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  1. Entry 432

    All-might is gone now.
    The last hope for Yagi city. Shigaraki grows strong with each passing day, his quirk consuming everything within his path. Ochako holds a brave face but she and I know that this would be our last day on this planet. Already the guilt is consuming me for leaving our daughter behind yet Shouta ( Eraserhead ) will watch over here. Faith, I must have faith in my teachers plan. Faith that those born of power will rise once again and finish what me and Ochako started.

    If your reading this Ailita the world was once beautiful. The dirt covered ground that you know was once a blooming vibrant green. Neither your mother or I wanted you to be born through this life; even your grandfather All-might wished for you see the beauty of the world before it withered away.

    Time is now running out,

    Guide the last Star who carries the All-For-One, for only then will the world be reborn a new.

    Until, Next time.....Deku.
  2. ------ Act 1-----

    A New Era
  3. "I finally found it. U.A. Academy."

    There the teenage boy stood, in front of the ruins of an old highschool, his shoulder length, dark purple hair flowing in the breeze. What was once the greatest hero academy in the world, was now a giant pile of destruction, serving as a reminder to everyone that all is lost. But he didn't believe that, he knew there was a way to fix the world. He didn't know how, but he knew that a way existed.

    He clapped his hands together and said a prayer for the souls that were lost on that faithful day, when suddenly someone decided to interrupt him.

    "Hey! This is a bad neighborhood. I recommend you leave."

    The boy finished his prayer and looked over to the man. He looked old and homeless, not an uncommon thing in this day and age, tattered clothing, long hair, a scraggly beard, and goggles to protect his eyes from all the dirt flying around in this wasteland of a city. He held an almost empty beer bottle in his hand and smelled like alcohol.

    "I'm looking for U.A. Academy."

    "U.A. is dead. It's right there. Can't you see it?"

    "I've heard that there's a new U.A. and i'm looking for it."

    "Well whoever told you that is an idiot. Heros are dead. And if you don't get out of here, so are you." the old man declared as he slammed his beer bottle on the ground, shattering it

    "If i'm gonna find the new U.A. this is the best place to start. I'm not going anywhere."

    "So be it."

    The old man thrusted forward with a punch, and the boy simply lifted up one hand over his face to catch it. But when he caught the attackers hand, the punch stuck with so much force that it actually pushed the boy's hand back and the back of his hand hit him right in the face.

    The boy held his face in pain with his other hand and shouted: "OW DAMN IT!!! Wait what?" then suddenly the old man tried to roundhouse kick the boy but he ducked under it and backed up as he thought to himself: "What happened to my quirk? I should have stopped him!"

    The old man throws numerous punches at the boy but he dodges each one while taking a step back every time, until the point where he catches the old man's right arm, by wrapping his left arm around it. Once the boy had a strong grip on his arm he quickly punched the man in the stomach, then the face, then back fisted his head.

    "Damn my quirk really isn't working. He should be unconscious. I'll worry about that later, right now i just have to end this." the boy thought to himself before kicking the man's feet, knocking him off balance and facedown onto the floor. The boy sat on his back and held the man's arm with one hand and his head with the other, holding him down.

    The boy breathed a little heavy from all this excitement, and after a few seconds the old man yelled: "What are you waiting for? Kill me!"

    The boy's grip around the man's head tightened for a moment, but then loosened as he answered: "No. I'm not going to do that."

    "You have too. that's the way the world works. The weak die and the strong survive. And showing mercy gets you killed. Kill me or I'll kill you!"

    "NO!!! I don't care if that's how the world works. That's now how I work! That's why I'm trying to find the new U.A. to fix this hell."

    Suddenly a smile made it's way across the old man's face as he announced: "Good answer. You pass."

    "What?" that was all the boy could say before their positions had suddenly been reversed. The old man was sitting on top of the boy holding him down all in a motion so fast, he could barely follow it. "How did you-"

    "What can't tell when someone's throwing a fight on purpose?" the old man said as he removed his goggles, the veins in his eyes looked like they were going to pop. "Good thing you didn't give long annoying speech about the good in the world because i was getting dry eye." the old man closed and rubbed his eyes with his fingers then gave a thumbs up in the air and shouted "We got ourselves a new student here Snipe!"

    Suddenly a man wearing a cowboy hat, a cloak, and some kind of gas mask, dropped out of a tree, holding a gun in each hand. The old man got off the boy and walked over to him.

    THe boy rose to his feet as he questioned: "What's going on? Who are you two?"

    "This is Snipe. If you had actually tried to kill me he'd have blown your brains out. I used to be called Eraserhead. I'm the reason your quirk wasn't working. And we're both teachers, at the new U.A. which you've just been accepted into."

    "I...I what?"
  4. He stared at the ruined building before him. Sweat dripped from his face as he glanced at the map once more. Behind the building, he mentally screamed as he sat on tree stump. My GPS lead me to the back of the building.

    Turning off his prepare phone already Able was done with today. Shoving the apparently within his back pocket he dusted off thearly dirt on his shoes and waited for his cousin to show up. His eyes wandered around the once famous school now reduced to an unrecognized landmark.

    "You made it," a familiar voice spoke causing Able small nimble frame to topple over the stump in suprise.

    Thirteen stood dressed in his special space suit. Able embraced his cousin, greatful for the small break as the tears escaped his eyes.

    " Everything is going to be fine now, " thirteen reassured weeping pre-teen before they both parted. " You made it just in time. Nedzu is already informing a new student that passed Eraserheads entrance exam "

    " Don't I need to pass a test," Able asked and his cousin laughed and motioned for him to follow close behind.

    " I mean it doesn't seem fa-" Able was unable to finish as Thirteen pressed a button on his suit. The floor gave out before them both exposing a round metal circle, Thirteen didn't hesitate to step on it.

    " You more then capable Able, more talented than most of the students from my primeval years. Besides, you have connections. You don't need to take a test if you have a relative as a staff member." Thirteen pressed waving Able forward.

    The young boy did as he was told and stepped on the platform. Suddently glass walls surrounded them until they were fully in cases in a container before it began to sinknow beneath the ground.

    "Did you make this?" Able asked as they transcended further and further below ground.

    "Yes, just a simple mathematical equations," Thirteen paused dusting Able off. "First expressions are key when coming face to face with the head master."
  5. "Whoa" was the only thing he could think to say as he watched descended underground in a glass dome elevator. Outside of the glass he could clearly see the school grounds perfectly maintained as if the outside world didn't even exist.

    "So what's your name kid?" Eraserhead asked as he leaned on the glass with his arms crossed, unimpressed with the sight he's already seen a million times.


    "Well Tekaden. You realize your about to be trained for a for war right? You may have a good heart against strangers but against the people we're up against, mercy will get you killed."

    "Yeah i get it. Honestly I'd rather help people than hurt them. But i've seen some of the people that ruin this world. And those people don't deserve mercy."

    "Good to know your committed."

    Tekaden looked back at Eraserhead and pointed out something that had been bothering him. "Got to say though I'm surprised I got in so easy. I mean you don't even know what my quirk is."

    "Yeah well we'll talk about that later. In this day and age we can't afford to be picky. We used to pick only the best and the brightest students but now, having good hearted students is more important than having strong student. Because we can make students strong but we can't make them good. We need to make sure the ones we get, are the ones who will change this world for the better."

    After a few minutes the glass elevator finally reached the bottom, and opened up. Letting Tekaden and Eraserhead walk out. "Follow me. it's time for your first test."

    "First test?" Tekaden asked, unsure of how things worked in this school.

    "Yeah. Up there was just to see if you were worthy of being here. Now we have to test your actual abilities to see what we're working with." Eraserhead explained as he led the way.
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