a strong tornado (the later, being the strongest spell he can cast). He can also cast weak healing magic, that allows him to heal light wounds. He can also cast protective barriers that can repel weak magical and physical attacks.





    Names have power. From the start of his life Will has been the embodiment of this ancient belief of yore, his egg having been cast away from the nest as damaged and impossible to hatch. Yet, against all odds, the cub inside managed to grow, absconded in a dark corner of the cave. When hatched, the hatchling gargoyle latched onto his mother's tail, his grip as if to say that he wouldn't give up the gift of life so easily. And so it was that he was given a name that reflected his willpower.

    Will's small clan lived peacefully enough in the midst of European tall mountains. Unlike most gargoyle clans that inhabited closer to humans’ villages, his clan was not dedicated to the arts of war and combat, but rather to the arts of knowledge and healing. Such a thing was rare amongst gargoyle clans and, while they were mocked and even loathed by fellow gargoyles that deemed them as traitors to their kind's more basic instincts, other clans recognized them as an invaluable aid. Thus the Halberd clan of the Highlands prospered in their own manner away from humankind's belic tendencies, visiting nearby and far away kin alike to tend to their wounds and mend their spirits.

    Due to these visits, slowly but surely, Will's nest siblings were enticed by the promise of action and valor to be found in the battlefield - whether against rival clans or, more often than not, against men. Soon, Will was the last of his lineage to continue following his ancestors’ ways of healing. The wars fought around him challenged his abilities and knowledge and, more than once, he was powerless to still death's sweet embrace from his kin. Still, true to his name, he would dedicate himself even further to his job after each failure, by applying himself to the old tomes. Whether that knowledge came from men or gargoyles, it quickly became irrelevant, as it was the means to a cause. In fact, he was deemed odd enough because of his amassed knowledge - most gargoyles preferred to learn of warcraft than of letters. And not only could he read all sorts of books, but in many different speeches of Man. Because of this, while his clan kept respectful of him, after his parents passed there weren't many that were as close to him as to be considered family. So he kept mostly to himself, while continuing his duties for his fellow kin. Aside from books, he would also apply himself by collecting all kinds of herbs from any regions he went by.

    Name: Lance Gris
    Age: 23
    Height: 178 cm

    Appearance: platinum blonde hair, kept cropped short at the back, a bit longer at the front. Its wavy tendencies makes the application of hairgel in the morning essential, if he ever wants to tame it somewhat. Always clean shaven. Grey-blue eyes, more grey than blue.

    Attire: under the mandatory long coat that all exorcists are required to wear, Lance usually wears black trousers and an equally black sleeveless top with a raised collar. He prefers to have his arms as free as possible, due to his fighting style with a spear. The most customizable piece of his uniform are the knee-high reinforced black boots, that he requested from the Support section, since his fighting style relies heavily on his legs. He wears black leather fingerless gloves. He has pierced ears - black studs in both ears and a small black loop in one.

    Weapon: Highwind

    Highwind is a spear wielded with either both hands or one handed. It depicts a grey-blue shaft, the metalwork of intricate forge, making it worthy of a weapon meant to slay demons. It depicts two sorts of blades - the typical pointy shaft expected of most polearms, but also two side blades, making it similar to the medieval halberd. As most holy weapons, the blades stay ever sharp. At the end of the pole there’s a small decorative chain with a crescent moon. When in inactive state, it poses as a small chain bracelet with a crescent moon.

    Important people: his parents, Louis and Claire. His grandfather Jean (deceased). His little sister, Mari (9 years old). Mari came along unexpectedly but his parents were rather delighted to have her, as at 12 years old Lance was already member of the order and living in HQ. Despite not seeing each other often, Mari loves her big brother to pieces and loves hearing his funny stories.

    His best friends in the order are Marcus and Rose. Marcus has black hair and kind grey eyes and always acted like a sort of bigger brother to Lance. Rose is a short and sassy redhair with deadly tongue and deadlier daggers that has no qualms in putting Lance in his place. For all his blatant teasing and casanova tendencies, it wouldn’t cross Lance’s mind to hit on either of them, seeing as they’re more like his surrogate siblings. Plus, Rose definitely doesn’t swing that way, being smitten with Alisha (another exorcist), and Marcus has been promised to his fiance, Ruth, ever since kindergarten. (Ruth is not an exorcist).

    Jesse is the only person in his team Lance has ever failed to protect. He was a 15 year old rookie on his first mission, his face full of freckles, his eyes full of dreams. Lance’s team was ambushed by twin demons and, despite taking a shot to try to defend Jesse, they suffered a heavy defeat that day. Aside from Jesse’s death, two teams were permanently disabled and Lance was shot in the shoulder, nearly dying from blood loss. Having to flee from the battle site and leave Jesse’s body behind was one of the hardest things Lance was forced to do.


    Lance is generally laid back. Despite the harsh job as an exorcist imposed on him, he will do it easily and willingly enough. If someone has to do it, he rather it be him than someone else who lacks the skill or willingness to fight the demons threatening humankind. He's effectively the life of any party and is all but incapable of shutting up. That insistent background noise? It's obviously Lance if he's in the vicinity. Double effect if he's in the mood to chatting someone up for a good time.

    Chosen as a wielder of the Innocence (that came to materialize as the lance Highwind) at an early age, Lance set to train in the arts and techniques of battle to aid in the seemingly impossible task of purging the world off demons. At the Exorcists Academy, he quickly went up the ranks, getting good grades in both tactical and physical exams, but excelling in the later. He remained a popular guy with his easy going disposition.

    However, he’s far from being a jester or mindless loveable fool. If the situation at hand calls for quick thinking and action, he’s able to do what needs to be done without extra risk to himself and others. He just rather go day to day and face doom and gloom with a smile on his face, rather than a frown. He's a distinctly fast fighter, his strength being his speed and technique rather than brute force, and he rather put an end to any battles as quickly as possible.

    His laid back nature doesn’t fall well with everyone at the Exorcists Order, as there are those that believe the exorcists superior to regular people, having been chosen as saviors and fighters of the darkness. So, he has been admonished by his superiors and some select peers more than once for “not taking his role seriously”. Once he made top ranks amongst the younger exorcists, the pressure to act accordingly increased, but it hardly put a dent in his nature.

    It also helps that his past is remarkably free of any tragedies related to demons, which is increasingly rare with increased demonic activity. Everyone seems to have a family member or close friend that was either killed by demons or turned into one. His mostly blessed childhood was spared that. His family is of humble origins, owning a grocery store. From an early age he was used to interacting and socializing with others, having however a keen eye to observe people’s dispositions - which would later aid in his life as an exorcist, for demons in human guise. His gut instinct is very helpful in telling there's something ‘off’ with this person.

    His current goal is simply to make it to the end of the day with less demons fouling the world and that his little sister can grow up without having to wield a weapon against darkness (as the gene that marks people as wielders of the Innocence often occurs in direct family members).

    For all his carpe diem tendencies, he does take his duty seriously when it comes to his teammates. If it's up to him, he'll return to the order with all of his teammates breathing (not necessarily in one piece). He only failed once in his vow and he paid for it in the form of a severe injury to his shoulder that healed in the firm of a starburst scar. Because of that injury he can fight with either hand, making him ambidextrous.

    Name: Jean Gris
    Age: 71 years old

    Appearance: when he was younger Jean and Lance bore a striking resemblance as grandfather and grandson. Jean was taller and has a broader built, as well as a bigger nose and darker hair than his grandson. He aged rather gracefully and now sports a goatee proudly, always acting younger than his age.

    Weapon: Colt handgun. Jean always had predilection for handguns, even after the war ended. One of the good parts of moving to America was the wide selection of handguns he had to collect. If left unarmed he could always defend himself bare handed, his wide torso making him a fierce opponent in hand to hand combat.

    Background: Jean Gris started his life as the middle child among several siblings part of a poor family of farmers in a humble village in the French countryside. All around him war's desolation and demon attacks brought people to an early grave.

    With Europe wrought by war, there wasn't much of a future career plan when he came of age and he was drafted to war along with his brothers. They ended up being separated eventually and he'd only meet some of them later as a humble grave.

    Still, war didn't manage to wipe out his constant cheerful and joking personality. Some considered him having gone mad in the war. Others just considered him to be plain old Jean. But he was definitely the guy keeping his allies’ spirits up in the trenches and pulling them out of harm's way. His selfless tendencies earned him the survival of many fellow men and a condecoration at the end of the war.

    Eventually, when the mindless war ended, he just decided to get as far away from it all as he could. He was one of the lucky ones who had a girl waiting for him back home, who hadn't gotten bored of waiting, or lost hope, or sent to marry someone else. With Emille at his side he decided to cross the vast ocean to see a new life in the land known for its dreams and opportunities. It seemed the perfect place to raise his little girl, the light of his life. He couldn’t really call her lumière, but he did call her Claire.

    Along with him there were many families from his village and neighboring villages who'd thought the same. Eventually, the son of one such families, Jacques became childhood friends with his daughter, Claire. She would come to marry him and they decided to pass down the Gris family name, as it was the name still spoken with respect among their community of a war hero.

    When his grandson Lance was born it was one of the most joyful moments of his life. Years later when his grandson's blood was tested for the exorcist's gene and it turned out to be a match he knew a cruel fate awaited his grandson, just like the stories he heard about his own grandfather, who'd met a swift end as an exorcist battling demons.


    He can speak English perfectly with just the bare hint of a French accent. He will resort to french for cursing and will stubbornly refuse to speak English for a while if in a sulky mood. He often speaks French with his grandchildren.

    Will smoke cigarettes in secret (most from his wife).

    His wife Emille is about the only person that will keep him in check and act as a responsible adult rather and an overgrown child. Even so, it’s a gamble most of the times.

    Name: Hikaru Yoru
    Hero name: Dual hero - Penumbra

    Age: 21
    Height: 170 cm

    Appearance: Tousled white hair and deep grey eyes. Slim build rather than muscular, as his quirk also affects his metabolism. When not in his hero costume, he prefers to wear baggy comfortable clothes, so hoodies and jeans will be a common preference.

    Quirk: Light and shadow manipulation. Half of his body has the ability to absorb sunlight, similar to a plant’s photosynthesis process. However, instead of converting it to nutrients, he stores it and releases it as energy. He can use the light he absorbs to form small orbs of light or as a concentrated beam of energy. The other half of his body absorbs shadows or ‘darkness’. Similarly, he can store it into his body and then use it as a means to conceal himself or have it spread over his target’s body, who will feel as if they’re underwater - the world muted around them and completely dark.
    There’s a limit to how much light and darkness he can store in himself. He also has a constant need of balance. Taking too much light into himself will overwhelm his brain’s chemistry and affect his vision, making him see flares of light and giving him severe headaches. It rises his body’s temperature. Taking too much shadow will cause him to go half blind, his body temperature decreases and the world will feel muted, as if he’s underwater. In extreme cases of quirk unbalance, his brain’s chemistry will be affected, triggering panic attacks and periods of severe depression. That’s why he has to be very careful about how much light and shadows he harnesses, having the real need to calculate how much he can use in battle and keep for himself.

    Uniform: the most prominent feature of Hikaru’s uniform is the large yin-yang symbol on his back. He wears black trousers and a white top with a hood. The fabric is very light but durable, making it perfect for stealth attacks when he uses the shadows to conceal his presence.


    Hikaru was quiet as a child, even more so after his unusual quirk manifested. At such a young age, the peculiarities of his quirk at first eluded his parents and doctors. At first, the boy was thought as just shy, but his general apathy just grew. He was misdiagnosed with depression, which is parents reluctantly accepted for a while, thinking he was suffering because of their divorce process. Eventually, his mother took him to a quirk specialist, thinking he might be suffering from the part of the quirk inherited from her. This new doctor established the balance needed for his quirk and, from then on, Hikaru would attend special quirk classes to learn to better wield his quirk in a balanced manner.

    Being an only child to divorced parents, Hikaru’s childhood was spent in two households. With his father remarrying soon after divorcing his mother, he became the youngest child in his father’s household, with two step brothers. These boys were kind to him, despite his unusual quirk, and a sort of sibling bond developed between them. His step mother wasn’t so acceptive of him. While not being openly unkind, she had a sort of detached way of interacting with the boy.

    As his parents would often work until late Hikaru was left to his own devices most of the time. While living in his father’s household he would avoid his stepmother until his step brothers got home, which meant he would either seclude himself in his bedroom or be out until later. He was prey to the local bullies, who targeted mostly younger kids who they deemed weak or weird. Being a quiet boy with an unusual quirk Hikaru met these two descriptions but he quickly figured out how to use the shadows to hide himself from the older kids.

    But not everything was a struggle in Hikaru’s life. As he got older and learned the peculiarities of his quirk, he could control its effects in his body better. Also, growing up in a society where from an early age you could decide to use your abilities for crime or for good, he quickly became a big fan of heroes. In particular, he loved the comics made in their honor and would read them avidly in the periods when he’d be recovering from the imbalance caused by his quirk. So, when the time came for him to choose his career, becoming a pro hero seemed like a natural step.

    His time at UA had him using his quirk like never before and finally embracing it as a part of himself that could be used for good, and not just as something that made him feel apathetic and depressed from time to time. As his mood slowly stabilized, he was able to make friends - the fact that people with all kinds of unique quirks were around also helped him feel like he finally fit in.

    After graduating, he began working at a small hero agency, wishing to gain experience to eventually open his own agency.

    Because of his frequent bouts of mental illness during his childhood, Hikaru was used to being by himself early on. As his quirk’s effects on his health steadied, he evolved from being inherently shy to gaining more confidence to interacting with others. UA certainly helped him boost his quirk and social skills. While having the tendency to being quiet and observing others rather than pipe into a conversation, Hikaru no longer has a problem in approaching other people. Hero training certainly helped with that, as you can’t stop evildoers with hesitancy. He’s relatively happy with a small social circle. When he needs some personal time for himself, he’ll find some secluded spot to read, still nurturing that childhood hobby.
    His renewed confidence in himself and his abilities might have the downside effect of wanting to pursue things by himself and not asking for help. This isn’t so much due to pride or thinking himself more powerful than others, but more to the fact that he never did shake that part of him used to be by himself and solve his own problems.

    Name: Rubeus Burma
    Age: 21
    Height: 182 cm

    Appearance: Rubeus has dark red hair and crimson eyes, which are a testament to his fiery nature and the Jumi with the Ruby core. His hair is often styled in a spiky hairstyle, with a few longer strands framing his face.

    Abilities: Being the head of the family and bearing a perfect ruby core, Rubeus can wield very powerful fire magic. Because he bonded with his Guardian later than he should have (and later appointed himself as his sister's Knight), he sometimes struggles with control in the battlefield, being capable of setting a whole field aflame without really meaning to. He'll also let his magic run rampant with his emotions, making him a fearsome foe to contend with.

    Weapon: He's also a capable swordsman, his weapon taking the form of a fiery claymore, Belial. When not in use, it takes the form of a small chain around his wrist, decorated with two small wings and a ruby gemstone at the center.

    Attire: Like all Jumi, Rubeus shows his core with pride. He wears comfortable black baggy trousers, strong leather boots and a large belt. He wears a crimson vest that leaves most of his chest exposed, along with his core. Because of his elemental magic, his body temperature runs hotter than usual, so he doesn't really feel cold over his choice of garments. His forearms are protected by leather vambraces and he has pierced ears - one with a small ruby and a plain black loop, the other with a black stud. When leaving the kingdom on undercover missions he will wear a crimson cloak over his usual garments to conceal his core.


    From a young age Rubeus has been weighed down by responsibility. His father, like many other Jumi, disappeared one day on a diplomatic mission to the human world - no doubt hunted for his core like many others. His mother, his father's Guardian, wasted away from grief over the loss. At the age of 12, Rubeus ascended as the head of the family blessed by the ruby core, having to juggle that responsibility, the peak of his magic and raise his baby sister, who was eight years younger than himself. Despite his young age, Rubeus proved himself an apt leader. His inherent distrust of promises that his fellow Jumi would bring from the humans’ side cost him maybe some nice deals on supplies and other needed trades, but he preferred to think he was saving his fellow kin with his strict nature.

    Having lost his parents and other fellow Jumi early on, Rubeus has taken it as his personal mission to keep the ones closest to him safe. Those would be his sister, Garnet and, later on, his Guardian. Unlike most Jumi, he was only bonded to his Guardian at age 14, fighting tooth and nail against the notion of a Guardian. After all, such a thing had only brought his mother grief. However, since his immense magical power was in need of balance, he eventually conceded to choosing a Guardian, much to the Clarius’ relief.

    Later, when his sister turned 12, he again broke Jumi tradition by acting as her interim Knight. Such a thing was possible in the same bloodline but very much discouraged - a Knight is not meant to support two Guardians, nor is the opposite supposed to happen. However, as an older brother, he is very reluctant to let his sister be bonded to just any Knight, and he will deem every suitor unworthy. This extra bond will begin to tax his body and he will start to suffer side effects from it.

    Much like his elemental magic, Rubeus’ personality is also on the fiery side - he is very stubborn, very intense and hard pressed to be convinced from something once he's made up his mind. Taking things easy is a notion that is completely alien to him, and he will take it upon himself any missions that he will deem too dangerous for his fellow Jumi to undertake. Because of his past his distrust and hate for humans runs deep, his pain and anger fueling his magic even more.

    For all his aptitude in the battlefield and diplomatic decisions, subtle things like romance immediately go over his head. Not that he has much free time to pursue such a thing, but any hint from an interesting party will probably go over his head if it's just that short of direct.

    Name: Tomei Harvestlam
    Age: 19
    Height: 167 cm

    Appearance: brown hair cropped short except for the back strands that measure down to his back an he usually ties down. Aquamarine eyes that are usually alight with kindness and curiosity.

    Abilities: Tomei's magic is based on words rather than elements. The saying ‘Words have power’ really is true in his case. Depending on his intent, he can cast spells in an ancient alphabet called Zaiphon and use them to do his bidding. He specializes in protective and healing spells. As his magic is based on his willingness to use it, he'll be hard pressed to go on the offensive against other people.

    Weapon: like most mages Tomei uses a staff to channel his magic. When casting a spell, the words in zaiphon will surround his staff. He can also cast spells without his staff, but they'll will be less focused.


    Tomei was born into the household of a family of scholars and healers. While possessing magical powers, they were first and foremost dedicated to knowing more about the world rather than casting spells and using magic for harm. So Tomei grew up surrounded by knowledge and books, which definitely became fulcral to learn more about spell casting and control his magic, as it manifested more strongly than in his ancestors. Still, even if his magic was stronger than his forefathers, it quickly became apparent it was mostly meant to protect and care for others rather than for combat. This fit nicely with Tomei's kind personality. He dedicated himself to his studies from an young age, hoping to become a healer.

    Quiet, observant, polite - it was obvious from early on that Tomei’s place was not in a battlefield, and he rather spend his spare time either reading or exploring the small copse of woods near his home and learning more about fauna and flora. His scariest encounters that effectively counted as battles were the rare attacks by wild monsters, that were little more than overgrown animals near his peaceful, remote village. However, for all his lack of talent for hard battle, Tomei can remain calm in dire situations and focus on his magic to try to come up with a solution. Blood and injuries don’t phase him, as he’s underwent training and studies in the healing arts.

    Eventually, the hostile relationships between kingdom Castella and the neighboring kingdom, Argon, meant the deployment of every able body to the war that eventually raged between the two. While Castella possessed the man power in the form of Knights and mages, Argon was technologically more developed, using monsters and demons as the source of power for their aircrafts and machines. The frontiles didn't distinguish status, will or gender - those with magical powers were highly sought after, including Tomei. Eventually he got the so dreaded letter that decided his fate to be drafted to war.

    Name: Rhana Malgatti
    Age: 34
    Height: 182 cm

    Appearance: muscular built, tanned skin. Black hair that is kept short and swept back. Dark, golden eyes.

    His clan's tattoo on his arm. His crimson soulbrand on his upper left hip.

    Attire (slight modifications): Rhana wears black trousers that ride low on his hips (not low enough to expose his soulbrand) tied with a bright orange belt, a black top that exposes part of his toned belly and his shoulders, leather van braces and thigh high dark leather boots. Protecting his legs more than his torso might seem a bit odd but there's nothing strange about it when you've spent half your life traversing a desert with all manners of poisonous crawling critters. Anything that reaches his torso he can quickly point his sword to, but he has to keep his eyes forward and not glued to the ground in case he steps on a snake or scorpion.

    Weapon: Rhana wields a massive two handed sword, as tall as he is. He was trained with a sword meant for an adult from an early age so it's almost like it's an extra arm by now. He can also cast fire-based spells with ease.

    Background: Rhana was raised in the midst of the nomad warrior clan of Dar'uta. The Dar'uta's reputation as a bunch of ruthless, lawless warriors makes most people avoid them whenever they pass by the cities for commerce or other activities. From an early age Rhana felt slightly different from his peers. While having the knack for the warrior life and passion for battle, he was never one to seek mindless battles against fellow man. That's why once he came of age he decided to travel by himself, with no clear destination in mind. He would often take up hunts at the cities’ guild as a means to make some money and never stopped long in each city.

    Living as a nomad, he was never one to create roots in one place. If inquired to what he sought he wouldn't really know what to answer. Perhaps once he'd sought the person with the matching soulbrand to his. Now, at age 34, such romantic notions seemed more and more the stuff of fairy tales.

    Inevitably, living his life traveling he became familiar with the lay of the land and met quite a few people. Depending on who hired his services, he might even accept to work as someone's hired sword or guide. However, he had next to zero tolerance to pompous nobles who thought them above others of lower status.

    Eventually, Lativia, a woman he came to know in one of the cities, reached out to his services as a guide for a client of hers. The job seemed interesting enough (traversing a small desert was no effort to him when his childhood had been spent on the endless Dalmasca desert) and paid well so he figured he might as well give it a chance.

    Name: Nell Heart
    Age: 11

    Appearance (faceclaim not completely accurate - different hairstyle): Nell has medium length green hair, usually kept loose, with a couple of strands in the front held up with yellow hairties in the middle. Her eyes are grayish brown.

    Attire: Nell wears mostly comfortable clothing. Being an energetic girl she usually prefers shorts and generally baggy clothes over dresses or skirts.


    Nell grew up in a village far from the confusion of big cities. Her father was a conductor in one of the various trains that traversed by her hometown, so his shifts were long and at odd hours. Still, he always tried to play a role in his daughter's life and the two of them were still close, both having a laid-back, joke-prone personality. Nell's mother was a local librarian, which allowed her to be more present in her daughter's life. Whenever needed Nell would also spend time at her granny's house.

    Nell had a very blessed childhood. Quick to take part in games, she made friends rather easily, being very energetic and sort of a tomboy. She was the first one to climb trees, play soccer, ride on a bike, swim at the pond in the small forest near the village. An only child, she never felt lonely, being the leader of her group of friends. She would undergo many ‘expeditions’ with her friends in the woods, imagining great adventures where they would battle ravenous beasts with their weapons. Another popular spot among the local kids was the “trains graveyard”, where old trains were left to rust at the end of the old train tracks. Because they were not in use they would play here undisturbed and could walk over the old wooden tracks with no danger.

    Sometimes considered a bit to rowdy and not girly enough, she sometimes got in trouble at school because of fights, but that’s because she didn’t have much tolerance for bullies. She would be a bit impulsive at times and her grades would sometimes suffer over her shift of interests, but she wasn’t considered a bad student.

    It happened during Winter. The small pond in the woods was a popular spot for ice skating when it froze over. One of the village’s mutts fell into the freezing waters while the ice was still not thick enough. Nell decided to try and save the dog, not counting the ice to be so thin.

    In the afterlife, Nell remained the cheerful girl she’d been during life, having taken her death in stride. It quickly became apparent her spiritual energy allowed her to become a decent spellcaster. She was quick to take to learning about spells and magic the shinigami used in their routine in the afterlife to contain trouble from other spirits. Even though she can cast supportive and binding spells as well, she focuses on offensive elemental magic.

  • All these can be changed and/or built on. None of these are set in stone.

    ** means current interest

    Verse 1

    In this universe, soulbrands manifest at a young age and they can be anywhere on the body or any size. They are related to the person the owner is linked to.

    When the soulbrand is touched by the soulmate, it comes sort of alive and expands (it depends, some really expand a lot, others not really) as the soulbond sets.

    How do soulmates react to each other before they touch each other's brand? Well it's sort of a deja vu like feeling (hmm this person is kinda familiar, looks kinda interesting), it's not like there will be a neon sign on the other's head saying "he's my soulmate!". That's when seeing the soulbrand comes in handy because it'll have a strong feel of "I'm sure I've seen this before somewhere..." even though they haven't. But they'll definitely feel a different pull towards the soulmate.

    In this verse soulbrands are considered extremely personal and sort of taboo to just keep them exposed (even if they happen to be on an exposed area of the body, people will just cover them with gauze or something. If people have a doctor's appointment, for example, they will cover them up).

    The bond I mentioned after touching the soulbrand is something as simple as feeling connected to the other person (i.e. briefly hearing their heart beat, knowing if they're OK or stressed). Even before they meet their soulmate and setting the bond they can feel if the other is in extreme danger (i.e. if the other person is injured or in extreme distress, for example).

    It is not uncommon for people to only meet their soulmate later in life (even with the help of technology, not every soulmate lives around the corner from their pair).

    Despite this being a soulmates universe, it doesn't mean people can't have relationships with other people. There are people who choose to be with someone else other than their soulmate either because they got tired of searching, they simply fell in love with someone else (though of course it's different than with their intended soulmate) or in cases where the soulmate has died. A soulmate dying would be a deeply traumatizing experience for their pair, regardless of them having met or not.

    Verse 2

    Similar to Verse 1 in terms of connection with the soulmate.

    In this verse everyone sees the world in black in white until they touch their soulmate.

    Disclaimer: both plots have been inspired by several fanfictions about soulmates so they cannot be credited to being my creation.

    The existence of demons dates back in centuries. They were always a constant, the things that prowled the night - the beings that would snatch the children who didn't eat their vegetables were very much real. To counter the darkness, it is said the deities sent their power down to the planet in the form of a mysterious shape shifting substance, that was dubbed Innocence.

    At first, the demons would be few and keep to the dark, always vulnerable to sunlight. However, their numbers came to grow exponentially, accompanying any world crisis accordingly - plagues, famine, wars… All this saw an increase of demonic activity.

    From the earlier confrontations between man and such monsters, it was quickly established regular weapons - be it swords, daggers and, later, guns - couldn't really destroy the creatures for good. Only weapons that took shape from Innocence could. However, Innocence didn't respond to all people - it only seemed to react to the blood of certain people, that were thus dubbed the chosen ones.

    It quickly became imperative to form an order that gathered these people chosen to wield the weapons left by the deities and also to collect the scattered Innocence throughout the world. The Innocence concealed itself in several forms, as not to call demonic attention in its more vulnerable raw form.

    So it was that centuries ago an Order was formed and called the Exorcists Order. The duties of its members were to hunt demons, collect Innocence and find new chosen wielders. The later was slow work, with teams of exorcists going from town to town, carrying Innocence to see if it reacted to anyone. However, this was perilous, as the demons seemed to be attracted to the Innocence - odd as it was, as it would become the sole weapon that could kill them. Seeking divine salvation perhaps?

    Because of this, the research section of the order tried to devise a way to find new wielders without them needing to remove Innocence from the order headquarters. So it was that science and technological development inside the Order occurred faster than in the outside world and it was discovered that the blood of certain individuals reacted to the Innocence. It was also observed over time that this gene occurred in certain lineages and was dormant one generation. Thus, these families could have the fake promise of a peaceful family life with their children, but knew that eventually their grandchildren would likely be chosen as bearers of the holy weapons. With time, though, the gene became dormant for longer, as exorcists numbers started to dwindle and the numbers of demons steadily increased.

    The Demons

    What are demons? Where did they come from? At first, it was thought that they were mutated animals that had gone rabid somehow. Eventually, as technology and science development grew, it was found that their DNA shared a remarkable resemblance to that of humans. This merely confirmed people’s suspicions - that humans somehow could turn into monsters. As to why and how exactly this happened, one could only form theories. The most just and pious would argue that these had been once people that defied the gods’ teachings and hence had been punished. Others would take a more medical approach, and speak of the sickness of the mind. However, were this the case, then all those who suffered mental illnesses would be doomed to become demons, which was not always the case. For all the studies (and eventual human experiments done overtime mostly to prisoners of war), a definite cause for this plight was never found.

    Demons can resemble all sorts of things - the weaker ones retain a vaguely human shape, but the stronger ones are definitely bigger in size, some looking like machines, others evolving to bear the shape of animals or odd creatures. For all the research and studies on captured specimen, very little was found out other than their gruesome origins. No other means of cure was found, aside from a swift end by the ways of the holy weapons.

    The Exorcists Order divided them into classes by strength, from letters S to F, with S being the strongest demon, that will most likely cause a great number of destruction and casualties - both on civilians and exorcists side. Fortunately S classes are a rare occurrence.

    Either because of their origins or as a means to escape the weakness of sunlight, the demons eventually learned to disguise themselves as humans. It is hard for the untrained eye to tell apart demon from a regular human until it chooses to reveal its gruesome nature.

    Throughout the years it was observed that the strongest demons would likely prey on their weaker brethren, either for sustenance, but also for sport. The fact they could become cannibals in their grotesque forms wasn't that surprising. However, it is thought the strongest ranks keep a measure of awareness over their actions as monsters when returning to their human guises. Even the strongest ranks and those of quick wit are unlikely to be able to speak in demon form. While in their true forms, they are often driven by their most basic emotions and need, namely anger, hunger, bloodlust, etc. Demons often take an immediate dislike to exorcists, who they can tell apart easily not just because of innocence, but also because of the conspicuous order long coats.

    The Order

    The order grew in size and numbers and there are several headquarters scattered throughout the world. Exorcists traveling for missions can take refuge in these small havens. Because they are taken from their homes and families at an early age to study at the order, the members have come to dub their main headquarters as ‘Home’.

    The typical uniform came not to be as strict throughout the ages - the exorcists are first and foremost an elite specialized in combat. However, the one piece of garment that is common and mandatory for both genders is a long peacoat, that started out as waist length size, but now trails down to the ankles of the person wearing it. All exorcists wear these dark blue outer coats - with the top ranks wearing all black. The stand uniform color is the other thing also imposed, with the colors allowed being black, white, grey and dark blue.

    This conspicuous attire serves as two purposes: exorcists can easily identify one of their own, and the demons in human guise will also be able to. Because demons are prone to violent tendencies - in particular to exorcists - it could be an easier way to lure them out. Also, if their attentions turn to exorcists, there will be fewer civilian casualties nearby.

    Even if the main purpose of the Order is combat, there are several sections and departments dedicated to other areas, such as Research and Development, the Infirmary, Support and Accessories, etc. The personnel working in these departments are not chosen wielders, thus cannot be considered Exorcists, but they do receive basic training in combat and demon hunting, regardless.

    The Holy Weapons

    Mysterious weapons formed out of Innocence. Innocence is a substance of unknown origin. In its raw shape (before coming into contact with a chosen wielder), it looks like a small cube that fits on the palm of one hand and emits a soft glow. Many oddities and miracles in the world are explained by the Innocence’s influence on the world in its raw state. The legend of a giant tree left by the gods? Probably had Innocence resting in its trunk. A small pond said to invigorate the sick and weary? Yes, Innocence in its depths.

    When Innocence comes into contact with the blood of the person it resonates with, it will change into a unique weapon. These are no mere tools to slay demons - they are said to have a connection with its wielder, their blades never dull, and one could argue they are almost ‘alive’, responding to their wielder’s commands and movements as if aware. Most weapons require a vocal command to ‘activate’, although only the lower ranks need to really say it to wield their weapons. When not in use, they all revert back to an innocuous accessory the wielder can carry on their person. They cannot be wielded by anyone else other than their user - even in their weapon form, they will reject any regular person that touches them. An exorcist can touch another exorcist’s weapon, but would find it very difficult to use it in battle, as it will prove heavier than expected.

    When an exorcist falls in battle, their weapon reverts back into raw Innocence and it will slumber once again, until the next person who can wield it is found.

    Rebound effect: it so can happen for an exorcists to be rejected by their Innocence at some point. Maybe the exorcist is suddenly afflicted by a mental or physiological condition? It is rare, but what is known is that an Innocence suddenly rejecting their chosen wielder is possible. When it happens, it isn't pretty to watch, the Innocence morphing into a mass that will try to consume the wielder, leaving them mental unstable, should they survive.

    Note: largely inspired by D Gray Man and Tales of Berseria.

    The Jumi are a race of people who have been hunted for ages. Each individual has a jewel embedded in their chest designated as their core. Their core is very fragile and is the source of their magic and life. Because of these invaluable gemstones, the Jumi people were hunted by regular people, which led to their first king deciding to close off their kingdom from the rest of the world.

    Secluded by a magical barrier and concealing their cores every time they ventured outside the realm to trade for supplies, the Jumi were able to survive for ages until eventually they became just a legend - a story people told their children at bedtime. However, their kind still lingers, in their closed off kingdom…

    Miscellaneous facts

    After a Jumi's core is removed from their chest, their body will vanish, only the core remaining. So, as there are no remains to bury, the Jumi will instead make statues to remember their ancestors and loved ones and place the deceased's core in the statues' chest, should they manage to retrieve them. Oftentimes they are stolen and traded over and over again in the humans' kingdoms.

    The Jumi are said to be a cursed people - not only are they hunted for their cores, they also cannot shed tears, no matter how sad their fate. Legend says those that cry over a Jumi's fate will turn into stone.

    Each Jumi has a unique core - for example, there can't be two Jumi with an emerald core. There can be variations though - for example, a Jumi with an emerald core and another one with a trapiche emerald.

    Jumi are named after the gemstone that composes their core - their physical attributes, like hair and eye color are also related to it.

    If a Jumi's core is damaged, the Jumi will fall very ill and human medicine is to no avail. Only Jumi's magic can heal a scratched core.

    Even if their core is their weakness, a Jumi will often have it exposed, only covering it with clothing when venturing to the outside world.

    Jumi cores will often react to other cores nearby, resonating together, even if they've been removed from a Jumi. Because of this it's been said that a Jumi's spirit lingers in their core after their death.

    Even if their cores are gemstones, they cannot be altered like regular gemstones that occur in nature or turned into jewelry. They forever resemble perfect medium-sized orbs.

    Jumi society

    Knights and Guardians

    When they reach 12 years of age, a Jumi's magic is at their peak. This means they will need to balance it. This balance comes in the form of either a Guardian or a Knight. Knights and Guardians are bonded at the age of 12 on a ceremony with the Clarius, the Jumi who harnesses the most magical power. This ceremony consists of a Knight and a Guardian drinking water from the sacred fountain, which binds their magic and spirits together. A Knight is tasked with protecting their Guardian, while the Guardian possesses great healing magic. This is the foundation of Jumi society and magical prowess.

    A Knight and a Guardian can have a romantic or platonic relationship and are not paired by gender, but rather according to their cores and how well they match. The Clarius will be the one arranging for that match, but both parties can choose from the possible suitors. A Knight and Guardian can be paired regardless of social status.


    The Jumi are ruled by the royal family, who has cores composed of dark gemstones, with the king having the darkest onyx.

    The person with the most power (magical and otherwise) next to those of the royal bloodline is the Clarius, who had the rarest core of them all - the pearl. Unlike all other families, the Clarius is not born from a specific family line, rather, they can be born among the family with the lowest status. Once a baby with the rare pearl core is born their fate is sealed as the next Clarius and they undergo intense study and training from an early age. The Clarius is said to have the longest lifespan from all the Jumi and will age slower.

    Aside from the royal family and the Clarius, there are four main houses with the most magical prowess - those with the ruby, sapphire, emerald and topaz cores. These families are highly regarded in Jumi society, being responsible for the magical balance of the kingdom. They represent the four basic magical elements - fire, water, wind and earth.

    The weapons

    When they turn 12, Jumi are also bestowed with a weapon that will match their element and core. These weapons are forged from rare metals and components and will be infused with a Jumi's signature gemstone. Their aspect is very unique, so, in order to conceal them, they can be sealed in an accessory and conjured in battle at will. Each weapon is meant to be wielded only by its owner, though there are cases of bonded Knights and Guardians being able to wield each other's.

    Note: adapted from The Legend of Mana

    Every person's souls manifest physically as animals dubbed deamons. If a daemon is struck, the person feels pain and vice versa. They are linked for life and if one dies, the other perishes as well.
    It is taboo for a person to touch another person's daemon with no permission - this resulting in a feeling of repulsion - but daemons can touch each other fine.
    A person and their daemon can't be physically separated too far away, as such results in pain and death.

    Note: based on His Dark Materials. More info on daemons can be found here. Looking for a modern setting for this one.

    The world of humans was created by a group of higher beings with immense power worshipped as deities. Some of these favored humans, while others came to despise them. This resulted in a great war amongst the deities. Eventually, the ones that favored humans won and humanity knew prosperity. Tthe deities fell into a deep slumber, as the humans eventually forgot their names and their existence became the stuff of legends.
    However, not all humans forgot about them. Centuries later, as the world fell into war waged by humans, there were people who remembered the gifts of the deities and set to summon them as an attempt to save the world from war's ruin.

    Note: loosely based in FFXV, eventually to be expanded.

    In an ancient land there are people who have the gift to wield magic. A kingdom decided to wage war against other kingdoms using mages as soldiers.

    Note: to be expanded

    The creatures came from space. Or maybe they were already on Earth, deep asleep in some forgotten corner of the world. What is known is that suddenly there are beings that prey on people. Even with weapons and armies, these ferocious alien beings were too fast and fierce. Many were killed, but many more remained to prey on Earth's dwindling population. The only certainty was that they were attracted by sound, so people had to learn how to hide and to live their lives without making any noise, like rats hiding from a snake.

    Note: based on the movie A Quiet Place.

Place to roleplay:

Here via PMs

Contact me:

✧ By PM in this website
✧ By Discord (Kyrie#0419)

So, I guess I've mentioned everything of interest. Any questions feel free to ask!
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So would you be ok with a My Hero Academia rp with OCs?


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All right want to pm me and I’ll show you two OCs I’ve got saved.

Book Hoarding Dragon

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Added to the plots section!
I'm a fan of MHA and actually had a couple of OCs I wanted to use a while back. But a family member passing last year forced me to drop out and I basically took a break from the internet. If I can find the thread that I posted their CSes in, I'd be more than happy to try and work something out with you!


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Tend to be on the aggressive side but I am always open to plot suggestions.
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Extreme Gore, Disturbing Themes (Sexual Violence, Suicidal Tendencies, Terminal Illnesses)
I'm a fan of MHA and actually had a couple of OCs I wanted to use a while back. But a family member passing last year forced me to drop out and I basically took a break from the internet. If I can find the thread that I posted their CSes in, I'd be more than happy to try and work something out with you!
Hey there. First of all, I'm sorry for your loss.

Sure, take your time finding it, no worries =)