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Battle Against Kiyoshi - City Hall Grounds

As the panic set in and the masses began to stampede towards any available venue of retreat, one of these routes would hold an unwelcome surprise. As one of the exit doors opened, the small mob of people rushing for safety would be impacted by a thin red line down the midsection of the group. The line swiped through the crowd, splitting the people into an amalgamation of gore and spare parts forming a mound Anyone else who had been coming to that way immediately altered course.

An arm flung itself forward past the remnants of an east fleeing group. A man in thin red fleece jacket stepped forward and crouched down to pick up the severed hand, letting the stump hang down and drip blood into his open mouth like one might waterfall a soda. He dangled the hand a bit as if to get the last contents before flinging it away with a slightly disgruntled expression.

"Ah… you were pretty quick. I was taking a guess as to who would come find me," Kiyoshi greeted as he wiped off his mouth. "...but I was kind of hoping for a different match up. Eh, but I guess I haven't played with the panda girl. From what I hear you're supposed to be crafty like the French girl. Maybe this team up will prove interesting…"

He challenged them, but according to body language, he seemed rather nonchalant as he dipped his fingers into the pool of red and brought it to his mouth.

"Is the one trick pony afraid that he doesn't have much new to show,” Jet hissed noting the dead, but clearly having no time to rightfully mourn nor respectfully care for their remains. Jet watched Kiyoshi closely nonchalantly circling the blood mage like a komodo dragon ready to charge.As Ayame had pointed out they needed to get this guy away from the people, and into a more urban jungle like setting with no one around to allow them to go full out. During the ceremony out of boredom the dragon teen had created thirteen mist marbles all hidden throughout his uniform. With that said though he would save them all for critical moments or moments of opportunity. Thanks to his training with Heisuke, Jet had drastically increased how much mist he could create before getting to the point of exhaustion so he did not need to rely on the marbles yet. As he kept his eyes on the target he waited for Ayame to make her move or suggest via eye movement any plans she may have had. For now though they were all at a stalemate.

Ayame not being as brave as many of her compatriots, or maybe brave given she was weak and at times afraid vs how they all reacted, she goes for a flashbang tossing it at the other, she knew very little about him other than what she heard.

“Jet!” With that she scampers off to gain some distance as she darts her left hand for her stun baton not yet using the P90.

“Ah…” Kiyoshi let out a murmur as the object was thrown. When it went off, the flash of bright light definitely got his attention with a grunt and his hands to cover his eyes. “Well… that woke me up if the blood didn’t… So the panda is a gadget type…?”

As he murmured, a large volume of red rose from the pile of bodies, far more than he had in the previous engagement. It circled around him to create a near orb of crimson as he recovered. He couldn’t block an attack with it unless he hardened it, but at the very least if something impacted the wall he could feel it and react.

“One trick… Well, you don’t really need a sketchy quirk to win. Even if you know everything about someone’s quirk doesn’t mean you have the capacity to deal with it. You should know this; the priestess’ power isn’t exactly imaginative,” Kiyoshi commented with a small smirk as his eyes fluttered open. “Don’t get predictable on me now…”

“As you wish,” Jet grinned clearly having hit a nerve with the villain, and causing him to monologue a tad as he rushed the right side as his partner rushed the left. Yet as it seemed this would be a close quarter event Kiyoshi would be tricked into another type of trap as Jet’s eye concentrated on Kiysohi creating three small pillars to jutt up from underneath Kiyoshi aiming to hit him hard, or disorient his footing. When Ayame had unleashed the flash bomb Jet had used the moment to release a bit of mist that had shifted to getting underneath the villain. When the villains' full attention was had Jet sprung his attack. Once the pillars shot up they would burst into shards flying around Kiyoshi threatening to cut him up, and distract him from the pincer impact that was coming his way.

Taking note of the pillars, Ayame decided it was best to not try climbing those, though the other one did say something of interest. “You know an awful lot, though I wouldn’t want to make light of Kanna, sure it’s a one trick pony, except that pony is a mustang.” With her own focus on the people around them she was unsure if he had killed them or not, either way that was blood, of that she was sure. For now checking to see if they were alive or not and moving them if they were was rather important, though likely easier said than done, either way this was something she did have some chance against.

Not exactly sure what Jet would do next, she creeps towards one of the bodies and takes in the location, the suggestion on trying to make clones like her mother could would have been very useful but for now he didn’t need to know how her quirk worked, or rather didn’t as she forms her clone line, aiming her p90 one handed she sprays a few of its rubber rounds before making her dash and calling out; “I’ll try not to disappoint you then with predictability!”

“Ah~ Look who’s learning… Or… did I use that move with the girl and the chubby boy…? Oh well…” Kiyoshi commented, seeing Jet’s more subtle use of his quirk.

The disruption of his footing worked, causing the man to stumble backwards and even fall. Though, he didn’t seem all that much but inconvenienced given the look on his face. The shards cut through his clothing, but Kiyoshi seemed more or less fine with it all. Then again, he had shown his defensive gambit when he fought Charlotte and Jet; he could congeal blood around his body, and he had plenty to work with now. This was accentuated when some of the blood wrapped against his visible skin. It wouldn’t do all that much against a hard-hitting attack, but one meant to scratch him up was tolerable.

“Oh, no no no… I never made light of her once. I more of meant in the same sense that even if you know how fast a car is speeding towards you doesn’t mean you can dodge it,” Kiyoshi replied with a small smile. “I’ll hold you to that~ I can tell you’re a nice girl… A bit naive though; I’ll give myself up right now if anyone in that pile is still breathing.”

Rather than stand up, Kiyoshi merely sat and loosely rested his forearms on his knees. His sight had recovered, or perhaps not considering there were now many Ayame armed with a gun. The blood pooled over to her direction to intercept the firing line, all the while he threaded a small blob of blood into the ground, one headed underground toward each of them. The orb of blood molding around would have hopefully been enough to conceal the strands separating, and once they travelled closer to both of them, the blood shot out of the ground. One jolted towards Ayame’s legs, seeking to immobilize her as he had done to Charlotte. The other shot right toward Jet’s left eye.

As Jet had figured Kiyoshi had already had hardened blood along his body, but the knowledge proved useful, and through it Jet started to formulate how Ayame could best strike. As the crystallized blood gem aimed to gouge his eye it would be easily swatted away by a blast of mist that escaped out his hood produced from his horns. Darting forward two Mist Marbles rolled out and shot off from Jets hands bursting into life forming multiple platforms all around Kiyoshi almost as if in a paintball course setting. The platforms would hold for a while giving Ayame free range to weave, dodge, and attack from strategic positions; it also allowed Jet some time to figure out how to move Kiyoshi away from the current field. For now another puff of smoke created four throwing knives that Jet launched at Kiyoshi testing the blood armors resistance to piercing damage.

With his words, her heart sank a bit as she looked, moving from body to body near her as she attempted her charge on Kiyoshi. They were all dead or seemed to be, what few showed any sign of being alive were faint.

What do I do.. Do I run again like against that old guy? I can’t..more will die. There is nothing wrong with being weak, only in doing nothing.. How does Momma form clone parts? By knowing herself? He’s strong.. But I can’t stop here! I don’t think I can be a good hero, but I can fight! No more people need to die but still..

She says screaming to herself, just avoiding the blood trail sent for her, the static clones weren’t so lucky and dissolved as it were, they weren’t solid and thus not a threat to Kiyoshi. “You won’t take any more!” She yells at the other as she springboards off of one of Jet’s platforms onto another adjusting the angle of her fire to come down on him from above. She needed time to figure something out, to see how to save others and how to stop him, her mom was right, there were jobs heroes just weren’t meant to do, but all the same she had to do this one.

Kiyoshi pushed himself up to his feet, his attention centered on Ayame. As the trail of crimson struck her decoy, he hummed. So she couldn’t make them solid; it was purely an illusion, or too weak to act as anything else. The scream made him chuckle a bit. She must have been like the other foreigner. Some of the class just weren’t desensitized to facing their own potential deaths.

“So long as you impress me,” Kiyoshi said, leaning down to swipe his fingers across the stream of blood on the ground once again.

As the suppressing fire ended, the blood pooled around, swishing to swipe at the daggers thrown by Jet as they circled to cover him from the incoming fire. As he did so, Kiyoshi turned his gaze momentarily to Jet, an uncharacteristically lively grin on his face as he brought the bloody hand to his mouth again..

“You know, you might not think it, but it’s not like I enjoy the taste of blood or anything; no more than you do anyway… buuut my quirk just doesn’t work without it,” Kiyoshi started with a snicker. “I’m groggy all the time for the same reason… My body is more like a bat’s, so I can take in a lot more iron without it being toxic. That also means I need a lot more than a normal person to wake me up though~!”

As if matching his new energy, the somewhat passive pool began to ripple and split. It eccentrically swirled around before thrusting towards Ayame, peeling only a few moments before impacting her and allowing a few strands to scratch at her. The crimson current then dived right for Jet, splitting into several streams before drilling towards him from different directions.

As soon as Kiyoshi’s attack splattered towards Ayame, Jet started to move some of his fingers commanding two of the closer platforms near Ayame to collide, and take most of the attack allowing Ayame to escape as the platforms were chewed away by the blood bending. Then upon the failed attempt the attack came straight for the dragon himself. With Mist Marble in hand Jet ran throwing it ahead as it burst into a smokescreen blinding Kiyoshi to whether or not his attack had hit. Yet the sudden sound of rushing air from above revealed another platform threatening to drop onto the blood ass vampy. Running out of the smokescreen Jet recollected what was left of the smoke screen, and sent it right for Kiyoshi as a shield as Jet’s armored skin was revealed to be cut up, but thankfully not pierced through. Jet could still feel the pain of the drilling sensation. Using the protection of the forward mist shield he upped the speed hoping that if the platform missed the shield would hit, and latch onto Kiyoshi.

Watching the oncoming wave of blood, she was curious about what he said, just what was the iron ratio and the water conductivity of all of this.. It was then that Jet tried to shield her, which partly collapsed her means of movement, he couldn’t keep making those and launching his attacks.

“Jet! Don’t worry too much about me! I’ll do what I can, but for now..” Reaching onto her belt and slinging the P90 as she grabbed two gas grenades, pulling the pins on both she throws them as a large smoke cloud bellows and covers the area around the trio, pondering what to do next, Ayame gives her full attention to her quirk, or rather a portion of it. Finding it draining and difficult, she wondered how her mother made so many copies, or if it was even possible to make a full body, still she had to try. Calming herself and putting her all into it, another clothed copy that lacked any gear and was still below a clone persee was formed, out of her own essence seemingly, she had to coordinate both of their movements as the second takes a stun baton from her belt, the pair would rush in with the weapon dodging the bits of blood coming up to meet them, should the man have noticed from before, her clones were typically not much of a threat, so hopefully by bending the rules for however briefly she could keep this up the pair of, or at least one, could land a hit on Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi was suddenly overtaken with smoke and mist, though rather than aggravation the unnerving smile remained on his face. Upon closer inspection, the “barrier” the dragon had created wasn’t much of a barrier. It was like his own quirk, though it could go from physical to gaseous and vice versa. It was strong, but it couldn’t just stand and take his quirk, which was why the boy was probably taking hits at the expense of potentially getting one in. It was unfortunate his person didn’t reflect the uniqueness of his quirk.

Kiyoshi brought his thumb to his mouth, biting down on it a bit as the bloody mass continued its pursuit of Jet. It was much harder to see, but he had enough blood that the pool could whip around, split, swipe and slash at the area, waving some of the smoke away as well.

If Jet wanted to hit him with the “shield” that was fine. He wanted to gamble if Kiyoshi could cut him up before he could take advantage of whatever he was doing. Meanwhile his bleeding thumb was now a backup for when Ayame got close. He couldn’t see very well, but he could note there were two of her charging him. Considering her frightful personality, he was willing to bet she would try to fake him out with the clone attacking him first, so all he had to do was call the bluff.

It was working. Kiyoshi clearly couldn’t see what was going on, or the bloodsuckers ego was truly equal to a vampiric legend. Regardless Ayame was pleading with him to go on the offensive, and stop being more defensive. Problem was the moment he did that Kiyoshi would notice as the shield neared Kiyoshi Jet extended his hand out gripping it tightly as the shield became more fluid, and clamped onto the maniac in a perfect cylindrical shape allowing both of Ayame hits to make their mark atop Kiyoshi’s head. Upon the impact Jet pulled Kiyoshi away with the entombing plasmic mist grip, and smashed him into the ground expanding as it was clear Jet planned to trap him in a mist glob, and suffocate him unconscious.

Well that hurt, both the smack and the throw. Kiyoshi didn’t think Ayame had the balls to attack him first, let alone drop her equipment to look more like a half-assed clone. The question was, did she suddenly improve her quirk or was she just trying to put that idea in his head. She was pretty wily afterall.

However, first and foremost was this mist, non-mist, nonsense. As the material began to make its crawl across his body, Kiyoshi brought the blood swarm to swirl around him in protection. A portion of it came over to where plasma covered him and did the same, coating it and hardening in order to stop its travel.

“Let’s not do that,” Kiyoshi commented before the pool lowered and whipped out at Jet. He then turned and extended a hand out towards Ayame in a mock gun gesture, the blood leaking from his thumb focusing and shooting out at her and the clone like a guided bullet. “Bang, bang.”

In the cover of the smoke, the imperfections of her clone were harder to notice, as Ayame lifted up her gun, using it to shield the most vulnerable parts of her body, commanding her clone to duck in behind her as she took the brunt of the attack, it was enough to keep her in the fight and the clone operational as the clone takes a hit in the shoulder, and Ayame’s shot impacts directly on the P90 dead center, she wasn’t sure yet if the gun would fire or not, as she lets out a startled bark, as if in challenge more so than fear, manuving her clone to hit in close, Ayame slams her fist against the P90 a few times, unleashing half a magazine before it jammed, throwing it at him just as her clone got in close to hit. Not having the time to be concerned with Jet she reaches for her stun baton once more.

"AYAME HIT HARD," Jet yelled out as he oddly pointed his hand at Kiyoshi's blood attack.

"Let me pay you in kindness for your knowledge about your quirk. One my mist constructs could have easily deflected all your attacks from the beginning of this fight," with a strong puff of mist a wall formed in front of Jet deflecting the blood attack. Pushing forward with the formed wall Jet gave a big mental command as he added.

"And my mist lasts a lot longer inside liquids," with that kiyoshi would immediately feel a disturbance inside his own blood supply orb as it wiggled wildly before being trapped inside a plasmic mist outer shell that came spewing out from within the blood orb.

This whole time when Kiyoshi's attack had shredded Jets mist defenses they had all been on purpose. When Kiyoshi's blood would return to the orb it had returned with mist plasmic particles hidden inside. Flinging his free hand to his backside all but three of his mist particles burst off his body attaching to the outer shell. Pushing through his own defense with his other hand the mist wall burst into a whip the cane to life grabbing Kiyoshi's gun "hand". With an aggressive pull Jet pulled kiyoshi yet again right dab into Ayames attack. With the distraction made the mist marbles on the outer shell ignited like multiple exhaust ports blasting the blood orb off away from the fight.

"How's that for unpredictable," Jet growled as he closed in on Kiyoshi as one of his last three marbles converged onto the dragon's right hand, forging into his Vibranium Cutter technique. That bastard still had the blood armor on his body. With a forward slash he aimed to shatter most of that defense regardless.

Kiyoshi could feel a disruption in the stream of the blood he controlled; a sense of resistance. He still wasn’t sure what the boy’s quirk was exactly. It had to be some molecule or material that blended with liquid well, and more particularly, blood. Either way, it was more compatible with his medium than he expected. He was sure that if he really put in the effort, he could maintain control. It wasn’t as if he could just dissipate the orb, though he could wrestle control away and make things difficult.

Either way, the last combo of attacks had sent him to the ground, a pounding in his head and a strained feeling in the arm that was being pulled on. His blood armor had already begun to crack, even before Jet stripped it down the middle.

“That quirk is pretty broken…” Kiyoshi commented, though he didn’t appear upset. He still had that smirk on his face after all. “Well, the outcome or the specifics? I wasn’t really coming here expecting to win, after all.”

Kiyoshi had no stake in this fight. He did things as he felt they would be interesting or lead him to interesting people. He was more interested in personality quirks than physical ones. Furthermore, this was an obvious last ditch effort. The boss was panicking and scratching for his old self. Anybody who didn’t die would be imprisoned. This was a lost battle of bravado.

“The real question is what you’ll do now,” He wondered aloud. “I already killed a… dozen people over there? Maybe a bit more. Even if I didn’t win, neither did you really—and if I ever get out there’s no guarantee you’ll be around to stop me.”

He was trying to antagonize them, something not unusual for him. However, it was a relevant train of thought, given the girl’s own mother pushing for more extreme measures.

“..I..I, don’t agree with everything Momma is trying, but she’s right.. People like you, your many lives have you taken?.. It's not right to kill a killer maybe, but you, you're well past that point.. It’s not about Winning with people like you!”

Rushing in with her clone, Ayame slings her stun baton hard as does the other one.


"You're just a sour monster bested in a situation you weren't ready for," Jet calmly replied as Kiyoshi tried to rattle them. A younger Jet would have immediately fallen into it yet now with all his experiences Kiyoshi's words were as empty as his soul.

"It's never been about winning Kiyoshi," Jet spoke a solemn tone as he neared the beaten blood bender.

"It's about showing people that there will be those that stand to fight the monsters hidden in the mist. Too give hope to those still here," Jet answered as Ayame released her own thoughts right upside Kiyoshi's head Jet had thought about stopping her but to be honest if she didn't he would have.

"Well we better…"

"Help me…," Jet was about to speak to Ayame when a weak voice spoke out from among the corpses created by Kiyoshi. Immediately swarming Kiyoshi's unconscious body with mist to form a iron maiden like entombing the monster.

"There's a survivor… Ayame get medical personal over here now," Jet spoke as he ran over to the voice finding a young boy who had been cut bad but not killed by Kiyoshi's quirk. Surveying the pile of bodies of one had survived it meant more could have to.

At Ayame’s response, the grin seemed to widen a bit, though not because he had a trick up his sleeve or anything of the sort. The answer simply pleased him. He had little doubt she would end up following after her mother, despite being far softer.

“Keep talking like that and I’ll start to think you don’t like me,” Kiyoshi replied to the dragon before shrugging, uncaring of the encroaching stick from the panda. “That’s a nice sentiment, but it doesn’t do much for the dead, does it?”

He chuckled a bit at that, glancing in the direction of the voice before the mist began to overtake him.

“See you next time~”

Swinging her baton with full force, at roughly where his jaw would be, the clone swings for his inner thigh, as the plasma mist protects him from her would be death blow, or serious injury at the least, sending her clone into the raging torrent it wasn’t long till it mannequin like form was faded, it’s energies forming back into her, deploying her claws and slashing at the barrier she seemed rather insistent upon this.

With her ears low and teeth bared, she turns at Jet with a bit of her hand scalded from the heat, in her anger and frustration she turns to him letting out a squealing hiss.

Motioning with her hands at all the chaos and death she shakes her head. “Get them from where Jet.. Have you even opened your eyes? Hope? Give Hope?! What’s hope going to do for that boy?! What of his parents? What of the Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Fathers, Husbands and wives that litter all around us?! WHERE IS THEIR HOPE?! That monster will get free and do this all again, then what?!”

“How many more will die till you get your heroic battle and ending? I joined to help people Jet, to make people smile.. And with how the UA does things, all I see is a trail of tears.. I don’t know if what Momma wants to do is right, I don’t want to just kill or enjoy fighting like Kanna, but at least she is doing something.. Maybe you are happy with this or having an action figure, but it is twice now I’ve seen everyone lose everything..or almost..your hero pride won’t give back what they lost Jet. I can’t be a Hero...not like this. Jet, I’ve spied on all of you this past year and I’m starting to see why Momma does what she does… He’s yours to take away, I’ll handle this.”

Utterly demoralized and now sold off of the whole hero shtick, Ayame starts to tend to the boy herself, racking her brain and walking past Jet as she uses what first aid she can to save the boy till some actual medical help could arrive. Doing her utmost, she would not forget Kiyoshi for some time, nor the simmering sense of hatred for him and desire for Justice within her heart, for he was right in part of what he said.

"And for all that spying you clearly don't know me at all. Less yourself," Jet surprisingly spoke back as Ayame passed him by.

"You talk as if you could kill him without a second thought, but you couldn't Ayame. You don't have that strength of mentality to go past it unaffected. You've never been the hunter Ayame," Jet turned around to watch her walk off.

"And should that boy just succumb to his wounds or grow stronger, and live like his parents would want him to do. Be what you desire however don't speak as if you know others here. Cause clearly you see blindly to what others have gone through. I am here to save lives not garner pointless fame, or material things. The battle may be a fuel, but hope is my fire," Jet finished turning away from her as he tended to hand over Kiyoshi to the police.

“It is because of that I can decide.” She says as the pair leave. “People aren’t sport.. And as if you know me either.”

"And you miss the point…"
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Adelaide Vs Nina ???

Special Collab with Mr.Scales ⚖ Mr.Scales ⚖

Watching the chaos unfold, Nina was not all that surprised to see her sister as it were. Even now the fool was being sent at her judging by the bear’s gestures. While she had saved Mauve from certain death, she still rather doubted the woman would stop her. On the other hand she had no reason or purpose to sticking around here, work was to be done.

Walking off into the building, Nina moves in among the crowd that was a mix of frozen and panicked running, humming a tune to herself as she made way for the basement. If she followed she would deal with it then and there.

It felt awful having to run away from her friends who could obviously need the help but Adelaide knew how dangerous Nina was, they couldn’t afford to lose her again. On her way to Nina she was able to stop loose debris flying through the air at the on-going pedestrians, nearly avoiding their imminent death.

With her focus on the civilians in danger, she nearly lost track of her long lost half-sister, thankfully she was able to get a look of her white locks before she could disappear through the crowd.

As quickly as she could, Adelaide sprinted towards the crowd of screaming people, swiftly she slipped\ by the crowd not without effort thanks to her ‘robust’ body.

It took a little bit of finding but she finally had her eyes back on Nina but it was too busy to start a fight here, maybe it would be best to follow her to where she’s going and ambush her there.

Taking note of those around her, it seemed Adelaide had caught up quickly. When it came to standing out in crowds both of them would if one knew what to look for, it was about presentation to blend in more often than not, though in this case the other running did not help matters.

Taking out a strange looking phone, or rather the radio set from before she speaks into while heading for an underground parking deck. “I’ll be a few minutes behind I think, but it’s nothing I should need help with, Akio can fall on his own without us there.” With a small back and forth conversation the other hangs up, watching the stairway passively as she toys with a deck of cards in her hand.

Her stalking of the killer continued for a few blocks, Adelaide made sure to try and keep a safe distance from NIna though it did cross her mind that she may have already known Adelaide had been following her.

She continued her search up until she saw the maid enter the parking garage, which made her worry for two reasons, one was that she was walking into a trap ready to attack Adelaide was she turned the corner, or two, Nina had no idea she was following her and she was rendezvous with her team, which again was unlikely seeing how smart her half-sister was.
She made sure to keep track of the vibrations from Nina’s steps, so it was odd that the woman would suddenly stop at the staircase, they were stuck at a standstill.

“So you are done running now huh?”

“I don’t recall ever having started. Though I’m surprised you aren’t helping those.. friends of yours.. Then again maybe it’s a trait we all three share in common with that man.”

Stopping her movements, a group of playing cards levitate above her.

“I’m afraid I don’t have much time to talk, now that naive fool has decided to march to his death. I’m under no orders to partake in this event as it were, so you may turn around now and leave, or we can venture deeper into the structure to keep civilians out of the way in line with your ideals I assume… But know this, you will not defeat me here my dear Sister.

Damn was this lady really trying to get under her skin, huh? Well she would have to try better than that after spending 15 years in solitude with her mother.

“Who do you think I chased 3 blocks for? And are we talking about the same friends that beat your asses multiple times? They’ll be fine.” It seems that her half-sister had a lot more built up issues than she even had with Kaori. “God you knew long before me and you still have some detachment issues? Get a grip already.” She tried to antagonize Nina but knowing her cool and collected mindset, it wouldn’t be easy.

“I’ve tracked you down this far, you think I’m going to just leave now? You owe me a rematch.” It felt odd to her how complicit she was over finding safer grounds, was it that she knew Adelaide wouldn’t fight her in such dangerous environments or did she actually care?

“We better make it quick, wouldn’t want to disrupt your plans.”

“Beating me? My plans?” Smiling at that she shrugs. “I’m afraid you operate under a great deal of ignorance to my role in all of this, but alas.” Not getting but the brief signs of a rise out of the other, Nina leads the pair a short distance away.

“I’m afraid Storytime is over, I won’t be holding back. I would say it’s time to end this, but me being here does not concern you, so sadly this won’t be resolved, I’ll ask you to take a nap.” With that she starts forming her cards above and around her body, throwing them like knives at the doorway Adelaide would be standing at.

“Yeah well not like your little group is an open book, though I’m not ignorant enough to not know that you have some plan formulating.” She was a tough puzzle to figure out, it’s not like she showed herself on her sleeve but it felt like she was always thinking one step further than where she actually was, intriguing.

“You aren’t leaving here Nina, I’ll be sure of that.” With that the fight was on, the first thing she focused on was the few dagger like cards quickly aiming towards her, sadly there wasn’t much that could be made to stop her attack, so Adelaide dived out of the way from the entrance.

Now back on her feet, Adelaide sprinted towards her half-sister and threw a punch to the right side of her face, following up with a knee to her stomach hoping to catch her off guard.

“So uncivilized.” With the other charging in and going for the punch and knee, Nina opted for leaping backwards after blocking the punch, thus avoiding the worst of the impact. She had been well trained it seemed. “I’m afraid however I cannot allow you to delay me.” In close fighting did not favor Nina all that much but she could make use of it, it also curiously did not suit the other, was Adelaide trying something or was this what she deemed her best course of action?

It was nothing worth thinking about two much here, as she recalls some of her paper into a shield, the rest lashing out like a wave or whip motion, in these close confines both could only do so much.

Damn was she fast, it surprised her on how limber she was, without too much thinking she was just able to not only dodge but jump out of the way, she was way out skilled here...but she did have some party tricks.

“Why do you think I’m fighting you in the first place?” It stunned her seeing Nina be able to quickly form her cards into a shield, though it did give her the perfect opportunity to try some thing out. “Let’s get rid of that!” With only a second reaction, her hand began to vibrate and a small aura of sound was created.

Her hand smashed into Nina’s shield, creating a loud sonic power that would hopefully destroy her shield.

With the sonic attack on the paper, it folds and bends, but remains up in place, paper was actually rather good at conducting sound in terms of its shock still it couldn’t be said to be invulnerable to it, the shield was not erased, but the follow up attack was bent and stopped short.

“Likely something to do with friendship or a childish notion of Justice.” With that she decided to fight in close, wielding her paper like knives in one hand as she slashed out.

‘Damn’ She thought to herself, it was one of the new moves she was taught and it barely left a dent, if she wanted to actually get a hit in, she needed to plan better.

“Better notion than world domination.” With Nina now on the attack, Adelaide had to play the defense or else she was going to get scarred, but with each slash it began to get harder. ‘Guess it’s time for attack number 2.’ In an unusual fighting form, Adelaide held her palms open towards her ‘sisters’ direction and clapped them together, causing an ear piercing sound, even without thinking about what that would do to her. ‘Feck.’ A loud screeching rang through her ears, causing herself to feel disoriented.

Disoriented as much as the other was, Nina glares, it would be difficult for either to use their quirks till this subsided. So she did something that might come as a surprise, drawing a knife from a belt along her upper thigh, fighting with it as she took a swing at Adelaide.

With a cold calculated look to her eyes, she was still dangerous in her own way as she waited for the ringing in her ears to subside, her cards trailing behind her.

Seeing that cold look in her eyes, she had realized how much she had underestimated her, she didn’t truly know Nina and maybe she was playing with fire, it was time to be smart.

With each swing from her knife, Adelaide dodged backwards, she was clearly on the defensive and she needed to change that. Signalling her quirk to her feet, the only way to take over as the attacker was to take away her control, it would become too difficult to stab her when she can barely keep her feet still.

The cement under them started to shake under the two, as much as it was a good attack against Nina, it was still dangerous for Adelaide.

“All you do is slow me down.”

Stepping deftly over the shaking ground, her movements were slow but still continued, finding places to stand, chiefly reinforced rebar, with a dogged determination something else seemed to seep into her eyes and facial expression, a sense of disappointment or of contempt, it was hard to be sure which. As if having more to say and then deciding better of it she advances before finally saying something as the ringing subsides, summoning up three of her cards.

“What makes you think I am here alone?”

Nina was difficult to decipher, she wasn’t sure whether Adelaide's attempts at attacking her was getting her angry or impatient, just by looking at her facial expressions it made her uncomfortable.

With Nina still unsteady as the ground kept shaking, Adelaide aimed another sonic attack on the ground, this time with such a powerful effect, was able to propel Adelaide off the ground towards Nina, aiming a drop kick towards her chest.

Taking the kick head on, Nina lays there for a brief instant resting on a car hood, the ringing was gone. Slashing out with a wave of paper in close quarters she seemed ready to fight back.


Well that was unexpected, sure she was aiming an attack on Nina but the other sister was much more experienced and even getting a hit on her felt like luck.

“Guess that’s what a year of hero school gets ya right?” It was almost impossible to fight hand to hand with a trained assassin, so if Adelaide wanted to change the tide of the battle it seemed she had to do it with her quirk.

Deciding it is best to go for another attack, Adelaide ran at Nina before shooting a wave of sound towards Nina, it would be easy to dodge out of the way but if she were to Adelaide could easily redirect the attack, well if she was fast enough.

With that, Nina takes a third option, rolling over the car she was planted, on she uses two of her papers to cut off the door, holding it like an oversized shield to absorb the impact and brunt of the attack. It was then that a flurry of newspaper was summoned towards Nina as two people enter the parking deck, on in black tactical armor with platinum hair, clapping her gloves hands as she walked, a rifle slung along her back.

“Come on Nina, we can’t have you falling to this one.. I’ll just watch for now.”

“Ah, Alice, ahead of time, I would thank you for that.”

Behind them was a woman with green hair and closed eyes, a smile on her face and clothing that seemed to be a cross between a maid and a butler, together all three of them gave off the same vibe, a mark of killers.

At this point Adelaide felt at the top of her game, if she could just keep up her momentum and maybe catch her off guard but after hearing voices just after her attack, she was completely thrown off.

Turning around, she aimed both her fists at the villains, moving back and forth between the three. “Who are you? I swear another step and I’ll crash this parking garage into the ground with all of us in it!”

“Are you daft girl? She said I was Alice, this is? Well, you don’t need to know and consider the fact I have a Rifle and someone was just shot...” Flexing her arm out, three blades shot out as she smiles thinly. “And you don’t have the guts. Though I plan to stay here and watch.”

“You also have another problem to deal with.” Says the smiling woman.

Nina was storming forward with her papers shaped into makeshift boxing gloves with a wide amount of padding in them as she swung at Adelaide, attacking while her guard was down.

“I did give you the option of going away earlier.”

The rifle hadn’t even registered with her at that moment, everything was happening so fast that she never thought that the girl was the shooter.

“You’re the one who caused all this!? You murdered a man in cold blood you monster!” She was about to attack Alice when Nina took advantage of her anger and sock her in the jaw, causing her to fall on her back.

‘Breathe Adelaide, anger only leads to recklessness.’ Slowly she was able to get back on her feet, the hit took a toll on her, almost making her fall on her face one more.

“You all aren’t getting away with this, you think murdering someone without consequence will happen? Is this just a twisted game you like to play? Well I am not letting you leave without a trace! Not again!”

The floor underneath the group started to shake ever so violently, It was risky and could take her down with everyone else but she couldn’t think of any either way, she needed to end this here and now.

“Poor pathetic girl. Do you even know who we are? What we do? Did you never once question why someone seemingly so skilled was working for a two bit thug? And that man was hardly innocent himself.” Alice speaks once again.

“That’s enough Alice. If she knows too much..” Nina says.

“Yes, which is the point in all of this.”

Shrugging at that that the trio brace during the shaking as Nina unleashes a storm of paper, aiming to constrict and limit where and how Adelaide could move, as she unleashes a flurry of kicks.

“I don’t know or care about what he did, what I do know is that you murdered a man and you aren’t leaving without punishment.” The floor could visibly be seen cracking, whatever her quirk was doing it was doing a huge effect on the cement. “This is for all of the people you harmed, Nova master, Makoto, Nimbus...EVERYON-”

The girl flinched by the quick attack of cards, she thought she was dead from her recklessness but it turns out all of them missed her, but as she tried to move, her body couldn’t move anywhere, what followed as an unleashing of kick attacks dealt to her torso, leaving her on the floor yet again, the quake attack settled just as her body hit.

‘NO! Get up Adelaide! GET UP!’ She wrestled with her body to try and move a muscle, she was barely able to push her body onto her elbows. “You can’t just leave here!”

“A great many of what you just named was due to the man outside. They do say fools rush in, even should you stop me, nothing will change.” Walking over to the other, Nina slams another kick into her stomach, walking ahead. “You and ‘him’ both like to speak of.. Justice. Strength is the only thing I would ever listen to. Find me later if you wish, but for now I have a job to do.. I-”

“Get on with it.” The one with the claws says, imbedding them into the wall, while the green haired woman opens a rift, pulling a handgun out and speaking. “She’ll be trouble later if not taken out now.”

With that Nina delivers a swift and accurate kick to Adelaide’s head, attempting to knock her out. “We’ve no orders in regards to her and the rest for now.”

As she falls unconscious, Adelaide did have enough time to see the three leave, her vision fading as she mutters a final curse. "Dammit.."
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"Shadows, Slimes, And Fingers Oh My"

Collab From: Azurian Dream Azurian Dream Reanimator Spuds Reanimator Spuds Thaleko Thaleko

As Amaris, and Yosuke made their way determined to break through whatever devious plan Mauve they would oddly find zero obstacles as they got closer, and closer to the rather relaxed bridge slouching Mauve eyeing the Akio fight in progress. Once the two heroes were striking range did she finally stand straight up tilting her head with a thin smirk. She really wasn't trying to hide, nor was she really making her intent known.

“Ah the shadowy finger duo interesting dynamic Gregori must be hurting for tactics no shock z I am sure your other teachers are very well busy with the attack aimed at the outer limit surely keeping the other heroes rather preoccupied to even get close,” she mused in strangely out of place talk as she leaned back on the bridge looking at the water below so clean, and crisp always moving forward.

“Honestly I just came to see the closing saga on Akio’s little journey. Feel I owe him that much seeing how I "doomed" his whole plan to destroy hero society with his bare hands,” Mauve shrugged this time completely turning to Yosuke, and Amaris taking a single step forward as a rather ominous killer's attempt vibe started to flood forward.

“The little boy hero, and the broken doll… heh what better tools to build a stronger generation forward. Besides progress stops for no one, hm. Tell me, how has my favorite broken toy been,” Mauve taunted Amaris directly as the ground began to shake, spurting out into a destructive collection of debris aiming right for both kids. However that would be the least of their worries as a hailstorm of tentacles started to flood out as well aiming to cut, stab, and capture them.

As they came up upon Mauve, Amaris slipped out of Yosuke’s shadow with a single simple step in one fluid motion. She had been surprised their trip here was so easy and uneventful. Clearly the jellyfish woman wanted to play. However, upon reaching the dreaded woman, Amaris heard nothing but her goading, mocking words.

The young vampire was already beside herself with this being. Knowing how she treated Imma had stirred up a feverish anger within the usually emotionless vampire. Hearing her speak only set her off even more.

She tugged on Yosuke. “Yossuke, we do not need to lissten to the ssea witch’s heckling. Attack her and put her down! Do not worry, I will be -”

That was when Amaris was interrupted by the attack. An explosive attack that sent debris, broken ground, and tentacles their way. Immediately she leaped back, and shadows came up swatting away loose debris, while shielding against the stabbing attacks with decisive blocks that sounded like sword clangs. Her shadows caught a hefty chunk of ground, causing Amaris to grimace, struggling to maintain her control. But she shrugged even that off, tossing it aside.

“-Your defensse!” She finally finished, before leaping once more into Yosuke’s shadow with the same fluid motion that she had left it with.

Heckling? No that bitch did something she wasn’t supposed to. He listened to all of that. And she did something. She called him a hero. He smirked. “Thanks for the compliment. It’s an honor to be recognized as a hero! Even coming from a something like you.”

He realized during his dash what Amaris was telling him to do, also from her actively telling him as he approached the gelatinous form. “Thanks Amaris. I’ll be sure to get as many strikes in as I can. Though given her physiology… It looks like I only need one strike.” He had heard a little bit about her. She still possessed two things: a heart and a brain. The brain made sense, it was almost like the nuclei of a cell. Which would make her heart more like a mitochondria? Oh well, he could worry about basic microbiology later.

He had no time to worry about her running in with a casing ready and launching it at the free-floating orb in her body before rushing in with his other hand, trying to predict where she would dodge to and catch her in her weak spot.

“Well of course that is what you are is it not,” Mauve chuckled as the duo came straight for her. Though she did not dodge like they expected instead the woman just watched the attack as her heart nucleus dropped to her pelvis area allowing the attack to pierce through her chest as it created a small hole. As the attack hit the ground behind her she raised an eyebrow at the boy coughing a tadbit.

“Well… everybody does make mistakes,” she mumbled as Yosuke came flying in to directly strike with a hand extended out, and still not moving from her spot she unleashed a torrent of tentacles from her left, and as her right started to produce more… concerning tentacles covered in a more notable acid like slime. Yosuke's chances to get close were killed as the new acid tentacles shot straight underneath him… imploding a gush of acid at his shadow threatening his footing. Mauve through her time stalking the older generation knew much about their children. Amaris was Ramiris child, and raised by Imma who the slime had pulled a lot of information out of during their time together. Amaris had a rather solid combative quirk, but like any it had faults the most known being light, but that did little to harm the lithe girl so instead Mauve needed to threaten the boy to bring the girl out to play.

Amaris saw Yosuke shoot their enemy. But instead of hitting the target, the target merely moved in that gross gelatinous body. That struck Amaris in particular. “Yossuke! Shhe can willfully movve her two weak pointss around in her body! Your targeting will...” Well it would have to be some sort of prediction to hit them. Could Yosuke even manage that? Amaris would have to help set up an easier target.

Mauve was on the offensive again, sending out tentacles towards Yosuke once more. This seemed like a stronger, more concentrated attack. But Amaris could concentrate, too. She promised defense, so she would give him that. Focusing, the shadows rushed to meet the tentacles, clashing with them briefly, with enough force to throw them off from hitting Yosuke. If he was hit with those acid lashes then they were probably doomed.

“Hah!?! Yossuke! Dodge!” Amaris ordered, seeing what Mauve was trying to do. She was trying to cover up the shadows she had available. Worse yet, trap her in one location. Right now she was dependent on Yosuke’s footing for where she could go. If he rooted himself too long then her area of effect would also be smaller.

It became clear that striking her weak spot was not going to be easy. Regardless, he could do it. He just needed to find a pattern. A quirk to how she dodge. Everyone has something. No one is without a bad habit. He knew he could exploit it. He just needed to find it. However, he was unable to worry about that quite yet. Amaris called out, he knew what he needed to do, quickly flipping backwards, and uprighting himself, only barely able to avoid that strike.

“That attacks my nervous system right? Hate the idea of being up against my own technique in a way. At least I know where to stop.” Hers would continue until the victim was dead. He didn’t want to be a murderer. He just needed to incapacitate his opponent and let the people decide their fate.

“Right, so I need to figure this out. Amaris, I’m going to to keep shooting, I’ll stay on the move. I just need to find a pattern. I need you to keep me supplied as I move.”

He loaded another and launched it and another at both targets, waiting to see if she was capable of moving them simultaneously. He then ducked to the side, moving to where the first casing landed, hoping Amaris would be able to send it back his way.

Amaris hadn’t really worked with Yosuke before, but from class she understood he had limited ammunition. “I will do thhat,” she replied. “Good dodge,” she praised. If he remained on the move, then there was no way Mauve could pin her shadows down.

Her shadows were limited on the bridge right now -though she didn’t intend for it to remain that way for long-, but she was still able to send his shadow out in thin snake-like vines. They spread out from him and caught his shot casings with near perfection, proving Amaris had insanely precise control over her shadows. They quickly returned to Yosuke, keeping him supplied like he had asked. In fact, they returned to him nearly as he shot them. The Last Shadow was doing her job better than imagined!

Before anything else could happen, her umbrella came up out of the shadow at Yosuke’s feet. Handing it to him she said, “Unfurl thiss and givve me more shhadows when you find it necesssary, or when I tell you.”

“Oh my such well coordinated teamwork,” Mauve chuckled rather impressed with how well the two were working together. It was a surprisingly well fused synergy between the budding heroes. Mauve clearly needed to up the ante, and as the two new shots came she smiled dipping backwards horrifyingly unnaturally as she bent her back depriving the answer Yosuke sought to answer. As the shadows came for the casing Mauve notioned a curious thought as she came to a rather inclusive decision to test how well those shadows truly protected the girl. As her body straightened back up she gave an amused smile as her right hand gracefully in a twisting motion as if holding a baton upward ready to conduct an orchestra. Bring it back down and her left hand up the two hands met in the middle as her index fingers started to mimic a conductor's movements. The ground would start to shake a little behind Yosuke as Mauve opened up her lips, and started to produce a haunting operatic song. The bridge began to tremble as the tentacles from the piercing ground attack came back to life and started to snake forward on the ground avoiding giving Amaris and shadows as they darted straight towards Yosuke like a nightmarish army of blue snakes ready to bite into their newest prey.

He hadn’t gathered much. She had so many more options of defense than people usually would have, but he didn’t give up. He kept it up as Amaris shoved her Umbrella from out of the shadows, suggesting he do it if he needed more shadows for her to utilize. “Right. I’ll let you know when I need to.”

He wasn’t getting anything yet. And then the bridge began to undulate behind him. He looked back behind him just in time to see the rising tentacles lash at him. “Oh Shit!” He jumped and ducked and spun as he needed, each strike really being far closer than he would have liked. He quickly pulled back up breathing heavily, having spent plenty of time running around and now moving so drastically to avoid intense damage, he knew he needed to conserve his energy a bit better.

He looked around. It was day time, so the sun was currently the best source of light. He needed to reposition a bit better. “Hey Amaris, I’ve got a really really stupid idea…” He rushed in quickly with little more discussion, quickly trying to strike her up close with his free hand, moving around her slowly. Once the sun was behind his back, his hand slipped behind him and quickly popped the umbrella open. But he then quickly pushed his weight into his foot, aiming for a swinging kick in her slime region, hoping to splatter some of her. He hoped the sudden attack would distract her from the fact that the umbrella was now casting a shadow directly on Mauve.

“!?” Amaris looked towards Mauve when a sudden haunting melody began to flow forth. It was unnerving and strange. It seemed to be in synch with her attacks, while flowing out of her mouth. This person was creepier than she had thought. Cupie would run away in terror, Amaris thought with some amusement. But that’s what Mauve’s objective was. To instill a sense of dread and fear. Well it wouldn’t work on her! She hoped Yosuke could handle it as well.

With this small amount of shadows at the moment, and with Mauve’s fierce attacks, it was hard for Amaris to keep up with the defense. However, Yosuke himself seemed very adept at avoiding. It was actually.. a bit impressive. Maybe she hadn’t kept a close eye enough on Yosuke, underestimating him. “Ahhh.. Good job, Gold Fhinger! Keep up thosse dodgess!” she complimented her partner. If she could rely on him for avoiding damage to himself, due to his ability to dodge some, then that gave her more options. Namely it opened her up to offense as well.

“!?” Yosuke seemed to notice this as well. As he brazenly moved closer to Mauve to strike at her. He opened her umbrella, bathing Mauve in shadows. He gave her an opening!

One Amaris wouldn’t let pass. She quickly leaped out of Yosuke’s shadow. At the exact moment, she drew in her power and hardened the shadows from her umbrella. They slammed into Mauve and latched upon her all over, like elastic gum, grabbing at her and sticking to her firmly. Amaris took this time to slip into Mauve’s shadow, while the shadows continued to hold her.

Once inside Mauve’s shadow, she could start draining her of her emotions. Which she immediately began doing. Mauve would feel the painful tug upon her heart, or soul, or whatever. A great heavy feeling would befall her and weigh her down. Not physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Metaphorically. A feeling Amaris had felt since her quirk manifested. It was not a pleasant feeling whatsoever. Hell, it would initially be horrifying. Until fear, too, disappeared. Her emotions would be completely drained. Then surely Mauve would lose her will to fight, and Yosuke could do whatever to her. Hell, Amaris would be able to force her to give up.

Or that was the intention with this power. The problem was it regularly failed against strong-willed foes. And as far as those came, Mauve was up there as one of the strongest wills, but still, Amaris would try anything to win!

With umbrella bashing forward Mauve sent a few tentacles from her right hand to cut through, but was met with resistance as the umbrella rather surprisingly deflected them… FREAKING SURGE ALLOY. Mauve screamed eternally knowing who had probably made that damn thing so resilient in such an insane manner if it wasn't The Grudge it was the metal head fucking with her. The shadows connected, and Mauve was already aware of what came next. Not one to be out done, the conducting hand swung in catching Yosuke with a new set of none acid tendrils wrapping around him with the goal to choke him out. Luckily for Yosuke it wasn't as tight as it could be thanks to Amaris emotion drain yet the grip was still solid not allowing the boy any way to attack at this time. Mauve’s insanity however made for a strong will as she resisted Amaris full sway.

“Time to drown the last shadow,” She suddenly smiled chaotically as one of her own tentacles rather horrifically slashed off her right foot. As the disconnect caused the severed foot to burst into slime a rather unwelcoming rumble started to echo as the slime that was once her foot drained down a hidden hole revealing how there was a separate slime collect of tendrils attacking them from the start of the fight. It wouldn't be hard to figure out that if severing from her body meant the form would break apart then the tentacles from the backside… If either Amaris, or Yosuke turned around to where the fight had started they would find a major panic as a wave of slime came for them all covering everything on the bridge with Mauves released slime, and more importantly the shadow Amaris currently resided in… cutting off the flow of oxygen.

As she cut her leg off, Yosuke was definitely not expecting such a move. He was more expecting the strangulation as she swiped at him with more tentacles, this time not being able to jump out of the way in time. “Oh Shi-Ghng!”

He felt them tighten around his torso. They squeezed, but not tightly enough to stop his breathing. Still it hurt as they compressed around him. He then looked over to the side to see the massive wave of slime crashing towards them. He was still gripped pretty tightly. He needed to think of a way to get out. Right now though, the best he could do was try and kick, so he swung his legs at Mauve, hoping to do something. He was unaware of the danger that Amaris was currently in though.

When the giant wave of slime came crashing over her shadow, Amaris realized she was momentarily pinned. This was a new situation for her. She had never felt so restricted before! She hadn’t even known that was possible. After this -if she didn’t die- she would need to concentrate on training in these type of conditions so she wouldn’t be held back like this again.

With the slime overhead, she was relegated to this one solitary shadow of Mauve’s. She realized quickly that she could still breathe. But only for a bit. It was like an enclosed space in here. She would only be able to breathe with the amount of oxygen in here. She needed to figure out how to escape, or connect to another shadow. Even beneath slimy waves, shadows existed. It was risky, but she needed to waste air to speak to Yosuke. Who appeared to be in his own bit of trouble. This wasn’t looking good…

“Yossuke! My umbrella! Sspread it out!” she ordered. All he had to do was throw it up and cast this entire area in a shadow. That would give her the “firepower” she needed. No matter how much slime Mauve prepared. It wouldn’t be able to match the natural power of her shadows.

"About that," Mauve devilishly hummed as one of the tentacles latched to yosuke broke off ripping away the umbrella keeping it closed as Mauve shifted her eyes to her own shadow.

"Now here's what we know about dear Amaris mister golden finger. If her mother had raised her I could just insult her pride, friends, or the concept of maids, and she would probably just pop out and try to slug me in a fit of rage. Yet, Ramiris didn't," Mauve sighed as Amaris mental grip on her started to break a fact Yosuke would feel are her grip on the pinkie boy would start to get more brutal followed by a few cracks to his suit.

"If she had latched onto a particular maid I could use that to mentally fuck with her," The look in Mauves eyes started to go from their casual calm snide look to one of a monsters as she continued to look at Amaris in her shadow.

"But she didn't so let's be honest here can you guess what is the soul person who Amaris clinged to as a child before she meet all of you mister Golden Finger," Mauve laughed farther out of character then ever before. It was clear now Amaris's mental attack was starting to backfire. She wasn't weakening Mauve she was unchaining her.

"If your answer is Imma Routes aka Medusa Glare you would be right," Mauve stared unhinged at Yosuke.

"Now based off that knowledge what would be the best trait little Amaris picked up from dear mommy Imma that I can abuse," Mauve hummed.

"I know how about the same trait that got miss Routes capture and plucked from little miss Amaris's lonely life… self sacrifice," the loss of grip over Mauve now irrational mentality would slip from amaris grip as yosuke was hoisted up high, and slammed down into the slimy bridge producing a horrifying crackling sound.

"You can only breath for so long Last Shadow, but if you do not come out I will keep breaking your precious little friend," Mauve's leg connected to the slime on the bridge giving her a more massive bodily form. As Yosuke was flung up again and brought painfully down the clear cracking sound of his suit caving into the damage echoed all-around

"Again," Mauve sadistically asked Amaris.

As Mauve started speaking Amaris overheard the subject. The words were slightly muffled through the slime, but it was clear the topic wasn’t just for Yosuke’s ears. If anything, they were probably for her ears, too. Maybe even more so.

When she brought up Imma, Amaris grit her teeth. As she continued to speak and throttle Yosuke her eyes narrowed. It was true, she couldn’t remain in these shadows forever; her breath was disappearing fast. Especially as her breaths began to quicken by the goading she was receiving from Mauve.

Wait. Did she say.. self sacrifice? Was she saying Amaris shared that trait? No way. She had never even considered sacrificing herself like that.

Anyway, it was time to re-engage the enemy and aid Yosuke. She had an avenue to make this happen. Even under slime, Amaris could manipulate the shadow, as nothing stopped her from utilizing her quirk. It quickly formed into a small canon-like shape and fired Amaris out of it. Which was just strong enough to launch her through the slime, flinging her out of its danger zone, though it felt disgusting.

Landing, Amaris quickly pivoted, and whipped up her own shadow, swinging it quickly, slashing at the tentacles -or whatever part- of Mauve that was holding onto Yosuke. Cutting straight through them.

She flipped forward, foot touching Yosuke’s shadow, yanking it forward with her. She flipped and landed beside Mauve, taking the time to put her gymnastic skills to work and deftly avoid any haphazard blows. “You have no right to sspeak about Imma,” she hissed. Kicking straight at the side of Mauve, Yosuke’s shadow wrapping around her leg to give more power to the attack. She spun and back-handed Mauve with her fist wrapped with her own shadow. She made sure to step into Mauve’s shadow to manipulate it for her own strength. Then cartwheeled forward, and front-flipped, sailing through the air to kick Mauve in her midsection. Mauve’s shadow reinforced the power behind this last kick.

After that last attack, Amaris posed there, fists raised. Mauve’s and Yosuke’s shadows returned to them, but her own remained with her… Ready for defense.

Yosuke was going to give a snide comment, his usual jovial attitude even in the heat of battle, but he hadn’t even the time to let out the word “fuck” before he was lifted high into the air and slammed down hard against the concrete, his back landing hard against a jagged rock. He heard a loud crack, stunning him and leaving him dazed, uncertain what was happening as he was lifted up in the air again, and slammed against the ground again, this time shaking him from the stupor as he was riddled with pain.

He tried to raise himself up, but as he lifted he tried lifting his hand, he was left unable to move it, no matter how hard he struggled. Shit… Was it the landing on the rock that did it? God everything hurts… Why do I always get bludgeoned! Still, nothing was as bad as the one strike he narrowly dodged from Elias. He was still alive this time, if he had been hit by the other one, that might not be the case. So basically, Mauve wasn’t shit!

He can move! He knew he could! It was just going to take some work! He fought through the pain, he could keep it up! He groaned and grunted as he tried to get his hand moving. He almost had it! He felt his finger move!... No, that was blood trickling down his hand. Fuck!... He only needed a moment… Okay… Start elsewhere… He tried flipping onto his back, using his core muscles to essentially roll himself belly up, then trying to perform a sit up. It hurt so bad. Eventually he was able to get himself leaning over a piece of rubble with no real strength in his legs keeping himself up.

Amaris was in front of him… “Amaris, you can make your shadows sharp right?... Hit me at the bottom of the spine, right below it…”

Amaris heard Yosuke’s words. She had been dabbling in making her shadows sharp. At the beginning of the school year it was not possible, but that was then, and this was now. She glanced back at him, seeing the sorry state he was in.

“You need more than thhat right?” she offered. Strands of her shadows came up. She bit into her arm, then released a steady stream of her blood into the shadows around her. They went from their dark grayish hue to a coppery hue, and finally she said, “I will try..”

She focused for a moment. Imagining her shadows hardening like before, but then turning into an edge, a blade, sharpening. Just like her mother before her, who did the same for her blood. It took a moment, but with her blood inside of the shadows she felt an even stronger will over them. Her eyes opened, and the shadows sharpened with the classic shhiink sound. Briefly Amaris couldn’t believe it. A wave of utter elation washed over her. She did it! She managed to do it finally! She had sharpened her shadows! Was this what her mother felt before; when she first sharpened her blood?

But this was no time for celebration -they were in the middle of a battle. And Mauve probably wouldn’t let them have too much time to do whatever they wanted. Amaris flipped backwards, while sending bladed shadows right at Mauve, to cut her up to help assist her momentary retreat. Meanwhile, as she landed, she focused at the spot Yosuke mentioned. Not even a moment later but a copper shadow was stabbing into the bottom of his spine. “Did it. Anythhing elsse!?”

“So dull,” the words strangely escaped Mauves… bored expression. She had had this feeling as well when she had fought Dullhan, and ice boy. This new generation had such unique powers yet little imagination to use them. Or was that just her luck of the draw with this little of runts. Mauves body was sliced, and bluntly hit by Amaris waves of pointless attacks. As the girl flailed about Imma the slime chuckled… so the little brat could show emotion. Imma was truly that little shadows trigger word.

“However regardless of that tidbit why don't we end this… hmm,” Mauve paused as she was about to overwhelm Amaris with an attack until she was brought to the sounds of Yosuke's request to Amaris. Her face went from bored to intrigued to excited... finally some ingenuity. She motioned to Yosuke allowing him to do as he willed for a few moments. Though once it was all done Mauve smiled.

“I was wrong you've made things interesting little pinky boy,” she smiled as she tilted her head to the right as an ungodly blob of slime connected to her back started to collect all the slime on the bridge quickly forming into a massive collective of pulsing sludge. As the outer shell of it started to turn a nasty orange the color of Mauves acid she was pulled up onto the top of it she mused herself to a thought.

“Well then do make my polite gesture worth the wait, and show me something...,” Amaris attacks interrupted the speech as they pointlessly did no damage to her whatsoever.

“More effective… you are some kinda stupid aren't you,” she sighed as with a snap of her fingers she turned to Amaris with a twisted smile. An almost limitless wave of acid tipped tendrils started to come into creation as she eyed the girl.

“Of course I wouldn't bad mouth Imma she was in fact my most favorite toy to torture,” she taunted as the relentless wave began as a swarm of acid tipped tendrils converged wildly aiming from all sides at Amaris, and Yosuke. Even if they tried to concentrate on dodgin or destroying them it would do no good as another would take its place they needed to strategize, and fast before they were melted or stabbed to death, and with her orbs inside the blob attacking it became a thousand times more a challenge

“God is she always so annoying?...” He was in pain, but wasn’t able to really localize it. Just then, Amaris followed through with his request. As he felt the sharp needle strike the nerve he located, the pain in his legs numb somewhat. This also meant his legs had numbed too. She asked if there was anything else she could do.

This might actually work… This would probably be the stupidest thing he would ever suggest. “Okay, move to the other side. Keep going up my spine on either side. If you can keep those needles there that will help.” He needed to be completely numbed out of his mind right now. If he was forcibly moved he’d possibly die from being in pain. “The adrenaline is only going to mask the pain for so long. Amaris… No, that's not r-right…” The pain was starting to creep up. He needed this to work. “Saigo no Kage... I need you to dull my nervous system. And use the shadows... as... puppet strings…”

He looked over at Mauve. “We can see where her weak points are at any given time… And if she uses that acid, I doubt we’ll be able to get much done awake. We have others on stand by to bring us from the brink of death and maybe even a little past that. So I’m placing my trust in them, and I’m placing my trust in you. Send me in. We’ll finish this.” He looked over to see the attack being launched.

“Now Saigo!”

Amaris heard Mauve’s taunts and frowned. Of course she had emotions! It was well documented she felt a ton of emotions flood her when she was inside of shadows, which she had been in a majority of this battle. She also heard how Mauve didn’t seem to be impressed, and for some reason Yosuke seemed to comment right back. She glared daggers when Mauve once more taunted about Imma. “Gold Finger, it iz not our job to entertain the enemy. You do not need to conccern yoursselfh withh her pointlesss ramblingss.”

Right after her mild scolding, she heard Yosuke’s suggestion. He wanted her to stab him more? Along his spine? Like some sort of quirk-amped acupuncture? Could she even manage that? This was one of the few times Amaris had ever doubted her own ability. She had managed to stab him once, right..? How hard could it be?

Her bright purple-pink eyes saw the mass of slime and acid mass together and began to grow in size. It was some pulsating thing of nightmares. And if she thought that, then that meant it was exceptionally bad. It appeared Mauve was reading some attack. She had to focus and quick! Her shadow rose up forming into tentacle-like needles which all stabbed where Yosuke indicated. Puppet him, huh? She could try.

After stabbing him, she focused and focused and focused, then sent him flying in as he said. Meanwhile Mauve’s attack came in. Out here on the bridge she didn’t have much to work with so her shadows were currently puppeting Yosuke. That left her one option for defense. To avoid. Using her training in gymnastics, she began flipping, and dodging every acidic tendril she could. All while maintaining focus on puppeting Yosuke. This was harder than it looked! Unfortunately doing both perfectly her first time… Well, that would’ve been a miracle. She felt acid whip after acid whip strike her. Her hero suit was holding up somewhat, for now… But the sting of pain was very much apparent, and it slowed her down.

She couldn’t allow all these attacks to come in on her, so what little shadows she could muster attempted to intercept some. If she melted under the acid strikes then Yosuke would be left alone, and that meant they would both fall. But doing all this at once was putting a strain on the vampire unlike any other she had felt so far. If only she had more shadows to work with.

It was then a real miracle presented itself as with all the weight on the bridge finally collected the older structure caved in on Amaris half not fully breaking but crushing down low enough for Mauves half to cast a massive shadow on Amaris. Noting the sudden change of situation Mauve in her current state of insanity directed her full attention to Yosuke. As all of her attack redirected from Amaris, and went straight for the flying pink haired hero in a upheaval so immense it looked like a giants acidic spear point aiming to blotch Yosuke out of existence.

As each of those blood spines were sunk into his back he grit his teeth. It wasn’t as precise as acupuncture. It couldn’t be. In fact, she had completely missed his right arm, leaving him fully aware of what was happening to it. As he was brought into thick of the fight once again, this time more broken than he had ever been before, he saw the spear of acid raising up toward him.

He flung his hand to the side, trying to throw his trajectory away from the vessel of certain death. While he was able to move himself off to the side just enough, his hand was only able to move so far. With this finger being completely exposed to the elements, he could feel the acid sear his flesh, bubbling and eating away at it. That was perhaps the most painful thing he had experienced. Over being hit by a tree, or being punched by a man who seriously has some issues, or even getting stabbed. The only sensation worse was when Gregori was beating him with an olive branch nude. But he had survived even that. Which means this was nothing. He’d have to thank their professor for his harsh lesson.

As he rolled forward, he readied himself to push inside the monster. The stupidest thing he could do perhaps, but he couldn’t think of anything else. He pushed himself inside, with the help of Amaris and aimed a strike at one of the center organs.

Just as Yosuke was disappearing bravely forth into the mass of acid and slime, a heavy shadow fell over them. It was like something reawoke in Amaris, her eyes dilating and glowing a brighter color.

“Hhhhyyyyaaaa….!!!” The vampire screamed out, feeling the rush of power beneath her feet. She had been damaged in that last attack by Mauve. Even her suit couldn’t withstand all that acid, and had patches that were burned through all over her. Where blood dripped from, splashing into the shadows beneath her, converting them into a volatile, raging copper sea.

“YYYYAA!” Amaris screamed out, as the shadows rose up, forming sharpened blades. They began to tear through the disgusting slimy mass that was Mauve in front of her. “Yaa yaa yaa ya!!!” The vampire screamed, making the best out of this opportunity, shredding every bit of the blob she could. Even as her body burned and screamed in pain from her injuries. She wouldn’t let up. Allowing Yosuke free to get his own attacks in on this heinous villain!

Without warning except for a small teenage girl's scream Mauves Acidic spear missed Yosuke as a torrent of shadow tendrils gouged, ripped, slashed, and clashed with the upward attack tearing it apart. Distracted by the attack Mauve was paused by the feeling of something human sized entering her body as her nucleus pinpointed Golden Finger diving right in like a mad man. No words could be passed inside the slime as the nucleus started to move to dodge, but The Last Shadow’s continued assault saw to that. As the shadow attack ripped through the attack it continued forward tearing into the slime collective sending a massive series of ripples negating the Nucleus’s ability to move as the acid ate at Golden Finger. In a moment of sanity return Mauve screamed at her foolishness to allow Amaris to latch on her from the beginning as a sane mind would have dealt with these two to a different result. Yet there was acceptance to the loss as Mauves thought sneered at Golden Finger as a lone tip of a finger bone scratched the nucleus’s surface. Everything came to a halt as what was left of the collective exploded. Golden finger himself would be thrown right into the bridge railing as a boulder sized glob came flying at Amaris with a purple like blood swishing around… it was a last attempt to kill The Last Shadow as three nasty acidic dripped tentacles shot to kill her.

The attack struck Amaris who was still recovering from her last attack. Acid tentacles were like spears, easily searing through her hero outfit and stabbing sizzling spears into her skin. The girl screamed out in pain, and nearly collapsed there. But she caught herself on her back foot, bracing before total collapse.

Something within the vampire built and built and built up. She could feel it rising from deep within her. Some hot pit that began to burn and boil.

"MAUUUVVVVVEEEEEEE!! I'll make you regret the day you fucked withh my family! Thiss iz for Imma! For Yossuke! I'll provve to you why I'm the Lasst Shhadow!!"

This was one of those "super moves" she had conceptualized. She had put a lot of effort and time into making it work, but so far hadn't really gotten to the point where she was satisfied with it. Yet right now, Amaris wasn't even considering that. She wasn't thinking. Only acting. The bright pinkish-purple glow in her eyes "seared" into red -like her mother's.

The shadows around her all crashed into one, like a black sheet. Then they began to bubble and churn like a raging ocean, with all three of them standing within its violent waves. With a powerful scream, she finally was able to voice this technique, making it a reality.

"Shhadow Blood Art: Sea of Desspair!!!"

The darkness Amaris felt on a constant basis since she was 5 was readily felt by all those present. It was a powerful, oppressive force that felt like it could crush the world. Unfortunately for Mauve, Amaris was focusing this despairing force against her.

Shadows began building under the fledgling vampire, raising her up into the air on a pedestal of darkness. Shadows began whipping uncontrollably, forming once more into sharpened sickles. The result was a sea of thrashing shadows with bladed tips that raged discordantly, threatening to rip and shred indiscriminately.

Finally, they found a singular purpose. A singular target. Under their master’s will, they began spinning around Amaris, with her as the nucleus. She leaped up and aimed at Mauve.

“MAUVVVVEEE!!! DIEEE!!! LANCCCE OF ISSCARIOT!” The shadows formed into a giant gnashing rotating lance, and slammed into the target of her hatred: Mauve. The powerful technique was created in the moment of fury. After shredding every bit of the vile slimy being, the shadows began to disperse, leaving the hero-in-training on the ground, unmoving and unconscious, the bleeding acid wounds covering her body apparent.

The end of the battle seemed to have reached its climax as the shadows receded leaving nothing left in sight of Mauve's existence except the dripping of slime falling off the broken bridge, and into the river below. The wind rustled for a few moments as the shadows of the tree leaves flowed back, and forth upon Amaris’s figure. Yet upon the weaving of wind a strange small line of shadow stayed as the leaf's shadow pulled back. At first it seemed nothing more than a weird line, but it then began to get a bit more noticeable as what could be described as a literal living beanstalk figure made of slime and two nucleus’s arouse from underneath the bridge. The one that had been cut by Yosuke still continued to release a small vein of purple into the blue slime darkening it making it hard to notice if it had not been for the sun. It seemed Mauve had one final push in her yet was nearly exhausted that she couldn't even form a proper shell hence the monstrosity that looked like something out of a Stephen King book. The stick figure like slime wretchedly lifted its left pike like hand clearly aiming to finish the girl off.

Yosuke’s skin and outfit was being eaten away by the acid that surrounded Mauve. He had managed to leave an opening for Amaris to perform an ultimate attack it seemed. It all hurt. He wasn’t going to be conscious for much longer. He looked down at his left hand. It was already skeletal and all the muscle was slowly being eaten away. He hoped this last attack would be enough.

Even after everything Amaris threw at her though, Mauve still kept trying. She was nothing if not tenacious. But Amaris was already spent. They all were. What else did they have?... She was still able to stand after all that… He looked over at his right hand… There was one. Normally his Golden Gun wouldn’t be able to effectively reach deep into the thick jelly of her being. But now she was so shallow…

He raised his hand… He was fading. There was no witty comment, no confident cry of victory. He launched his last shot. And slipped into darkness...

With that final moment of intense determination Golden Fingers final shot soared towards it's goal. As time slowed down it was for sure the target would be the wounded nucleus forcing Mauve to potentially keel over. Yet the true target was much more impossibly insane. As the bullet passed for a moment it seemed it had missed until the impossible came true as Mauves lower half dropped into a puddle of goo , and her upper half started to fall off the bridge. Youske... Golden Finger had sliced Mauve horizontally in half with a lone shot. As Mauve fell lifelessly whether it was because she had no mouth, or found no words to express she simply accepted the conclusion, and was sweeped away in a silent splash into the river below leaving the battle eerily silent until the footsteps of the medical team close by could be heard rushing in.
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With the final fights finished or simply prolonged, two weeks had passed. Some battles were fulfilling, others were maddening, but for the greater part they had been impactful. Adelaide was quick to part from her companions and with the following two weeks and what was to come, it seemed all but assured that the members of even this class were to part ways, likely to not see one another for years if at all. All around the Hero Association was hard pressed, ANVIL was to pass without hardly a protest in light of the latest terrorist incident.

Some schools, of note, Shiketsu High School of note was quick to capitulate to becoming an ANVIL Training Depot. On another front all of 1B and 1C were promoted to being seniors and the Junior classes were outright dismissed. This group would be the final Highschool class, while details were still being worked out, the public tolerance for school children being sent into fire and flame had collapsed. From now on it would function as a college for those who had finished high school, but between it and ANVIL these reforms would take months, however the students now had a choice to make. For the future and for themselves.

With this changing world unfolding around them the days would become much more busy, if not in books and training and less on fighting the horrors now unleashed upon Japan.. The simple fact was after what happened, the children were now considered too much of a sore issue to force into service... Today however was a rare day, a Saturday two weeks after with all of 1A free to spend their time in the dorms as they seen fit.

Kanna was seated across from Ayame in the commons room, finishing off her paper to join ANVIL, the battle she had to endure and the past several months of conflict had made her mind up, Ayame for her part had finished the form on the first day it was released and was now just lounging around, partially because of the head and partially as she could afford to be lazy.

"Kaaaannnnaaa... You should finish that up now, so lazy."

Raising an eyebrow at that Kanna turns her head a bit as if to stare at the other in a bemused fashion. "I hardly need to hear that from the Resident Sleeper. I should be done soon however, seems we both will be going the same way at least."

"Well I can't just let you and mom go alone." She answer in reply. "What are we eating today?"

"'s a Saturday, maybe we can order something from elsewhere, I haven't seen the others today yet."

Kanna says in reply.

"I'm sure some of them will wander around! If not here then elsewhere! Not like we can go anywhere else. I.."


"No, it's nothing, I just want to nap."
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