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    So it's still a fairly new manga, but I thought it would be a fun setting to roleplay. Set not far from the modern day, except that several generations ago human beings with strange abilities and/or mutations started being born. Now, humans with these special abilities - called Quirks - account for more than 80% of the population. Laws were put in place to regulate the use of quirks in public, but the increasing number of quirk-related crimes has led to the creation of government funded superheroes straight out of the comic books.

    Yuuei Academy is the #1 high school for heroics in the world with a wide curriculum taught by professional heroes, an advanced robotics program, and several replica cities built on campus for practical hero training. Less than 1 in 300 Yuuei hopefuls pass its stringent entrance exam, and those that do will spend the next three years being molded for the world of heroes and villains.

    My idea is to focus the RP on the exploits of a particular class as they undergo tests and encounter threats, but we can broaden its focus to a larger scale as the story develops.

    Would anyone be willing to join such an RP? Any suggestions for it?
  2. It sounds interesting enough. Would you be focusing on the manga's characters? And as such, would we have to read the manga to participate or is the RP just using it as a setting?
  3. It would be totally AU, so none of the canon characters would appear. I'll explain things well enough that those not familiar with the series will be able to understand the setting without trouble, but reading it would definitely be recommended too (there's only about thirty chapters in at the moment).
  4. Oh, well that's not too bad. I'll be sure to read it soon. But yeah, I'm interested if you're willing to explain it to me. Were you looking to make a group RP or just 1 x 1?

    Also, your icon. It's giving me feels bc omg HxH is my life.
  5. I'd like to make it a group roleplay if more people are interested. I would like to have the RP focus around a single freshman class (there are two heroics classes per year: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B... etc) either at the start of their first term, or midway through it. Ordinary subjects are taught at Yuuei, but students in the heroics department mainly undergo foundational hero training such as fighting robot adversaries in the academy's replica city, practicing search and rescues, learning to develop their quirks, villain apprehension, etc.

    If people prefer perhaps I'll allow the other classes to be joined instead, I just thought it would be better to keep everyone together since a lot of the action will take place during class hours.

    Always glad to see a fellow HxH fan. It's easily my favorite series.
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  6. Hopefully more people join. I'm interested, so if you get more people then I'll totally be there!

    Heck yeah! I'm watching the anime and omg all of the feelings. It's so good!!
  7. I have heard of this, it's mainly Western-style heroes. But is it alright to include Tokusatsu-style characters?

    That being said, this seems like a blast.
  8. That's fine. The design of one's costume is up to the hero themselves, so if that's where your character gets inspiration it would make sense.

    I should note that the ability system, Quirks, are a lot like mutants from X-men as well, including a wide variety of physical variations - just without the stigma. You can go pretty wild with character design if that interests anyone.
  9. Anyone else interested?
  10. i am intrigued
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